Swimming in Pleasure


This story includes incest between two consenting adults. If this bothers you, quit now and don’t complain.


Kyle Simmons just finished his junior year at Purdue. 6′ 3″ and 190 pounds, Kyle was a member of the Boilermaker Swim team. Like most swimmers, Kyle had a lean, muscular physique with washboard abs. He was blessed with the best features from both his parents with his mother’s deep brown eyes and his father’s masculine jawline. Kyle was a looker and he knew it.

He was the only child of Lisa and Dan Simmons. Dan was a lawyer with a sharp mind and an aggressive streak that helped him to have a very successful practice. Dan’s take no prisoners attitude made him the go-to divorce lawyer in Indianapolis.

Lisa’s sister Kim was married to Patrick Sharpe when she was 30. Kim felt the tug of her biologic clock, and Patrick seemed like a nice guy who would be a good provider. Kim and Patrick had two girls, Brittany and Amanda, and seemed to have a good family and marriage.

That is until Kim discovered that Patrick was actually gay. Kim confided to her sister Lisa that she and Patrick hadn’t had sex in nearly seven years. After she spoke with Dan about this, Dan put a PI on Patrick to see what was up.

While Dan’s PI was investigating, Patrick landed a huge contract for Eli Lilly and got an enormous raise. The Sharpe’s moved to Traders Point in a huge home and things seemed to be going well. Until the PI discovered that Patrick was having an affair with his co-worker Scott.

Kim was crushed, and asked her sister Lisa to have her husband Dan to take care of things. Dan met with Kim to discuss a plan of action, and Kim told Dan, “Just do whatever you think is best to settle things.”

Dan went for the throat, and Patrick gave Kim their new home along with a disproportionate portion of his income for alimony and child support. Kim was shell-shocked from finding out her husband was gay, and signed the papers without even reading them.

Part of the settlement was that Patrick would be able to take Brittany and Amanda on a trip that he’d planned over the summer. This left Kim home alone for almost two months. Dan and Lisa were moving to Charleston, and Dan arranged for Kim to allow Kyle to stay with her over the summer while he and Lisa made their move to a warmer climate.

Kyle had an attraction for his Aunt Kim for many years. Kim looked a lot like Kyle’s mother Lisa. While Lisa maintained her figure with exercise and a careful diet, Kim had added thirty plus pounds since her daughter Amanda’s birth. Kim carried her 146 pounds fairly well on her 5′ 4′ frame, being much bustier than her sister Lisa. Kyle had jerking off while thinking about Kim for much of his early teenage years, but as he grew older he started getting the real thing and his masturbatory habits greatly decreased.

Just before his parents left, Kyle overheard his parents talking about Kim and Patrick. Lisa said, “Poor Kim, she must be so frustrated and hurt. I can’t imagine going years without having sex.”

“Patrick was more interested in sucking a dick than fucking his wife honey.”

As Kyle walked in the kitchen his mother said, “Look out for your Aunt Kim while you’re there. She’s probably going to be lonely with the kids spending the summer with their dad.”

Kyle smiled and replied, “Oh, don’t worry mom, I’ll take care of Aunt Kim.” Kyle looked at his father who chuckled and slapped him on the shoulder. He motioned for Kyle to follow him.

Once they’d gone out to the garage, Dan spoke with his son. “Kyle, your Aunt Kim’s marriage was doomed from the start.”

“You mean because Uncle Patrick was a fag?”

Dan laughed, “That too. But the real reason is because Kim is wired to be a follower, and with Patrick she had to lead.”

“You mean like mom?”

Again, Dan chuckled. Kyle was definitely his boy. “Yes, like your mother. The reason our marriage is successful is that I lead and that makes your mother comfortable.”

“So you think Aunt Kim would be happier if someone told her what to do.”

“I could be wrong, but I think so. She’s also probably to the point where she’s over the shock and is wondering if she’s still got it.”

“Gotcha, Dad.”

On the drive down from Lafayette to Indianapolis, Kyle thought about the situation with his aunt. A late thirties woman recently divorced with two young children, Kim was definitely a MILF. Bad enough that her husband cheated on her, but cheating with a man had to damage Kim’s feminine confidence. Being a fan of “Naughty Family” type porn, Kyle had decided that he’d press to seduce his aunt while maintaining some deniability in case things went sideways and he had to face his mother. If nothing else, Kyle was going to be able to get some great workouts in the Sharpe family pool, which was 16′ by 50′.

When Kyle arrived at Kim’s house she greeted him in the driveway. Kim was wearing jeans and a long sleeved cotton button down top with a floral print. Her top was unbuttoned enough to display her ample cleavage. illegal bahis “So good to see you, Kyle.”

As Kyle stepped out of his car he noticed Kim’s eyes doing a bit more than a loving aunt look. “Good to see you too, Aunt Kim.” Kyle saw that Kim had updated her hair with some highlights and layered look. Pretending to pout, Kyle said, “Am I too old to get a hug from my gorgeous aunt?”

While Kyle stood with a boyish grin on his face, his aunt came to him to deliver the hug. Kim’s eyes sparkled from the compliment, and she said, “Of course you’re not too old.” Kim went in on an angle, but Kyle pivoted his hips slightly to greet her head-on. Eschewing the over the shoulder embrace, Kyle wrapped his long arms around Kim just under her arms and held her a second longer than might have been expected. Kim’s breasts smushed against him, bringing another grin to the young man’s face.

“You just tell me if you need anything, Kyle” Kim smiled at Kyle as she pulled away after Kyle released her.

“Ditto for me. It’s nice to know I have such a charming hostess who’s eager to please, Aunt Kim.” Kyle locked eyes with Kim, gauging her reaction to his purposeful innuendo.

“Why of course, Kyle,” Kim smiled demurely back at Kyle. It was obvious that Kyle’s flirting wasn’t being rejected.

After Kyle got unpacked and somewhat settled in, he headed to the kitchen. Kim was standing in front of fridge with door open when Kyle approached her. “You’re letting all the cold out, Aunt Kim.”

“Oh, hi Kyle, I was just thinking about a snack.”

“Do you always take so long to make up your mind? It’s kinda obvious that you’ve been standing there awhile.” Kyle let his eyes fall to Kim’s nipples which were poking out underneath her top.

Kyle put his left hand on Kim’s hip firmly enough to hold her in place. He opened the fridge door of the side-by-side a little wider, and let his crotch brush up against Kim’s right hip for a split second while he opened the crisper drawer.

There was a variety of fruit in the drawer, including two cantaloupes. Kyle reached behind them and grabbed an apple. Taking another glance at Kim’s chest, Kyle said, “Those are some nice looking melons, Aunt Kim” Kyle grinned at her and took a bit of the apple.

Noticing her erect nipples, Kim blushed. While she hoped Kyle’s comment was directed at her, the idea of her sister’s son hitting on her seemed very naughty. Still, he could have been talking about the fruit, so Kim stuttered, “Why thank you.” Hoping to change the topic, Kim added, “5:30 OK for dinner?”

While Kyle was chewing his apple, he took another look at Kim’s chest, just long enough so it would be noticed. He then made a show of swallowing, and replied, “No, that won’t do. I need to work out. Make it 7pm.”

Kim was a bit stunned at Kyle’s response. She was also warmly conflicted about her nephew checking out her breasts. Kim sputtered, “OK, 7pm it is.” She had planned to eat earlier than 7, but Kyle’s request and good looks made the change inevitable.

A few minutes later Kim was sitting on the couch with a glass of Sangria. The TV was on, but Kim wasn’t really paying attention. She found herself wondering about how Kyle and if she was wishing he was flirting with her or just imagining it. Kyle’s model good looks and familial ties made Kim feel deliciously naughty.

Kim took a deep sip of her Sangria, and tipped her head back. She wondered if it was the wine or Kyle that had her feeling a bit warm all over.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I need a towel.” Kim looked over at her nephew, who was wearing his racing speedos. This time it was Kim’s eyes that wandered, as she couldn’t help but look at the substantial package being held in place by an impossibly small and shiny suit.

Kim wondered if Kyle noticed her checking him out. Part of her mind told her that it was inappropriate to look at her nephew’s crotch. Another part of her mind said something else, and before she could answer her eyes took a second look. “I wasn’t sure where to look. Could you bring one to me?”

She brushed her hair back with her hand and said, “I’ll bring it out for you.” Then for the third time in less than fifteen seconds, she looked at Kyle’s speedo.

Noticing her eyes, Kyle knew he was having an effect on his aunt. “Maybe some time you’d like to come up and watch a meet. It’d be nice to have you yell for me while I was strokin’ “

Kyle went through the sliding glass door out back to the pool. Kim took a long drink of her Sangria, then another. She couldn’t believe that she let herself look at his groin that way. And oh my God, he looked to be seriously hung. Patrick was very average and unenthusiastic. Kim had always wondered what it would be like to take a big cock… and Kyle’s looked huge.

A while later Kim went to the linen closet and got a towel. She’d had another glass of wine and was feeling no pain. She stood at the sliding glass door and watched as Kyle swam lap after lap. Sighing to herself that tonight was going to be another night illegal bahis siteleri with her and her vibrator, Kim opened the door.

Kyle noticed his aunt walking up to the pool and gave her a quick thumbs up while doing the butterfly. Kim stood and waited, and Kyle did five more laps before exiting the pool. “Thanks for waiting Aunt Kim, I need to finish my workouts so I can go long and hard.” Kyle caught Kim eyeballing his speedos. Even with the cold water Kyle’s package was formidable “Like the Boilermaker swimsuit?”

“Very nice, Kyle.” Her nephew’s chest and abs looked like they belonged in a Calvin Klein ad. The wine had lowered her inhibitions. “You don’t even look like you’re breathing hard.” She handed him the towel.

“Stamina and quick recuperation are important for me and the team. I swim in multiple events, so I want to be able to go four or five times in a day, Aunt Kim.”

“Four or five times a day?” Kim asked as she looked into Kyle’s brown eyes.

“Swim meets can be very demanding. I want to be able to get up and go whenever I’m needed.” Kyle let that hang in the air for a moment, and then used the towel to rub himself down. Kim was mesmerized and thought about taking the towel from Kyle so she could rub his cock.

The following Friday night Kim had gone to bed at around midnight. After falling asleep she was awakened by some noise out back. Getting out of bed, Kim pulled the corner of the curtains back and looked out her window at the pool deck, discovering the source of the noise. She saw Kyle fucking a tall, thin blonde doggy style on one of the chaise lounges. Kyle’s back was facing the window, but there was no mistaking the thrusting motion.

As Kim watched she began to focus her hearing. The first thing she heard was a smack as Kyle slapped the blonde’s ass hard. Kyle had a handful of her long straight hair in his left hand and was spanking her ass cheeks with his right.

The blonde’s moans got louder and louder, and a minute later there was a loud squeal. Kim knew the blonde had just had an orgasm. Kyle continued to fuck her hard, punishing her with his cock. Kim then heard Kyle talking to the blonde while he pounded her from behind. “So did Lisa just cum on my cock?”

“Uuuhhhh,” the blonde groaned. A loud smack followed as Kyle slapped her ass hard.

“I asked you a question. Did Lisa just cum on my cock?” Kyle pulled on Lisa’s hair, raising her chin up.


Kyle was relentlessly pounding Lisa from behind. “Do you want to cum again?”

“Oh God, yes!” Lisa said loudly.

Smack! “Then fuck me like you mean it,” Kyle commanded. His thrusting stopped, but Lisa began to rock back and forth. “That’s better,” Kyle said as he shifted his hands to Lisa’s shoulders and began pulling her back onto his cock.

Kim had never watched someone else fucking before in real life. She’d watched some porn, but this was different and much hotter. She wished she could see Kyle’s cock. Kim was wearing a light cotton button down pajama top with matching pinstriped shorts. Kim unbuttoned the top three buttons of her top and began playing with her nipples.

Kyle continued to fuck Lisa doggy-style for another ten minutes. He was manhandling the thin blonde and verbally dominating her as well. “What kind of girl fucks a guy an hour after she meets him?”

Kim couldn’t hear Lisa’s reply, but did hear another loud smack followed by Kyle’s voice. “What kind of girl?” he said louder than before.

“A slut!” Kim slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and began rubbing her pussy. Listening to Kyle dominate Lisa was an incredible turn-on for her.

Another loud smack. “That’s right, a slut,” Kyle growled at Lisa. “A slut who likes to get fucked. Do you like getting fucked Lisa?” Yet another smack as Kyle was wearing her ass out.

“I love getting fucked,” Lisa said louder than before. “Oooohhhhh, oooohh, ooohhh,” she called. Kim wondered if the neighbors could hear.

“That’s right slut, cum on my cock again,” Kyle commanded. Kim slipped her finger inside her wet slit as she continued to watch from her window. Kim couldn’t believe how long Kyle was fucking her- it had been almost twenty minutes and he hadn’t stopped for a second. “I think it’s about time you took my load, slut.”

Lisa groaned loudly again. “Give it to me!”

SMACK! Kyle kept fucking her hard from behind. “Tell me what you want, slut!”

“I WANT YOUR CUM!” Lisa was now almost yelling. “PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CUM!”

Kyle backed off of her. “Get on your knees NOW!”

Lisa immediately complied. For the first time Kim caught a glimpse of Kyle’s dick. It seemed impossibly long to her, but before she could get a good look, Lisa began deep-throating Kyle. “That’s right, slut, swallow that cock.”

Kim rubbed her clitty while she watched her nephew get a blow job. Kim wondered how the young lady was able to take Kyle all the way in her mouth. Kyle had his hands on both sides of Lisa’s head as he face-fucked her. “Rub my balls. I want you canlı bahis siteleri to rub my balls while I cum in your slut mouth.”

Kyle’s dirty talk sent Kim to the edge and she came as she masturbated watching her nephew with his girl. Kyle’s head lifted up and he said, “That’s it, take it, take it all now!” Kim gasped as she came hard, immediately wondering if she could be heard outside. She stepped away from the window panting. Kim couldn’t remember ever being as aroused as she was now.

Resisting the urge to look back out the window for fear of being caught, Kim went back to bed. Unable to calm down after what she’d seen, Kim reached in her bedside table and pulled out her rabbit. Slipping her bottoms off, Kim fantasized about being fucked by her nephew as she worked on herself with her toy. Still wet from being at the window, Kim quickly slipped the vibrator inside her pussy and adjusted the level on Mr. Buzzy. A few minutes later she had a huge orgasm.

Getting out of bed, Kim went to the master bathroom to clean up and pee. She wondered to herself if Kyle had noticed her voyeurism earlier, but there was no way to be sure. Kim put her bottoms back on and climbed back into bed. As she put her rabbit away she heard some voices downstairs, then doors closing and a car starting. Kim’s mind drifted, replaying the pool scene in her mind with her as the female lead. She imagined Kyle telling her, “That’s right, slut, swallow that cock!” She considered masturbating again, but decided on a glass of wine instead.

As she poured the wine Kim thought about saying something to Kyle. Truth was it was disrespectful for him to bring a girl to her house like he did. The kitchen clock said 1:35. Kim took a deep drink and went back upstairs.

As she got to the top of the stairs and turned, the hallway bathroom door opened and Kyle walked out, naked and semi-erect. Kim gasped as she was startled, but Kyle was totally unruffled at being seen by his aunt in the buff. “Kyle, I didn’t know you were still up!” Kim tried to maintain eye contact, but couldn’t help looking at Kyle’s manhood up close. He looked to be literally twice as long as Patrick was and significantly thicker.

“Oh, hey, Aunt Kim. Didn’t expect to see you up either. Hope I didn’t wake you.” Kyle didn’t make any attempt to cover up. “Kinda late for a glass of wine, isn’t it?” Kyle took a look at Kim’s unbuttoned top which was exposing much of her breasts.

Kim noticed Kyle’s look and cursed herself for not fixing things before she went downstairs. “Something woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep.” Again, Kim peeked at Kyle’s cock.

“Sorry Aunt Kim, that might have been me. I didn’t know Lisa was going to be so loud.”

Kim thought to herself, did Kyle know she’d been watching? And did he know that I’ve been checking out his cock? Kim blushed and said, “You really should be more careful.” Kim pulled her top together some as she noticed Kyle checking out her tits.

“Oh, OK, I get it. I really don’t like ’em that loud either. Vocal yes, loud no.” Kim felt flushed by Kyle’s confidence.

“That’s not really what I meant, Kyle.” Kim forced herself to maintain eye contact. She could smell the sex on him.

Kyle slipped his right hand just to the side and underneath Kim’s left breast and pulled her to him. Kissing her on the cheek and putting his mouth very near Kim’s left ear, Kyle breathily said, “That’s sweet of you to look out for me, Aunt Kim. I promise I won’t fuck loud Lisa again while you’re home.”

Kim sighed, excited by Kyle’s aggressively seductive behavior, and replied, “Why thank you, Kyle, I appreciate that.”

After work on Tuesday, Kim went to laundry room and saw Kyle taking his clothes out of the dryer. “Doin’ another load Aunt Kim? I’ll be out of your way in a minute.” Kyle loaded his clothes in a basket and left.

It took a second or two, but then Kim figured it out. She went upstairs to her bedroom expecting to see her laundry on her bed. As she walked in to investigate, she saw three of her bras hanging on the rod of her shower. Kim felt warm thinking about Kyle handling her things.

As she opened her dresser drawers she found that Kyle had neatly folded her things, including her panties and put them away. She flushed at this, and went downstairs where Kyle was making himself a salad in the kitchen.

“Kyle, I…” Kyle interrupted her.

“I know; you want to thank me for taking care of your laundry for you.”

“Kyle, that’s not it, I don’t need you doing my laundry for me. You can leave it in a basket. I didn’t mean for you to have to put things away.”

“Uh, OK. I just wanted to do something nice for you and didn’t think you’d mind if I got into your drawers.” Again, Kim blushed at the double entendre’, but chose to ignore it.

Later that night Kyle returned from the gym and heard Kim on her cell phone. “How could I have been so stupid? I gave up nine years of my life to that cocksucker! Sometimes I wonder if there was something I did that turned Patrick gay.”

Kyle eavesdropped for a while longer as Kim poured herself out to her friend on the phone. He felt sorry for her and decided to give her a push. He went into the kitchen and purposely made a lot of noise so as to announce his presence.

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