T W I N SAlicia wrapped the robe around her lithe nude body and padded down the thick carpeted hall toher eighteen year old twin brother Alexander’s room. She knocked on the door, and withoutwaiting for an answer, opened it and went inside, finding Alex lying on his bed reading his historybook, and only looking up when his sister asked, “Ready for our good night kisses?” “Where arethe folks,” he asked, while placing the book mark on page 273? “They’re downstairs watching thenews, something about the President having sex with another intern!!!” “A man after my ownheart,” cracked Alex, “but the idiot keeps getting caught,” he laughed!!!” “Let’s be quick about ittonight, okay,” asked Alicia, “last night we almost got caught because you were taking your sweettime!” “I can’t help it if you have the cutest pussy in the whole school,” he sighed, while openingup the front of his sister’s pink bath robe. When the robe fell open, the first thing to catch his eye,as usual, was the thick red bush that covered his sister’s bulging pussy lips! “My god, Al,” he saidthickly, “I could never get tired of kissing this pussy good night, it’s so plump and full, I just loveit!!!” “Well hurry up and do it,” she implored, “I gotta get back to my room!” Alex nodded hishead and then leaned over and gave his sister’s vagina a deep French kiss, giving her little clit aquick flick as pulled his tongue along her wet crack. His attention then quickly turned to her pertyoung breasts, pink nippled, perfectly proportioned, a 34b cup, just the size to fill a champagneglass! Hungrily he gave each nipple a long suck, causing them to shrivel up in the cool bedroomair. Alicia closed her robe, and said, “Okay, quick, slip them down for me!”Alex hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, and slid them down to his thighs, exposinghis hard penis to the hot mouth of his twin sibling! “Oh, Alex,” Alicia whispered loudly, “I justlove the way it sticks up, and it’s so hard too!!!” Dropping to her knees, the young girl opened hermouth and gave her brother a fast ten seconds of oral love making, letting her lips glide over thesmooth head, while pausing to poke her tongue into the little slit on the tip of his pecker. “Alexmoaned, hoping she would let him ejaculate in her mouth, but alas, she sprang to her feet and wasout the door calling out, “Goodnight, Alex,” over her shoulder as she closed his door! Alex stareddown at his raging hardon, and taking it into his hand, gave it a hard fisting that resulted in aspurting orgasm. “It would have been better in Al’s mouth,” he thought glumly, while using hisdirty underwear to clean up his mess. “I wonder if Alicia is doing her clit,” he wondered out loud,while climbing back into bed, “oh well, at least I got off,” he said, while returning to his studying!He was in fact, correct about one thing, his sister was furiously fingering her slit while thinkingabout the hard cock that she had just sucked not more than five minutes ago, and as usual, herorgasm was long and hard, her young vagina now so needful of it’s daily release. She licked thejuice from her fingers, and then fell asleep dreaming about erections, big thick erections!!!The next morning while they were walking to school, Alex hesitatingly asked his sister if she everfelt like having intercourse. “You know I do, Alex,” she shot back, “but we both agreed that itwould be too dangerous for us to fuck each other, and I’m not gonna take that chance!!!” “Oh, Itotally agree with you,” Alex rejoined, “I was more thinking along the lines of trying to do it withsomeone else, ya know, like maybe somebody a little older?” “I’ve been thinking the same thing,”Alicia replied, “but I have no clue as to who we could do it with, do you?” “Not really,” Alexanswered glumly, “but since were both on the same page with this thing, we can at least startlooking around for the right people!” “Yeah,” she agreed, “let’s start looking!”That night, when Alicia slipped into Alex’s room for her good night “kiss”, Alex announced hehad an idea on who they could use as fuck mates. “Who are they,” Alicia asked excitedly, “do Iknow them!?!” “You know the O’Brian pendik escort twins in the twelfth grade,” asked Alex, “well I think thatthey’d be perfect!” Alicia thought about it for a moment, and then replied, “I think that’s asplendid idea, Alex, let’s try talking with them tomorrow!!!” “Good,” he responded, “we’ll do it atlunch time, they usually sit off by themselves, and that will give us a chance to meet them one onone!” Alicia then opened her robe and let Alex feast on her already wet vagina, her mind driftingoff, wondering if Dan O’Brian had a big cock hanging between his legs. Even though Alex wasonly lapping her for a minute, Alica couldn’t control her vagina, and her sweet young body wenttense as a very hard orgasm went racing through her wet pussy. Alex was a little surprised at thequick eruption from his sister’s twat, but that was good news for him, because their deal hadalways been that if one cums, so gets to the other! Alex jumped up and literally tore off his shorts,his hard erection bobbing into view! Alicia sighed, sank to her knees, and took the hard peckerinto her soft wet mouth, sucking it in deeply, her tongue swirling all around the smooth head. Hetried to hold it as long as he could, but alas, Alex soon filled his pretty sister’s mouth with his lifegiving sperm, which she hungrily swallowed down, taking care not to lose a single drop! After theygathered themselves, Alicia said, “Tomorrow at lunch we make contact!!!”Dan and Donna O’Brian were sitting as usual, alone at a table way at the rear of the lunch room.Alex and Alicia carried their food trays down the long aisle to where the twin twelfth graders wereeating where upon Alicia asked, “May we join you?!?” “Why not,” answered Dan, while pickingup his milk carton and taking a drink. The Paxton twins sat down and introduced themselves anddug in to their lunch, making the usual small talk k**s do when they are just passing the time ofday. Finally Alicia took the bull by the horns and waded in with, “Alex and I have been watchingyou two for quite a while now, and we are pretty sure that you’re exactly like us!” “What do youmean, like us,” asked a wary Donna O’Brian? “Look,” cut in Alex, “we can see that you two arealways together just like we are, and that you seem chummier than a normal brother and sisterusually would be!” “So what,” retorted Dan, “so we like each other’s company, is that a crime!?!””No,” Alicia replied, “but you and I both know that you’re much closer than anyone else oncampus knows, but we do, ‘cuz were the same as you!!!” Both Dan and Donna turned and lookedat each other, and then looked back at the two interlopers as Donna said, “No matter what youthink, you can’t prove a thing!!!” “Listen,” Alicia said soothingly, “we’re not here to cause eitherof you any trouble, but we both know what it’s like in a relationship like ours, and we, that beingme and Alex, feel that we could get together after school and maybe get to know each other better,a change of pace if you will, because we know that you probably haven’t done the one thing thatyou both so desperately need and want to do, am I right!?!” “Maybe,” Dan answered slowly, “butyou two are only juniors, that’s pretty young for this kind of stuff, don’t you think!?!” Aliciastepped in and said, “Look at me, Dan, I have the body of a woman, with a young vagina thatneeds constant attention, and Alex here, has a cock that is like a piece of blue steel, and believe mewhen I tell you, he can bounce back from an ejaculation as quick as can be!!!” Donna then asked,”Is what we’re talking about here that the boys are going to fuck us, take our virginity!?!” Allfour of them looked around the table at each other and Alicia replied, “Yeah, that’s it, the boysfuck us and take out virginity!” Everyone was quiet for a moment, until Donna replied, “Well, I’mall for it, I say we do it, what about you Dan?” Dan thought about it a few seconds, while givingAlicia the once over and answered, “Yeah, let’s do it, I think we’re all ready for it!!!” “When,”asked Alex??? “How about tonight at our place, right after school,” said kartal escort Donna, “our folks bothwork until five thirty?” They all agreed and made arrangements to meet by the front door afterschool, and then walk the six blocks to the O’Brian house. Alicia and Alex could hardly wait!!!Dan and Donna lived in a tri level ranch house on the side of a hill in the new section of town, andAlicia commented that the Donna’s mother certainly had good taste in decorating, as it looked likea show place! Dan suggested that they go to the finished basement, because it had a walkout thatcould come in handy just in case either Mr. or Mrs. O’Brian got home early. “It’s better to be safethan sorry,” Dan commented, while leading everyone down the basement stairs. The rec room hadseveral couches and easy chairs, a big screen TV, and a full size pool table in the middle of theroom. Alicia joked, “I wonder what its like to get fucked on a pool table!?!” Everyone laughed,the naughty remark serving as an ice breaker, because everyone seemed to be a little tense! Danturned on some music, took Alicia in his arms, and gave her a long deep kiss on the mouth, whichAlicia returned with passionate heat! They pulled apart and Dan made a suggestion, “I think thatAlex and I should sit down on the couch and watch you two girl strip for us, it would geteverybody in the swing of things!!!” Both girls exchanged glances and Donna replied, “Okay, aslong as you strip for us when were finished!!!” “Okay,” said Alex, “let’s do it!!!”The boys plopped down on the sofa and watched in wide eyed wonder as the two young beautiesslowly began removing their clothing piece by piece. Neither of them had ever seen any other girlsnaked save for their sisters, so they were more than a little interested to see what another girllooked like in the all together! Dan was used to a girl a little more developed than Alicia was, butthe look of her lithe lean body was making his penis grow hard in his jeans. Standing before himin just her bra and panties, she had the look of a true to life l****a, trim hips, small but perfectbreasts, and a pouty look that drove men wild! Alex on the other hand, was seeing the body of afully developed woman for the first time, large heavy breasts straining against her thin bra, andhips that spread wide from her flat wash board belly. Both girls, now in only bras and panties,turned around slowly as to give the boys a good look at the merchandise! “I think they’re ready,”commented Donna, “shall we give them what the really want?!?” “Mmmm,” hummed Alicia, “Ithink so, I think they’re about ready to burst!!!” “Bras first,” Donna said, and both girls reachedaround and unhooked the snaps that held their bras over their chests. When they fell away, Alexmade an audible groan when he saw the size of Donna’s big bust. “I think Alex likes you,” Aliciajoked, while watching her brother straining to keep his erection in his pants. Next the panties hitthe floor, and now it was Dan’s turn to moan, at the sight mere sight of Alicia’s thick red pubicbush. “Well, Alicia,” Donna laughed, “Danny seems to think that your bush is somethingspecial!!!” Both girls then made a few more poses for the boys, and then demanded that it wastheir turn to watch the boys strip! Getting absolutely no argument from either of them, both Danand Alex leapt to their feet and practically tore their clothing off, neither of them taking the timeto put on any kind of show for the girls at all! Donna made a half hearted protest that they weregoing to fast, but she really didn’t care one way or the other, because she just wanted to see theboys naked and erect, and erect is what she got!!! Dan and Alex both had hardons that werepointing directly to the sky, and while Dan’s was larger, probably about seven inches, Alex’s wasvery veiny and uncut, a condition that thoroughly fascinated Donna.”Let’s just masturbate for a while,” offered Alicia, “I just love masturbating in front of someone,I guess I’m just and exhibitionist at heart!!!” Alex and Dan sat down on the floor and all four ofthem began playing with their genitals, maltepe escort the boys fisting their peckers, while the girls used theirfingers to arouse their pretty little quims. When it looked like the boys were ready to cum, bothDonna and Alicia slipped off the sofa and took their cocks into their mouths. Alicia loved thefullness of Dan’s pecker, and hungrily sucked it into her throat, while Donna on the other hand,slid the foreskin back and forth on Alex’s cock, mesmerized by the extra fold of loose skincovering the head of his pecker! One thing both boys had in common, however, was the prodigiousamount of cum that they produced, and each girl’s mouth was soon filled with the salty nectar thaterupted from the ball sacks of the young studs. “God, I love the taste of cum,” Donna sighed,while savoring the last drops of Alex’s semen. “Me too,” Alicia rejoined, “I’ll never get tired offeeling the hot cum blowing from a hard cock head!!!” By now there were two very arousedvaginas that needed attention, so the moment of truth would soon be at hand!!!Both girls stood in front of the couch with their legs spread wide apart, exposing their teenagevaginas to Dan and Alex. The boys took their time and gently fingered the girls pussies until eachof them was dripping wet and shaking with excitement. Dan was doing Alicia’s clit with his fingerwhen he remarked, “She has very puffy lips doesn’t she, Alex?!?” “Yes, very,” replied Alex, “shesays it runs in our family, all of the women have puffy vaginas!” Alex turned his gaze back toDonna’s hot slit, and said, “She really gets wet doesn’t she, leaks like a drippy faucet!” Danlaughed and replied, “You got that right, if I’m not eating her out, she’s playing with herself all ofthe time!” Both girls were now panting harder, trying to get the boys to concentrate their effortsdirectly on their clits. “Shall we jerk them off,” asked Alex, “I think Donna here is about to pop!””Yeah,” replied Dan, “Alicia needs it too, am I right, girl???” “Fucking stop talking and do me,”hissed a very hot Alicia, still trying to grind her box into Dan’s hand!!! The boys then went at thetwo hard clits with a vengeance, the result being both girls having cunt rocking orgasms in frontof the two brothers. “Are you girls ready now,” asked Dan, ” ‘cuz I’ve been ready for half mylife!?!”The boys led the two wobbly legged girls over to the pool table, where they lay them down on theirbacks with their legs spread wide, leaving their vaginas gaping open. Dan positioned himselfbetween Alicia’s slim thighs and lined up his erection against the opening of her pussy, while Alexlooked over at the older boy, and taking his cue, did the same to Donna, getting his cock head upto the portal of pleasure! On a signal from Dan, both of them slowly pushed their peckers into thesteaming slits of the two virgin teenagers, taking their time so as not to cause them any unduepain. The way the girls squirmed around, it was easily apparent that if there was any pain it wasvery minor indeed, as they both moaned with pleasure at the feeling of hard penises in their tightpussies! When they were all of the way in, their teenage hormones took over, and the boysfuriously began stroking in and out of the two dripping cunts! The feeling of vagina on penis washeaven, for both boys and girls, the boys loving the feeling of ultimate softness surrounding theircocks, while the girls on the other hand, relished the sensation of brutal hardness filling theiryoung vaginas! None of the four really had any sexual control at this early time in their lives, sothe on rushing orgasms were like freight trains barreling down the tracks, daring anyone oranything to get in its way! Alex and Dan both could feel their ball sacks tighten up, a sure sign ofimpending ejaculation, while Donna and Alicia, on the other hand, could feel their vaginascontracting around the gristly invaders, the first hint that orgasm was close at hand! Dan was thefirst to yell out, “I’m fucking cumming so hard, I love your fucking pussy so much,” and the otherfour were soon having their own climaxes along with him, harder and longer than any they hadever had before!!! Alex and Dan finally collapsed on top of the two girls, trying to catch theirbreath, and also to let their blood pressure come down to a normal level!They spent the next few minutes softly trading sweet kisses, happy in the knowledge that they hadfound new friends and fuck partners!

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