Tabby’s Unexpected Weekend of Lust


The room was lit by a dim light as Tabby entered from the large walk-in closet that connected her room with her sisters. She walked quietly into the large neat room as if not to disturb anyone. The pale yellow glow from the dimmed light cast long shadows in the room. Tabby stepped forward, her bare toes pressing into the soft carpet, the silk robe draping around her mid-thighs.

“Psst,” she whispered as she reached a point halfway between the closet door and the bed. “You awake Di?”

“Yeah,” came a whispered reply from beneath the pile of sheets on the large double bed.

“Can I join you?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Di smiled, sitting up and flicking her dark hair back over her shoulder.

The 18-year-old smiled to herself as she advanced toward the bed. As she walked she let the shimmering silk robe fall from her shoulders. Underneath she wore a black lace nightie that barely covered her firm rounded butt. She climbed on the bed as Diane sat up.

The sisters smiled at each other. Diane brought a hand up to Tabby’s cheek, stoking the soft skin gently. They stared into each other’s eyes sensually. Tabby started to lean into Diane’s body, their faces getting closer. Both sisters tensed a little as their lips met then melted into each other’s arms.

Cliff thought he was going to explode at this point. When Diane had turned up suddenly to stay for a week he had decided to live his fantasy. He had heard them the last time Diane had stayed, this time he was ready.

Hidden behind the hanging dresses, coats and suits he had drilled out two holes, one small for his eye, the other just big enough for the lens of his low light video recorder. Now he was making use of this new facility. The camera was rolling and he had decided to watch the action on the flip-out LCD screen. That way he could slowly stroke his large, hard member as he watched the scene unfold.

Tabby’s hand came up to Diane’s firm round breast, cupping it gently, feeling its soft curve. Diane moaned as her sister ran her finger over her breast. Diane was doing the same with Tabby’s breast, touching it softly through the black lace of the nightie.

“Ohhh…Di…ohhh…that feels so good,” Tabby moaned, a little louder than the whispers of before.

“You feel so nice,” Diane responded.

“You look so fucking hot,” Cliff whispered to himself from his hide-away.

Tabby’s hand moved down to the base of Diane’s silver, patterned nightie. She edged a hand under the shiny material, and slid it up her sister’s thigh. Diane moaned, feeling the hand on her skin.

They kissed again; their mouths open wide to each other’s tongues. Their heads seemed to revolve in a screwing action as they held each other tighter and tighter. Diane hooked the fingers of one hand into the thin strap on Tabby’s nightie, tugging at it until it had fallen to her elbow.

The kiss broke as Tabby moved her arm through the fallen strap, letting the bodice of the nightie fall forward, exposing her breasts. Diane immediately bowed her head to kiss the soft flesh that she was now holding, first one breast then the other. The dark haired Tabby just moaned softly again.

It was getting very hot for Cliff as he sat on the small stool he had hidden along with the camera and tripod. His cock was taking a beating as he tugged on it harder and harder. The little screen threw up a bright light so he could see his cock growing tenser and tenser.

Very quietly he got up and moved away from the camera. He tiptoed up the middle of the closet to the other door. On the handle hung a small cloth bag. He put his hand inside. There wasn’t much in the bag, but there was something for him, a pair of Tabby’s sexy lace panties. Taking the skimpy garment he returned to the hidden stool behind the hanging clothes.

Diane was naked now. Her body seemed to glow in the low light as Tabby kissed her breast, just below the nipple. Cliff resumed his stroking, this time using Tabby’s panties as a glove. How many times had he cum in his sister’s panties he thought?

Tabby stuck her tongue out, licking along the soft curve of Diane’s breast all the way to the nipple. As her tongue touched the hard rough texture of the nipple her red lips closed on it. Diane moaned as the younger girl sucked the nipple. Tabby’s hand was playing with the other nipple as she continued to suck.

“Tabby, yes, yes, ohhh…” Diane moaned.

Tabby lifted her head and started to slide back on the bed so as her head was lowered to Diane’s crotch. Diane obliged by opening her legs, exposing the soft tufts of dark hair that surrounded her puffy pussy. Tabby used her tongue, dragging across her sister’s clit, making her sister shudder.

The older girl parted her legs even wider as Tabby began to suck her clit, licking across her pussy lips, tasting the moist wetness of her inner thighs. Tabby brought a hand up to start fingering Diane’s pussy. She slowly inserted one, then a second finger in the wet, hot pussy. Tabby still licked as she fingered the 23-year-old.

Diane pendik escort reached across Tabby’s back to lift the black lace nightie, pulling it up to her waist. As if planned Tabby arched her body as Diane swiveled herself around. Now Diane was directly beneath Tabby’s wet trimmed pussy. Diane’s tongue reached up to her young sister’s clit, lapping at the hard, pink clit.

Both girls moaned as they fingered and licked at each other. Cliff moaned as his cock pulsed in his hand. The little screen gave a good picture of the action in the adjoining room. He was enjoying his sister’s show.

Diane started to shudder as an orgasm flowed through her muscles. It was so powerful that she had to stop licking at Tabby’s hot pussy. Tabby felt her sister shake under her and smiled. Her fingers plunged faster and harder as the older girl moaned. Diane’s pussy contracted on her sister’s fingers and her juice flooded into her pussy. Tabby licked at the opening, taking the juice as it dribbled onto her chin.

Then it was Tabby who started to buck as Diane pushed a finger deep in her pussy. It sent the 18-year-old over the top. Her body shook as her pussy exploded. Now it was Diane’s turn to lick up pussy juice. Tabby was stationary over Diane’s body; her naked form framed perfectly in Cliff’s camera. A slight arch in her back giving a sexy look to the scene.

As Tabby relaxed from her orgasm she kissed Diane on the shin. Her body slowly lowered to lie next to her older sister. Diane sat up to move around to Tabby’s head. Their lips met as they touched each other once more. Their hands searched each other’s bodies, carefully caressing each other.

Cliff watched as both his sisters exposed their bodies to his camera. He could see the sweat glistening on their fair skin. His hand stroked faster and harder, the white lace screwing up around his red swollen rod. He glanced at the hard cock, the purple head bulging from its shroud of white silky lace. His balls were tensing. Then it was all over for him.

He let out a small moan as his cock exploded. A huge stream of hot cum shot into the air, splattering back against his bare chest. A second hot string flew out hitting a short black dress that hung down from the rack. The third powerful blast followed the second, leaving a crossed trail on the black material. The fourth was less powerful and fell back to his lace covered hand. More cum erupted onto the panties. More oozed through the fine lace as he pulled them up over the head. Finally his cock stopped throbbing.

After wiping up some of his mess with the hem of the dress, that he would now have to clean himself, he moved back to the camera. This time Diane was on top of Tabby. They were kissing sensually and Diane was holding herself just above the 18-year-old on her elbows. Tabby had her legs wide apart. Cliff could see Diane’s breasts swaying between the two bodies. The angle wasn’t quite right for him to see what was happening.

On the big double bed Diane was fucking tabby slowly with a big strap-on dildo. In and out the big pink appendage pushed. A slurping noise could be heard as it pulled back from the dark haired beauties wet, hot pussy. Cliff finally caught a glimpse of the big dick fucking her sister as Diane pulled back a little above the mound of sheets.

Cliff glanced down at his still sticky cock. It was coming back to life, snaking away from his thigh into a rigid pole once more. His hand found the soft head and passed over it to the hard rod. He slowly started tugging once more. His eyes drifting back to the LCD screen.

In and out Diane shoved the plastic cock. Tabby reached for her breasts dangling in front of her. She pinched Diane’s nipples, making Diane moan. Each stroke of the dildo was going deeper or harder into Tabby’s young pussy. It was so big and hard. She could feel her orgasm building once more.

So could Cliff. He couldn’t believe what his sister’s were doing. Last time Diane had been home he had heard them together, but never had he envisaged such a hot display. Last time he had tugged on his cock all night, cumming three or four times, just with the thought of these two slim sexy sisters fucking each other. Now he was ready to blow a second load before they had finished.

Tabby shuddered; her hands flew around her sister, pulling her down close. Their lips met and mouths opened as a wave of pleasure flooded the 18-year-old. Diane embedded the dildo deep within her. Tabby’s pussy clamped down on the hard cock as she exploded.

Just then there was a click and whir from the video camera as the film ran out. Cliff hadn’t anticipated this much action. Still he had enough on tape. He lowered his eye to the other hole to check that the others hadn’t heard the camera, but they hadn’t.

Tabby was now on all fours licking her juice from the plastic cock. Diane just smiled as her little sister licked at the strap-on, making it all slippery and glistening in the dim yellow light. As Tabby finished cleaning the cock she crawled back to Diane escort pendik for another full-mouthed kiss.

Again Cliff felt his balls tense. Again he fired a load of hot sperm into the air. The black dress was his target now. He half stood to spray his hot cum onto the dark fabric. It ran down the dress in long sticky strings. As his orgasm subsided he grabbed the wet panties from the floor and held them over the head, pulsing the last of his cum into the soft lace.

Still standing, Cliff looked through the hole. Tabby was lying beside Diane. They were still embracing. Quietly Cliff moved the camera and tripod out of its hiding spot. Again he checked the two girls.

“Di, that was wonderful,” Tabby remarked. “Where did you get your toy?”

“I picked it up in Hamburg a week ago. I knew you would like it,” Diane smiled, stroking her sister’s long dark hair. “It will make our sessions much more fun.”

“Yes,” Tabby said. “Can I use it on you tomorrow?”

“We will see,” Diane teased. “I haven’t cum a second time tonight yet.”

“Shall I do it now?” Tabby said excitedly.

“Oh, let’s wait and see,” Diane said caressing her breast as she kissed Tabby once more. Quietly she guided Tabby’s fingers to her open legs. Tabby needed no encouraging. She started to finger Diane’s hot pussy once more.

Cliff felt his cock getting hard. This time he resisted the temptation to stroke it. He had time to sneak out through Tabby’s room so he should take it. Quietly he folded the tripod legs, unhooked the stained dress and picked up the cum-soaked panties. Then he retreated through Tabby’s empty room.

The next morning the house was empty when Cliff got up around 11am. He had to sleep in as he had beaten his cock so much during the night that he had hardly slept. The thought of those two beautiful bodies was too much for him. But now it was time for the next stage of his plan.

After a quick coffee he went upstairs and got the video camera. Taking the tape he placed it in a replay holder. A smile grew on his face as he made a light lunch from some stuff in the refrigerator.

Tabby had gone out shopping with some friends that morning. She was on a high when she arrived home alone around 2pm. Diane was meeting some old friends and would be gone all day, and possibly al night. Their parents had abandoned the house for the weekend, deciding on a romantic night at a local hotel. So Tabby was alone with Cliff.

“Hi Cliff,” she said as she bounced in wearing a short summer dress and sandals. “How are you?”

“Fine sis’ fine,” he grinned back. “How are you?”

“Good thanks,” Tabby smiled.

“Have a good night last night?” Cliff asked suddenly.

“I was at home last night, remember?” Tabby replied a little puzzled.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Still just wondered if you had fun,” he probed and grinned.

“Yeah.” Her answer was short and slow. His questions seemed a little strange.

“I thought you did,” Cliff answered and walked off toward the family room.

Still puzzled by his manner Tabby followed. Cliff sat on the big couch and switched the TV remote on. A broad grin was on his face as a sporting channel flashed on.

“Come on sis’, have a seat,” he grinned tapping the couch next to him. “There’s a great video I have got here.”

“What?” Tabby asked, her curiosity roused.

“Just take a seat and I’ll show you,” he grinned still.

Tabby walked slowly to the couch as Cliff flicked the video on. As tabby sat a flickering image came on the screen. It was dark but very visible. The image was of Tabby walking into Diane’s room. Tabby gulped not wanting to watch anymore knowing full well what would be revealed.

She flashed an angry stare at Cliff as he slunk into the soft couch; his cock tenting the shorts he wore. Behind her she could make out the low moan of her own throat as Diane started licking her breasts.

“You creep,” Tabby spat at Cliff. “You fucking bastard, sneaking about our rooms. You pervert.” She lifted a hand to hit Cliff.

He raised his hand in protection, holding the black remote toward her.

“Now, now sis’ that isn’t very friendly. You can sure be friendly with Di, but you want to hit me?”

“But…you…you,” Tabby was lost for words. She had moved to the edge of the couch and turned to face him. The moaning continued behind her. Cliff’s cock grew bigger in his shorts.

“How is your boyfriend, Steve going to take this sis’? Bet he doesn’t know he’s going out with a fucking lesbo dyke who prefers her own sister,” Cliff was almost laughing.

“You wouldn’t you pervert,” Tabby hissed.

“And how would Mom and dad feel, eh? Seeing their little girl being fucked with a 12 inch dildo by her big sister?” He laughed. “And don’t think I don’t have copies of this tape.” He lied. “Only I know where they are.”

Tabby fell back on the couch, crossing her arms in frustration.

“Ok, ok, what do you want?” She gave in. “I suppose you want to get out of your chores and…”

She pendik escort bayan didn’t finish as he flicked the waistband of his shorts down, his big hard cock sticking out. “You can suck me off, for a start.”

“What?” She exclaimed.

“You heard, you can suck me off,” he slipped the shorts down his legs. Then he hesitated. “No on second thoughts why don’t you strip for me.”

“You fucking mad sicko,” Tabby said.

“Well have it your way,” Cliff reached for a notebook tucked down the side of the couch where he was sitting. Tabby recognised it as her phone book. He must have taken it from her room. “Here’s good old Steve’s number. I think he would like to share a beer and watch a video, don’t you Tabby?”

Tabby went red; her cheeks seemed to puff up. There was nothing she could say. He was picking up his mobile phone from the floor as she got to her feet.

“Ok, ok, don’t, please don’t ring him,” she finally conceded.

“Well, off with the clothes my little sister slut,” Cliff laughed.

Tabby reached for the zipper to the dress. Slowly the light summer cotton folded away from her body, the straps going limp down her arms. The light fabric made a swirl pool at her feet. She stood before him with her arms folded across her chest.

“And the rest,” Cliff urged, his hand cupping his now twitching cock.

A dark cloud descended on her face as she reached back to unclip the little lilac bra. It tumbled forward to fall in front of her feet. Without worrying about his eyes gawking at her 34b breasts she bent over to tug the matching panties down her ankles. She stopped to unbuckle the sandals and stepped out of them as the panties were pulled free.

Cliff whistled as she stood up, not trying to disguise any part of her sexy body. After all he had seen her naked before. He beckoned her to step forward toward him. She stepped over her pile of clothes to stand just out of reach.

“You sure are sexy sis’” he commented. “Now how about that blow job?”

“Cliff, you…” Tabby wanted to say something rude, but also wanted to say something to make him stop. She couldn’t think of the words.

“What makes me any different than Di? Except I have a real dick. Now let’s just get it off nice together eh?”

A tear appeared in her eye as she knelt before him. She touched the big throbbing cock as she crawled between his legs. He rested his hand on her bare shoulder, pulling her closer. There it was throbbing before her. Slowly she lowered her lips to it. Then she took the head in her moist mouth, licking along the shaft as she sucked it down. If she got him off quickly it would be over, she could erase the tapes and all would be well.

Up and down his hard shaft she bobbed her head. Her mouth made slurping noises as Cliff moaned and ran his fingers through her hair. He could feel her sucking harder and harder. His cock was getting bigger, his balls tensing as they filled with cum.

“Oh Tabby, ohhh…ohhhh…yes,” he moaned. “Keep going, keep sucking.”

She did, her hand wrapped around the base, the other playing with his balls. Her tongue running along the length of his shaft. Up and down she went. Licking and sucking. She could feel his cock starting to throb more; his balls seemed to tense more. Then he exploded. Stream after stream of hot cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed the large gooey liquid in great gobs. Still some dribbled from a corner of her red lips down her chin.

“Oh, yes, oh yes,” Cliff moaned as he held her head on the throbbing monster. “God, yes, let me fill your pretty little face.”

Slowly the cum stopped and his cock started to go limp. Tabby let it flop out of her mouth. She used the back of her hand to wipe away the dribble. He smiled at her. He put out his hands and lifted her naked body to the couch. Without a word he kissed his 18-year-old sister. This time she didn’t resist. She was actually kissing him back.

Cum in her mouth was Tabby’s greatest turn on and Cliff had done it perfectly, there had been gallons. Now she would do anything to repeat the experience. Her pussy was wet with the excitement the whole scene had brought.

As the kiss broke Cliff looked into her eyes and saw the desire. He smiled at her. Their mouths met again. His tongue found hers, tasted his own cum from her mouth. She lifted one of his hands to her breast. He accepted the move and ran a finger over her hard red nipple. Tabby moaned at the touch.

“Cliff,” she whispered.

“Yes,” he responded.

“Would you fuck me now?”

He didn’t answer, at least not in words. His mouth found the rough hard nipple as he moved her body under him. Instinctively she parted her legs, feeling his cock growing hard again against her thigh. A hand probed down the edge of her thigh, finding her crotch. He skillfully parted her pussy lips as his cock guided toward the opening.

“Ohhhh…ohhhhhhh,” Tabby moaned loudly as the big head pressed into her. “Yes Cliff, yes.”

Inch by inch his cock slipped into her hot pussy. He could feel it contracting around his hard cock. Her pussy was so wet that it slipped in easily. Then he started to slowly push in and out of her hot passage. Tabby moaned some more as this huge cock pushed her pussy wider and wider.

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