Taboo with Cousin sister

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Taboo with Cousin sisterIt was winter holiday and we had long vacation in school, I was at my cousin’s place with my cousin sister and brother. Our parents went to our native place and we 3 of us were alone at home. We all ate together, lived together and even slept together.My Cousin sister is 2 yrs elder than me, and brother is 3 years younger than me. It was quite a chilly night when all this had happened. Me, Anita (My cousin sister) and Abhay (cousin brother) had dinner and were about to sleep. From last few days, I was sleeping on couch and Abhay was sleeping on small mattress next to couch. Anita in turn would sleep on her parent’s bed alone. After dinner we all started feeling bit cold and I asked Anita if, we could sleep on the bed and she could sleep on the couch. She agreed and we went to sleep. Suddenly in the middle of the night, Anita got up from the couch and came to the bedroom and slept beside me. I shared the blanket as she was also feeling cold. As the night passed gradually, I felt the warmth of her body as we were sharing one blanket. She has a habit of rolling kadıköy escort on to sides every now and then and her hands and legs started touching my body. I was so pleased to get touched, but she was unaware of my comfort. It was around 2:30 AM and she started moving wildly. I got up and asked what happened. She replied that some bedbugs are spoiling her sleep. So I asked her if I could help in anyways. She asked me apply body lotion to her back and her hands and legs. That time she was wearing a nighty. As I started applying lotion to her hands, she slept and was very much into deep sleep. I was enjoying her body; touching and lotioning her hands, then I went towards her legs and intentionally dimmed the bedroom lights. I touched her legs and they were so sexy and soft. I rubbed some lotion on her both legs till knees only, and started to re-cap the lotion bottle. She heard that sound and said, she wanted to apply on her thighs also. So I opened the bottle and pulled off the blanket from her body. üsküdar escort Now I could see her milky thighs, and started rubbing lotion slowly and enjoying her smooth body. As I was about to finish, I woke her up and asked what about lotioning her back. she denied and I slept beside her sharing the blanket again. It was around 3:45 AM when she again woke me up and said she is feeling itchy on her back, I picked up the lotion bottle and drizzled some on my hands. But then I realized that, she is wearing a nighty and is not open from top. I said this things and she asked me to slip my hands from down. So I slipped my both hands and while reaching her back, I touched her ass through her panty. That time her nighty went up to her thighs and she was comfortable with that, but I could see her panty. Slowly I started applying lotion but in small quantities, so that I could touch her body for long time. While I was applying lotion, she slipped her hands back and unhooked her bra and was sleeping on her back. I started caressing her back and slowly slipped tuzla escort my hands towards her boob’s sides.She said, it’s not required to apply on front and chest, so I stopped and re-hooked her bra, she thanked me for that. As I slept again beside her, she hugged me slowly and slept as it is. In morning wee hours, when she used to get up, I started to play with my dick and was jerking and touching it against her body. She was unaware of all this. At one point, she was kept one hand on my chest and slept facing towards me. I gradually popped my dick out of my boxers and kept her hand on my dick. She grabbed my dick and was rubbing as she would do with me hand. After playing for some time, she left my dick and rolled on to her side. At around 8:00 Am, she woke up and saw my dick out of my boxers; she woke me up and asked why it was so. I could not answer the real reason, but said sorry and moved away. I knew she was not angry but she is my elder sister, she also had some respect. I promised her, that I won’t do this again and she hugged me. I was so lucky that day; she didn’t scold me for that thing and even got hugged from her twice. Since then whenever our parents go out of town, we both sleep on same bed, but share different blankets, coz she knows, I could not resist myself from touching her and if Abhay came to know all this, we would be dead. But it was a life changing day for me and I could not forget that.

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