Tag Team


Jack has been very busy with house guests for the last couple of days. He is visiting the home where he grew up, helping put on a 90th birthday celebration for his grandmother. Jack is a chef by trade and lives in the big city up north. This trip home is providing Jack a chance to show off his culinary skills to the family for the first time. His parents place has been a bit of a madhouse the last couple of days, teaming with aunts, uncles and cousins as they arrive from all over to attend the party. It is quickly becoming more like a family reunion rather than just a birthday party, and Jack is right in the center of it, loving the closeness of his family.

A few of the guests are staying at Jack’s parent’s house for the days surrounding the party. Among those are Jack’s cousin Lauren and her husband Mike. Jack and Lauren were close when they were little, and Jack is hoping to get some time to catch up and reminisce with her. Jack isn’t so happy about Lauren’s muscle head of a husband being there. Because Jack never married and cooks for a living Mike tells everyone he thinks Jack is gay, and Mike never hides the fact that he doesn’t care for gays. Mike is a first class ass-hat, and quite frankly, Mike scares the crap out of Jack.

One fondest memories Jack has of Lauren is when they were young and they used to play a game at family functions they called tickle tag. The object of the game was to sneak up on one another and poke or tickle each other in the ribs and say “tickle tag, you’re it”. This game went on right under the noses of their family at nearly every family function. The rules were you had to be sneaky and there was no chasing or yelling. These simple rules kept the adults from stopping their game because it got too rambunctious. They even got away with playing it once at a funeral, when they should have been on their best behavior.

When Jack was twelve, Lauren moved away when Jack’s uncle took a better job in another state. Jack and Lauren rarely saw each other after that. Now in their thirties, Jack and Lauren are together again at a family function. It feels kind of like old times. Various relatives are in little groups talking and laughing. But instead of wandering between the groups of aunts and uncles playing tag, Jack is enjoying catering to his family with trays of appetizers and drinks. He even serves Lauren’s jerk of a husband as if he deserved to be part of the family.

At the height of his busiest time Jack is heading back to the kitchen with an empty tray he suddenly feels a sharp poke into his ribs and hears Lauren giggle, “Tickle tag, you’re it”. He smiles and swings around thinking she is finally there to reminisce, but she has already turned and is walking back to join her husband and the conversation he is having with Jack’s uncles. There is no way Jack is going to go poke her back now. Not while she is near her husband. If Mike saw Jack so much as touch Lauren, Jack would likely get a beating for it.

Throughout that day over and over again Lauren finds a way to tag Jack with a little tickle. Lauren is having such fun, but is very careful not to let her husband see what she is doing and get Jack into trouble with him. It is especially amusing to her that Jack has not been able to get her back even once. The more she gets away with it, the more she enjoys poking at her cousin. Late that evening she sees a chance to get Jack really good. She sneaks up behind him and grabs him in the ribs with both hands. Jack nearly jumps out of his skin and the dish he is holding goes flying to the floor, shattering into hundreds of pieces.

Jack’s mother rushes in to see what broke and blows up when she sees that it is one of her mother’s antique china plates. Seeing the tearful look pendik escort on Lauren’s face, Jack takes full responsibility for the broken dish. With that, Lauren realizes her little game is definitely over. After the plate incident Lauren is generally quiet and sullen for the rest of the evening and she avoids Jack. Jack keeps looking for her hoping for an apology, but one never comes. The day ends with both of them going to bed without even saying a word to each other.

The next morning Lauren is up and rummaging through the kitchen for a cup and some coffee. The entire family got up early to go to church, but Lauren chose to sleep in. Being alone in a quiet house for the first time in days is a pleasant change for Lauren. She is still in her night shirt and she has only done the bare minimum to take care of her bed head hair. She didn’t feel the need to dress and primp in an empty house before coming downstairs to find some coffee. There will be plenty of time to get pretty after she gets her morning jolt of caffeine.

She discovers that the coffee pot was emptied long before she awoke, but in the cupboard with the cups she finds a jar of instant coffee that will do. Lauren gets up on her toes reaching into the cupboard for a cup when suddenly someone grabs her from behind, and she nearly jumps out of her skin. Fear rushes through her body until she realizes it is Jack grabbing her. Lauren didn’t know that Jack had stayed behind to get ready for the party. Now he has her by the ribs and is getting her back for every one of those pokes the day before, especially for the one that made him break the dish.

Lauren is super ticklish and she instantly starts to laugh uncontrollably. Jack has her pinned against the counter and she is struggling to get free. Eventually she wriggles herself free and backs away from Jack ass first still laughing and trying to control Jack’s hands with hers. She sees a look on Jack’s face that tells her he isn’t finished getting her back so she turns and runs, still squealing and laughing from the fun of game they are playing.

Jack takes chase and before she get out of the kitchen he catches her, wrapping his arms around her holding her tight while he starts tickling her again. Lauren is laughing and squealing and desperately wants to get away. She is ticklish everywhere and there is no way to cover up enough to keep from being tickled. She struggles hard and manages to break free again, but Jack just runs with her ticking her everywhere she tries to go. The tickling is becoming super intense for Lauren, and as usual being tickled is starting to make her horny.

As Jack’s tickling fingers fly around her body Lauren hopes to god he doesn’t discover that she didn’t bother putting on underwear before coming down for coffee. She knows that her pussy is by far her most ticklish place. Jack’s tickling is making her super wet and she fears she will have an orgasm if he tickles her pussy. Lauren holds down the front of her nightshirt in hopes he won’t discover her secret, and that leaves her only a single hand free to cover up with.

Finally the intensity of being tickled causes Lauren’s legs to buckle and she falls to the floor. Jack follows right behind and lands on top of her. Now Lauren is pinned, and is under Jack’s complete control. Jack is now able to tickle her more than ever, and being held down makes it even more intense for Lauren. It doesn’t take long for Jack to discover just how sensitive and ticklish Lauren’s breasts are. Jack takes both of Lauren’s breasts in his hands and squeezes them, then starts running his tickling fingers all over them. Having her breasts tickled sends strong vibrations to Lauren’s pussy and she tries in vain to push his hands away. Then he moves escort pendik off of her breasts and tickles his way down her stomach to her mound, stopping just short of Lauren’s sensitive pussy. Then he tickles his way back up her sides to her breasts again, tickling them as wildly as before. Lauren squirms wildly as he repeats this over and over the tickling becomes more and more sexual.

Lauren’s previous laughter has been reduced to simple intermittent squeaks and squeals, as her arms and legs flail weakly against Jack. Lauren becomes aware of just how hard and painful her nipples are, and she is sure Jack can see them poking out through her nightshirt. Soon every place that gets touched on Lauren’s body is sending strong vibrations into her pussy, and now when Jack tickles her breasts she comes dangerously close to having an orgasm. Lauren is embarrassed by how wet and horny she has become, and prays that Jack doesn’t figure it out.

Then Lauren feels something pressing against her crotch and she prays that it isn’t what she thinks it is. She freezes hoping that nothing is going to happen, but her fears are realized when she feels her pussy stretching open as it envelops Jacks entire cock in a single thrust. Then she feels his cock slide out only to slide push its way back in, this time as deep and hard as Jack can. Lauren gasps.

As Jack starts slowly, forcefully fucking Lauren he continues to tickle her, but to Lauren it doesn’t feel like she is being tickled anymore. Now she just feels the wonderful feeling of being taken and fucked. And this fucking is so much more intense than any she has ever felt. All that tickling already had her at the edge. Now it feels as if Jack’s is fucking her entire being as the feeling Jack’s thick cock thrusting into her pussy radiates through her entire body. Within just a few strokes from Jack, Lauren is overcome by a huge wave of pleasure then every muscle strains toward her pussy as she starts to have an incredibly intense orgasm.

Jack is still tickling her but the only thing she can really feel is the sensation of Jack’s cock sliding on her clit, which intensifies and prolongs her already epic orgasm. Finally her orgasm subsides and she gasps for air just in time for another orgasm to start, then another, and another. Jack just keeps on fucking and tickling Lauren, and that stimulation won’t let her stop coming. She is going sequential, and is having an orgasm few seconds.

The most Lauren has ever come before is twice, but now she has had eight, ten, twelve, maybe more. There are so numerous and so intense she no way of knowing how many she is having. Each one of them starting with a deep breath and ending with Lauren’s body vibrating with a long rush of pleasure as her soaking wet cunt comes all over Jack’s thick cock.

Finally the orgasms stop and Lauren’s body goes completely limp. She is completely spent, panting and can’t move a muscle. She is so spent she cannot even speak. Lauren feels Jack roll off to her side and she is finally free, but she can’t move to get up let alone get away. Her entire body trembles and she feels as if she is floating in a warm pool of tiny tingly bubbles. Lauren’s mind is completely at peace. Every few moments she feels an aftershock of orgasm pulsing through a random body part making it twitch. Her post orgasm ecstasy is nearly as intense as the orgasms themselves. Lauren has never felt anything anywhere near this wonderful in her entire life, and she loves it.

When the ecstasy finally subsides and she comes back to reality she realizes Jack is still lying next to her, and is watching her. She still doesn’t move a muscle. She just stares at the ceiling. Her pussy is oddly numb from all the orgasms and in a way it still feels pendik escort bayan as if it were full of Jack’s cock. Still staring directly at the ceiling, she quietly asks.

“Jack… Did you come?”

Jack does not immediately respond causing Lauren to become anxious.

“No.” He finally answers.

Again there is a long silence. Lauren feels relieved that he didn’t come inside her as her cycle is at a perfect time to make a baby. Then she wonders why Jack hadn’t come. She wonders if there something wrong with her. She wonders if Jack might be gay like her husband says. Then she just hopes to god he isn’t lying.

As they lay there together on the floor she never once looks at Jack. Lauren doesn’t quite know how to feel about what just happened. In reality she loved every second of it and she can’t get over how hard or how many time she just came, but technically Jack had just raped her. Lauren continues to stare at the ceiling trying to come to grips with what has happened. Finally she speaks to Jack again…

“You god damned fucking bastard. What the fuck were you thinking? You’ve fucking ruined everything. You know I am married. I was perfectly happy with my life and my husband, but now you have fucking ruined everything. I can never have sex with Mike again. Not now. Not knowing he will never, ever be able to make me come like you just did. You’ve just ruined sex for me. I fucking hope you are proud of yourself.”

Jack is completely taken aback by her reaction and doesn’t even resist when she rolls over, pins him to the floor and starts tickling him. Jack squirms and instinctively tries to cover up with his arms.

“Put your fucking hands over your head” Lauren orders. “Put them up there and don’t take them down or I’ll tell Mike that you raped me.”

“Okay, okay, I’m doing it.” Jack cries through Lauren’s tickles. “Don’t tell, don’t tell.” He begs as he reaches his hands over his head.

Then Lauren starts to tickle Jack unmercifully just like he had done to her, and there is nothing he can do to stop her. As she tickles him she makes her way down near his cock but she is careful not to touch it. She just keeps ticking up and down his body getting ever closer to his cock while Jack squirms and bucks on the floor. Finally Jack’s cock is rock hard and the head is swollen and is discolored.

Seeing this Lauren tickles her way down ever so close to Jack’s cock and starts lightly tickling his balls. He is going crazy and his cock is dancing in the air searching for contact of any kind from Lauren. Finally Lauren grabs hold of his cock and sucks it deep into her mouth as she continues to tickle his balls.

Jack’s body immediately stiffens as he starts to orgasm. Jack is so aroused; that Lauren’s sucking has Jack coming so hard it almost hurts. His body writhes and bucks as he comes. Jack’s orgasm intensifies even more as he feels a heavy flow of cum streaming through his cock and gushing into Lauren’s mouth. It feels as if Lauren is literally sucking all the cum in his body out through the head of his cock.

When his orgasm is done he expects Lauren to stop, but she doesn’t. She keeps on sucking him just as fast and hard as she was before. Jack’s cock starts to become sensitive, then it tickles, and then it really hurts. Jack can hardly take it and he begs her to stop. Lauren does stop, but only long enough to remind him to keep his hands over his head, and then goes right back to sucking him.

Then Jack’s cock stops hurting. It starts to tickle a little bit again. Then it starts to tingle. Then with little warning, Jack comes surprisingly hard into Laurens mouth for a second time. Lauren finally stops when she knows his second orgasm is done. Now Jack is completely spent and he is the one who cannot move or speak. With that Lauren free and she simply gets up and walks away. But just before she leaves the room she turns back to Jack and smiles…

“Tickle tag, you’re it!”

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