Taking J’s Edge Off


You’ve been working too hard, as evidenced by how often you lean back in an attempt to alleviate the stiffness from your back and shoulders. I glance at the clock, noting it’s late. The soft clicking of keystrokes creates a staccato, but pleasant, pattern of sound. I watch you hunched over the glow of your laptop, your fingers absentmindedly working the knots in your neck. I set my phone down on the bed, abandoning the ridiculous, steamy romance novel I’ve been reading.

“Baby” I coax gently, patting the sheets next to me. “That’s enough. Call it a night, yeah?”

Silence. I receive nothing but more keystrokes.

“Come lay down and let me rub your back. I’ll make it worthwhile.”

You still don’t answer, but I see you enter a few final numbers, and sit back. Presumably content with your data, the file you’ve been working on is saved and closed. You get up from the desk languidly, giving me ample opportunity to admire your shirtless chest as you reach an arm up to your cramped neck and arch back in a much needed stretch. The movement causes your loose cotton pants to slide lower on your hips and I can see you have nothing on underneath. I grin. You drop your arm and simultaneously raise your eyebrows at me as you prowl toward the bed.

“Strip” I command with a little laugh, winking at you as you lean over me, my hands pressed against your bare chest. I arch up into you, stretching to meet your lips for a kiss. You hook an arm beneath my knees and quickly tug, pulling me flat and making me squeal with surprise. You fling a leg over me, assertive, your knees pressing into the mattress on either side of my thighs as you lean down. My hands move up to curl around your biceps, your weight resting on your forearms, effectively caging me.

“Hey sexy” I smirk, nipping at your bottom lip. You turn your face to place your mouth at my throat. I feel and hear you whisper “naughty girl” as your lips make their way up the side of my neck. I squirm beneath you and the gentle hmmmmm you emit while biting on my earlobe has me pushing my swollen, attention-starved breasts into your chest. I run my nails sharply down your back, digging finger pads into hard muscle, trying to pull you to me for more friction.

“You’re a bossy little thing, cutie” you tell me, leaning down and biting my nipple through the thin shirt I’m wearing. You suck the tender point into your mouth and massage it with your tongue, making me sigh. Despite your exhaustion, it’s clear you’re wound up & ready to play. Your left hand is quickly under my shirt and after a few rough squeezes of my aching flesh, the hard peak of my nipple is being rolled between your thumb and finger.

I groan as you pinch and pull, my hands sliding down your body and making their way into the waistband of your pants, pushing them slowly down off your hips. My own hips raise up, pushing against you. I apply pressure to my hand at your shoulder, my mouth coming to your ear. “Roll over. Let me make you feel good,” I say softly, pushing you onto your back.

I scramble to my knees, wearing nothing but your oversized, white V-neck undershirt, well worn & threadbare, reaching just to the tops of my thighs & slipping off my shoulder. You reach up a hand to lazily trace a finger around an erect nipple, visibly straining against the thin fabric, wet from where your mouth was teasing me. I smile down & shake my head no, as I push your hand aside. You raise your brows at being told no, but remain silent. I ignore your look, and tap you twice on your hip, saying “up.” You relent, lifting your pelvis off the bed so I can finally rid you of your pants.

Your semi-hard cock lays thick against your abdomen and you lay back, one hand tucked under the back of your head, relaxed, waiting. I bite my lip and lean down watching your face as I pause an inch from your cock. I know you can feel my warm breath on it and I like how your nostrils flare out in anticipation.

My tongue darts out and flicks your cock head, just barely. You inhale sharply. I gently pick you up and wrap my tongue around your head, licking up the male flavor of you. I love how you taste and wipe the head of your cock with your freshly leaking precum across my wet lips, licking them clean. Your eyelids lower but your eyes continue to follow my every move as I suck you into my mouth, swirling my tongue around you. Your breath catches once, twice, and as you reach for me I raise my head off you and lean back.

“Not yet, mister” I admonish. “Roll over… your back need to de-stress first.” I lean forward over you, planting a kiss on your smirking lips. You shake your head at me as I reach for the nightstand drawer that holds the massage oil. “Such a damn tease,” you proclaim, gently slapping then rubbing my bare, right asscheek. As I kiss you again, another sharp swat lands on my ass, making my pussy throb. “Roll, pupsi!” I tell you with a breathless laugh, as I reach down and squeeze your shaft. With a little hum, you twist your hips underneath escort kartal me as you shift to lie face down.

You shove the pillow out of your way and lay with your arms circled by your head, your face turned to my left side of the bed. You’re blissfully unaware as I extract both the massage oil and your remote prostate massager from the drawer in your nightstand, quickly tucking the toy into the folds of the sheet, alongside my iPhone.

My shirt has now raised up to my hips as I sit astride your lower back, my bare ass resting on the top of your ass, the position forcing my thighs open. The soft breeze from the fan blows across my bare pussy, reconfirming how wet I already am for you. I ignore the ache, because I want tonight to be about your pleasure. As I settle in and drizzle the oil down your spine, you let out a contented sigh and I feel your legs stretch out behind us then relax.

My palms spread the slippery liquid across your broad back, pressing into your muscles with help from my upper body weight. The pressure is pulling deep moans and sighs from you as I work your tired shoulders. My thumbs start maneuvering into the knots at the base of your neck, digging into the built up stress along your spine. As my skilled hands continue their assault of your impressive knots, I roll my hips gently, in time with each mild thrust into your tired muscles. I’m grinding softly against you because any bit of pressure lessens my aching and because I simply can’t help myself.

I hear you faintly muttering and groaning, but I’m unable to make out what you’re saying. You’ve slipped into your native German, something you frequently do when I’m making you feel good & you’re relaxed. I smile to myself as your pelvis lifts off the bed slightly, your arm reaching under your body, adjusting your stiffening erection. I love knowing you’re hard… it makes me so wet and horny for you. I’d do almost anything for your stiff cock right now, but I push that thought aside and focus on you.

My fingers work their way down your back, pressing into the hard flesh alongside your lower spine. Another unintelligible groan escapes your lips, and I kiss your back as I reach for more oil, generously drizzling it across your waist.

After loosening the corded muscles of your upper and mid back, I raise slightly off you, pushing my right knee between your thighs. Your legs involuntarily spread to accommodate my knee between them. I shift my weight to my arms, bringing my left knee alongside the right, forcing your legs further apart so I’m kneeling behind your ass. This is a position you have me in often — “Nimm mich von hinten” was the first phrase you taught me — and I love how vulnerable it makes me feel when you take me like that. I wonder what you’re feeling and thinking now, as I spread my knees further apart, curling my hands over your muscled thighs. I pull you slightly back & onto my lap, your hard thighs pressed into mine.

I take a moment to admire the view of you spread out before me. I lean over you, reaching for the pillow. “Lift up for me, babe?” I ask, running my fingers up your ribs. I push the pillow under your hips, your right arm snaking down to help pull it into place. “Mmmmmmm, you’re so sexy” I murmur before leaning down, my slippery hands sliding from your waist to your lower back. I dip my head and bite your ass cheek, gently, but hard enough that your hips jerk and a soft “fuck” tumbles from your mouth. I repeat the same bite on your other cheek, then rub the sting away, sliding my hands up and down your ass and lower back. Even spread out before me, you don’t appear vulnerable. You look like 100% strong, powerful male and waves of virility radiate from you. You’re sexy as hell, and I bite my lip as my nipples bead even tighter.

I rock back onto my heels, my arms sliding back toward me, my hands gliding from your mid-back to your waist, but not stopping. As my hands round the top of your ass, my thumbs dip into the knots at the top of your glutes, pressing in firmly. You moan loudly and I see your hips roll, grinding into the pillow, as my hands creep further down, digging into the flesh of your sexy butt. “I want to bite your sexy ass, harder than before” I tell you. I refrain, instead placing a chaste kiss where I can still see the pink marks from my teeth.

I pause to whisk my shirt off, no point in getting it covered in oil is my excuse, and quickly resume massaging the lowest part of your back and your ass. I lean forward, rubbing my tits into your oiled cheeks, grinding my nipples into your succulent ass but unable to find relief due to the lack of friction. Frustrated, I lean back, my breathing uneven. I drizzle more oil onto your gorgeous butt, rubbing it in and rocking my hips. “You’re so sexy… I want you to feel so good, babe” I tell you before I slide my fingers slowly and purposefully through the cleft in your ass, pausing at your anus, pressing against your perineum on my way to cup your swollen, full maltepe escort balls.

Your hips continue their mild assault of the pillow — lucky pillow! — as I gently massage and pull on your balls, pressing into the sensitive spot above them. Your breathing is now uneven, with fragments of moans and mumbled curses breaking the quiet night. “I should have put music on,” I tell you, “but I like hearing your sexy sounds & dirty mouth.” My chest has become flushed with how turned on I am. Just seeing you aroused and thinking about your hard dick has me dripping. Still massaging your sack, my left hand gathers the oil pooling on your lower back. Feeling brave, my fingers slowly spread it between your cheeks, rubbing it softly into your puckered anus as you twitch and jump. I squeeze my eyes shut, overwhelmed at how fucking hot you are right now.

“Mmmmmm my big sexy man” I pant out, pushing gently against your tender hole. “I’m so fucking wet for you, babe” I tell you, as I apply more pressure, pushing my finger inside you slowly, just to the first knuckle before withdrawing it. “You turn me on so much,” I continue, as my finger slides in you again, further this time, making you shift and groan, your hips doing wicked things. I tell you how fucking hot you are and hear a long, low moan as I switch to my middle finger and slide it all the way in. My right hand moves up to grip your ass cheek, rubbing deep and hard. We’re both breathing fast as my finger saws gently in and out of you. I close my eyes, wishing it was you torturing me with your fingers in my ass, making me cry your name and sob and beg you to…

I snap out of my haze, watching your hips and ass rhythmically clench and roll with fascination, your balls being ground against the mattress. I’m getting more and more turned on at just how sexy and pure male you are. My own arousal makes me want to sink my fingers in my pussy, but I remind myself again: this is about you.

I take a deep breath and coat my right hand with more oil, rubbing it all over your toy I’ve fetched from the sheets. Satisfied the toy is lubed up, I set it on my thigh and withdraw my finger from your ass. I drip more oil onto my hand before pushing against your clenching hole, using two fingers this time. The sheets are going to be a mess but I’m too turned on to care and the noises you’re making aren’t in German or English so I doubt you care, either.

Hearing your vocalizations, I want you to make you cum so hard. Between being crazy with desire to give you the pleasure you need and my own selfish urges, my confession slips out before I can stop myself. “Babe, I need your hard cock” I pant out.

“I need you so bad” I continue, leaning into you, your body groaning and pushing against my invading digits. Your ass gives way to my slippery fingers and your hips jerk as more indecipherable language spills out of you. I hold my hand still, letting you adjust to the added stretch a second finger brings, listening to our combined hard breathing.

I tell you softly, “You make me feel so sexy, baby… I want to make you feel good and then I need you to fuck me.” I start moving my hand, my two fingers sliding deep inside you, my right hand grazing up my body to squeeze my breast and sharply pinch and pull my nipple. A wild groan shudders through me. You say something but all I can make out is “fuck”. I curl my fingers, find your prostate and apply pressure. Your ass is pushing back onto my hand as you groan and demand me to go harder. “Ha! He does speak English!” I think, before realizing it’s “härter” you’re chanting. After a few strokes, I extract my fingers and grip both globes of your ass. “I need you so bad, babe” I tell you. “I need you to fuck me hard tonight… but not yet.”

I reach for my iPhone & your Edge vibrator, quickly opening the app and turning the toy on.

You cry out “oh fuck” when you feel the oiled head vibrating against the excited nerve endings of your asshole, but I don’t relent on the pressure. The bulbous head slowly forces you open and slips inside, to a sexy chorus of German and cursing and groaning. It’s so arousing, watching and hearing your pleasure, as your back arches and contorts.

I can tell the toy is seated properly when I start a deeper vibration pattern and your pelvis twitches violently and raises off the bed. I reach forward, pushing the Edge deeper in you a few times, then sliding my slippery hand down. Your balls feel enormous and heavy, and my wet slit spasms at the thought of you coming hard inside me. Between the toy humming against your prostate and my fingers rolling your ballsack, you’ve raised up to your knees, left hand on your thigh with your right hand heavy on the mattress. “Fuuuuuuck” you howl, to no one in particular, snapping your head up. The energy in the room has suddenly shifted and as I reach under you to stroke your throbbing cock, I’m amazed to see how swollen and dark it is, the vein thick and pulsing.

“Oh babe” I gasp, pendik escort bayan squeezing you. Without warning, your left arm reaches back, snaring me. You yank me forward, grunting out “come here!” as your fingers curl into my upper arm. I lose my balance and land face-down alongside you. Before I can push myself up, you’ve slid behind me, your strong thighs shoving my legs apart, an arm under my hips pulling me up into my knees. Your right hand slides once between my legs, feeling the flood of my wetness, then lands hard on my ass, leaving a pink imprint. “Little tease, you like that?” you ask, hungrily. Your voice is not exactly cross, but steeped in frustration.

I moan out, still unsure of how I lost control of our playtime, raising my head. Your left hand fists into my long hair, pulling my head back as the fingers of your right hand dig into my hip before raining a series of sharp slaps on my ass. “Tell me you love this” you demand, your voice deep and rough. I can only wimper, so you spank me again. “Your pussy is soaked, baby. Tell me. Tell me you want it hard, cutie” you command, the fingers of your right hand flexing into my hip.

“I want it hard” I whisper.

With one thrust, you’re buried in my pussy and I cry out, your name tumbling from my lips, lost in a sea of keening. Despite how wet I am, my channel is swollen from arousal and I’m never quite prepared for your size. The hand fisted in my hair is gone, and I drop my head. I want to tell you how good you feel you inside me, stretching me, plundering, but I can only moan. Before I can take a breath in, you pull out, leaving me empty and aching. I whine, futility thrusting my hips back, humping into thin air. You jerk my body back swiftly, impaling me on your hard shaft as you grit out “who does this pussy belong to?”

With you lodged so deep inside me, I can feel the slight vibrations of the Edge buried in your ass. I smile to myself, knowing you’re close to your breaking point and barely in control. I don’t answer you, too wrapped up in absorbing the surges of pleasure cascading through my body. You come to a halt inside me, panting. I feel sweat dripping on my back and I circle my hips, grinding your cock against my g-spot, seeking my release. One hard slap lands on my ass and I arch my back hard. Your right arm crosses under my breasts and you pull my body up against your chest, thrusting your hips to settle yourself even deeper in my pussy. The fingers of your left hand dig into my chin, as your turn my head with thinly restrained force. Your low voice is barely audible in my ear: “So sehe ich Dich gerne”… you pause and continue, “but I want to know whose sweet pussy this is.”

“It’s yours” I stammer, as your right hand pulls on a nipple, forcing me to twitch and thrust down on your cock. Satisfied with my answer, you start a rhythm of deep, measured strokes, holding me to your chest, alternating between pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit. When my squirming becomes too much, you lower me back onto my forearms, your hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me into the mattress. I love how alpha you are and how hot you make me, but right now I want you to lose control as badly as I am. I feel the pressure building inside me and pull my phone under my body, quickly setting your Edge to a hard, throbbing pulse. You hammer into me, the sloppy sounds of my wet pussy being fucked and whatever filthy, sexy things you’re telling me in German are filling the air, as you smack my ass and pull my hair. I can feel the freight train approaching. My hand moves between my legs, furiously rubbing my clit as I start to babble and beg you, please please please.

“Cum for me!” you roar, slamming me back onto your thick cock, both hands leaving their iron grip on my hips to land hard on my already pink ass cheeks. “CUM!” you command and I shatter, spasming around your cock and crying out as my orgasm tears through me. You drive hard into me, my pussy continuing to clench down on your thick shaft. Your dick feels even bigger than before as the tissues in my pulsing pussy start to swell.

I barely have the stars cleared from my vision before you push deep inside me, pulling my hips back hard, plunging even deeper than I thought possible. I feel your entire body tense as you roar a guttural, anguished growl, thrusting with every drawn-out contraction of your orgasm. It seems like you cum forever, your breathing harsh and ragged. I blindly reach for the phone to kill your Edge vibrations as your hips stop pumping, both of us left sweaty, lungs burning and heaving.

After a minute, you slip out of me but remain kneeling behind me, my ass still in the air. I look back to find you catching your breath and smiling arrogantly, watching your cum leak out of my pussy. You spank my pink ass one last time, once on each cheek. My hips jerk at the sting, pushing even more cum out and causing it to run down my inner thigh. You move your hand between my legs, roughly rubbing your cum all over my pussy before leaning over my back and growling “mine” into my ear. You shove two fingers deep into my pussy, thrusting against my engorged g-spot, drawing a shaky moan from my throat. You pull your fingers out and wipe them on my lips, kissing my temple.

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