Taking My Daughter To Vail


I knew I was in trouble when I entered the hotel room and the stench of sewerage hit me like a wave. A swift inspection found the source; ruptured plumbing that had spilled down from above my room, primarily into my closet. All my suits for the week-long business trip were ruined.

They relocated me, with apologies. They paid for my new clothes, with apologies. In a final act of kindness, they offered me three nights at any of their locations inside the US. I accepted their apologies, and the free nights.

Now it was time to do some planning. A long weekend sounded marvelous, especially when a major expense was taken care of. I loved Vail, Colorado and put it at the top of my wish list, especially when I confirmed the hotel in question had a resort there.

The hardest part, perhaps, was finding a traveling partner. As a fifty one year old divorced man, I didn’t exactly have an assortment of women to choose from. Oh, sure. I had THAT wish list, too, but I wasn’t sure if Jennifer Aniston was available. So I went to my backup list.

Once I got home I considered calling the first woman I had in mind, a former secretary who always seemed more than willing to do anything to stay in my good graces. But before I could, I got a call from a woman I didn’t expect to hear from.

“Hi, Dad. It’s me,” the young female voice said.

“Hi, Kristin. What do you need?”

“What makes you think I need something just because I’m calling,” she said. “Maybe I just wanted to say ‘hi.'”

I knew she was faking her sincerity. “And maybe I’ll hit the Mega Millions lottery this week.”

“Do you buy tickets?”


“Then probably not,” she assured me. “Hey, can you do me a favor and…”

“I told you,” I interrupted.

“Shut up. Can you do me a favor and take me to work on Friday while they work on my car?”

“Sure. What’s wrong with your car?” I asked.

“I don’t know. They named a part I never heard of. Luckily I had one of my favorite sweaters on and I think I’ll get a break on the cost,” she said with obvious glee.

“Kristin, you need to start wearing a bra with your sweaters.”

“But it comes in so handy sometimes,” she whimpered like a child.

“What time on Friday?”

“Seven. Thanks, Dad. I owe you.”

Kristin was my youngest daughter. She had just graduated from college in December and had moved into an apartment in the same town as me. She was twenty one, ten years younger than her sister, and spoiled rotten. Unfortunately, she had the brains to use that to her advantage and my disadvantage. On top of that, she was absolutely gorgeous, like her mother. But at least she wasn’t an alcoholic, like her mother, so I was very optimistic about Kristin’s future. I liked her, a lot.

But it wasn’t until later in the day that a thought struck me. Why risk being turned down by every woman in town on my vacation invitation? Why not ask Kristin to join me? We really did need to reconnect away from home and I could stand to go an entire weekend without sex. God knows it was becoming rare to have sex anyway. This would be good for both of us.

On Friday morning I performed my fatherly duties and drove her to work.

“Vail?! Are you kidding me? Of course I’ll spend a weekend in Vail with you,” Kristin exclaimed when I asked her.

“What are the chances of me ever seeing you once we arrive?” I asked.

“Oh, Dad. I’m not the slut you apparently make me out to be. We’ll have fun.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, hon. But a single girl, with your looks, in Vail…”

“And I’m not packing a single bra,” she said with a smile.

I just rolled my eyes.


The reservations were made and Kristin cleared her calendar. I wondered how she perceived the whole thing. Was she dreading spending three days with her Dad, but would put up with me in order to spend three days in Vail? Was she planning on making this a three day shopping spree, which almost certainly would end up involving my credit card? Did she envision three nights of wild sex with men she didn’t know?

I started thinking about how little I really knew her. Kristin was secretive when it came to details of her private life. She dated constantly, but never attached herself to any one guy. I knew very little about her favorite hobbies, or favorite foods. The weekend with her would prove to be either extremely enlightening or it would just add to the mystery around her.

The day finally came and the flight to Denver was bumpy but worth it. The sun was shining brightly on a frigid day as we pulled out of the car rental area and headed west on Route 70. We’d taken two family vacations through the area when the kids were younger and I was surprised at how much Kristin remembered. She laughed when I told her my memory of it was of her whining the entire time.

“I still do,” she told me. “It works with you every time.”

“Maybe I’m easy. I’ll see if I can go the entire weekend without giving in to you once,” I replied.

“Wanna put money bursa escort on it?”

“No way,” I said firmly.

We approached Vail with the same sense of awe that I always felt in the Rockies. The mountains, with snow everywhere, were fabulous. The trees looked artificial and the lodges, resorts, and luxury homes seemed right out of a greeting card. We found our destination and I prepared myself for the suspected hassle with the front desk staff.

Instead, everything went smoothly and Kristin and I pulled our bags into the elevator. At the appropriate floor, we weaved down a curvy hallway until finding the room. A swipe of the key card let us in.

“Oh my God! This is awesome!” Kristin gasped.

She spent the next minute or two exploring the three-room mini-suite. Like any woman, she even had to check out the bathroom and closets.

“I may not leave this room,” she said when the inspection was over. “And look at that view!”

She scrambled to the sliding glass door that led to the balcony. In front of her were a multitude of ski slopes and mountainous vistas.

“Well, we may not use the balcony much, but it IS a neat view,” I admitted.

“You brought your camera, right?” she asked.

“Of course.”

I prided myself with some decent photographic skills that I knew I could put to use in Vail. Without even leaving the room, I would have some great shots.

“Alright. What’s on the agenda?” Kristin wanted to know.

“Unpacking. Then food.”


Kristin was already lifting her suitcase onto one of the two large beds in the suite’s bedroom and I wasn’t sure if the ‘good’ was for unpacking or food. I took the other bed and we worked side-by-side figuring out closet and dresser space.

During the process, I became aware of the fact that Kristin looked so much like her mother physically that I nearly reached out and grabbed her like I would have with my ex-wife. I thought about how my ex and I probably would have been having sex instead of unpacking. And the sight of Kristin’s hourglass figure in her sweatshirt and jeans made it difficult to get the image out of my head.

I attributed it to the setting and not any forbidden desire I had for Kristin. This was supposed to be a fun weekend with my youngest daughter and that’s what I intended it to be. Nothing more.

Fifteen minutes later, she reminded me it was time to eat. We grabbed our coats and headed out to find food.

We got caught up on each other’s lives over dinner and returned to the room after a quick stop at the resort’s lounge. It was a little strange having drinks with my ‘little girl,’ but I thoroughly enjoyed the men around us and their blatant staring at the woman with me. At one point I asked Kristin if it bothered her and she assured me she was used to it. I think she was afraid to tell me she took pleasure in it.

And that was in a sweatshirt and jeans. I had watched her unpack and saw some of the more revealing outfits she brought. I couldn’t imagine what reaction some of those might inspire.

Still, we survived and made it back to the room well after dark. About an hour later, I was setting up my camera on a tripod by the sliding glass door for some night scenes when Kristin came up behind me and said, “Can I watch?”


When I looked over my shoulder, I saw that she was wearing a bathrobe. It was tied at the waist, but still revealed an ample amount of bare skin. I tried not to stare and quickly got back to checking the camera settings. Kristin moved more to the side and I couldn’t ignore her. The gentle swells of her cleavage threatened to push open the robe. Below the cloth belt, her thighs peeked out from inside the robe’s gap. I wondered what, if anything, she wore underneath.

She watched me silently. I took a half dozen pictures and decided I’d have all weekend for more. I moved the camera aside and we both walked over to the couch in front of the TV.

Kristin did most of the talking after that and I did my best to avert my eyes from her body as she stretched out next to me. She was slouching like she always did at home, her legs extended onto the coffee table. The robe lay open even more than before and I decided I wouldn’t even risk having her catch me looking at her. So I pretended to be glued to the TV.

I don’t believe she was consciously teasing me. There was nothing sexual in her conversation or, actually, in her movements. It was just me. I had to struggle to keep my eyes off her. Could she tell? Did she even care?

Mercifully, Kristin announced that she was going to bed not long after that. Of course, I watched her walk into the bedroom, that beautiful ass that I’d seen in jeans all day gently swaying under the robe. It was like I was able to breathe again when she disappeared.

I awoke on the couch just as the local news show was ending. Quietly, I crept into the bedroom, sat on the edge of my bed farthest away from Kristin’s bed, and undressed down to my boxers in the relative darkness. It wasn’t until bursa escort bayan I slid under the covers that I realized the light from outside the bedroom was more intense than I thought. It wouldn’t bother me, but I worried about Kristin.

I looked over at her bed. Enough light was present for me to clearly see her. Kristin laid on her side, obviously topless, the covers just barely covering her nipples. I stared at her full, firm breasts while my eyes adjusted and I felt the first hint of a reaction in my cock. I scolded myself, but at the same time continued staring.

Before I knew what I was doing, my palm was rubbing the ever-growing erection inside my boxers. I squinted in an attempt to make out more detail of my daughter’s body. If she moved the covers another two inches her breasts would be exposed to me, and my cock was telling me it approved.

It only took a few more seconds for me to take the shaft in my hand and begin to stroke it under the covers. I didn’t want to make any noise. I didn’t want the covers to move. I just wanted to stroke my cock at the lovely sight of Kristin’s tits.

Soon, I was completely hard. Thoughts flashed through my mind: touching her; licking her; sucking on her tits. I pictured Kristin on her back with me on top of her, fondling her tits while I kissed her. I imagined my cock between the two tits while she squeezed them together.

My hand was pumping up and down quicker, harder. I thought I would explode. I allowed myself to think just briefly about my cock at her pussy, ready to disappear inside her cunt.

Then I suddenly stopped, on the verge of erupting under the covers. I rolled onto my back and felt my heart pounding. The lump where my cock stuck up was almost comical. I rolled onto my side, facing away from Kristin, desperate to get her out of my mind.


The following morning, a Saturday, went by fairly fast and without incident. Kristin and I ate breakfast and then walked up and down East Meadow Drive, an agonizing experience for me as she could not pass a single shop without entering it. I usually waited outside, watching people going past. Luckily, we had agreed ahead of time that I would not fund her shopping addiction. Still, she was carrying several bags by the time we returned to the room.

“What are we doing this afternoon?” Kristin asked while throwing the bags on the couch.

“Not shopping,” I said. “I thought we’d hit a couple of the ski lodges. I want some pictures. And we can eat while we’re out.”

“So I have time to try on some of this stuff?” she said, pointing to the bags.

“Yes. You have time.”

She scooped up her new purchases and vanished into the bedroom with noticeable excitement. I turned on the TV and settled into an overstuffed chair next to the couch.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, Kristin emerged.

At first I didn’t pay that much attention, but as she moved almost directly in line with the TV and stood patiently, I looked at her. If she was after a reaction, she got it. I could only gawk at the long sweater she had on, my eyes traveling from her neck down to her bare thighs. The sweater criss-crossed her chest with enough of an opening to clearly see more than half of her breasts. It stopped halfway to her knees and she did not have pants on.

Without comment, Kristin twirled around and showed me the back. I only had a couple seconds to appreciate her ass before she turned back around.

“Can I wear it to dinner?” she asked.

“What do you propose to wear under it?”

“Nothing on top, but my new designer jeans should work. Don’t you think?”

I must have looked like an idiot, simply unable to take my eyes off her.

“I’m afraid to have you show me the jeans,” I said.

Kristin laughed and walked over to my chair. I was certain her tits would fall from the sweater at any moment. At first I thought she was going to force my legs open as she approached. Then I realized she was straddling them, getting ready to sit on my knees.

The bottom of the sweater rose as she positioned herself and I had a fleeting glimpse of what appeared to be very, very small panties…or a thong.

“I bought this for you, Dad,” she said.


She hesitated for a second and then said, “Because of last night.”

“What about last night?”

“I saw you looking at me.”

I wasn’t sure I could breathe. My entire body tightened until I felt like I would faint.

“I, uh, I wasn’t looking…,” I began to say.

Kristin leaned forward and put her finger on my lips. “Don’t worry. It’s OK. It made me feel good that you got so hard just looking at me.”

I couldn’t answer. She saw it. She knew.

“Honey, I…”

“We’re all alone, Dad. We can do whatever we want. Nobody will ever know but us.”

Kristin slid towards me and brought her face closer to mine. I knew then that she wanted to kiss me. I could have stopped it, probably. But I didn’t. Our lips touched and I prayed that was all that would happen. escort bursa But she didn’t pull away and the kiss lingered.

Then Kristin was opening her mouth and her tongue was sliding across my lips. She turned her head slightly and I did the same. From that moment on, there was no going back.

The kiss became passionate. Kristin came closer. She was sitting almost directly on top of my cock and I felt it respond. Our tongues clashed and I desperately fought off the urge to wrap my arms around her. She was taunting me, I just knew it. I wouldn’t cave in.

In the middle of the kiss, she said quietly, “I have a surprise for you tonight.”

Her mouth was back on mine and I couldn’t reply. She was in total control.

“Until then, hold me, Daddy.”

My arms moved, but I didn’t know where to put my hands. If this was any other woman, I know where they would have been…flat on her ass. But this was Kristin, my daughter. I tried to find the most innocent spot I could. I settled on her back.

She used that opportunity to apply more pressure on my cock, which was now semi-erect. She HAD to feel it. Then she wrapped her hands around my forearms and pulled my hands onto her sides. When I thought she was done, she pulled them even farther until I felt the outside of her tits. That’s when she let go.

“Kristin, we shouldn’t,” I sighed.

“God, Dad. You’re getting hard just doing this,” she answered. “And I’m getting wetter by the second. I want to make you happy and I need…I need you.”

As we kissed again, my hands refused to roll over her breasts. But I couldn’t resist massaging her skin through the luxurious sweater. She felt so soft. I thought about what her ass must feel like, the same one that was rolling back and forth across my throbbing cock.

“It’s not right, hon.”

“It’s not right for you to masturbate while looking at me. But you did. It’s not right for you to get an erection while I sit in your lap. But you are. I think you need me as much as I need you,” she said.

I couldn’t look her in the eyes, but it seemed no consolation when I found myself looking down into her sweater.

“Kristin, let’s not ruin the weekend,” I said. “Let’s spend the day together and talk about tonight later.”

She must have felt somewhat vindicated. Her face beamed.

“You won’t be disappointed,” she said as she slid off my legs.


Kristin’s attitude was exceptionally cheery the rest of the day as she must have relished the plan she had in place for that night. I wavered between dread for having to deal with it and excitement over the possibilities. All the time, I knew it was just wrong. It was just as wrong to even think about doing anything with her than it was to do it. But then my cock would remind me what the reality was. My own daughter turned me on like no other woman.

Even in the lodges and during dinner, all the beautiful women around me didn’t stimulate me like Kristin. But then, I hadn’t had a chance to stare at their tits in bed or have them sit in my lap, either. Not that I needed an answer, but I decided it was a combination of things that made Kristin special.

Her breasts, while near perfect, were no more than a B cup, I imagined. And that’s what I liked. I didn’t like falsely large, defectively shaped tits. There were plenty of those on display in Vail. Kristin was more natural and girlishly sexy.

Also, her ass was faultless. Mature and tight, it begged to be touched. If I had to choose a single taboo, lustful thing I could have this weekend, it would be a look at her naked ass. Give me that and I would go home a happy man.

Kristin had other plans.

We spent a good portion of the evening downloading my pictures to a laptop and touching them up. She had a little more artistic talent than I did and made several great suggestions for cropping or changing light patterns. I thought the whole thing would keep my mind off her, but working so closely kept reminding me how much I wanted to touch her.

Finally, she rose to her feet and said, “Stay there.”

I knew this was the beginning of it when she rounded the corner into the bedroom. I heard a drawer open and close and then the bathroom door shut. My pulse rate doubled. I walked nervously over to where I stored the alcohol and poured a drink. I knew it wouldn’t help.

It seemed like an eternity before I heard Kristin’s footsteps. I turned just as she came into the room. Once again, I was like a deer in headlights.

Kristin wore the sheerest, shortest, sexiest black teddy I’d ever seen, which wasn’t that many in person. From her breasts on down, it was completely transparent. Any panties that came with it were not being worn. A darker fringe at the bottom stopped a few inches below her pussy.

Around her breasts, the material was thicker and blacker, with tiny shoulder straps holding the whole thing in place.

She stood like a model with her hands on her hips and a sensuous grin on her face. After a few seconds, she turned and I got my first decent look at the ass I’d longed for. Yes, it was covered by the thin material of the teddy, but the details were evident. Every curve and crevice was there for the taking.

She turned to face me.

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