Tales of Lustville Scene 03


Scene Three

Tracy & Lois

Later that day, Tracy went over to visit her friend Lois, who lived right next door. Lois was a striking contrast to Tracy. Slightly shorter, she was petite, with auburn red hair that she wore in a short page boy cut, and had creamy olive skin that tanned nicely in the summer. Her body wasn’t as voluptuous as Tracy’s, but her curves fit her nicely. Tracy liked the way Lois’s apple sized tits stood up proudly in her bikinis, and had fantasized frequently about making out with her. Now that she was a son fucker, she saw no reason not to indulge her bisexual side, and have some fun with her friend.

They had a couple midday cocktails, not enough to get drunk on, but Tracy was feeling a little buzzed as they sat at Lois’s kitchen table, trading gossip.

“Have you seen what Christie Neilson did to her…”

“I fucked Kyle last night.” Tracy said matter of factly, looking at her friend unabashedly.

Lois’s stared at her wide eyed, her mouth hanging open in shock at this sudden revelation.

“Yo…you did what?” Lois sputtered, unable to believe what her friend had just told her.

“I fucked Kyle. I made him cum three times, twice in my pussy and once in my mouth. I didn’t even try to count how many times I came on his big beautiful cock.”

Lois just stared at her. She couldn’t seem to get her mind to accept this new side of her friend that she was seeing for the first time.

Tracy went on completely unaware of her friend’s distress.

“He’s got a really big cock, Lois. I mean, we’re talking fucking huge here! I didn’t get a good look at till after he’d shot his second load in my pussy. I made him get off of me so I could suck on it, and that’s when I saw how big it really was.”

“Ho…how big was it?” Lois managed to sputter as she stared at Tracy in disbelief.

“Give me you hand,” Tracy said lightly.

She reached across the table and grabbed Lois’s hand, curling it into a loose fist. She closed her own hand into a fist, and put it on top of Lois’s.

“Now do the same thing with your other hand, and put in on top of mine.”

Her friend did as instructed, staring now at their stacked hands.

Tracy put her free hand at the top of the stack, and looked across them at her friend’s flushed, stunned face.

“If we wrapped all four of our hands around his cock, the fucking head would stick all the way out! It’s that fucking big! I couldn’t believe I got the whole thing in my pussy once I got a good look at it.”

She smiled slyly at her shocked friend.

“But I did. I took every inch of his big beautiful cock in my hot little pussy to the balls!”

“Oh my god, Tracy!” Lois sputtered. “Th…that’s…I mean that’s just…”

Lois’s pussy fluttered between her shaking legs, and she felt a flood of pussy juice fill her spasming cunt hole.

“Wonderful? Fantastic? Incredible? Yeah, I think so too.” She beamed at her friend.

Lois’s eyes were bouncing between their stacked fists, and Tracy’s face. She was overwhelmed by what her friend was telling her, but she was extremely excited too.

“Wanna know something else?”

By this point, Lois could only nod dumbly, she was at such a complete loss for words.

“I shaved my pussy this morning too. Wanna see?”

She stood up quickly, and stepped around to the other side of the table, stopping right in front of Lois’s chair.

She pulled up her skirt slowly, stopping when the hem was right below her crotch.

“You wanna see, don’t you, Lois?” she asked teasingly, moving her hips from side to side slowly.

Lois looked up at her, her eyes still wide with shock. She nodded her head rapidly, then let her eyes drop down to Tracy’s crotch again. She was leaning forward in her chair, her breath coming in harsh pants now. She knew where this was going, and her own pussy was creaming heavily as she waited for Tracy to go on with her little show.

Tracy saw the eagerness in her friend’s eyes, and felt her hot breath on her thighs. She raised her skirt quickly, then let it drop back down, giving Lois just a flash of her freshly shaved snatch.

“Oooooohhhh! I wanna see it, Tracy! Don’t tease me!” she whimpered as she leaned even closer, her face only inches from her friend’s pussy now. “And I want all the nasty details too. Who did what, how it felt, everything!”

Tracy pulled her skirt up the rest of the way, revealing the little landing strip bush she’d left over her pussy, then she spread her legs wider, giving her friend a better view of her clean shaven cuntlips.

Lois leaned even closer, her mouth watering as the musky scent of wet pussy filled her nostrils. She wanted to grab Tracy’s ass and plaster her mouth onto her dripping cunt slit, but she couldn’t make herself do it.

“Kiss it, Lois. You know you want to.” Tracy whispered, almost as if she were reading the smaller woman’s mind.

She lifted one leg and slid her foot up onto Lois’s chair, slipping it between her legs, bursa escort wigging her toes against the silky crotch of her panties. She smiled as she felt how wet they were already. Wrapping her fingers in Lois’s short red hair, she pulled her mouth up toward her puffy pussylips as she arched her own hips forward.

“Lick my pussy, sweetie.” she purred. “Stick your tongue up in my hot, juicy pussy and lick it for me. And Lois…” she paused, waiting for Lois to look up at her.

“Y…yes?” Lois panted, drooling now for a taste of her friends fragrant fuck hole.

“Kyle fucked me again a little while ago, and shot two really big loads of cum in my cunt. You don’t mind sloppy seconds, do you?”

Lois groaned deep in her throat and plastered her mouth to Tracy’s sloppy wet cunt slit. Her tongue darted out, slipping between the puffy lips of her cunt, then sliding up into her cum soaked cunt hole. She sucked hungrily at her friend’s pussy for a moment, then pushed her away and leapt to her feet.

She grabbed Tracy’s hand and dragged her down the short hallway to her bedroom. Pushing her friend onto her rumpled, unmade bed, she scampered up between her legs, pushing them up and spreading them wide apart.

Tracy moaned happily as her friend dove onto her gaping cunt gash, her tongue licking and slurping eagerly between her fleshy pussy folds. She was pleased and amazed at how easy it had been to get Lois to eat her pussy. She wondered what else she might be able to get her horny neighbor to do.

“Hold your legs up, Tracy! Hold them open for me!” Lois whined pitifully as she rubbed her face all over Tracy’s clean shaved cuntlips.

She slid her hands down her full, firm thighs, peeling the lips of her pussy apart with her thumbs, and pressed her lips tightly against the wide open cunt hole. She sucked hungrily, feeling the combined juices of her lover and her son pour into her mouth. Her tongue lapped up all the spicy nectar, then darted inside for more.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s a good girl, Lois.” Tracy purred as she looked down between her legs, watching her friend munch madly on her sopping wet cunt hole.

Lois’s pulled her face away from Tracy’s sloppy wet pussy slit, gasping for air. Her face was flushed, and she pulled her loose blouse off over her head, letting her braless tits bounce free. She pushed her shorts and panties down over her hips, working her legs to kick them off as she stretched out between her legs.

“Tell me how it started, Tracy.” she panted into her pussy mound. “Who made the first move? Oh my god! I can’t believe we’re doing this! That you did it with your own son!”

“I did, we are, and it was an accident.” Tracy giggled. “And if you want to hear more, you need to…”

Lois dove back into Tracy’s juicy pussy, licking and sucking eagerly. She was surprised at how much she liked the taste of Tracy’s pussy. She usually didn’t even like the taste of her own juices.

“W…we were…Oh shit, that’s good sweetie! Keep licking me like that.”

She gasped as Lois sucked one puffy pussylip into her mouth, then moved over and did the same to the other one.

“We were lying in my bed talking before he went to bed last night, and I climbed up on top of him and laid on his back. We do that, you know, it feels so good feeling his body under me, and I feel so close to him when we do that.”

She stopped her narrative when Lois slipped her tongue into her pussy hole and ran it around the tight ring of muscle at the opening.

“Holy shit, Lois!” she grunted, a sharp spasm running up and down her whole body. “That was incredible, sweetie! Do that again!”

She dropped her hand down and tangled her fingers in Lois’s short red hair, humping her pussy up at her face at the same time.

“Fuck me with your tongue, sweetie. Get it up in my cunt now, there’s still lots of jizz in there I bet. See if you can lick it all out!”

Lois stabbed her tongue deep into her cunt hole, wriggling the nimble labia around, licking and slurping up the spicy girl cum that poured from the spasming hole. Her lips were pressed tightly to Tracy’s pussylips as she darted her tongue in as deep as it would go. She sucked hungrily, but all she could taste was hot, spicy girl cum.

“I can’t reach the rest of his cum with my tongue, Tracy!” she whined as she pulled her face away from her cunt, her features set in a childish pout. “Roll over, and sit on my face! Maybe it’ll run out, then I’ll be able to suck it out!”

She slid up on the bed and laid out on her back. Tracy moved over and threw one leg over her, then planted both knees on the mattress on either side of her head. Rocking her ass back and forth, Tracy ground her dripping cunt slit all over her friends upturned face. When she felt the warm, coarse flesh of Lois’s tongue parting her pussylips again, she leaned down and held onto the headboard to support herself. Then she continued with her story.

“Mmmmmmm, it felt so good laying on top of Kyle like that. And he smelled so good too! He’s got bursa escort bayan this musky animal scent about him that just drives me crazy. Anyway, we were just laying there, talking, and my pussy just kept getting hotter and wetter the longer I laid on him.”

She paused, bringing one hand down to cup her breast, her fingers running in slow circles around the areole.

“Put your hands on my ass, sweetie. I love having my ass played with. You can move me that way too!”

Lois brought her hands up, cupping the fleshy globes of her friend’s asscheeks. She molded and squeezed them with her fingers, then pulled her down tighter against her mouth.

“That’s it. You catch on fast, don’t you? But where was I? Oh yeah. I finally couldn’t help myself, and I started rubbing my pussy against his ass. It felt so good, and before I knew it, I was really going at it. And Kyle noticed what I was doing.”

She paused again, looking down between her legs at her friend licking and slurping eagerly at her pussy. She grinned, squirming around on her face, coating her flushed flesh with a sheen of sticky girl cum.

“Oh god, Lois! I was soooooo embarrassed having my own son catch me jilling off on his ass. But he was cool about it. Now I know that he was as turned on as I was, but right then, I just felt horrible.”

Lois pushed her pussy up off her face for a moment, and looked up at her quizzically.

“You were whating off on his ass?” she asked, then went back to licking and sucking her pussy. This time, she dragged her tongue slowly up the length of her pussy slit, and slapped at her clit with her tongue.

Tracy jerked as if she’d been hit by a bolt of lightning. She humped her pussy harder onto Lois’s mouth, signaling her that she’d hit a good spot.

Lois pulled her pussy tighter onto her mouth again, sucking Tracy’s clit between her lips. She chewed on it softly, letting her tongue lap against the sensitive underside. Tracy shuddered, then giggled down at her friend.

“I was jilling off. Guys jack off, and girls jill off. You know, like the nursery rhyme.”

She wiggled her hips, groaning as Lois sucked harder on her clit bud. She was sure she would cum before she finished her story, but she wanted to get the beginning out of the way before she let herself cum.

“Where was I?” she asked, then resumed her story. “Oh yeah, he was being all cool about it, telling me how I said it was natural, and that we shared so much with each other, that it was ok if I jilled off on him. Then he suggest we try something else. He rolled over under me, and had me lay out on him that way. Once we got situated, he pulled my pussy down against his cock, and started stroking it on my pussy.”

She closed her eyes and smiled as the memory of that moment replayed itself in her mind. She knew she’d never be able to share how incredible it had been for her, all she could do was tell the story.

“We were both getting pretty hot by that point, his cock was hard as a rock, and my pussy was dripping like crazy. So I just said, the hell with it. He wants it, I want it, Let’s do it.”

Lois was sucking her clit harder now, and moved one hand between her legs, sliding two fingers into her pussy hole. Tracy moaned, pressing her ass down on the stiffened digits, then rocking up and down on them, fucking herself slowly.

“I started humping and grinding on his cock, really grooving on the way it felt slipping and sliding between my pussy lips. the next thing I know, I’m telling him to take of his shorts, that I want to feel him skin on skin. I figured if he was gonna be naked, I might as well be too, so I whipped off that old granny nightgown I wear sometimes, and went to town.”

Lois slipped another finger into her cunt slit, moving them in time with Tracy’s lazily humping ass. She’d figured out that Tracy was just teasing herself as she told her story, but she didn’t mind. She was enjoying eating her friends pussy, and her story was making her hotter than anything she’d ever heard.

“I was holding his cock in my hand, grinding it into my pussy slit, rubbing it all over my clit, and going out of my fucking mind from all of it. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and just let myself cum. I let his cock slip inside me and took it in to the root. But I didn’t fuck him, I just held it buried to the balls in my pussy, and just went apeshit on it for I don’t know how long.”

She started moving her hips faster, pumping her pussy up and down on Lois’s fingers, rocking her hips so her clit pressed deeper into her busily sucking mouth.

“Make me cum, Lois.” she panted. “I wanna cum while I remember how his big cock felt filling my tight little pussy.”

Lois pulled out all the stops, licking her clit in a frenzy now, her fingers pumping in and out of her clasping cunt hole in a blur. Reaching up, she pinched one of Tracy’s nipples between her fingers, guessing that if she liked her nipples treated rough when she was cumming, then Tracy probably did too.

Tracy gasped as Lois escort bursa pinched her nipple, and surrendered to the flood of sensations surging through her. Her pussylips throbbed and twitched against Lois’s mouth, and a trickle of girl cum drooled from her spasming cunt hole.

Lois moved her mouth down, locking her lips around the juice dripping hole, sucking at it hungrily. She moved her free hand around, slipping it between the lips of her own pussy, and stroked her clit with her fingers.

Tracy fell over on the bed, and when Lois moved to continue eating her out, she waved her off.

“Come up here and hold me, sweetie.” she panted, spreading her legs apart. “Put your fingers back in my pussy, and rub my clit, but easy, just hold me and bring me down slow.”

Lois slid over and wiggled one arm under Tracy’s body, and moved the other back between her legs. She eased two fingers into her clasping cunt channel, and stroked her thumb lightly over her clit.

“D…did I do it right for you, Tracy?” she asked, licking pussy juice from her lips. “Was it good for you? I really got off on eating you out, but I want to know if I did it right.”

Tracy hugged her friend to her tightly, kissing her softly.

“You were wonderful, Lois.” she purred. “Was that the first time you ever licked a pussy?”

Lois nodded.

“Then you’re a natural, sweetie.” she whispered as she kissed her neck, her tongue sweeping across the soft skin. “I just hope I can make you feel as good as I do right now.”

Lois’s eyes went wide again. She’d never considered the possibility that Tracy would want to eat her pussy too.

Tracy put her hand between her legs and cupped her fingers over the lightly furred lips of her pussy. She let her middle finger dip inside, teasing her friend as she slipped it in and out.

“Mmmmmmm, your pussy is just dripping, isn’t it?” she giggled. “But can you give me a couple minutes to catch my breath? I wanna be able to do you just as good as you did me.”

Lois hid her face in Tracy’s shoulder, and laughed softly.

“That’s fine, Tracy,” she whispered. “But can we do something else first?”

“Sure sweetie, what did you have in mind?”

Lois looked up at her shyly, her lower lip quivering as if she was about to cry.

“Wi…will you shave my pussy for me?”

Tracy laughed as she pulled her friend up and hugged her tight against her.

“I’d love to shave your pretty little pussy for you sweetie,” she giggled. “Why don’t you go get your shaving stuff, and a scissors. A trimmer would even better if you have one.”

Then she thought better of it, and untangled herself from Lois’s arms. She slid off the bed, holding her hand out to Lois.

“Let’s do this right. So come on, into the shower with you!”

They went into the bathroom, and Tracy turned on the shower, holding her hand under the spray.

“I don’t know about you, but I use lotion when I shave. I don’t like the foamy stuff. I can’t see what I’m doing.”

She adjusted the taps, smiling when the water got warmer.

“I used the trimmer Tim used to use on his beard,” she said, watching Lois’s ass as she squatted down in front of the vanity. “Wally never had a beard did he? It doesn’t matter, scissors will do fine.”

“That asshole left everything when he took off, but I have a hair clipper I used to cut Phil and his hair with.” She reached into the vanity and rummaged around, then held up a huge electric hair clipper. “Here it is. Will this work?”

Tracy stepped over and took the clippers from her, plugging it in and turning it on. The big device buzzed and vibrated in her hand. She shut it off and looked at Lois again.

“We can use this to do most of it if I’m careful. You have any of the attachments?”

“No,” Lois said, standing up. “they’re not under here. I used to give them both buzz cuts, so I never needed them.”

“Okay, I’m gonna need a comb, and scissors, and a razor of course.” she looked at her friend’s furry pussy mound. “I guess you want the lips shaved clean like mine?”

Lois just nodded.

“How about the bush? Got any thoughts on a design? We’re gonna have to keep it simple, unless you wanna go over to my house and use my trimmer. It’s adjustable, and we could do you up anything you want with that.”

Lois put her head down, blushing furiously. Her fingers were stroking her through her pussy hairs, pulling them out, then brushing them flat again.

Tracy moved closer, lifting her chin with her fingers, making Lois meet her eyes.

“What the matter, sweetie? Having a change of heart? It’s ok. I mean, it’s your pu…”

“No! That’s not it! I…I just…” she paused, took a deep breath, and looked Tracy right in the eyes. “I want it bare! Take it all off! I want to look like on…” She stopped, smiling shyly. ” I just think it’ll make me look younger is all.”

“Younger?” Tracy laughed. “You already look like you’re in your twenties! How much youn…Oh my god! You’re right!” she said, stepping back and looking her friend up and down. “The way you’re built, with those cute little titties, and a bare beaver, you could pass for a teenager!”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Lois said, a sly smile creasing her lips.

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