Tammy’s Lovers


The tears were still falling down Tammy’s cheeks as she left the cemetery. Her mom was gone. It had all happened so fast. The cancer had been discovered three months ago and now she was dead. Tammy had no one left. Her dad had abandoned her mom before Tammy was even born. The last 10 years of her life Tammy’s mom had been married to Curt and they’d made up a family along with Curt’s two sons Ryan and Cole. Tammy’s mom had been like a mother to Ryan and Cole, even though they were already in their mid-teens when their dad married Tammy’s mom. And when they came back from college she’d cooked and cleaned for them without asking for anything in return as they started earning money. Tammy wondered if Curt would feel any obligation towards her to let her stay in his house during the summer and continue paying for her education. Her share of her mother’s estate might cover tuition at a stretch, but it would not cover her board or pocket money. She had three years to go at college, and being a bright and ambitious young woman she worried about the prospects of having to find a job without a college education.

When all the mourners had left the house Tammy went into her room and closed the door behind her. She was too nervous to be in the same room as Curt, fearing the moment he’d tell her she had to move out. She fell asleep on her bed and didn’t notice when Curt came in later on and undressed her and put her under the sheet. She woke up to a knock on the door. She sat up in bed and called for the person outside to enter.

“Morning sis!” said Ryan and entered with a tray with breakfast. “You didn’t have anything to eat last night so I thought you must be hungry.”

“Thanks Ryan,” Tammy smiled at him. At least he still thought of her as part of the family. She received the tray and adjusted herself in bed so that it’d balance on her lap.

“Err… You should… Your tits…” Ryan looked at her chest, making Tammy do the same, at which point she noticed that her tits were completely exposed. She was used to sleeping in a t-shirt, but someone had obviously undressed her the previous night and now that the sheet had fallen down her 34C-cup tits with their hard, dark nipples were out for the world to see.

“Oh shit!” Tammy pulled the sheet up to cover herself and a blush spread across her face and upper body. Her brown eyes nervously eyed up Ryan as she brushed her long chestnut locks forward, in a vain attempt to preserve what was left of her modesty.

Ryan sat down next to her on the bed and played with a strand of her hair. “Don’t be embarrassed Tammy, I liked looking at them. I always thought you had beautiful tits, and now that I’ve seen them in the flesh I think they’re even nicer.”

“You do?” Tammy was flattered. At the age of 26 Ryan was known as a local playboy, he was good looking and always had a lot of gorgeous girls trying to win his affection.

“Yes, I do. In fact, I think you’re one of the hottest girls in this town.”


“I’ve missed watching you when you’ve been away at college. I’ve missed seeing you run around the house in a pyjama and no bra underneath. I’ve missed seeing you bend over in those tiny shorts, showing off your great ass.” Ryan smiles at her. “Can I ask you a personal question?”


“Do you shave?”

Tammy knew which part of her body he was referring to, but pretended ignorance. “Of course I shave my legs and my armpits.”

Ryan laughed. “That’s not what I meant.” And rather than specifying his query he quickly put the tray to the side and pulled off the sheet, showing off Tammy’s naked body. His eyes moved up her long, shapely legs, up to her flat stomach, to her tits again and then rested on her naked cunt. “Mmmmm, I love a shaved pussy.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed again Tammy reached for the sheet, but Ryan pulled it beyond her reach. She got out of bed and chased it and Ryan smiled as her tits bounced with her movements. Then he let her catch him and as she did he pulled her into his arms and pressed his hungry lips against hers. His tongue soon invaded her mouth and after a short initial shock Tammy responded by letting her hands work their way up his back and into his hair.

Still kissing her, Ryan had one hand caressing her breast, tweaking her nipple, and the other hand unbuttoning his bursa escort shorts. Tammy pulled his t-shirt off and then quickly reunited their lips. As Ryan’s last garments fell, Tammy could feel his stiff cock against her naked stomach.

Ryan placed his hands on Tammy’s shoulders and pressed her downwards, onto her knees. She expertly sucked his cock deep in her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. As her hand cupped his balls she let her head start bobbing back and forth across his shaft. She’d learnt to suck cocks during her freshman year at college and she was putting all that experience into practice on Ryan now. His groans were deep and grew deeper and more intense as she took him deep in her throat.

Just as she thought she’d get to taste his cream he pulled out of her and moved her up to her bed. Propped up against the pillows she kneaded her tits and watched Ryan’s lips close in on her pussy. His mouth covered all of it and she gasped with pleasure as she felt the rough texture of his tongue against her clit. Then he bit her clit lightly, followed by a deep invasion of his tongue inside her cunt. She writhed in his grip, feeling too much pleasure to know where to turn. Then he started sucking her clit again, this time inserting his fingers, one by one, into her wet cunt. He finger fucked her fast and hard and lapped up her juices. With a shriek she let herself go and came around his fingers and all over his face.

He moved up and started kissing her. She lapped up her own pussy juices on his lips. He moved his face down to devour her tits. One by one he bit her nipples and sucked as much of her tits into his mouth as he could. Then he parted her legs with his knee. He positioned himself between her thighs, reached down to grab hold of her legs and placed them over his shoulders. He placed his rock hard cock against her opening and slowly started burying himself inside her, watching intently as his fuck meat opened her wide.

Once inside Tammy, Ryan rested deep and they both moaned. This felt good. His big cock fitted perfectly inside her tight, wet cunt. He placed his hands firmly on her tits and squeezed them hard. Then he started pumping. He slid almost all the way out, his cock now glistening with her juices, then he buried himself deep inside her again. He picked up the pace, pumping faster and faster, wanting to get as much out of her cunt as he could. Every time he slammed into her he set her clit on fire. They didn’t notice the slam of the front door as Curt and Cole came home, they were concentrating on fucking each other. All they could hear were the sloppy noises that were made by his cock entering and exiting her wet pussy. Then Tammy knew that she had to give in.

“Ryan,” she panted. “I’m cumming, I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Cum for me baby!” he shouted back, still pumping as fast and furiously as he could.

At that moment Tammy finally let herself go, her cunt contracting hard around Ryan’s swollen meat and her body convulsing underneath him. It was all the prompting Ryan needed. As the hot, tight cunt squeezed him he let out a roar and shot his load all the way inside her. He felt like he was shooting gallons of cum up her tight cunt. This had been such a good fuck.

Ryan collapsed on top of Tammy and they lay together, sweaty and exhausted, catching their breaths. He placed his hand over one of her tits and squeezed it gently. First then did they notice the two smiling men in the doorway.

“Quite a show there son,” said Curt and smiled at his oldest son, only to then turn his attention towards Tammy. “And you seem almost as insatiable as your mom.”

Tammy thought for a second that her worst fears were going to come true and forgot all about modesty and trying to cover herself up. With Ryan’s cum and her own pussy juices running down her leg she got up and faced Curt.

“Are you going to throw me out now that mom’s dead?”

“Of course I’m not! You’re part of this family.”

“Even after this?” she motioned towards Ryan who was watching from the bed where they’d just fucked like savages.

“Especially not after this,” smiled Curt. “I suspected your mom might have raised you to be a prude, but I’m happy to see I was wrong. Come on Ryan, let your brother have his share of the fun.”

Ryan and Curt left the room, leaving bursa escort bayan Tammy alone with Cole. Not as handsome as his brother, 25 year old Cole still had plenty of sex appeal, particularly now as he was dressed in his jogging shorts and showing off a tanned and muscular chest. He smiled at Tammy as he took in the sight of her newly fucked body.

“I think we both could do with a shower,” he said and led her into her en-suite bathroom. As he pulled his shorts off Tammy gasped to see just how big his erection was. Ryan’s cock had been great in her cunt, how would this big boy feel?

Neither of them spoke as Cole turned on the hot water and pulled Tammy in with him. Pressing her against the cold tiles he leant forward and sucked on her tits. Slowly and surely he circled her nipples with his tongue, waking up feelings that had just been satiated a short while ago. Tammy moaned as Cole sucked on her tits, the hot water not doing anything to cool her down.

Then Cole picked her up in his arms and held her up against the tiles. He let his stiff cock find its own way to her juicy fuck hole and he slid straight inside. Tammy wrapped her legs around him as he started fucking. Their mouths devoured each other and Cole filled every inch of Tammy’s tight hole. The shower cubicle was steamed up and the water was washing the sweat off their bodies as they continued fucking, enjoying each stroke more and more.

Cole rammed inside her cunt as hard as he could and then held himself there for a few seconds, grinding himself against her clit, making her moan out loud. His hands were cupping her ass, kneading it as he fucked her. One of his fingers finally found its way to her asshole and he slowly penetrated it. Nobody had ever done that to Tammy, but contrary to her fears she didn’t hate it, she loved it. It proved the point of no return. She screamed out in pleasure and let her cunt tighten up around Cole’s pumping cock. He wasn’t far behind, shooting his seed deep inside the insatiable cunt he’d now shared with his brother.

They washed themselves off and got out of the shower. Cole dried himself quickly and walked out naked, to his room to get dressed. Tammy took more time and took care to massage her rose scented body lotion all over her body. Her touch made her nipples stiffen again as she paid special attention to her tits. She left the towel on the floor and walked out into her bedroom again and found Curt sitting on her bed, smiling, with something pink in his hand. He motioned for her to sit next to him and she did.

“Tammy,” he said and smiled at her. “It’s a wonderful sunny day. How about relaxing out by the pool?”

“It sounds fine by me,” she replied.

“Then I’ve got something for you to wear. I think it will suit you.” Curt handed her the pink material, quickly caressed her tit and walked out of the room.

Tammy inspected the thing in her hand. It was the smallest bikini she’d ever laid eyes on. She put it on. Her ass was left bare by the g-string and it was so low and thin that it just covered the slit of her pussy. It left no doubt about whether she shaved. The bikini bra wasn’t much better. It consisted of long strings and enough material to only just cover her nipples. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her firm tits looked great in this and it showed off her ass at its best. She felt really sexy as she put on her high heel sandals and stepped outside.

Three heads turned as Tammy came out into the sunshine.

“Fuck Tammy!” Ryan gasped. “I’ve never seen anyone as sexy as you are right now.”

His father and brother nodded and Tammy smiled inwardly and settled in a sun bed. She spent the rest of the day being waited upon by the three men in her life and for the first time in three months she felt truly happy. In the late afternoon both Ryan and Cole had prior engagements to go to, leaving Tammy with Curt. He came out and sat next to her.

“I promised your mom that I’d take care of you for as long as you needed my help,” he stated matter-of-factly. “And what I’m about to say won’t change that. My promise to her stands no matter how you feel about what I’m about to say.”

Tammy nodded and smiled at him to continue.

“I loved seeing you and Ryan fuck this morning. I loved hearing you and Cole get at it in the shower. You have escort bursa no idea how happy I am that my sons got to feel your cunt and I hope you’ll all have plenty of opportunities to fuck this summer, I really don’t mind. But I’m also a bit selfish. Seeing you dressed like this, relaxing by the pool, has given me such a painful stiffy. Nothing will ease it, except for one thing. I need to feel your cunt around it. Will you let me fuck you?”

Tammy took in his words and looked at his crotch. His cock was straining against the material. She herself had felt disappointed that Ryan and Cole had left. She remembered her mom’s screams of passion from behind the closed bedroom door. She moved up and pulled Curt up. She took his hand and walked to his bedroom with the enormous double bed. Once there she pulled his shorts down his legs as he pulled off his shirt. His cock didn’t need any encouragement, it was big and meaty and absolutely rock solid.

She felt the wetness of her cunt as she crawled up on her hands and knees on his bed. Her heavy tits strained against the strings of the bikini bra and she pulled her g-string to the side, exposing her dripping pussy. Curt needed no encouragement, but followed her and kneeled behind her on the bed. He placed the head of his cock against her moist hole and let out a big sigh as he penetrated her. He slowly moved deeper inside of her making them both moan in combined agony and ecstasy.

This was without a doubt the biggest cock that had ever fucked her and Tammy couldn’t believe the pleasure the pure penetration was bringing to her. Once inside, Curt stopped and let Tammy’s cunt adjust to his size, then he pulled out and moved in again. He repeated the action several times, each time a bit faster and each time letting his balls slam a bit harder into Tammy’s clit. He reached around and grabbed hold of her tits. He pulled the strings and kneaded her tits and then he pulled the strings some more, really straining them against Tammy’s full breasts.

Curt was fucking her fast and furiously now. Tammy’s moans got louder and louder. This was heaven, having this man slamming inside her cunt from behind was the best fuck she’d ever had. Then he slapped her. Once. Twice. The skin on her ass burnt and she was more on fire. He grabbed hold of her nipples, squeezing and pulling her tits with them. The pain turned into pleasure. He kept slamming into her clit, burying his cock all the way up her hungry cunt. She couldn’t last any longer.

“I’m cumming Curt,” she screamed and he slapped her again. Over and over. As he slapped her ass the last time she screamed out loud and her cunt began to milk his cock. He let off his load as he rammed into her one last time. As they collapsed on the bed and Curt pulled his cock out of the tightened up cunt they saw Cole and Ryan’s smiling faces watching them. They each kissed Tammy goodnight as she drifted off to sleep in Curt’s arms.

The rest of the summer continued as it had started. Tammy still missed her mom, but her step family’s love was helping her get over her loss. She shared her time between Ryan’s, Cole’s and Curt’s beds, never feeling lonely. They bought her sexy clothes to wear around the house and when she was fucking one of them, the other two often enjoyed sitting and watching. A week before she was due to go back to college she called a family meeting. It was raining outside so they sat on the sofa in the lounge. Wearing nothing more than g-string panties Tammy sat on Cole’s lap, with his hand resting on her tit and her facing his brother and father.

“I’ve got an announcement,” she stated.

“What’s that honey?” asked Ryan and caressed her thigh.

“I’m not going back to college next week,” she said and watched their shocked faces.

“Why not?” asked Curt. “You don’t have to worry about the cost of your education. Don’t you want a degree?”

“Maybe later, but right now I want to get married.”

“Married?” This time it was Cole’s turn to react. “Who to?”

“You or Ryan, you work it out between yourselves. The baby I’m having can be any of yours, but I don’t want it to be illegitimate.”

Tammy and Cole stopped in Las Vegas on their way to their new life, far from their old hometown. They got married and then settled in a big and beautiful house. As soon as their business ventures were wrapped up Ryan and Curt joined them in the new house. Ten years later Curt died of a heart attack. Tammy, Ryan, Cole and the five children mourned him, but life must go on. And it did. Every day.

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