Tara Returns


It appeared that we were drifting apart. Months had passed by. We had not met. Initially, I was very busy. But later, I was standing on ego and waiting for Tara to call.

While I knew that for some time Tara was out of town. But, I was pretty sure that she was back.

Why wasn’t she calling?

I knew that she was nearly addicted to regular sex with me. I was worried whether she had found some better performer and she was getting her sexual satisfaction from him.

Thinking deeply, I realized that she was simply bored with the banal adult games followed by the even more boring fucking. I tease her. Or she teases me. Eventually, she opens her legs on her own or I tie her up and open her legs; I take my dick and shove it in. We move up and down. The dick goes in and out. And we come. Many times. We sleep.

While I have written many stories about what we have done together, many times I have never written what she looks like.

As any one may see from my biography, I am no spring chicken. The only thing I have done is to ensure that I have a very active sex life. After all, God made the system and permitted human beings to have sex with no season, time, space in mind, since He wanted human beings to know that sex was perhaps the real path to good health and enjoyment.

My dick. It is only eight inches long. Dark. (Since I am dark). My dick is fat. May be an inch and a half thick. But most importantly, I can carry on foreplay for hours without ejaculation and fuck for almost twenty minutes without premature ejaculation. That is why; I have played with Tara’s sex machine for almost half a night and then fucked her after she has had many orgasms.

Tara. She has recently crossed 40. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is no longer thin like a waif. She has put on some weight. She is wheatish in color and has long hair, with no streaks of gray. She has a very good figure. Her hips are about 37 and her waist is 26. Her breasts. What do I say about them? They are very nice and juicy (like all Bengali girls do). Full. They are 36B. Tara’s pussy. That is God’s own wonder. It is truly tight. No matter how it is treated, it remains a wonder.

The most important thing is that Tara truly enjoys sex and has no inhibitions. Many girls have all the goodies, but they act like little Goddesses. Untouchable. Tara was human. All flesh and blood woman. Sexy. I have kept her completely naked in my house for a week. I have fucked her on the rooftop under the stars. I have fucked her on the balcony of the house. No matter how much of lack of (perceived) privacy has been there, she has enjoyed her dose of sex.

Whatever she wears, she looks good. In saree, she is like a Greek Goddess. Her thigh profile is visible from the side and her dripping sexiness excites many, I am sure. When she wears low slung jeans, about 6 inches below her navel and when her bottom swings in a tight movement, my dick starts to throb. With her skirt, she looks luscious. My imagination about what lay beneath that swirling skirt goes hay wire. Always alluring. Always a temptress.

What do I say, what she looks like, when she wears nothing!!

Yet, she does not fuck around. She is no tramp. She is no a nymphomaniac. She fucks only with me.

She never married. I offered marriage. But she refused saying that she would rather die fucking illicitly than live with boredom of certainty.

She believes that marriage spoils sex and thus relationships. I have no option, but to agree with her.

Tara is an amazing woman. Unfortunately, God does not make too many of them. I am lucky that God gave me Tara.

Once I asked her, “Why do you stick to me? Of all people? Surely there would be better fuckers.”

She answered back with that calm look, “Ravi you fuck less than you give me orgasms. How many men care more about the woman they fuck than they care about their own ejaculation. When you fuck, you fuck for twenty minutes before your shoot your seed up my vagina. My friends tell me that their boy friends, husbands, who they have sex with normally can’t hold their orgasm beyond three minutes. And many simply spoil the girls’ clothes! You fuck atleast three times in one night. Very few other men have done that to any girl I know. You do not try to own me. You offer freedom. You are bold and imaginative.”

I was very proud to hear that. But I am no God. I am no sex machine. I am no gigolo.

Naturally, when I think of taking her home for adult games, I tell myself, “She is not a sex machine. And I am not raping her. She must enjoy and bed for more. Again and again. Everyday.”

So what should I do? With this long abstinence from her?

As a first step, I decided that I had to break the ice and follow it up with sex that she hadn’t imagined existed after years of ceaseless fucking.

I picked up my mobile phone and called Tara.

It rang. She quickly picked it up and answered cheerily, “Hi lover boy. How are you?”

I said, “Fine. Where have you been?’

Tara answered with rapid-fire güvenilir bahis speed, “In Kolkata. Where have you been?”

I was zapped with her cheeriness and laughing way of talk.

I asked, “Are you free tonight?”

She had her repartee ready, “When did I charge you for my services? I am always free for you!”

I said, “What?”

Tara said, “You have lost all your sense of humor, it appears. You know I don’t like men who don’t know how to laugh.”

I took some time and said, “I understand your pun. I was taken a back at the speed of your response.”

Tara said, “Just hang on. Let me walk out of my seat and then talk to you, properly.”

I could hear her walking through her office and coming into a quieter place. Than she said, “Yes. I can talk freely now.”

I asked, “Are you free tonight? Can we meet?”

Tara said, “Tsk. Tsk. Why do you ask? Order me. I will leave everything and be there for you.”

I said, “I want to let you know that I love . . .”

She butted in and said, “Please do not say that you have fallen in love with me. That takes all the secrecy, wantonness off our illicit love. What is the fun, if I am not afraid that some one would see me fuck and demand to get more of the same?’

Before I could say something, she added, “I love your ability to surprise me with how much my pussy can deliver to me. What you can do to make me get satisfied. I love the way you fuck. I love your taking complete control over me.”

When she stopped, I said, “I am coming over right now to pick you up and bring me to my house. I dick is dying to slide into your pussy and enjoy.”

Tara gasped and said, “Now?? It is only 3 PM. I have a lot of work on my desk. And God. You are direct!!”

I stopped her and said, “If you don’t come out now, I will never call you again. As such you have not called me for months asking to be fucked. And now you are giving me excuses.”

“Okay. I will wait near my office gate in about ten minutes.”

I could feel blood rushing towards my crotch. The slight throbbing in my dick told me that it was expecting some real action. Soon. And wanted it to!!

I ran down my office steps and jumped into my car and rushed to her office. She was standing at the doorway of her office. As my car came near, she moved forward in the bright summer sun and hopped into my car.

I said, “Hi. All set?”

Tara got the seat belt in position and sat back to relax.

I said, “Okay. Are you ready for what follows?”

Tara boldly said, “I am always ready for any thing you throw at me.”

I kept quiet for a few minutes. Tara was a little surprised by my silence.

She got inquisitive, and asked, “So what is your plan for today?”

“Not too much.”

Tara asked, “What?”

I answered, “I am a little peeved at your keeping away from for such along time. You have no consideration for me or my feelings.”

Tara answered quickly, “And you? What did you do? You kept away from me!! I have more to complain about your behavior.”

I asked acidly, “You missed me? Or were you enjoying with some one else!!”

Tara’s eyes welled up and she said, “I hate that statement. We are not married. You are not bound to stick to me only. Yet you do. If you have a go with other women, it is with my knowledge or with me included. I really enjoy your, err, fucking me. I detest your telling me that.”

I kept quiet and continued driving, concentrating on the traffic.

Tara sensed that I was perhaps even more peeved and said, “I will make up to you.”

She kept quiet as I drove. I was uneasy with that attitude. Normally she is bubbly, bordering on risqué.

Tara contemplated all through the drive. Only once during the drive she turned towards me and asked, “Ravi. Why me?”

“I did not get you?”

She said, “You mean to say, all these months you waited for me? Why me?”

“Oh. The reason my dear is, that you are the sexiest woman I know. And then you are a girl from Bengal.”

Tara asked, “What is so special about girls from Bengal?”

“Bengali girls are uninhibited. They are sexy. Unlike girls from the North of India, where they are fairer, have figures to kill for and they truly do themselves up, Bengali girls are themselves. They are un afraid of their sexuality. And you? You are the epitome of that creed. You CAN fuck. You fuck with no inhibitions. You experiment with your sexuality without promiscuity. There are lots of sexy Bengali girls, but there is only one Tara.”

Tara looked at me with wondrous eyes. Her right arm extended across from her front left seat to my driver’s seat and she caressed and patted my crotch and said, “Poor Ravi’s dick. It missed Tara’s pussy.”

Soon we reached my home. She waited as I fished out my brief case, papers and my laptop and I locked the car.

We walked into the flat without a word. I unlocked the door and waived to her in chivalry. She stepped. I stepped in behind her.

I went straight in and switched on the air conditioners and asked türkçe bahis her to relax while I got things in order.

She switched on the ceiling fan at full speed and plonked down on the large sofa.

I went into the room and went on thinking what I should do with Tara today.

I switched on the bathroom water heater and walked out with two cokes with lots of ice. I offered one to Tara.

Tara said, “Thanks. I needed it. It is really hot today.”

We sat near each other and sipped in the cool drink.

When Tara finished her drink, she kicked off her slippers and placed her feet on the cool marble floor. She got up and walked around the drawing room slowly.

I popped the question, “So what would you like to do? Comparative studies of my fucking vis-à-vis his fucking?”

Tara sizzled and answered, “Shut up. I hate that. May be you will want to compare my pussy against others today!!”

I said, “Touché. Let us stop this war of words. Let us enjoy.”

“Yes that is a better idea.”

I said, “But today, I have new plan for you.”

“What is that?”

I said, “My plan includes long and sustained fore play that excites you so much that you simply beg to be fucked. And we fuck. When we have finished, your pussy should be pulp, swollen with satisfaction. your eyelids should exude sexual satisfaction. Your lips should be swollen with the love biting and sucking. Your breasts should feel fuller and ripe, with the nipples a little raw.

Tara looked at me for a while with loving eyes, which only women who love their being fucked to satisfaction can make. She stepped forward to me and wrapped her hands around me and said, “I love you. Darling I love you. Truly, there is nothing in my life if it weren’t for your fucking me.”

She planted a kiss on my face and stepped back and glanced at my crotch to see if I were dying take her.

She added, “And I want that after fucking me, your dick should be raw on the glans. It should be swollen after remaining dipped in my pussy juices for hours.”

I said, “May be we should exchange notes after our current session is over and see if our plans have worked.”

I softly but firmly held her by her shoulders and guided her to the large single sofa and made her sit down. I knelt down in front of her and planted along kiss on both her forehead. Tara softly and perhaps shyly said, “What are we waiting for, then?”

When kisses on both the cheeks were followed by a long kiss on her lips, Tara moaned out, “Nnnnnnnnnnn” and laid the ground for getting herself ravished and said, “I am hot, as hot can be. The anticipation is killing me. My panty is soggy wet. Just catch me, take me, rip my clothes off and fuck the shits out of me.”

I pulled back and looked at her smiling and said, “But I have only started. And my dick is dying to get you. But I want juices dripping from your cunt before I fuck.”

Tara understood that I would like to drive her and said, “I am your sex slave. Fuck me when you want. The way you want. Any time. Any day.”

I stood up and said, “Okay. Then, you have no rights. You can make as much noise as you like. You can talk. You can make all noises that you make when you enjoy being fucked. Or when you hurt. If you try to stop me with your hands or in any manner, or you try to get aggressive by touching me when not asked to, you will be tied up and I will do what I want to. Is that clear?”

Tara said, “Yes. But, I will demand and get my merciless, repeated, long and deep fucking. You don’t escape that.”

After a short silence, Tara added, “You will tie me up any way. I know that.”

“In any case, I like being taken totally. I like you controlling my orgasms and me. . . . . . What woman does not?”

She shivered once and goose bumps appeared over her entire body.

That is what I liked about her. She is willing to play adult games without stupid womanly behavior. She made it clear that she was full flesh and blood and loved being taken, wantonly.

I got up and pulled her to stand up. I led her into the bedroom.

I ran my hand over her face. It was sweaty and grimy. After a good days work. I wanted her fresh and clean That let me do want to do more things to her than I otherwise would.

I softly said, “You are grimy and sweaty. Take off all your clothes and get into the bath. I am coming in to give you a bath.”

Tara looked at me with amazement. She had always found me taking far too long in taking her clothes off. In fact historically, she had to plead to be stripped. This time she was ordered to strip.

She said, “What?”

I made her stand in front of me.

I ordered, “Unbutton your blouse. Slowly.”

Tara protested slightly and started to flip one blouse hook by hook. She started at the top. As she did, her white bra came into sight.

Soon all her hooks were open.

I helped her by pulling the blouse down right down to her elbows and left it there.

Her proud breasts were pointing out and were heaving up and down. The bra was restraining güvenilir bahis siteleri them.

I went around her and unhooked her bra from her back. The elastic loosened and her breasts leaped out.

I held one strap at a time and lowered them to her elbow.

I walked around her and faced her.

She softly said, “I am under arrest, it seems. I can’t move my hands.”

I ran my hand over her face and over her head.

I said, “Your hairs must be open, completely. No clips, bands or anything. I like you totally naked. Not even a hair band is okay with me.”

She had a hair band holding her hairs in a ponytail. I pulled it down and freed her hairs.

Tara moaned, “Feel my boobs. Will you?”

I said, “Yes, darling. I will feel them kiss them, suck them, pinch them and squeeze them. All, when I want to, how much I want to and how I like.”

Saying that, I ran my fingers on the outer periphery of her boobs.

I leaned forward and kissed one nipple at a time.

Tara gasped and said, “Aaaah. I love it.”

I ran my fingers over her back and felt her naked flesh. Till her blouse, now gathered at her elbow.

I reached for her skirt waistband. I fingered the skirt hook and asked, “Would you like to have a bath with the skirt on or without?’

Tara softly said, “I am your sex slave. Do as you wish to.”

I swiftly un-hooked her skirt and let it fall at her ankle.

She was standing with her damp panty with her skirt at her ankle.

I slowly squatted in front of her and sniffed her pussy. It smelled of a woman in heat.

I quickly placed a floor mat on the parquet floor and placed one pillow and three large bolsters on the floor.

I got up and peeled off her blouse and bra, that was hanging on from her body arresting the movement of her hands..

“Lift your hands. Let me see your arm pits”.

She lifted both her hands. Small stubble appeared. I said, “This has to be shaved. I like a smooth woman.”

Tara asked, “You read all the stories written by Ruby Sen on Literotica. You made me read them as well. All her women have a nice bushy armpit and bushy pussies. And Ruby has a pubic hair fetish.”

I nodded.

Tara asked, “But you like her stories, don’t you?”

I said, “Yes I do. May be her stories reflect Ruby’s own bushy pussy and arm pit. May be she is every sexy woman. With her intellect – being ex IIM, I expect she is wonton with sexiness”

Tara added with slight laugh, “It appears you know her? Ruby has not been fucked by you, has she? She may like to remain bushy. If you were to get to her and fuck her, you will depilate her arm pits, pussy and her legs and all hair, except head and eye brows.”

I cut the banter short and asked her, “Is your pussy bald? The way I like it?”

Tara teased me, “But, you would like to fuck Ruby or not?”

I answered, “Darling, I don’t know who Ruby is. The photograph posted on the Literotica site is perhaps a fake. Even if it were to be hers, no one fucks a photograph. Just for your information, I know the woman who’s photograph is posted on the web site. Besides you look somewhat like her. Naturally, I want to fuck you and you only.”

“But what about Ruby?”

“You know I don’t fuck shadows. That would be shagging. So, just shut up. Just shut up and get fucked and let fuck.”

“But what about your imagining that you are fucking Ruby?”

Impatiently I said, “Okay, I will fuck Ruby if and when I get her. She is getting fucked by her husband or her lover. She does not need me. For now, you need me. So just give me your pussy to be first made bald and then creamed.”

Tara mumbled, “But please do not make my pussy bald again.”


“I feel so naked.”

In order to stop the banter, I swiftly sat down in front of her and with one move, pulled her damp panty down to her ankles. Tara blushed and looked away.

I saw she had a rather luxurious crop of pussy hair, glistening with her pussy juices.

I pulled her towards the floor mat and told her, “Bad. You have so much pussy hair. I like your body with no hairs – except your head. I want your arm pit and your pussy bald.”

Tara asked, “Why should my pussy be bald?”

“Darling, then you look like a 11 year old with ripe large boobs. The pussy lips are then smooth and pink. Since you do not like it completely bald, you will HAVE to get it cleaned of all hair – now.”

Tara said, “I don’t mind my arm pit being shaved. But, please don’t do it to my pussy. Please.”

While she was talking, went about and got my shaving kit in place. I lifted her left arm, applied the depilating cream and then wiped the hair from her armpit, quickly. Then, I lifted her right arm and cleaned it out it.

Then suddenly she noticed, “Why are you wearing all clothes? Take off all that crap you are wearing. Let me see the throbbing dick and feel how hot it is.”

Saying that she quickly pulled my tee shirt over my head and then clinically took off my belt, pulled the zip down, un-hooked the trouser and deftly pulled the jock down. I stepped away from the clothes, stark naked.

Tara had one look at the erect cock and said, “God. That is big and nice. All set to meet its favorite pussy. But, why all the hair around it?”

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