Tea, Rain, and a Long Walk Home


Author’s Note: I wrote this story with the intent of starting from a commonplace setting, a cafe, to ending with an unexpected climax. Thank you to kholix22, the muse for this story, for your encouragement and narrative advice. This story would be no where near as compelling without your input.


I sit down in the busy coffee shop and set my cup of tea on the table in front of me. From my bag I retrieve my laptop and set it also on the table. After connecting to the shop’s wifi, I begin checking my e-mail and determining which I need to respond to first. Despite the crowded and noisy atmosphere of the shop, I soon become fully focused on the task at hand. I become so single-minded that I don’t notice a woman approach my table.

“Hi. May I sit down at your table? The shop is packed,”she says to me; however, I don’t even notice. “Hello, sir, did you hear me?”

Shaken from my concentrated state, I look up from my laptop. Though I notice every aspect of the attractive woman, my gaze is immediately drawn to her smirk. A good smile is my weakness, and she displays hers prominently after my lack of awareness. “Oh, hi,” I stammer, still staring, only now at her deep eyes.

“A seat. May I have a seat at your table? This place is packed,” she replies, still smiling at the situation.

“Oh, uh, yes, of course,” I say back as she pulls out a chair and takes a seat. My attention now completely focused upon her, my eyes wander, noticing not only the woman’s deep eyes and gorgeous smile, but also her slim frame, firm breasts, and long slender legs accentuated by her button-up blouse and tight pencil skirt. Noticing my wandering eyes, she smirks again. “I’m not going to distract you from your work, am I?”

“Uhhh, what? Oh, uhhh, no. You’re very fine,” I mumble. “I mean, you’re fine. Um, you’re fine sitting there.” I blush as my emba

rrassing muttering continues. Gaining my composure, I state, “It’s not a problem you sitting with me. I mean, at this table.”

“Alright,” she replies, smiling wider. She pulls out her cell phone and begins messing with it as I return to my e-mail. She crosses her legs as she takes a sip of her coffee, and my attention is again pulled from my work. I again stare, taking in her long, slender legs as she slowly twitches her foot back and forth, pointing the toe of her four-inch tall black heels towards me.

The woman looks up from her phone and again notices my stare. “I really must be distracting you. I should move.”

“No, no, don’t worry. I’m just finishing this up.” I write one more line, press send, and close my laptop. Looking back up, I say, “I’m Kevin,” as I gaze again at her eyes.

“Kate,” the woman replies, extending her hand. “It’s good to meet you, Kevin.” It’s my turn now to smirk, as I notice her looking me up and down, examining my dark brown hair and eyes, my wide smile. Then her eyes wander, taking in my 6’2″ tall frame and fit physique not hidden by my fitted button-up shirt and tight grey slacks.

As Kate checks me out, a man walks by behind her and bumps into her chair. Jostled, she lurches forward and nearly spills her drink. “It’s getting even more crowded here,” she says leaning forward. She stands up, grabs her chair, and scoots it away from the walking path. As she sits down again, her skirt starts to ride up her thighs. Casually, Kate grips the hem and smooths it down again with her hands, but as she does, the lining of her thong panties becomes clearly visible. I can’t help but stare at her cute little ass. I see that she is smirking again, but I’m unsure if it’s a look of irritation that I was staring at her ass or a look of satisfaction knowing that she has me wrapped around her fingers already.

In her new position, Kate’s chair is close enough to mine that it feels like we’re long time friends. I feel a surge of energy through my spine. We’re so close that I can smell the clean scent of the soap she uses. She leans toward me, and as she reaches for her drink, her arm brushes against mine. She says, “There, that’s better. Hopefully I won’t get bumped again over here.”

“I think you’ll be safe from unwanted contact over here,” I reply. I glance sidelong over at her as I nervously pick up my tea and take a sip. As I set down my cup, Kate lifts hers to take a drink. Suddenly awkward at our closeness, I fumble with my laptop and decide to put it away. As I reach down between our chairs to pick up my bag, my eyes wander again and I lose focus. I again notice the form of her legs and see the faint outline of her thong panties. My dexterity falters as I lift my bag, and my arm bumps into her hip.

At the unexpected contact, her body shifts, again causing her to almost spill her drink. “This coffee shop is certainly a dangerous place today,” she utters as she sets her cup down. “That’s twice already.”

“I’m so sorry,” I reply as I grab a napkin from the dispenser on the table. “Here, there’s a bit of coffee on your chin.” I reach up to dab the spot, then think better of it, and instead hand her ataşehir escort the napkin.

“Thanks… But don’t let it happen again!” Kate replies as she gives me a stern look and waves the napkin at me. Then, unable to keep up the false-stern facade, she breaks back into a smile. I smile back, a wider smile then before, as I feel my nervousness start to fade. I slide my laptop into my bag and set it back on the floor, leaning it against my chair.

The awkwardness gone, we begin chatting. At first we discuss the typical, like the weather. But soon we begin to feel like friends who meet up after not seeing each other for ages. Not only just friends, but friends who carried a secret flame for each other, but were prevented for some reason from acting on it. As we chat, the conversation quickly transitions from friendly to flirtatious. Soon, we’re sharing personal anecdotes, and laughing at each others’ stories.

After I tell a particularly embarrassing story about passing out when donating blood, a man walks up to the table. He pulls up an extra chair, sets down his coffee, and opens up a newspaper. Kate leans over and whispers in my ear, “did he really just do that?”

“Yes, he did,” I reply, “and quite unexpectedly. This place has just gotten too busy.” I press my luck. “Kate, why don’t we move elsewhere, this place is ridiculously crowded now.”

“Yeah, I think we should.” As we stand up and try to squeeze through the mass of people, I feel Kate reach for my arm for balance. Electricity surges up and down my body. As we reach the exit of the shop, I half expect her to let go. Instead, completely unexpectedly, she holds on to my arm even tighter. Tight enough that I can feel her breasts squeezing against my arm.

“Where should we go?” Kate asks, her beautiful smirk prominently displayed on her face.

“There’s a park not far from here,” I reply. “It’s quiet. There’s a nice park bench there that overlooks a stream. The view is beautiful and serene. Care to join me?”

“Lead on,” Kate replies.

begin leading the way down the street. Though her breasts are no longer pressed tightly against me, Kate nonetheless continues to hold on to my arm. I enjoy the feeling. It’s been a few months since my ex-girlfriend broke it off, and I haven’t been so close to a woman since. As we walk, we continue chatting and sharing little stories about ourselves. After a couple blocks, I turn us left onto a side street.

Kate looks over and smiles at me again. “Is it much farther? These heels aren’t the most comfortable for long distance walking.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Kate. I didn’t even think about that. No, it’s not much farther. There’s the park right up there,” I say pointing. “You can see the trees that mark the Eastern edge. The paved walkway starts just beyond that fence, and the bench and creek are only a few minutes more along that walkway.”

As we cross the border of the park, we finish the last few minutes of the walk in silence, enjoying each others’ company. I bring us to the park bench, and I look down at Kate as she lets go of my arm and takes a seat. Hoping to get another glance at her legs or at the tantalizing outline of the thong underneath her skirt, instead I’m treated with a glimpse down the front of your blouse. Unbeknownst to me, as we made our way to the bench, she surreptitiously unbuttoned the top two buttons. I clearly see the lace outline of her bra and a view of her gorgeous cleavage. Quickly, I sit down next to her, hoping she hasn’t noticed the stirring in my pants. Her mischievous smile says otherwise.

Sitting on the bench, we begin to chat again. Soon, we’re laughing and carrying on again, sharing stories and discussing all sorts of topics. I do my best not to overtly stare, but I regularly peek at her cleavage. Kate notices.

I look out at the stream. Collected water from the recent rains rushes by, carrying leaves and small tree branches. The water is higher than usual as well as browner than typical, as it carries more dirt and mud. “It’s not as picturesque as usual,” I say with some disappointment in my voice. “The water’s usually much more clear and serene. I hadn’t realized those rains earlier this week were so heavy.”

“It’s okay, Kevin,” Kate replies. “Although not as peaceful, I think watching the high water is rather interesting. You can see how the stream and surrounding areas respond to stress.”

At the word stress, the treeline lights up, followed a few seconds later by a deep rumbling boom. As we’d walked to the park, some clouds had rolled in. The clouds progressively darkened while we sat on the bench chatting. By now, the park has grown a bit dim due to the clouds combined with the overhead tree cover. A moment later, I feel a large drop splash on my forehead. Then another, and another.

“Maybe we should find some shelter,” I say, as the tree cover begins to continually sprinkle water upon us.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Kate replies as the large drops dapple her shirt with small semi-transparent circles. kadıköy escort bayan She begins to walk quickly down the pathway to the right. Picking up my bag, I follow. Not twenty paces down the walkway, the trees light up, a deep boom immediately follows, and the drops quicken to a continual pour. As I catch up to Kate, she leans over, giving me a beautiful view of her tight ass in her pencil skirt. She slips off her heels and starts to run down the path.

Now the rain is a constant flood from the sky. Though water resistant, I don’t think my bag can keep out this downpour. As I trot to keep up, I unbutton my shirt, pull it off, and wrap it around my laptop bag, hoping to prevent the damage I dread. So intent on this task am I that I almost don’t notice Kate cut to the side down a different path. I pivot to follow as I wrap and tie the sleeves of my shirt around the bag.

After a minute or two, I catch up to Kate, who has taken shelter in a park pavilion. She has set her high heels on the picnic table that she is leaning against. Though no longer being rained upon, her hair still drips, dropping onto her blouse. I watch as a bead of water forms on a hair. It falls and lands on the center of her chest. The drop rolls down between her cleavage, drawing my eyes to the front of her now skin-tight blouse. The rain has also rendered the formerly opaque shirt semi-transparent, and I stare at the outline of her lace-edged bra and at the form of her perky breasts. A moment later I realize my stare and quickly look back up.

Her smile and the look in her eyes tells me that she’s not offended. She herself cannot hide her own stare as she runs her eyes up and down my bare torso. Although not as well defined as a ‘six pack’, my abs are nonetheless strong and visible. My chest and arms, though not bulky, are well toned. I smile as her eyes glide back up to meet mine again. “I was not expecting such a heavy downpour,” I say. “Hopefully my laptop is still okay.” I reach past Kate’s side and set the bundled bag and shirt on the table next to her heels. As I place it, our bodies are close enough that I feel her hair drip on my arm. “I’m glad you found us some shelter.”

“I’ve actually been to this park before,” Kate replies, placing her hand on my forearm. Our closeness is electric. A surge of desire pulses through me, driving me to grab Kate, lift her skirt, and take her right there on the picnic table. But I restrain myself, though my want for her has become apparent. “I actually don’t live that far from here, just a couple blocks up, and a street over. Maybe we can head that way once the rain calms down. You’re in no state to be parading around on public streets,” she indicates, placing her hand on the center of my chest, and letting her fingers trace down to my stomach. The lust is apparent in her eyes, but she quickly pulls her arm back.

We stare at each other, not knowing what to say, restraining the primal urges to rip the clothes off of each other in a public park. The rain continues to pour, hammering the roof of the pavilion. I raise one hand to brush the wet hair aside from her eyes. Our eyes meet again.

Kate’s hands reach out and grab my belt. She pulls me in closer, pressing her chest against mine. I can feel her hard nipples through the fabric of her clothes. I wrap an arm around her lower back and draw her in even tighter. My other hand slides behind the back of her neck, massaging her under the hairline, as I lean in for a kiss.

Our lips meet. I feel the same surge of electricity up my spine as at the coffee shop, only ten times as intense. Kate must feel the same because she grips my belt again and pulls my hips towards her tighter. Our kiss becomes deeper, the lust of our meeting growing steadily. As I part my lips slightly, I feel Kate’s tongue reaching out, probing in search of mine. I respond, my tongue meeting hers as we kiss.

Lust takes over. My hand slides down from her lower back and squeezes her ass. I can feel the contour of her panties through the fabric of her skirt. My excitement grows, and Kate feels it, the bulge growing in my pants and pressing against her. Her hands slide around my lower back, gripping me and holding me close. Our kiss continues passionately, lips pressed and parted, tongues dancing with each other.

I run my hand down Kate’s back starting from the neck, fingers teasing along the spine down the back of her blouse. Passing over the small of her back, it joins the other hand firmly grasping her tight butt. Our kiss continues as our bodies press, my barely-contained erection straining at the fabric of my boxers, my slacks, and her skirt. Her heartbeat quickens at the feel of me. I can sense it in the touch of her lips.

I break off the kiss and slide my hands to the back of Kate’s legs. I lift her off of the ground and place her on the edge of the table. Her skirt rides up her hips, revealing the creamy skin of her inner thighs. She pulls me back in towards her, my body now between her legs as she spreads them wider. escort maltepe I lean in and kiss the base of her neck. I feel Kate tremble as my lips move placing light kisses up her neck to just beneath her ear. I flick her earlobe with my tongue and draw it into my mouth. I play with it with my lips until finishing with a nibble.

As I kiss her, my hands run up and down her upper legs, caressing her thighs. As I slide one hand underneath Kate’s skirt, she puts her hand on my chest and pushes me away.

“Do you hear that?” Kate says with a smile. “The rain’s no longer pounding.” She looks around and adds, “I think it’s letting up.” I turn to the side and see that the rain has slackened. Only scattered drops now fall from the sky to hit the trees and ground outside the pavilion. As I watch the sky and the surrounding park, Kate scoots off the table and brushes her skirt back down her legs. I turn back and notice with a look of disappointment on my face. Kate smiles a wicked grin as she holds one of my hands. “Grab your bag, Kevin. Follow me.” As I shoulder my bag, she winks and slips back on her heels. Recalling our earlier conversation, my anticipation begins to grow. Her place must not be far from here.

I follow her down the walkway out towards the street. Hanging behind slightly, pretending to follow her directions, I again take in the view of her ass. I can clearly see the outline of her thong panties through the damp pencil skirt. The thought of what lies beneath that thin fabric holds my attention, as do the sway of her hips and the motion of her slender legs. Her lace-edged bra, also visible through her wet blouse, hints at the treasure hidden inside. My pulse races. I long to unwrap that gorgeous body.

As I stare, Kate makes a sharp turn left into the entrance way of a small apartment building. Opening the gate, she beckons me inward. Her eyes follow me as I pass, lingering on the back of my tight pants. Following her eyes, I see her stare at my arms and shoulders. Her lascivious glance indicates she wants to remove the rest of my clothes almost as much as I want to tear off hers.

She brushes her chest against my arm as she passes by my left to lead me up the stairs. If her sway garnered my attention earlier, her motion as she climbs the stairs absolutely entrances me. I can barely take my eyes off of her as I follow, nearly stumbling halfway up. As she reaches the third floor landing, Kate turns to her right, walks three doors down, and stops. Without a word, she unlocks the door and leads me inside.

As I step through the doorway, Kate nudges the door closed. I turn back towards her, push her up against the door, and kiss her. As our lips touch, I feel a surge of energy again flow through me. The surge is stronger now, as I sense that this time we won’t stop prematurely. I grab the hem of Kate’s skirt and quickly lift it up her hips. But Kate pushes me back.

“You’re so eager, aren’t you Kevin,” she says smoothing her skirt down once more. “Don’t you know the polite thing is to take off your shoes when you enter?” She kicks off her heels and sets them on a shoe rack near the door. Abashed, I bend down and untie my shoes. I place them off to the side out of the walkway. As I walk farther in, I remember the bag hanging over my shoulder, and I set it down, as well.

Kate walks behind me and into the kitchen. “Would you like a glass of water?” she asks as I follow behind her.

“Yes,” I reply. “Funny that I would be thirsty after running through all that rain.”

She hands me a glass as she fills a second for herself. In one fluid motion, she lifts her glass, brings it to her mouth, and swallows its contents. I stand next to her, a glass in my hand, staring. “I must have been thirsty as well,” she replies smiling as she places her glass under the faucet and refills it. We both stand in the kitchen sipping our water. As I stand leaning against the counter, water drips down the back of my hair and lands on the counter top.

“Where are my manners!” Kate exclaims. “We’ve just come inside from a rain, and I haven’t offered you a towel.” She turns, walks down a short narrow hallway leading from the living room, and disappears behind a door. She emerges carrying a stack of towels. At the bottom of the stack are a pair of large ones, and then a few smaller ones haphazardly placed on top. Setting the smaller ones down on the counter, she hands me a large towel. “There. I hope that towel will be enough to dry you off. You can use one of these other hand towels, too, if you need it.”

I begin drying myself off, starting with my hair and neck. I had thought I’d dried off more as we walked to her apartment, but the towel soon becomes damp. As I move the towel down, I look up and see Kate standing in front of me, bent at the waist, and vigorously drying off her hair. From my view point, I can see clearly down the front of her blouse. As she moves the towel around in an attempt to squeeze as much water as possible from her hair, she shakes a bit from side to side. My view and her motion combine to be a mesmerizing vision. My eyes lock in watching the sway of her breasts in her lace-edged bra. I start absentmindedly drying off my arms and chest, but I continue to stare. “Enjoying the show?” Kate says as she stands back straight up.

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