Teacher’s pet


Teacher’s petTeacher’s PetIt’s late spring, an exciting time of year for you as a teacher because you know your summer break is fast approaching. Your usually morning dred of getting up and going to work is starting to ease with each passing morning lately. This particular morning your feeling especially frisky, maybe even a little mischievous and decide to take full advantage of one of your last remaining days to torment the poor adolescent boys in your class that have been drooling over you all school year. You know you love it. You still get that tingle down there and smile to yourself when you think of all the extra long showers and teenage fantasies you have inspired over the school year. As you leave the shower you catch a glimpse of your still wet slender naked body glistening in the mirror and you smile to yourself knowing you are well armed for your cruel little mission. Little do you know that you will be getting far more than you bargained for today. Getting dressed this morning you pick out a short but very business looking dark grey skirt and sheer white blouse. Very sexy but so classy it makes even your black “fuck me boots ” look professional.Driving in that morning your evil thoughts are are interrupted by a strange but familiar noise. “oh yeah, that’s my phone ” you think as you snap out of your plot and back to reality for a second. I şişli escort call and ask to meet you for lunch on your free period between classes. Sounds good to both of us and I promise to meet you at the classroom.Your morning classes all go as planned and your having a wonderful time torturing your male students. An obvious lean over your desk, a lingering brush against a shoulder as you walk the rows of desk. Even your female students can tell what your up to and are turned on by the merciless teasing your subjecting their boyfriends to. You’ve been so busy entertaining yourself all morning you have almost forgot about our lunch date.Just as the last your morning students are filtering out of your classroom I walk in. As I walk over you go to greet me with just a quick friendly kiss. Your not prepared for the tight embrace and deep passionate kiss that follows. During the kiss I have maneuvered you to the edge of your desk. Without saying a word I push you against it and start to kiss and nibble down the side of your neck. Your so caught off guard you almost skip a breath. My hands are now freely exploring your body. Despite your morning of teasing you were in no way ready for this. Not knowing how to respond, you don’t . You just surrender as I now start to lean you over the desk with more force. Your used to long affectionate cuddly mecidiyeköy escort foreplay from me. Your not sure what to make of this spontaneous sexual aggression but you have quickly become gushing wet. Before you know it your flat on your back with your skirt around your waist. I’ve already slid your lacy black panties down and over your boots and spread your now trembling legs. Your mind races trying to balance the sudden flood of arousal against the risk of getting caught but the arousal easily wins out. Your to far along to stop, your surrender is complete. Any other thought has past and your now only aware of your clit and labia in my mouth. You taste magnificent. Your large fleshy labia, swollen clit and trim little patch have been on my mind all morning and to finally taste and feel you has made me rock hard. Your quickly on your way towards an unexpected orgasm when I slide a finger into you. Then another. You cum hard and with a gasp. I’m so involved in savoring the taste of your pussy I don’t notice you opening and spreading the front of your blouse. Your so close to exploding your fingers tremble with the task. Suddenly your aware your clit is no longer in my mouth and fingers have left your G-spot. Your eyes open just in time to see that I have stood up to enter you. I enter you all at once, a quick firm esenyurt escort deep thrust as far into you possible. You wince slightly and your eyes roll back before closing. After just a few gentle strokes to caress and enjoy the feel of your dripping pussy my thrust into you now come deeper faster and with more force. I tell you I’m going to fuck you hard. Barely getting to words out you whimper “god yes, fuck me, fuck me hard ” just as you cum again. I pound you harder, your desk rocks and squeaks with each thrust buts it’s noise is covered by your gasping attempts not to scream. Suddenly I drive into you hard and don’t pull back . My muscles tense as I cum hard filling your pussy . You feel each individual squirt inside you and what must be a huge load of cum. I stay hard and remain inside you for a few more gently strokes as you shudder once more with a gasping orgasm this time squirting for me. As I slowly withdraw from you our combined cum flows from your pussy into a puddle on your desk. Without saying anything I kiss you and walk out leaving you there flat on back , half undressed , still breathing hard and your freshly fucked pussy leaking on your desk. You try to catch your breathing but get jarred to attention by the bell. Your next class is about to start. You pull yourself together and finish wiping up your puddle just as your students walk in. Now the smell of sex filling the classroom is the only evidence of our post class romp . Your nervousness almost immediately turns to a re-start of your arousal when you ask yourself if any of your students know that smell and will figure out what you have been up to ?

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