Teaching Chantelle Ch. 01


[MF, Toys and Masturbation]

Tag: Chantelle still doesn’t have her own vibrator

If you read the prologue, you’d know that Chantelle and I had had numerous conversations about sex during work-related car rides to pick up work supplies. We had never hooked up, although I fantasized about it often. Then she moved away to be with her boyfriend. Things changed when she came back to town for a visit.


I’d had several pretty personal conversations with my friend Chantelle over the years. Unfortunately, even though I knew an awful lot about her sex life, we’d never consummated anything. After she moved away to be with her boyfriend Tom, I didn’t get to see her for well over a year. But one September, out of the blue, I got a call from her. She was back in town and wanted to see if I had time to get together. No way I’d pass up seeing her, and we planned lunch a few days later.

Over lunch, I learned that things were still good with Tom, but he was on an assignment out of town for an extended period, and so she had taken the time to come and visit her family for three weeks. During lunch, I asked if she’d like to join me for the 2 hour drive down to our pet supplier later that week.

“I can’t wait! It’s been a long time since we had a fun chat,” she responded. I thought (and hoped) that I detected a little devilish sparkle in her eye when she said this

I couldn’t wait. I didn’t really expect anything to happen on the trip, but was hoping just maybe to find out more about what was going on in her current sex life, get to share about mine, and have some sexy conversation. I’d also thought of some ways that we might be able to get physical, if she was willing. Did I really expect them to work? Maybe not, but you never know.

As we drove, we talked about all kinds of things – how she’d settled in to a new part of the country, her new job, Tom’s work, how she’d met new people. All of it sounded good. I asked if they’d finished initiating every room of the house, and laughing, she said they’d definitely initiated every room at least once. They had even worked on the more unconventional places like the walk-in closet, the 1/2 bath on the first floor, and the patio.

Chantelle asked about my sex life, which was pretty OK but mostly vanilla, and I admitted I’d gotten a shower massage of my own. She asked if I was enjoying it, and I admitted that I was, on a regular basis. I reminded her that she had told me that she and her old boyfriend had had a threesome at one point and asked if she’d done the same yet with Tom. She blushed, and said they’d met one friend who they thought might be interested, but they hadn’t actually gotten tried to get her in bed yet. She did admit it had led to some pretty good sessions when they talked about her. It all sounded good; Tom was keeping her pretty well satisfied.

She was staying alone in a hotel room and admitted that she missed Tom, especially the regular sex. (You were telling instead of showing — see how my edit changed it?)

“I just have to tell him I’m feeling a little frisky, and I’m going upstairs to take care of it, and he drops everything to help out. But I don’t have anyone else to help out here! And I don’t even have a shower massage. Mom’s house has one, but I can’t really go over there just to take a shower.”

I made appropriate sympathetic noises. “Too bad, but I guess you’re right. You could sneak in, maybe. But you still don’t have a vibrator? Even after seeing them at your mom’s a while back? You must have gotten one.”

“No, really, I still don’t. With Tom and the shower massage, I really don’t need one. Oh, and by the way, I did figure out how to use that on Tom, and you’re right, he likes it.”

“Told you so, it’s all about the right technique. But back to you, hasn’t he ever been out of town this long before? How’d you survive? This is definitely time for a vibrator!”

“No, he hasn’t. But I just don’t even know where I’d get one, even if I decided to.”

I said, “Hey, do you remember every time we come down here, we pass that adult store, and we joke about it? It’s still there. And you know, they have vibrators.”

“They do? How do you know?”

“Well, I stopped in and bought some stuff one Valentine’s day when I was down here. Just to get something different as a present.”

“What did you get? What’s it like?”

“It’s not bad, actually, inside it’s not dirty or anything, just racks of magazines and videos, and a section of, uh, ‘hardware’ around the sides. There were a few other people there when I was in, a few guys, but actually two women came in while I was there too. “What did you get?”

“I was really trying to figure out what the best magazine was, and they were all sealed in plastic. So even though it was weird, the salesperson asked if I needed help, and I figured she should know, so I asked if what I was looking at was really explicit. She said, I think so, but let’s check, and she opened it and said she’d casino oyna just reseal it after. Very nice, kind of nonchalant about the whole thing. Just like any other store.”

“And they had vibrators?”

“A whole wall of them. They aren’t that expensive. You know, I’ll even buy you one as a going-away-again present. I’m helpful like that.”

She laughed. “Very thoughtful! Well, I’ll think about it.”

“OK, but don’t think too long, because we’ll be driving by it again on the way back.”

We proceeded to do our business at the animal store. I joked a couple of times when we found phallic objects like syringes of the right sizes. But it wasn’t until we got back in the car that she said, “OK, I thought about it.”


“That we can stop at that store on the way home.”

Score. “Good call. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. “

When we got there, we parked in the back, and walked past a couple of other cars to go in. A few people were inside; a couple looking through some DVDs, a man by the magazine rack, and another man just going into some “private viewing” booths in back. There was a nondescript looking woman behind the counter, could have been the same person from a few years before, but I couldn’t really tell. We did a slow circuit of the store (it wasn’t that big), walking past shelves with lube on them, past a few sexy outfits that I said would probably look really good on her (she posed and fluttered her eyelashes at me), past some BDSM stuff that she gave a good look at, and past a selection of strap-ons. She slowed at these, and she wondered out loud when someone would want them.

“For two women, or maybe for a threesome. Or you could do your boyfriend with it.”

“Hmm, interesting.” she said, looking thoughtful.

I then pointed at one of the giant size models and said,

“But not with THAT!” She laughed and agreed that there were probably ones that would be more fun, rather than just buying size for the sake of size. And with that, we got to the vibrators.

They had lots, and lots, of vibrators. I gave her a lesson. “So, you have the realistic ones” (pointing at the rubberized ones that looked like a realistic cock), “the big ones” (more of the 3″ diameter models), “and more of your standard type.” These were the regular smooth plastic vibrators we all know and love. “You also have this ‘rabbit’ type. I haven’t used one of these with anyone, but this part goes inside, and this part is supposed to tickle your clit. Supposedly it’s great. I think it was featured on Oprah or something.”

Chatelle burst out laughing, then looked around self-consciously. “Oprah? No way.”

“That’s what I read. Like I say, I’ve never really seen one used.” I pointed at some with cords. “But you definitely want battery powered, and waterproof in case you want to take it in the shower.” She agreed on that.

“I’ve always thought the realistic ones were kind of creepy looking,” I remarked, “and if you ever think you might play with it with your boyfriend, well, most straight men probably don’t want another thing looking like that,” I pointed to the realistic rubber one, “anywhere near them. I know I don’t.”

“So what would you look for to use it with a guy?”

“Well, for just kind of playing around, any of these standard ones would work. But if you wanted to do some, uh, anal stuff with him, and he’s not used to it, then maybe a little slimmer.” I pointed to some super slim ones. “These are really thin, maybe too thin, there’s actually no point to it. Kind of just like a vibrating finger, you know? You could probably pretty easily use something like this” (I pointed to a 3/4″ diameter model) “and it would be fine. You still need to be gentle, and use lots of lube to make it really slippery, but that’s do-able. Now, for you, you could probably go a little bit bigger.” I pointed to a silver model, waterproof, maybe an inch or more in diameter, and longer than the other one. “What do you think of this?”

“It’s a little longer than most guys, at least the ones I know.”

“You don’t have put the whole thing in, you know. Some has to be sticking out. Besides, you may not want it inside all the time anyway.”

“Really? Isn’t that the point?”

“Kind of, but the vibration is really the point, along with that. On the outside, just holding it there, maybe even with clothes on. Sometimes right on your clit, or all around, or sometimes inside. There are a lot of possibilities.”

“And you’ve tried them all?”

“Look, it’s not just a solo thing, it’s just another sex toy. So yeah, I’ve used them a few different times, with different people.”

We looked at a few more things, including the g-spot vibrators that she thought looked a little weird, and butterfly vibrators just designed to strap around the front. I told her I had heard these were supposed to be really good and intense, but definitely not the traditional vibrator. Finally, she asked me my advice.

“OK, since I’m slot oyna buying, and I’m cheap, here’s what I would do. I’d get two basic vibrators, one a little bigger and one a little smaller. Like that silver one and this pink one. You can try them, see how big you like, you can use them on Tom, or if you get together with that friend of yours, you’ll have a couple of options. And it leaves more to come back for if you really get into it.”

She thought for just a second. “OK, I’m in your hands. That sounds fine, whatever you think.”

Great! We grabbed the two vibrators, and I also grabbed a bottle of lube as we paid. Chantelle asked me about it as we left.

“Do you really think we need that? I’ve never had a problem with being wet.”

“Do you get, uh, wet pretty fast?”

“I guess, although I’ve never done a comparison to anyone. Once I’m going though, I’m good until I’m done!”

“Well, think of it as a safety blanket, or if you are in a hurry. But also, if you do end up wanting to use it on Tom, you’ll need it. Actually, I suppose it would be ‘in’ Tom, not just ‘on.'” She laughed.

“Do you really think I should try that with him?” We got into the car.

“Well, does he have any interest? Not all guys like anal, but some do. You said you’d done it with your old boyfriend once, right? Haven’t you done it with Tom as part of your housewarming? Or has Tom ever poked around back there, at least? Any clues if he might be interested?”

“Well, he used his finger once or twice, and sometimes I do play with his butt a little when I’m going down on him. I like it and he doesn’t last long once I start rubbing.”

“Then I think it might be worth a try. Start with a finger, see if he likes it, and then you’ll know if he’s ready for the vibrator sometime later. I have to admit, I like being done with a vibrator that way. Not every time I have sex, but when I’m in the mood.”

“I remember you told me about doing that guy in high school. Is it like that?”

“I dunno, it’s not another guy, it’s with a girl, and the vibrator is more fun. More comfortable, maybe? Or maybe it’s just experience.”

I had another thought. “Actually, you might want to try it yourself that way. You remember my old friend I told you about who told me all about her shower massage? I bought her a vibrator too one time. After I got it for her, she’d tell me about using it, including using it anally. I’d ask in the morning if she used her new toy, and she’d say yes, and then I’d ask how she used it, in the front or back, and she always said both. She really liked it. But she was funny – she told me she’d never have anal sex with a guy. She said she never knew why guys always wanted it that way. She just didn’t want to. She said it would just be too different from smooth plastic vs. what she thought a real guy would be like. And she really did like the vibrator that way!”

“She doesn’t know what she missed. But I guess she was happy with the present, at least.”

“Yes, she was. One of the most exciting gifts I ever gave. You’ll like it too, I’m sure. “

“I sure hope so, after all this.”

We drove along for a while. Then Chantelle said,

“You know, I am a little nervous. I’ve never used this before. What do I need to know?”

I tried not to laugh at her. “What’s there to know? It vibrates, it’s long and thin and smooth and will be slippery… It’s going to be pretty self explanatory. But we have some time before we get home, so maybe you should get it out and make sure you know how to use it.”

She got the two vibrators out of the bag and took them out of their packaging. Then she turned the dial way up on the first one, and when it buzzed, she jumped and almost dropped it. I laughed.

“Careful, it might bite!”

“Shut up! I just wasn’t ready for it.”

“Uh huh. Turn it down and try it again.” She turned the dial a little more slowly. “Depending on how you feel, you might want it faster, or slower, at different times. You’ll need to experiment.”

“But… should I just keep it on the whole time? Or only turn it on once it’s in? How do most people do it?”

“Look, it’s not like there’s a right answer! And not being a girl, I really don’t know. There’s not a wrong way, it’s whatever feels good. Just wash it when you’re done.” After looking really interested in the store, she still looked dubious. “You really do seem a little nervous about this though. What’s the matter? “

“I don’t know, it’s just different.”

“Than your hand? Or someone’s fingers? It’s the same, just better.” Then I had an inspiration. If I was going to make a move to do more than fantasize, this had to be the moment to try. “But, you know, if you are really still worried, maybe I could, um, that is, I’d be happy to try to help.” I blushed, but tried to put on my cutest grin. “I could demonstrate, or maybe not exactly demonstrate, but I could help show you how to use it. I’m not trying to move in on Tom, but I know he’s away, and I canlı casino siteleri have some experience here, and I could help out, just as a friend. After all, you let me buy it, so it could be like an in-home demonstration. I could help, just clinically, you know. Really, I’d be happy to.”

I was blushing and my heart was pounding as I stammered out my offer. Chantelle just kind of looked me for a second. Then she got just a small smile and said “Have you been trying to set me up all this time?”

“Oh, God, no, I would never, I mean, we always just talk and stuff, I’d never try to do anything I shouldn’t, I know it’s a little different, but kind of like friends with benefits, I just thought it would be fun and you were a little worried and stuff…”

She burst out laughing. “It’s OK, you goof, I was just yanking your chain. I thought you’d never ask. I’d love your help. I’ve been sitting here, not saying anything, just figuring you didn’t want to cheat.”

Damn. It was that easy? She was a very special girl.

“Well it’s not really cheating, we’re not going to have sex, it’s, uh, I’m just helping you learn something you can’t get at home. And it’s not something I’m doing at home either.”

“Teaching about vibrators, you mean?”

“Yeah, I’m not running around doing that, I’m covered at home. And you’re going to be leaving soon and I won’t see you for a really long time. If it’s not something I can do at home, doesn’t that make it a little different? And I’m just a helpful kind of guy. Like a class. Just kind of a hands-on class.”

“Oh, so it’s just a student-teacher thing?”

Better not make it too clinical. “Well, OK, you know I like you a lot, we get along really well. And I haven’t said it, but I’ve always thought you were really pretty. I’m really, um, excited, here. I would love to do this. I wouldn’t do it with just anyone! There hasn’t been a chance for us to ever do anything like this. But this could be really good.” I wasn’t sure if I was pleading, or trying to explain myself. “But I have to say, student-teacher relations can be very interesting. I’ll probably have to give a lot of lessons, and give you a lot of quizzes to see if you pass. I’ll need to give you a grade, things like that. So far you have an “A” for interest.”

“Hmm.” She thought. “I never thought I’d look forward to being tested, but it could be fun. OK, it’s a deal. We’ll have some “class time” and you can help me with this.”

Oh, baby.

I asked Chantelle to swing me by my place so I could freshen up. No one was home, so I ran in, changed and showered in record time. I met her back at work in my car, and as we dropped off what we had to there, there was a definite tension to our flirting that hadn’t been there before. As we were unloading, when we were out of sight of everyone else, I went out of my way to brush up close to her in tight spaces, and I reached over and gave her a little caress on her cheek a couple of times. She responded with little jiggles back against me (there was no doubt she felt a lump in my pants a couple of times), and with a few shivers. As we were finishing up, I asked her if she thought she was almost ready. She reddened and said, “I think I’m very ready.”

When we arrived at her room, I tried to figure out just how much role-playing we were going to do with this. “You know, since my job here is as a teacher, how about we treat your room like my office, at least to start. That way I can teach you everything you need to know and I’ll be sure we don’t miss anything.”

“OK,” she said. “How should we start? I could really use a shower.”

“That’ll work. How about a quick shower, and then report to my classroom for your extra study session.” I said, gesturing around the room. Pointing toward the bed, I said “I’ll probably be working at my desk over here. I’ll get things ready while you’re in there. Just wear your towel. Remember that I’m your teacher, though. I might need to ask you some questions, and you’ll need to do your best to answer to earn a decent grade.”

“Questions?” she asked.

“Yes, you know, to teach you, I need to know what you already know. I want to build off where you are already.

I got the room ready while Chantelle went in the bathroom to shower. I drew the curtains, although we had plenty of light to see (I really wanted to see what I was doing), and turned down the bed. I put the vibrators on the side table, along with the bottle of lube, and pulled my “office chair” up to the side of my “desk.” I kept on my shorts and shirt, but got rid of my shoes and socks. Then I waited.

After a minute the shower stopped, and a couple of minutes later Chantelle opened the door and asked “Are you ready for me now, Mr. Jackson?”

“Come on in!” Chantelle stepped out wearing her towel wrapped around her. “Hi Chantelle, glad you made it for your study session. It’s much easier to answer questions when you can get some individual attention. Here, have a seat at my desk.” I motioned for her to sit on the bed.

“So, let me be sure I understand where you are in terms of background for your extra work this afternoon. I understand that you’ve never used a vibrator before, and you are a little bit nervous about it.”

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