Teaching Mom About Orgasm Ch. 03


Reading chapters 1 and 2 is imperative to understanding the context.


“I know you’re tired, especially after that great orgasm. I’m going to stay up. I have GOT to watch your video. I can’t wait to see all you did after hearing it. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Sleep sweet, darling. I love you.”

“Good night, mom. I love you too.”

Tired as I was, I thought about staying on the phone so I could listen to her as she watched my video. I was sure she would be masturbating and I wanted to hear it … again. I decided to give her the alone time to react to it as she wanted. She would be seeing my cock for the first time since I was a kid. And it would be my erect, man-size cock. She would see me stroking it and she would see me ejaculate, spurting my cum all over her panties and the picture of her pussy. I was sure it would turn her on, but I was content to wait till tomorrow. I put her panties in a baggie to preserve the wetness. I took a picture of her picture with my cum all over her pussy lips. I climbed into bed and just before I fell asleep I thought, “I just masturbated on the phone with my 64 year old mother.”

I woke up around 9 to the sounds and smells of a beautiful southern summer day. My bedroom window was open. I could feel the gentle wafting of a warm breeze. Outside I could hear the staccato sounds of my neighbor’s lawn mower. I love the aroma of newly cut grass. Any other time, I would have taken a shower, gotten a cup of coffee and sat out on my balcony and just let my senses roam over the landscape. But this wasn’t any other time.’ I had things to attend to. Rather, I had someone to attend to – my Mother.

I sat down at my computer and opened my email. I had about 24 messages, but only one caught my immediate attention. I opened it. It said,

“Rick, baby Call me when you get up. We HAVE to talk! Oh, do we have to talk!

Love you, Mom oooxxxOOO”

I guessed the little o’s and x’s were hugs and kisses. But the big O’s? Then it dawned on me. They were big O’s, Orgasms. Whatever she wanted to talk about was going to be VERY good.

I responded back to her:

“Mornin Mom, I’m up. Gonna take a shower. Will call when I get out.” Love you too, All those x’s, o’s, O’s back HR”

I wondered if she would figure out that “HR” was Horny Rick.

I gathered up my clothes and clean underwear and headed for the shower when my computer beeped at me with a new email. I looked at the screen. It was from mom again.

“Baby, don’t bother calling. Just come on over. And hurry. I’m about to explode.”

I’m wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but I had an idea and I wasn’t going to waste any time. I hopped in the shower when it was still cold. Didn’t matter. I was hot enough.

When I got out and dressed, I noticed my cell phone vibrating on my dresser. It was a voice mail from Phil Carter, one of my co-workers. The Brits wanted a conference call in an hour. SHIT! I emailed mom that I had to go to work for a while. She replied back, “Darn. Well at least come over for a cup of coffee. What we have to talk about can keep for a while. Although, I’m percolating faster than the coffee. See you in a few. Oh, BTW, don’t forget my panties.” I put them in my pocket and headed out the bursa escort door.

When I got over there, I let myself in. The security alarm beeped letting her know I had arrived.

“I’m in the kitchen sweetheart”, she called to me. I walked into the kitchen. She was standing at the counter pouring herself and me some coffee. She was wearing a light summer dress and looked radiant. She had just the faint hint of red lipstick on, a little darker than she normally wears. She handed me my coffee, and said “Sit down, baby. Let’s talk for a minute before you have to go.” Something about her was different. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. We sat and sipped our coffee and chatted as mothers and sons typically do. Of course, we weren’t typical any more. Finally, I said, “Mom, what did you want to talk about?”

She smiled an said, “It’ll keep till you get back, barely.” She gave that wry, knowing smile and winked at me. “You probably better get going.”

I finished my coffee and got up to leave. She walked me to the door. “Do you have my panties?” she asked. I pulled them from my pocket and handed them to her. She kissed me, a little harder than normal. I could even feel her lips open slightly. She tasted wonderful. I thought I could hear a slight moan. Just as I was about to walk out, she said, “By the way, you have a gorgeous cock, horny Rick” She blew me a kiss and closed the door. Damn, I wish I didn’t have to go to work.

It only took a few minutes to get there. Just as I stopped the car in the parking lot, my phone went off. It was a text from Mom. It said, “have them on.” She was now wearing the panties I came in last night. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate with that thought running in my head. I entered the building and got in the elevator to go to Phil’s third floor office. Half way up my phone went off again. “luv ur cum.” My cock was getting hard. How am I going to hide this? The elevator let me out on the third floor. My office was on the fourth floor. I decided to take the stairs to grab something like a notebook or manila folder or anything to cover this up. I grabbed a set of prints and headed for Phil’s office.

We dialed the British Defense Agency and got their lead contract engineer on the line. He started asking his questions when my phone went off again. It said, “i just came … so good.” I don’t remember a damn thing that was said after that. I hope I didn’t give away any national secrets.

When the meeting was over, I bounded down the stairs, three at a time, to get to my car. I texted Mom. “on my way.” Halfway there I got a call from her. “Hi Mom”, I answered.

“Hey, baby. When you get here, just come on up to my bedroom.”

“Ok.” I pressed down on the accelerator a little more.

When I got there, I let myself in and walked up the stairs to Mom’s bedroom. The door was open. She was sitting up in bed in a light blue baby doll peignoir, her large breasts barely contained by the nightie. I could just make out her nipples. Her right leg was straight and her left leg bent at the knee exposing her thigh all the way up. “Our” yellow panties lay on the floor beside the bed. They were spread out with the crotch exposed. They looked stained with the combined fluids of both our orgasms.

“Do bursa escort bayan you like my nightie, baby?”

“It’s beautiful, Mom. You look so sexy in it.”

“Thank you. I bought it for you. I was hoping you’d be pleased.”

She began rocking her leg back and forth, opening and closing her thighs.

“Are you going to give your sexy mother a kiss?”

I bent to kiss her. Our lips touched. Her mouth was slightly open. I could feel her tongue just touch my lips. As we broke she said, “You are a fantastic kisser. I could get used to that.”

She touched my thigh and rubbed it lightly. Then she said, “Last night when we were masturbating, just as you came, you said that you wished you could really cum on my cunt.”

“I remember saying that. And yes, it’s true.”

“Good. Because I want the same thing. In fact, last night as I was watching your video, that’s what I was thinking. That I wanted you to cum on my pussy. When I saw your cum spurt on my panties and my picture I cried out, ‘Oh yes, baby, cum on my cunt, Cum on mom’s pussy.’ I imagined you spurting all over my lips. As I climaxed I thought of myself rubbing your cum all over my clit. It was an earth shaking orgasm. I watched it again and came even harder the second time. I think I might even have passed out briefly it was so strong. And then today, I put on my, I mean our, cum filled panties. I can’t begin to tell you what it felt like to have your semen pressed against my swollen lips. That’s when I texted you that I was wearing them. Then I played the video again. I climaxed as you spurted, feeling your cum on my pussy through my panties. That’s when I texted you that I came.”

I picked up the panties and sniffed them, smelling her cum and mine mixed together. I quickly stripped down to my underwear. She grabbed the waistband and pulled them down freeing my rock hard cock.

“Baby, your penis is even more beautiful in person”, she said. “Stroke it for me, just like on your video.”

I wrapped my hand around my cock and started pumping it, all the while breathing deeply of her womanly scent.

“You look sexy sniffing my panties and masturbating.”

The leg that was rocking back and forth stopped rocking and slowly opened completely. I was looking at her bare pussy. The lips beginning to open seductively. This was my first glimpse of her pussy in person. They were plump and swollen and wet. It was even more beautiful than the pictures. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. I saw mom’s fingers go down to her pussy. She stroked her lips lightly up and down.

“stroke your cock with my panties”, she said.

I wrapped the material around my cock and stroked faster. Her fingers slipped inside and she caressed her clit. She moaned as she watched me and masturbated.

“I’m gonna cum soon”, she said breathing hard. Her fingers made faster and faster circles on her clit.

“Mom, if I don’t stop soon, I’m gonna cum in your panties again.”

“No, I want you to cum on my cunt.”

I climbed on the bed between her legs, still holding her panties. She reached down and spread her lips apart. “Cum on my pussy baby, right on my clit.”

Between the scent from her panties and the real woman scent of arousal in front of me, I couldn’t hold escort bursa back. “OH MOM, I’M CUMMING!” I growled loudly as my cock erupted, spurting thick ropes of cum all over my mother’s pussy.

“OH GOD, I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM! I CAN FEEL IT SPURTING ON MY CLIT.” She started rubbing her cunt frantically, even before I finished. The last few spurts landing on the back of her hand. “I’M CUMMING TOO!” She thrust her hips up and her head back as the powerful orgasm overtook her. “OH, OH, OH, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”, she cried as a second one crashed over the first.

As we came back to earth, I looked at her. She was absolutely radiant, basking in that post-orgasmic glow. Her pussy was drenched in my cum. She continued to spread it lightly over her lips. Finally she said, “I love your cum.”

We cleaned up, re-dressed and went into the kitchen for coffee. We talked and giggled like a couple of puppy love teens. We kissed and held hands and touched each other, but not sexually. Later that day, we masturbated for each other again.

For the next couple months we masturbated for each other often. She frequently gave me her panties to sniff and cum in, particularly if I was going on a business trip.

One time when I was over there, she said she wanted to watch me cum in her panties. She held her panties near the end of my cock as I started pumping.

“That’s it baby, stroke that beautiful cock. Fill my panties with your cum. I want to see you ejaculate in them.”

Here was my mother watching me and urging me to cum in her panties. I couldn’t hold it. My cock started to spurt … gobs of semen filling the crotch.

“That looks so hot”, she said. “I can actually feel the spurts. I love watching you cum in my panties.”

When I finished she carefully stepped into them, pressing the soaked material into her cunt. “Hmmmm, I love the feel of your warm cum.” And then she came.

During all this time that we masturbated together, we never touched each other. I came all over her, her pussy, her nipples, even her face (which I didn’t care for but she wanted to try it). She liked it all but said her pussy was her favorite because that’s where cum belonged. I didn’t try to touch her because she was still my mother and I never presumed I had the right to. And she never reached out to touch me. Until …

One day I was over there (we hadn’t done anything that day yet) and she asked me about vibrators. As we sat side by side, I pulled up a popular toy site and started browsing. We looked at rabbit vibrators and I told her popular they were with the buzzing rabbit ears on the clit and rotating beads that stimulated the lips and vaginal entrance. I could tell she was really getting into this.

“I don’t know about the buzzing on my clit. I think that might be too much. To tell you the truth I prefer my fingers … and a little of your lubrication”, she said and squeezed my thigh.

“Well, how about a plain dildo?”, I suggested and pulled up a page of penis-shaped dongs. That got her interest. We went through several pages of dildos in all shapes and sizes. She was getting visibly turned on. Frankly, so was I. My cock was hard inside my shorts.

I felt her hand slowly creep up my thigh. She looked at me and said, “Masturbating with any of these would be wonderful, but in all honesty, baby, I’d rather have yours.” Her hand moved to my crotch. She squeezed me and said, “I’d rather masturbate with your cock.”

Things had just changed.

To be continued …

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