Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 04


As the bell rang my Herbology class strolled in. “Okay people, please sit separately, you have a test today. And I’ve been told that you have to stay for the whole lesson. No one is to leave early.” Collective groans from the class. “Yes, I know how you have been enjoying your early marks but Headmaster Lewis has specifically told me you need to stay for the entire length of this lesson. If you have any questions during the test raise you hand and I will come over to you. It is to be done in silence.” I walked up the rows of chairs and handed out the test papers. “Keep them turned over until the last person has their paper. Lara had chosen a seat at the back of the room. I passed her. “Sorry.” I whispered to her then turned to the rest of the class. “Okay begin.” I grabbed a spare chair at the back of the classroom and sat behind Lara, so I could look down at the students.

Lara had fixed the problem that had arisen last week after class. I didn’t ask her how she did it, and honestly, I didn’t want to know. Julie sat halfway down. I inched my chair closer to Lara’s seat. She was leant over writing her answers. She knew I couldn’t go against the headmaster so she wrote slowly and precisely. I trailed my fingers across her bare shoulder. She shivered involuntarily from my touch. It looked like she wore a handkerchief across her breasts tied by spaghetti strap stings in the back. It sparkled a sapphire blue color. The way she dressed always aroused my senses. Touching her bare skin sent heat waves to my groin. I pulled my hand away and walked back down to my desk.

I leant on the front of it, crossed my arms and looked out at the students bent over their tests. I snapped to attention as someone coughed. My eyes had traveled down do stare at a stain on the floor. And I was remembering the past few weeks with Lara. I looked up and saw Casey; her hand was in the air. She must have coughed to get my attention. I walked over to her. “Yes Casey?” I whispered.

“I’m done. Can I read my book now?” I looked at my watch. Fifteen minutes of class to go. Forty-five had gone already. I nodded and took her test. I placed it in a tray on my desk and cleared my throat.

“Excuse me everyone. There is fifteen minutes left of the class. When you are done raise you hand and I will collect your test. You can read or write or do something until the bell rings but please keep the noise right down because some of you may ataşehir escort bayan use the entire lesson to do the test.” I finished talking and heads swiveled back to their papers. The last fifteen minutes were spent walking back and forth between my desk and students. Finally the bell rang and Lara and Cody brought their papers down to my desk and put them on the pile. Lara pretended to drop some of the contents of her bag when Cody was halfway to the door so she could stay. I followed Cody to the door and locked it when he was out of earshot.

As I reached Lara I gathered her up in my arms and kissed her. My tongue slid into her mouth and explored it. She softened in my arms but I grew harder. I could feel her nipples become hard and press into my chest. She wore tight black pants that showed her curves. I could feel myself pushing into her. Her hands snaked around me to cup my buttocks. I pulled her to my office and locked the door. I undid her top and lowered my head to her breasts suckling and biting gently at them. “Jake.” I barely heard here say my name the first time. My hands traveled to her pants. “Jake.” She pushed me away. I lifted my head and looked into her eyes. Spasms of heat ran through my body. “Jake, I have my period.” My heart sunk. I had been looking forward to having her all day. My face must have shown my disappointment because she smiled at me. “I do have another hole you know.” I looked at her. I had never given anal before.

She slipped her pants off then knelt and positioned herself like last time. Laying her head in her arms in my chair. I pulled her g-string away from her ass. I could see the string from the tampon she wore. Lara then turned. She lowered her mouth onto me. She was lubricating me with her saliva. She pulled away. I could see my pre-cum mixing with her saliva. I was so horny. She turned back around and I slowly slipped into her. She gasped. I guessed this was her first time doing anal as well. I gently pumped slowly in and out of her. She was so tight. I could feel myself coming faster than usual. Her moaning made me even hornier. My moaning joined hers. “Oh, Lara, I’m coming.” She told me to pull out. I did and she put her mouth to me again. She deep throated me. And I shot into her. She swallowed me. And milked me till I had become limp.

Lara stood and tied her top back on. Another bell rang and she turned to me. “I don’t want to go escort kadıöy to class. I want to stay with you.” I looked at her and opened my mouth to speak. “I know you have a class now. I could stay in here. You can tell them that you’re helping me with some work or something. Please Jake.” I looked into her eyes, which I should not have done, because I agreed. Partly because I couldn’t refuse her when she looked at me like she was and partly because of my own selfishness. I wanted to see how many times she could suck me off in the next hour. I unlocked both doors and told her to go out and come in just behind the rest of the class. She left before the class had time to reach the door. She walked around the block of classrooms. The last student closed the door. And a moment later Lara knocked on it.

“Come in.” The class turned. “Ah, Lara. Yes, come in. go wait in my office. I’ll be there soon to help.” I turned to my class seated in front of me. “There is a test so you all have to sit apart.” I handed out their papers. “I will be tutoring Lara in my office so we do not disturb you. I will come back out every ten minutes or so to check on you all. If anyone needs me for a question, just skip it and put your hand up when I come out. When you finish, since it is the last lesson of the day put your papers in this tray on my desk and you may go home early.” I handed the last paper out. “Start.” The sound of rustling paper could be heard as I went into my office. “We have to be super quiet Lara.” I whispered to her and she nodded.

I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She turned her head to me and we kissed. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. My hands wandered up to her breasts and I caressed them gently. She laid her head on my shoulder and I kissed her softly on the neck up and down. She covered my hands with her own. I could feel myself growing again. I could feel myself pressing into her from behind. “Oh…” She moaned softly. “Jake, you horny little devil. Naughty thoughts about a student.” She loved to tease me about our relationship. It was only fake teasing but it turned me on more than if she used dirty talk. Our relationship was forbidden on so many levels but we kept it going. I couldn’t hold back when I saw her in class and she was the one who initiated it. She turned and knelt in front of me undoing my pants as she slid down by body.

I shudder as she maltepe escort deep throats me. She wraps her thumb and forefinger around my base and pumps her mouth. Her other hand wanders to my balls and she massages them. This urges me closer, faster than ever. I close my eyes and my head rolls back to face the ceiling. “Oh god, Lara, that feels so good. Don’t stop.” I whisper to her. I hold her head and thrust into her mouth. She matched my pace and I cum into her mouth. She swallows me and stands. I kiss her eyelids and she smiles at me. “I better go check on my class. I’ll be back.” I pull my pants back on and adjust myself.

I walked out into the classroom. The class look up as I shut the door behind me then back to their tests. I looked up at the clock; I had been in my office for twenty minutes. I blushed a bit and I felt my ears heat up. I walked over to my desk and pretended to search though the drawers for something to hide my face. When I was sure I had finished blushing I looked up at the class. They all still sat with their heads over their tests, writing their answers. No one had their hands raised. I nodded and retreated to my office. Lara sat in my chair caressing her own breasts. I wanted her badly but my cock was spent from five minutes earlier. I sat on my desk in front of her and she looked at me. She placed her hands on my upper inner thighs rubbed them gently over me. She slid them up to my belt buckle and undid my pants.

“You’ll get there Jake.” Lara said seeing my limp penis. She bent forward and licked my balls. I shivered. She had found the way to get me up quickly. I saw her watch my cock grow out of the corner of her eye. She pulled my balls into her mouth and sucked on them. She pushed me back onto my table. Her finger then stroked the skin between my balls and ass hole. My cock shot up faster as she sucked and rubbed me. I was so hard when she stopped and sucked me. She then turned and leant into my chair. Her ass cheeks presented themselves; I moved forward and entered here. She moaned. And I pumped myself faster and faster into her. I shot my load into her and kissed her bare back.

I stood and left into the classroom. Thirty minutes that time. The first students got up and brought their papers to my desk and left. I stayed until the last student left. I locked the door. And went back to my office. Lara was dressed. She kissed me deeply and said she had to go. I grabbed her arm and spun her to me. One hand encircled her back and my other went to her breast. I enclosed her mouth in a kiss before she could protest. I probed into her mouth. “Next week I will pay you back for today.” I smiled at her and kissed her again. She nodded and left.

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