Teased Beyond Comprehension Ch. 02

Dildo Fucking

Carolyn knew by the look on her daughter Laura’s face that plenty had happened while she and her husband Jim were gone. She was dying to know the details figuring that whatever happened, both of her son’s cocks had probably exploded like fire hoses given the amount of pent up passion. She wondered if they all ended up in bed taking turns with their sister, filling her from both sides. How naughty!

“Yeah, I’m fine mom,” Laura replied as she looked away from her mother.

Carolyn rubbed her daughter’s shoulders as she looked at her in the mirror. “You just let mommy know if you need anything, ok?”

“Ummm ok mom, I will.”

Jim suggested that he and the kids go see a movie and the kids seemed eager to go. Carolyn was looking forward to a quiet evening by herself to explore her own thoughts. As Jim and the kids were leaving, Laura went into her mom’s room to say a quick good-bye.

“Thanks mom, for suggesting I stay home earlier! I had a good time and needed it just like you said!”

“Oh, my sweet girl, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. You and I need to get together to catch up on that sometime soon!” Carolyn winked suggestively, as she caressed her daughter’s hand.

“By mom — have fun!”

“By sweetie, you and your brothers have a good time!”

Carolyn decided she needed to take a bath. It had been a long hot day and she needed time alone to herself. The thoughts that were going through her mind were starting to drive her a bit over the edge.

As the door shut the thoughts she had been having all day were starting to make her very horny and she needed some relief. She started the bath water running and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. She had at least the next three or four hours to herself and was going to make the best of it.

She walked into the bathroom to get ready in the dimly lit room and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. “Not bad!” she thought to herself. She looked at herself wearing her daughter’s shirt and thought about how naughty she was. Even a straight girl would have a hard time not being turned on by her. Her breasts were so large and she exuded sexuality. She knew that the seduction of her daughter would happen in time, but until that day she planned to tease her to death, ever tightening the grip she already had on her Laura’s fantasy life. “Want to feel your loving mommy, baby? Do you like mommy’s tongue on your nipples — does that feel good? Are mommy’s fingertips engorging your clit? Do you want mommy to fuck you now?”

Borrowing her daughter’s polo shirt was going to pay long term dividends and she knew it. Laura would never wear that shirt again without looking in the mirror and imagining her mother’s body in it. Her fingers would trickle slowly down to her clit at the very thought of it. The orgasms will be often and frequent! “That will keep her going for a few weeks!” Carolyn thought wickedly. “Next time I’ll borrow one of her satin night shirts or maybe some panties and see how much she can take!”

Carolyn stripped and entered the warm bath. The water felt good and she began to relax has her thoughts drifted to her son Jon. She loved her kids so much, but had a special relationship with Jon from as early as she could remember. He was always good natured, funny, smart and athletic and it seemed they practically finished each other’s sentences. Jon loved his mother and she loved him with a special love, even more than Laura and Joe.

During his mid to late teens he became an active part of her fantasy life and when he turned 18, her level of resistance had been reduced to nothing. She wanted him and needed to have him. Carolyn felt her fingers move down to her clit and she started to slowly circle the ever growing center of her sexual being. She thought back to the first time they were together. With the amount of planning she put into it, she could write a book on how to seduce a son, for all the other naughty mommies out there.

She sat under the warm water, slowly rubbing her fingers over her pussy lips and let her mind wander back to that first evening.


Carolyn liked very large, sexual men. She knew that Jon was likely to be one of the largest she would ever know and his personality would be hard driving and full of sexual energy. She thought back to that night and drifted through the torrid memories of not only the seduction, but the looks on her sons face and emotions during the course of that evening. She teased him way beyond what he ever thought he could take!

His face said it all. His internal thoughts of relaxation, questions, embarrassment, inhibitions, tightening, relaxing, tightening, relinquishment, vigorousness, teasing, moaning, teasing, moaning, followed by staring intently into his mother’s eyes, pumping, pulsing, and it culminated with him shooting ropes of cum from his squirting penis all over himself!

It was an extremely cold winter night and Jon had a basketball game. Her husband Jim and the other kids Joe and Laura were bursa escort out of town for the weekend at school event. Jon and Joe recently celebrated their 18th birthday and she had an extra special gift in mind to tempt her beautiful son, Jon.

She had admired his tall athletic physique for awhile and after all the various summer activities, found it increasingly difficult to remove her gaze from him. Her friends always talked about him jokingly telling her they wished they were his age or he was theirs! She worked herself up over a number of months until worshiping his cock for hours was her obsession! She wanted to see Jon writhe and buck while she taunted and teased his huge sensitive dick! She knew of course that it was wrong and from time to time tried to put it out of her mind. It didn’t work.

Then came an evening out drinking with her sister Evelyn, where Evelyn confided to Carolyn the fact that she had slept with Matthew, her own son. Carolyn initially couldn’t believe her ears. Evelyn had seemed satisfied in her marriage, but after swearing Carolyn to secrecy and after having way too many glasses of wine Evelyn confided that she had seduced Matthew into her bed and let him fuck her. She initially thought he would resist so Evelyn used a harmless massage as her means of seduction. Evelyn told her “Believe me Carolyn I never thought it would actually happen. I convinced him to have a massage after working in the yard for a few hours one time when we were alone. After working on his shoulders and neck for awhile Matthew was open to my suggestion to massage his legs too. I was relentless working on him this way. My fingers grazed all his sensitive parts. When he eventually turned over to his front it was obvious that he was open to more. I didn’t give him a chance to have second thoughts as I lifted his penis straight in the air and drizzled about half a bottle of baby oil all over his throbbing cock. He made it through about 25 pumps of my hands and a few incestuous words “that’s it baby, show mommy, squirt it hard for her, show me how you do it, I know your balls are fully, let mommy pump it out!” before he arched his back and exploded and gushed all over everything! I had to wash the bed sheets twice to get them clean!”

This sent Carolyn’s mind into overdrive and set on her mission with no hope of turning back.

The basketball game ended and Jon’s team ended up winning as usual. He had a great game and was feeling pretty good about his performance.

“Well mom, what did you think?”

“I think we have a future NBA star on our hands Jon, nice game!”

“Thanks mom. I should have made a few more shots but their defense was pretty tough. I think I messed up my shoulder with that foul the end of the game.”

“That’s alright honey, I know just the thing to make you feel better, you’ll see!”

Carolyn had prepared for the game for a week in advance. She was ready to spend a lot of quality time with Jon this evening. The car pulled into the garage and the garage door closed behind them. As they entered the house Jon noticed that his mom had cleaned the place up pretty good and complimented her.

“Wow mom, it sure smells nice in here!”

“Thanks honey! It’s not very often that I get compliments on the house so thank you! So dear, it’s getting kind of late. Why don’t you go take a nice hot shower, I’ll lay out some clothes for you then join me in the basement to watch some television and relax. Maybe I can help you with that shoulder too!”

“Ok mom, sounds good.”

Carolyn heard the shower running and she was so excited she could hardly stand it. She had plans to take Jon to levels of pleasure he never even dreamed about. The timing of this night was even more perfect since she knew he had been over at a friend’s house a couple days leading up to the game, so his opportunity to get himself off was practically zero. She knew that a teenage boy with at least 3 days of cum stored up in his balls would provide little resistance. She also knew that his first orgasm would come quickly if she wasn’t careful, so she planned to milk him ever so slowly so he would never forget it. She thought of herself like a torturer in a sense. Only rather than slowly exacting pain on her victim’s nerves, she would be torturing her son’s nerves with more pleasure than he could bear!

She went to her room and changed into nothing but a blue polo shirt and some satin pajama pants. Then she quickly went to her son’s room and laid out the exact same outfit, only in a much bigger size. She wanted Jon to feel one with her in every way and their matching outfits would be just the start. She had purchased the soft silky pajama pants on an internet site. They were expensive, but she knew that as soon as he pulled them over his cock his balls would start to fill involuntarily. Boys just love the feel of soft material on their cocks.

She went from his room down to the basement where she had set up a comfortable chair for him to relax. Carolyn dimmed the lights a bit and turned on a medley bursa escort bayan of soft music in the background she prepared with her iPod and home entertainment system. She made up a special play list for the occasion. Songs included anything she thought would sweeten the mood and wanted to slowly build the tempo throughout the evening.

Carolyn also had set up a hidden home video camera beside some books on a shelf. This had been a last minute addition but the more she thought of it, she loved the idea! “You have to love technology these days” she thought. She wanted to remember this night. She wanted to watch herself torturing her son’s cock into oblivion while she masturbated over and over. And she would get herself off to it a thousand times if she pulled it off the way she planned! “A four-hour memory card should be just enough!” she giggled to herself.

She heard Jon turn off the shower and sat on the couch in the basement waiting for him. A few minutes later she heard a door open and Jon came down stairs. She could tell he was obviously trying to hide his dick as he walked down the steps since it was probably at least a third of the way hard by now. The satin material was having the desired effect!

“Hey, what’s up mom? You’re dressed in the same clothes as me?”

“I know, I bought a couple outfits for you and liked this one so much I decided we would match tonight. Is that ok with you? I figured that here in the basement together you wouldn’t be embarrassed to look like your old mom!”

“Um, yeah sure mom, that’s fine.”

“Feel comfortable, Jon? I thought this would feel good on you after your game.”

“Yeah, I guess so” Jon replied, as he was trying to turn sideways to hide his thickening erection. Carolyn couldn’t believe the size of his tenting pants, and he was only partially hard. She licked her lips uncontrollably and then quickly turned to walk to the chair.

“I thought I would work a little on that shoulder for you, is that ok? Why don’t you sit here on the chair and let momma work out all the kinks?”

“Ok mom, I mean, it’s really not that bad.”

“Oh, it won’t take long. I think you’ll find your mom’s a pretty good masseuse if given a chance!”

Jon sat in the chair and Carolyn moved up behind him. She had him right where she wanted him standing over her son’s shoulders looking down the front of him at his now very obvious half hard boner. The music was soft, her hands were warm and his mother smelled wonderful.

“Let mommy make you feel good, ok?” she laughed, as if to make a joke.

Carolyn knew that in any other context the term “mommy” wouldn’t fly with a teenager, but as she pushed her son slowly into the world of taboo thoughts, it would not only become acceptable, but he would soon want to fuck his “mommy” more than anything, just like her nephew Matthew fucked her sister! And later she would send shock waves of incestuous pleasure through his sexually depraved mind as she reminded him just whose hands were jacking him off! His loving hot cock hungry “mommy” who wants him to pump out a huge thick load for her!

Jon immediately reacted to Carolyn’s hands. She kneaded the soft collar of his polo shirt into his shoulders and neck. She leaned down and whispered softly into his ear “just close your eyes dear and relax.”

She slowly massaged her son’s neck, up the back of his head, then back down. She continued for about 5 minutes and then reached down and slowly undid all 5 buttons of his polo, caressing her hands down his chest through the opening and back up. A tip to all mommy’s out there. If you want to get your son’s dick throbbing without being too obvious, put a good dose of perfume on, and then let him very slowly feel your hands, finger tips and breath all over his open neckline and collar bones. You can do it under the guise of a massage, but as Carolyn new, it sends all those little teenage boy passions rushing to their throbbing private parts very quickly! The same thing can be done through his calves or thighs, but it’s a bit more obvious!

Jon moaned “That feels good mom! Wow, your hands really feel great!”

“Well honey, what’s a mommy for if she can’t get her son back in shape! Just relax and let mommy work on you, ok?”

“Ok mom,” Jon stuttered as with his eyes closed, he involuntarily thrust his cock straight up. He was now fully tenting his satin pajama pants, and he was lost in the feeling of his mom’s touch and the smooth satin was working its own magic all over his legs, balls and cock every time he moved. He was in heaven.

Carolyn worked and worked on Jon’s shoulder, back up to his neck, then to the other shoulder, and back. Jon was in heaven, as the upper part of his body was fully relaxed. His mind was full of his loving mother, he couldn’t help it. Her hot body with those huge breasts in that sexy little outfit working on him like a professional masseuse was conjuring up all sorts of incestuous thoughts. Her plunging cleavage was open to view in her fully unbuttoned polo shirt which escort bursa was driving him crazy. He had seen his mother from time to time in a shirt without a bra on, but this was almost more than he could bear. Her nipples were poking through her shirt like half-dollar sized acorns. He tried to look away, but found himself licking his lips. Carolyn grinned and did nothing to hide his view. The music, soft lights and the sweet smell of his mother were so relaxing. He was quickly being moved from the idea of “mom and son spending an evening together” to wanting to eagerly mother fuck his sexy hot mommy! He couldn’t deny it. He wanted to fuck her tonight in the worst way! He didn’t want to make any moves too quickly though, since he wasn’t sure and thought he would scare her away. Maybe she was just being a loving mom who pushed it a little far, who knows. From time to time, he could feel her breasts bump the back of his head as she worked his neck. “Mommy smells and feels so good tonight!” he thought.

Carolyn’s hands worked magic on Jon’s muscles and soon he was free from pain and quickly getting excited. “Time for phase 2 and we’re just getting started” Carolyn thought. She was already dripping between her legs with thoughts of what was to come.

“I bought you another present, honey! Do you want to see?”

“um..uh..sure, mom” John said as he came back to reality. He quickly realized that his mammoth cock was towering up in front of him, so he quickly adjusted himself.

“Oh, don’t worry about that baby it’s perfectly natural for a young man your age. I see you’re built like your dad except that you’re a lot bigger. Please don’t be embarrassed.”


Jon was very embarrassed, but horny at the same time.

Carolyn hard the hardest time taking her eyes off her son’s cock. She had worked every nerve ending in his neck and shoulders watching his sturdy throbbing pole as blood rushed to fill the bulging head. She knew it was only a matter of time before she fucked him, but she wasn’t sure if it would come close to fitting inside of her. Oh how she wanted him! Her thoughts quickly moved back to the work at hand.

“Hang on a second honey momma’s going to show you something fun!”

Jon watched as his mom walked over to a red duffel bag just beside the sofa. Her enormous breasts where huge as her sexy body moved quickly and bent over the bag. He could see the outline of her bottom through her satin pants as she bent forward along with a good portion of her lower back as she leaned over. Her bottom was full and round like a middle aged mother’s. How sexy she looked. How much he wanted to pump her from behind. He tried to gather himself as he looked away.

Carolyn brought a massager out of the bag and plugged it into an extension cord, then into the wall. She walked back behind Jon and with the machine just behind his head and flicked the switch on low.

“I hope this is ok with you. Your dad likes a massage once in awhile and really likes the massager I got him. I thought you might like to try it too so I bought this one for you. It’s pretty good on sore muscles and I though you could take it with you to college this fall just in case you needed it. Doesn’t that sound good?”

Jon was in shock with anticipation of what the machine would feel like. He could hear it softly vibrating behind him and his mom spoke slowly, let him drink in the anticipation of it. His huge cock was pointing straight up again and started to leak. This was going to be indescribable and Carolyn was now in full control.

Slowly Carolyn spread the collar of his shirt to his collar bones touching his skin softly along the way. She was drinking in her son’s anticipation as she watched his cock bob visibly. “Every nerve in a young boy’s body ultimately runs down to his throbbing balls!” she thought.

“Ok honey, here we go! Let’s see how this feels on your neck and shoulders first!”

Carolyn touched the machine to Jon’s shoulder and neck and he visibly winced with pleasure.

“Good for you baby?”

“uh uh….huh…!” Jon managed to utter as Carolyn rolled the machine from one shoulder to the other, then up and down his spine.

“Momma’s going to take care of you like a professional, don’t you worry! And I’m in no hurry at all, so just close your eyes, relax and let your mommy make you feel all better!”

Jon closed his eyes and involuntarily lifted his ass off the chair as his penis throbbed. Carolyn was working him over and over, up his back, all over the shirt and inside his open neck line. Jon was in heaven, thinking of his heavy-busted sexy mother working away at him. Over and over she worked him with the machine, varying the speed and changing attachments from time to time.

Carolyn fitted the massager with a small cup like attachment and turned it back on again. She whispered in his ear as the music softly played. “Mommy likes to make you feel good, honey, I hope that’s ok with you! You’re momma’s big boy and she wants to show you something!” She moved the machine slowly down his chest outside his shirt and slowly circled the nipple on Jon’s chest. She thought she heard him whimper a little with excitement, so she touched the tip of the attachment to his sensitive nipple sticking through his shirt.

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