Tempted Moms Ch. 01: Yoga Mom


All characters are purely fictional. All parties in the story are18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank whoredinarygirl and kjplotts for taking the time to review my story


As Logan spied into the sunlit room, he softly gasped. Standing inside was his attractive mother, Ava, bent forward, touching the floor with her hands and flaunting her firm, sexy ass to his young 18-year-old ogling eyes.

Oh my god… Logan thought as her long, midnight hair swept across the floor while her glistening black yoga pants hugged her body so tightly the fabric creased into her ass cheeks, accentuating her wonderful bum and he couldn’t resist the urge to rub his hardening dick against his jeans.

“Holy fuck…” he mumbled under a whispered breath, as his mother slowly went down on all fours and put her body into a cow pose – sinking her tummy to the floor as her chest and ass raised to the ceiling. Then, still on all fours, she lowered her chest and rear while arching her back.

For the first time, Logan’s mind filled with unspeakable sexual desires as his mother went back and forth between the two positions, making it appear as if her round, sexy fanny was flirtatiously dancing just for him. Unable to control his building urge any longer, he cautiously went to unzip his pants in hopes of releasing his solid cock that was painfully confined.

However, as he shifted his weight, a board slowly squeaked, sending him scurrying off before his mother became aware of his presence.

Ava chuckled to herself. Unbeknownst to her son, she planned for him to see her and was watching him from a mirror as she flaunted her body. Her heartbeat raced as she dared to seductively toy with her son and felt her pussy suddenly moisten when he rubbed his hand over his groin. Then when she noticed him unzipping his pants, her eyes widened, she was not sure what she should do and was thankful when he dashed off.

Logan raced through the dining room and down the hallway of their ranch-style house just as Ava snuck her head around the corner in time to see him closing his door.

Ava heard Logan locking his door and the door that connected their shared bathroom and thought back to the conversation she had earlier with her friend over the phone.

“You know Marge I’ve been feeling so depressed. Chris hasn’t touched me in months and hardly pays any attention to me anymore. I can’t help but ask myself if this is how my marriage will be from now on.”

“You know Ava, I felt that same way a while ago. That is until the day I caught Jacob watching me while I danced around washing the floor. I don’t know why but it excited me knowing I was still able to draw an 18-year-old’s eye. So since that day, I find myself making little flirtatious moves around him.”

“Margery, you didn’t! Not with your son?”

“Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Knowing that I was exciting him did something to me.”

“Well, I don’t know if I could do something like that with Logan. Besides, he’s never made any attempt to check out his old mother before.”

“Listen Ava… You’re not old, and you won’t know unless you try. And don’t let it bother you that he’s your son. It’s just some harmless flirting to get your blood flowing again.”

“I don’t know Marge. I’ll have to think it over. Thanks for the advice though.”

“Okay dear, I’ll call you tomorrow and see how you’re doing.”

“Okay, bye.”

Logan crashed on his bed and sighed before closing his eyes and recapping his mother’s sultry figure in his mind as she stretched and twisted her body. His hand reached into his jeans and clutched at his hard cock as her marvelous ass danced in his head.

Softly he murmured, “Oh fuck, you’re so hot, Mom,” and pulled down his pants. Grasping his steel pole, he jerked off to his mother’s seductive image until he climaxed diligently, spraying his jism all over the place.

“Wow I came so hard,” he said to himself as he rose up and cleaned himself off.

Meanwhile, Ava was pondering over how aroused her son got and it excited her in a way that she hasn’t felt in a very long time. Sitting on her knees, she bit a nail and smiled as her other hand brush lightly across her moistening mound.

Oh my God, I’m getting so horny, she thought and pressed her hand tight against her pussy, just as her cell phone rang.

Ava stood up and grabbed her phone she placed on an end table. Plopping on the sofa she said, “Hello.”

“So how are you feeling today?”

“Oh, hi Margery. Well, I took your advice, and I have to admit that you were right.”

“Oh… So you got your son’s attention. Did he?”

“Sorry Marge I have to go. I hear Logan opening his door. I’ll call you later.”

“Um. Mom.” Logan said as he glanced over his mother’s sexy figure once more. “I’m going over to a friend’s house for a couple of hours.”

“Oh… I didn’t hear you come home, honey. Did you finish your homework?”

Logan’s mouth watered as he fixated on her lush breast pressing tuzla escort firmly into the skin-tight outfit and croaked, “Yeah. Sorry, I just hurried past you and did it.”

“Okay, just don’t be late for supper.”

“I won’t,” Logan quickly replied, feeling his dick once again getting stiff and ran out the door.

Ava smirked as she admired her son from the window running down the street then she turned and headed to the bathroom.

Turning on the water, she undressed as the room filled with a warm mist. Ava then stepped into the hot shower and closed her eyes, letting the water cover all over her body while her mind reflected back to her son and how he responded to her seductive actions. Ava rested her back on the shower wall. Her right hand slowly dipped down to her pussy and lightly tickled it while her left hand softly caressed her hard nipples.

Her excitement grew as her mind pictured her young son’s hand rubbing his stiff cock against his pants, and it caused her hand to quicken its pace across her folds. Her body trembled as her climax heightened. Her finger found her clit just as she pictured her son unzipping his trousers. She was just about to come when from the bedroom, she heard, “Honey, I’m home.”

Ava stopped and opened her eyes and responded, “I’ll be right out, dear.”

Still horny she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Quickly drying herself off, she greeted her husband in their bedroom nude.

“Hey honey,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her naked body next to his.

“Hey, you’re getting me wet,” Chris said and pulled her off him.

“We can fix that,” Ava replied and started to unbutton his shirt.

“What are you doing?” Chris said and grabbed her hands.

“Logan’s over at his friends. I figured we could fool around,” Ava said before kissing her husband’s neck.

Chris grabbed her shoulders, pushed her back and said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m still stressed from work and also hungry.”

Ava frowned and turned away saying, “I’ll dress and make dinner then.”

Logan knocked on his friend’s door and gulped when his friend’s mom answered, wearing a low-cut black tee shirt that pushed out her heavy breast.

“Is… Is Jacob here?” He said, fighting back the sudden urge to reach out and grab her tits in his hands.

Margery, Jacob’s mother, chuckled, “Yes, Jacob’s up in his room. Come in.”

Logan stepped inside as Margery turned and yelled to her son. “Jacob. Logan’s here.”

Logan’s eyes drifted down Margery’s body, and his dick stiffened when he noticed her round, firm rear.

“I swear that boy is deaf sometimes,” Margery said and went to the bottom of the step and yelled once more.

Without getting a reply Margery said, “Logan, just go up already.”

“Thanks,” Logan replied and dashed up the stairs. With a quick knock, he opened the door to see his friend sitting on his bed with a pair of ear buds in and jacking off.

Jacob quickly stopped, pulled the ear buds off and stood up yelling, “Hey, what the fuck dude!”

“Sorry man. Didn’t you hear your mom yell I was here?”

“No, I didn’t,” Jacob bolstered and blushed as he tucked his dick back into his pants and zipped up.

“I got caught up listening to this CD I found. Here, have a listen,” Jacob said as he handed Logan the ear buds.

Logan listened and shouted, “Holy Fuck!” as his ears filled with the sound of a woman moaning loudly and groaning, ‘Fuck me. Fuck me harder!’

“Where the hell did you find it?”

“In my mom’s closet,” Jacob said as Logan handed him the ear buds.

“I was going to make a copy and return it. However, I didn’t get a chance yet.”

“Oh. Well I wouldn’t wait too long. What if she finds it missing?”

“Nah. It was in a box tucked away in the back of her closet,” Jacob said as he sat on his bed.

“Dude, what were you doing in her closet?”

Jacob went and locked his door. Turning back he whispered, “Listen, this is between you and me.”

“Oh, okay?” Logan said.

“I… I was hiding in there to try to see her naked when she got out of the shower the other day.”

“Holy fuck dude! That’s your mom!”

“Yea I know, shh… I don’t know why, but over the past couple of weeks, I think she’s been flirting and wearing sexy clothes for me.”

“Yea. You might be right about that. The shirt she’s wearing now does show off her chest a lot.”

“Well. then you see what I mean. I just had to see those beautiful tits of hers for myself.”

“I guess I can’t blame you. Besides, I had a similar situation today with my own mother.”

“No way! What happened?” Jacob said.

“I came home from school and was heading to my room when I noticed mom wearing this skin-tight outfit doing some kind of exercises in the front room. Oh, by the way, you never said if you got to see her tits.”

“Nah. She came out already dressed. So back to your mom. Was that all?”

“Yea, pretty much. However, the moves she did seemed very sexual tuzla escort bayan in nature. They really got to me.”

“Wow, that sounds almost like what mom is doing here except it’s when she’s dancing around cleaning.”

“Hey, you think they’re messing with us?” Logan said.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should test them and see.”

“Dude, it’s our mothers we’re talking about here, not a couple of slutty chicks from school,” Logan replied.

“Well, it was only a suggestion.”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should just wait and see what they do next. I had better split before I’m late for dinner,” Logan replied as he made his way to the door.

“Okay dude. Even so, if something else happens you got to tell me.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later.”

Logan dashed out the door and thought about what Jacob said as he made his way home.

Once there he went into the dining room to see his father already seated and said, “Hi Dad,” as he plopped into his chair.

Ava entered the room and smirked as she watched her son’s eye follow her chest around the table. After being rejected by her husband, she decided to forgo a bra and wear a very tight low cut revealing white top.

Ava bent forward in front of her son as she set the serving plate down on the table and said, “You want a breast?”

“Huh?” Logan replied as he felt his face redden.

“I asked if you wanted a piece of breast meat or a leg,” Ava chuckled as she sat in her chair.

“Oh. I guess the breast,” Logan said.

As they all ate quietly, Logan couldn’t help but gander at his mother’s bosom. The outline of her dark areolas couldn’t hide under the light gripping fabric and her hard nipples jetting outward only made matters worse. He couldn’t help but rub his hard dick under the table as he looked on.

Ava once again felt her pussy moisten as she teased her son and couldn’t help but push a hand between her own legs in an effort to relieve the building sexual urges she was feeling.

“So how was your day, son? Anything exciting happen?” Logan’s father said, snapping both out of their sexual trances.

Logan looked at his mother as she stared back at him and said, “Oh… No. Nothing special.”

“Well I took up yoga today,” Ava replied with a devilish smirk. “But I’m having trouble doing some of the moves.”

“Oh? I didn’t know you were interested in that,” Chris said.

With a stern look, she replied, “Of course not, dear. You don’t know a lot of my needs.” Then glanced at her son and smiled saying, “More breast honey?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Chris said in a loud tone.

“Nothing dear, just enjoy your meal.”

Chris huffed and buried his face in his plate. Stabbing his meat with his fork, he forcefully shoved it in his mouth.

Logan felt the tension building between his mother and father and quickly finished eating and said, “That was good, Mom.”

“Thank you, honey. At least someone appreciates what I do.”

Chris grumbled under his breath as Logan quickly left the table and said, “I’m heading to my room.”

However, as Logan entered his room, he listened from the door as his parents started to talk.

“So, I don’t appreciate what you do?”

“That’s right. I think you take everything I do around here for granted.”

“Oh, so I’m supposed to just compliment you on everything?”

“Once in a while would be nice. And speaking of once in a while, how about some sex?”

“Oh, so that’s it. Because I didn’t want to fuck you earlier.”

“How about you never want to anymore? I have needs also you know.”

“So me being stressed is supposed to take a backseat to your sexual needs.”

“Where are you going?” Logan heard his mother say.

“Out,” his father replied and slammed the door.

Logan sat on his bed and contemplated over what his mother said before laying down and falling asleep.

The next morning Logan noticed his father wasn’t around and asked, “Where’s Dad, Mom?”

“Your father called from the office this morning and said he spent the night there,” Ava replied in a testy tone.

“Oh,” was all Logan could say as he pulled a chair out to sit down.

Logan glanced at his mother and admired her long black velvet robe, and how it dipped low between her breasts as they both sat and ate. However, he was careful not to draw any attention to himself since it was apparent his mother was very upset.

Finally Logan said, “You okay, Mom?”

“Yes honey, I’m fine. You better hurry before you’re late for school.”

“Okay. Mom,” Logan replied as he walked over and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

However, as he bent over to kiss her, his eyes glanced down between the robe opening and caught a peek of her right nipple, which caused his dick to jump in his pants.

Logan backed away slowly and caught his mother looking into his eyes deeply and then smiled saying, “At least you show me some affection.”

Not knowing how to respond to her comment, Logan just quickly said, “I’ll see you after school, escort tuzla Mom,” and dashed off.

Ava watched her son run off and called her friend when she heard the door close.

“Hi Marge,” Ava said in a sniveling voice.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

“Chris left after dinner and never came home last night.”

“What happened?”

“After I talked to you, I took a shower and felt a bit frisky, so I tried to get some attention from Chris when he got home. Well, of course he didn’t want to do anything and that just frustrated me more. So at dinner I wore something a little revealing hoping it would pique his interest.”

“So I take it, it didn’t work.”

“Oh, it did; however, on the wrong person. Logan was practically drooling over me as we ate.”

“See… I told you that you were still attractive.”

“Yes you did say that. Except that only made me more horny and mad at the same time.”

“You… You got horny?”

Ava paused before saying, “Yes,” in a subtle voice.

“Oh Ava. I’m so sorry. If I had known it was that bad, I wouldn’t have suggested flirting with your son.”

“So you didn’t get horny after Jacob watched you?”

“I… I felt different afterward. But not horny.”

“Really, Marge?” Ava said sternly.

“Okay. I guess a little,” Margery said and then replied, “But we’re getting side-tracked here. What made Chris leave?”

“I guess I did. I was so upset with him that after Logan left the table, we spat over how he never touches me anymore. That’s when he left and called me this morning from his office.”

“Ava… Don’t blame yourself. He’s being an ass. Especially if Logan could see how sexy you looked. Something isn’t right here. I hate to say this, but I think Chris might be having an affair.”

Ava teared up and said, “That bastard!”

“Calm down, Ava. I said he might be. We don’t know for sure.”

“I bet you’re right. It’s all making sense now,” Ava said in a huffy tone.

“Listen Ava, getting upset won’t solve anything. Right now, I think you need to just relax and see what he says when he gets home.”

“Okay Marge. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, dear,” Ava heard as she hung up the phone.

Ava’s mind raced with images of her husband screwing some young girl at his office, and it only intensified her anger toward him. However, in her maddening state, her mind then focused on Logan, her loving son.

Remembering how she felt yesterday when Logan watched her, she was compelled to try it again. So just before he was to come home, she changed into her black leotards and waited. Only this time when she peaked out the window and saw him turning the corner, she added some loud up beat music and began her little game.

Logan was on the front porch when he first heard the music piercing through the outside wall and cautiously opened the front door. Slowly, he advanced until he was next to the opening of the room and peeked around to see his mother bent forward with her arms out to her side, bouncing her upper body up and down to the beat. Her ass pushed back as she moved, and it appeared so inviting that he immediately rubbed his right hand across his stiffening dick.

She’s so fucking hot, he thought as her routine changed to her bending forward with her arms out to the side and her swaying from left to right, causing her firm rear to dance from side to side.

Ava watched her son in the mirror, as she moved and felt excited by his presence like before but found herself needing more. Her desire to gaze upon his hard dick once again had taken over her rational frame of mind. So without thinking, she quickly turned and acted startled saying, “Oh Logan… You scared me. What are you doing standing there?”

“Um… Ah… I was… I was just watching you do your um… Workout,” he said as he slowly moved his body into the doorway.

Ava noticed his stiff appendage pressing tightly against his trousers and felt a sudden twinge in her pussy. Her pent-up sexual frustration was getting the best of her, and she brazenly said, “Well, if you’re going to just stand there, you might as well help me. I’m having trouble balancing and stretching to some of the moves.”

Logan set his books down and walked toward her but noticed her eyes looking right at his groin and felt his face turning red.

“Okay, now just stand here until I say,” Ava said and laid her back on the floor with her arms to her side. Then she lifted her lower body upwards and said, “Okay, grab my legs.”

Logan reached out with both hands and held her by the ankles as she lifted her body higher until only her upper back was touching the mat.

“Oh, thank you, honey. I couldn’t do this before,” Ava said and then proceeded to lift and lower her body while she admired her son’s stiff prick above her.

Logan couldn’t help but marvel over her tight bum as it lifted and lowered so close to him. His sexual urges grew immensely, and he found himself just wanting to reach down and squeeze her firm ass in his hands.

“Okay, that’s good,” Ava said and lowered her body to the ground. She could feel the sexual tension building in the room. And even though a little voice told her this was far enough, she couldn’t help but push it just a little further.

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