Teri’s Turn Ch. 02


There is no incest in this story but it is part of an ongoing effort that does has some incest themes. That’s why I put this story here, it made sense to keep the same story line in the same category.


As Dan lay on top of me spreading his weigh between his elbows and knees as not to crush me he laughed at my protests of the kids coming home soon and kissed my eyes and face once again. At first I tried to playfully push him off and we kind of wrestled there for a few minutes and eventually he began kissing me along my neck again. That is my weak point if you catch it just right and after being fucked royally and cumming all afternoon it was just about right.

I felt myself squirm underneath him and to my surprise he began to get hard against my pussy again. Looking over at the clock and seeing the time tick down to 30 minutes before the kids walked in the door I began to panic slightly and began to push in earnest. Then locking my leg around his, I pushed up with my hips and rolled him off of me onto the floor. I scrambled up onto my hands and knees and looked over as he lay sprawled on his back and his half hard cock swinging in half circles.

Hopping off the chair I grabbed his clothes and tossed them to him as I said “You wasted your shower time here, if you want to do this again, you need to get dressed and go home.”

Dan looked at me forlornly but did as I asked and after a quick kiss and caress of my ass was out the door and back over the fence minutes later. I sat about mopping and wiping up our fluids off the tile and chair before spraying deodorizer to cover the sex smell. I grabbed my clothes such as they were and was able to unlock the door as the bus pulled up to the driveway. Sticking my head out the door I waved to the bus driver and the kids making sure they made it up the drive before scurrying down the hallway to my bedroom. I had just shut myself in the master bath as my middle son came in my bedroom asking about a snack. Feeling generous today I allowed him some cookies and juice and told him to get his sister some too while I took a shower. With him satisfied and gone I leaned over and started the water running it making sure it was warm enough for me before crawling under the spray.

Once inside I felt the water tickling my skin like Dan’s fingers and lips did earlier. Thinking about what happened I had a lot on my mind. On one hand what if Dan really was a jerk and like most guys and never called me back or acknowledged we fucked? If that was the case I guess my fantasy really was busted and he was just another jerk. On the other hand what if he did call me back and wanted to fuck again? Should I follow my crush and let it go even though he was old enough to be my Dad? That could make things weird, especially with Angie and me.

While I was thinking I lathered up my hands with body wash, washing my skin and getting worked up again in the process. When I reached down to wash any remaining cum from my pussy I winced at the soreness starting to set in. Having not been fucked by anything bigger than Angie’s or my fingers in a while didn’t help being stretched like I was.

His wasn’t the deepest cock my pussy had but it was the widest. After rinsing all the signs of sex from my body I plugged the tub and filled it with the hottest water I could stand lowering myself into it to soak. I felt almost like I did when I lost my virginity, I didn’t have the raw and burning feeling of the torn hymen but the stretched feeling from the opening of my vagina up into my cervix and belly were there. The warm water, thinking about the earlier sex, and my soon to be fingers wandering over my clit again as it was peeking up out of the water brought me to another small but satisfying climax. It even seemed to help with the pain a bit.

The hot soak helped a lot but I still winced a bit getting out of the tub. Sitting down on the closed toilet I took a hand mirror and held it down so I could see my battered pussy. The color of my outer lips had quieted back down to their natural pale color with the darker tint along the underside. The inner lips were still quite red, most likely from being rubbed a few minutes ago. Scissoring my fingers I opened the labia pressing them against my skin and making a little shape like actual lips from a mouth as was I looking into my vagina. Normally I couldn’t see in there but after Dan being in there was a small opening in the hole. I tried to kegel to tighten it closed but it just resulted in cramp like feeling and a twinge. Taking my body lotion in my hands I wiped it over my body to keep my skins soft and fresh feeling.

As I rubbed I got turned on again and had to bring myself to a climax two more times with my fingers before I felt sated. The last time I pulled my tit up to my mouth taking my nipple between my lips sucking on it as I swirled my finger around my clit bringing me to my final air gulping gut wrenching climax while thinking about Dan.

I wanted to cry out and call out his tuzla escort name but bit my lip to keep the kids from hearing me if they were close. The lid to the porcelain toilet lid rattle a bit in time to my spasms but I didn’t scream. As the waves of joy faded to ripples on the pond I fell back against the toilet whispering, “Dan, oh Dan, oh Daddy!” The whole time picturing Dan and the look of love and concern he had for me as I came on his cock earlier that day. I knew I wanted to fuck him again, I wanted to make love to him. I also wanted him to be my Daddy like I did when I was teen and staying over with Angie. I wrapped up in my fluffy robe and crawled up onto my King sized bed falling into a deep and needed sleep.

I woke up around 5 to a chorus of “I am hungry, what’s for supper.”

Acknowledging the hoard so they would leave I then stretched and yawned, wincing again with the patches of soreness between my legs. I think this was going to take a few days. Pulling myself out of bed I didn’t bother with clothes, I just kept wrapped in my fluffy robe. Partly because of the soft way it caressed my skin and also as kind of an emotional blanket barrier to the turmoil raging inside me about fucking Dan. As I walked into the dining room scratching my head and yawning I could smell an odd odor. Walking into the kitchen I was face to face with a large bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers.

When asked, my oldest son paused between video game levels to tell me some lady dropped them off about 30 minutes ago. The was a card and I dug it out with shaking fingers wanting see his name on them but then again not. The card said “Thank You!” That was it, no name, no thanks for the wonderful fuck, now get lost slut.

Of course I knew who sent them Darryl never would even when were married during our happy times. Angie might have if there was an occasion but there wasn’t so there was only one choice.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I said under my breath “Damn you, Dan!”

How come he couldn’t be what I thought I wanted why did he have to be what I really wanted.

OK I now you are going “What the fuck did she say.”

Why did he have to be caring and considerate like I had wanted him to be with me since I was 18. Why couldn’t he have been a calloused asshole just out for a fuck and fun before riding off into the sunset that the modern jaded bitch wanted him to be. I stood there my face in flowers, letting tears run down my face in realization that after all these years I had found my fantasy and the fuck of it was, there was no way we could go on. It just wouldn’t work socially without tearing up a whole lot of lives.

I was standing there lost in thought when my middle son walked in the kitchen saying, “Momma’s got a boyfriend, Mommas go-ah-ah a boyfriend.”

That’s all I need was for that asshole of an ex thinking I had something going on. He would try to haul me into court again as an unfit parent making shit up if he had too. I was at a bar one night and heard his big drunk mouth across the room spill his plan of getting the kids and making me pay enough child support so he didn’t have to work. Unfortunately my lawyer couldn’t or wouldn’t use it against him.

So thinking quickly I had to quash what my kids were thinking before they ended up telling it to their Dad on one of his infrequent weekend visits. What normally happens is that I drop them off at his Mom’s house, where he living right now, on Friday to let the kids see him between his drunken partying. At least he doesn’t do drugs in front of them but I know he blows weed and has done some coke.

Me? I get to work on the weekends and my partying is maybe sharing some wine with Angie or her and one of our boy toys late Friday or Saturday night after work and I never get drunk or do anything like that in front of my kids.

Pulling the card out I followed my son out to the living room and getting all of their attention by standing in front of the TV blocking the game box I showed them the Thank You. I explained Mamma did not have a boyfriend, I had just done something nice for somebody at work and they wanted to say thanks. That seemed to satisfy the curiosity for now.

I cooked supper, one of those skillet casserole things, then was supervising the boys loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen when my cellphone rang. Picking up the phone I didn’t recognize the number so I muted it and went back to supervising. It would have been faster and a lot less complaining if I had done it myself, but what kind of life lesson would that be for the boys. They were at an age now when household chores were getting a little more involved and taking a little more time than emptying the garbage. The dishes done I shooed them off to do their homework that got “overlooked” when they came home since I was busy with my bath and nap.

My daughter not having any was happy to get the TV to herself and was giggling to the latest episodes of Sponge Dude. I decided to treat myself to a glass tuzla escort bayan of wine and poured some white zin from a bottle that was chilling in the fridge. Grabbing my cellphone I decided go out onto the patio, sit in the dark, drink my wine and call Angie.

I wasn’t sure what the fuck I was going to say. “Hey Ange, your Dad is a hell of a fuck, can I be your stepmom!”

Probably not but hearing her voice always was therapeutic for me.

I was sitting there with the phone in my lap when it rang again, looking down I saw it was the same number as before. Hitting the button I answered it curtly, “Hello?” A soft but strong voice that I had heard so often asked “Did you get the flowers?”

Sitting there blinking into the darkness I asked “What?”

As what left my mouth my mind screamed “Oh Jesus Fucking Christ are you a moron Teri?”

I heard what he said my brain was just scrambling for time. He asked again softly with a little more bass in his voice that seemed to resonate through my ears into my nipples, “Did you get the flowers?”

Now flushed from head to toe and not from the wine I fanned myself as I answered softly, “Yes.”

Next he asked “Were they acceptable?”

This time I went with my emotions and almost cried as I told him “They were beautiful, thank you.”

This time the bass was gone and there was some slight tension in his voice as he asked “Can I see you again?”

This time I checked my emotions and instead of screaming “Hell yes let me hop the fence”, I paused and said “I am not sure yet, we need to talk about some things first.”

I hope the confusion and tension in my voice didn’t sound as desperate to him as it did to me.

He paused and I waited to hear the click of the line going dead but he eventually asked “When?”

I popped out with “What?” Oh my God, what the hell was wrong with me, he was going to think I was stupid.

But instead of showing any irritation his voice seemed to have gained back some of its original timber and he asked “When can we talk about it.”

Realizing I had to go back to work tomorrow, plus I wanted some time for my raw feelings to calm down and get some control of myself I played hard to get “Not tonight the kids are home, and I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Pausing for slight effect and also to keep the quiver out of my voice I said, “This weekend is when my kids are supposed to visit their Dad, if they do we might be able to do it Saturday before I go to work, if that’s OK?”

This time he paused but I don’t know why before saying “How will I know?”

Looking across the back of the yard across the top of the privacy fence toward his house I could swear he was watching me. Was he sitting in the dark outside looking at me? I looked for a sign of a cellphone light but all I could see was darkness. Taking a sip of wine to moisten my dried tongue

I added “I will call you Saturday morning.”

With a bit of chipperness in his voice he said “It’s a date then, I will wait for your call Saturday.”

The way he said date made my stomach flutter and then I had a question and wanted to get it out before he hung up so I asked “How did you get my number?”

That seemed to make him pause for a second then he answered a little unsteadily, “I got it from Angie?”

Oh great, how am I going to explain to her why her Dad wants my cellphone number.

Dan piped up again, “She showed up over here this afternoon while I was in the shower.” Oh great at least he didn’t smell like sex or my pussy, something Angie might recognize.

Dan went on oblivious to her inner commentary, so she asked “Does she know about us?”

Dan replied “No, while we were talking I pretended I wanted to upgrade my phone and asked if I could see hers, she paused then said yes but asked me to leave the pictures alone, I agreed since all I wanted was your number.”

Oh fuck there was some raunchy shit on that camera phone at one time and if they are still on there no wonder Angie didn’t want her Dad to see. Not sure I wanted Dan to see me sucking a guys cock or Angie’s tongue in my pussy while she was getting plowed doggy style by our redneck fuck toy, let alone the other shit Miss Angie was up too.

While she was lost in her fears Dan finished “I faked frustration with it long enough to memorize the last four of your number since the area code and exchange are the same as mine, I hope you don’t mind?”

Smiling to herself in the dark she said softly “No Dan, I don’t mind and thank you once again for the flowers, good night.”

With that she clicked the off switch and shivered from excitement. She refrained from pinching her clit with one hand and a nipple with the other to bring her off. She so wanted to masturbate right there on the dark pool patio, sitting in that chair in the moonlight but she wasn’t sure if he was watching. For some reason she felt shy thinking he was there and for her that word had not been said escort tuzla about her for a longtime. Sipping her wine slowly she let the warmth flood her body as she lounged in the moonlight. She tried to appear casual in case he was watching but inside she was quaking in turmoil. Her glass finally empty she fought the urge to drink more afraid she would climb the fence in a drunken binge and make a mess of things. Instead she wandered inside and finished her motherly duties for the night, shooing children off to baths and beds before making their lunches and placing them in the refrigerator to chill. Then with the kids asleep, the house locked up, and all the day’s events over only then did Teri go to her bedroom, close and lock the door, before allowing the robe to fall away from her body.

Standing in the moonlight in front of her full length mirror she could see the soft grayish glow of her skin contrasted with the shadows under her breast and around her groin. Teri began touching herself in the places she enjoyed, places where his lips and his fingers had played earlier in the day. In her mind she detached herself from her hands as she watched them move. In her mind they now became his moving down her neck, along her jaw, down her arms, circling her breasts and teasing her nipples softly. The teasing moved lower, caressing her full belly that he had kissed and licked, moving down over her hip bone. She tried to keep up the suspense but her need was too much and she plunged her hands over her bare pubes right to her once again drooling hole. Working one set of fingers around the hole she was still too sore to push up inside but she could circle the outside spreading her wetness and scent to the outside world.

Taking her other hand up she lightly pinched her clit between her thumb, her index finger and her middle finger drawing a grunt and soft squeal from her as the shivers ran up her spine and down her legs. Teri’s breathing had long ago quickened and along the way small breaths worked their worked their way up to grunts and moans as she rubbed in clit in rapidly shrinking circles. Remembering how his hands felt on her ass she moved the other back between her legs cupping and pinching the bottom of her ass cheeks leaving wet trails across the skin. Then remembering him rubbing there she gather fluids from her vagina and pushed them back with her fingers covering her asshole with them making her slick from asshole to clit. In her mind his hands took full advantage of it rubbing and probing sometimes in unison sometimes totally different. Then it happened her index finger was sliding back between her thighs and toward her ass as she pinched her clit causing her hips t jerk and her finger slid up to the first knuckle in her ass. The gasp of the pinch was followed closely by the squeal of the finger sliding in to her. She had been fingered there before. Darryl did it like he was digging loose change from between the couch cushions but Angie could actually make it feel good.

Teri never tried it on herself but in this state she was happy with the result. Sliding back and forth as she circled her clit her middle finger joined itself inside her ass and in a few more stroked she had them both buried knuckle deep inside her. She remembered Angie curling her fingers around and actually rubbing her G-spot from her ass and she did the same. Lost in the building of the perfect storm of arousal working its way to orgasm Teri realized she was also standing in front of her bedroom window with the shades up looking out over the back yard and toward Dan’s house.

The bedroom was dark but she thought the moon might be bright enough for him to see her if he was looking. Her vantage over the privacy fence was a little better from the bedroom and as she worked herself in a frenzy she was trying to see him, wanting to see him watching her masturbate in her bedroom for him, for her, but all she could see was the backyard bathed in cold gray light and shadows surrounding Dan’s house. But she knew he was there, she could feel he was there, in the dark, watching her on the verge.

Then a glint of light flashed from the shadows. A reflection! He was there he was watching!! That caused her sounds to form into a long low keening moan as she collapse forward onto the floor rolling into a convulsing ball until she shook herself into unconsciousness.

Teri was right he was outside. He was in the back yard, the moonlight bounced of his watch crystal but what she couldn’t know was Dan couldn’t see into the bedroom it was just too dark when viewed from the outside and the low keening moan that he might have been able to hear was covered by the air pump as it kicked on to cool the house. Her stress and excitement would have been no stranger to Dan as he himself had been constantly masturbating since he had taken his shower this afternoon. Once in the shower and he was holding his cock in his hand about ready to come and say Teri’s name when his daughter stuck her head in the door to tell him she was there. He was able to choke back Teri’s name but not stop the spurts of cum shooting out of his cock and hitting the wall while his daughter was 3 feet away with a thin sheet of opaque plastic between them.

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