Terri and Anthony Ch. 02


Anthony was finishing his bowl of cereal when his mother entered the kitchen.

“Good morning,” Terri said as she passed him to start brewing coffee. “Any plans for today?”

“Not really.”

Anthony was on spring break and had planned to go camping with his father. At the last minute, Domenic was called away on business and had to cancel their trip. Most of his friends had gone away so he didn’t have his usual group to hang out with. His younger sister, Angie, was on a school trip and Aaron, his younger brother, had gone away with the family of one of his friends leaving Anthony and his mother alone in the house together.

It had been almost three months since they’d had sex and Anthony hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. The feeling of penetrating his mother lingered on his dick and every time he fucked his girlfriend he imagined it was his mother on him again. The memory of her moans fueled his masturbatory fantasies. Each time he heard his parents having sex, he felt an irrational twinge of jealousy as he stroked his dick alone in his room, timing his release to coincide with hers. Even seeing her around the house as she was now, hair in a loose, messy bun, wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt, caused his dick to respond. He couldn’t help watching the sway of her hips, the bounce of her breasts uncontained by a bra, the soft press of her nipples against her shirt as she went about her business unaware of the effect she was having on him.

“I’m going shopping later if you want to join me,” Terri offered.

“Maybe,” Anthony said noncommittally.

“Just don’t spend all day inside,” she said as he got up and cleared his dishes. It was Tuesday, the second day off school, and he hadn’t left the house since Saturday when they dropped Angie off at school. “At least go sit out by the pool or something. You need fresh air.”

“I’ll think about it.” Anthony gave his mother a kiss on the cheek as he passed her and left the kitchen.

Terri watched his retreating form, very aware of the firmness in his shorts that had brushed against her. Since that night, while there were gaps in her memory, she had come to remember how good sex with Anthony had been. It wasn’t just his larger penis that had done it for her. There was a nice eroticism about his youthful exuberance and technique. His hump and dump method took her back to her early sexual encounters—in cars, sneaking out to the woods, behind the school’s bleachers—that had a similar forbidden aspect, a similar concern for nothing more than the moment with no thought for the ramifications of the event. And unbeknownst to either Anthony or Domenic, for a short while she had been concerned with the ramifications.

For the first time in years, she had been late and worried that Anthony had impregnated her. Though she had had sex with her husband since then, her quick math determined that Anthony had fucked her during her normal fertile window. Part of her began to accept and look forward to the pregnancy. She had always wanted more children but within a few years after the birth of the twins it seemed to not be in their cards. That her son would be the father of a child who would be raised as his sibling filled her with an admittedly perverse pleasure. After taking one home pregnancy test that read positive and a second that showed negative, she made an appointment with her doctor. The day before the visit she began to bleed. And when her doctor informed her she was entering perimenopause she was conflicted. It was both a relief and a disappointment not being pregnant and knowing that she most likely would never be again. As the emotions settled she began to realize that she was more upset about not having a fourth child than she had been about being pregnant with Anthony’s child.

That revelation only intensified her guilt.

Since the first time she laid eyes on Domenic, she had not looked at, let alone fantasized, about anyone else. The two biggest events in her life were because of him: her wedding day and the day she gave birth to their first child, Anthony. They had worked hard together to fashion a comfortable life for themselves and she never regretted the sacrifices they made to get there. She had never had a complaint about him nor doubted his love. Even after all these years, they still had a great sex life and she never felt she needed more.

Until now.

Though she was still satisfied by her husband, she found herself thinking more about Anthony. When her husband entered her, she increasingly found herself thinking back to how Anthony felt penetrating her. As Domenic’s bulky, masculine body covered hers while he thrust against her, she remembered how Anthony’s diminutive body seemed to fly lightly above her during their coupling. Though she couldn’t recall how it felt when he filled her, she did remember the intensity of her orgasm and the large stain that she found on the sheet the next day.

Finished with breakfast, she got dressed to go out. kartal escort On her way past Anthony’s room, she knocked at the partially open door.

“Anthony, hon, I’m leaving. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

“Yeah,” he said distractedly. He was playing a video game and barely looked in her direction. “I’m just going to hang out here. I’ll go outside later.”



“Okay, then. I’ll be back in a few hours. Think about what you want for dinner.”

“Pizza,” he said without hesitation.

“I should’ve known.” She kissed the top of his head and smiled to herself when he batted her away. He may have fucked her but he was still the same teenager who didn’t want his mother fawning over him that he had always been.

On Terri’s list of places to visit, the first stop was at a gas station to fill her tank. When she began to get out of the car, she realized she didn’t have her wallet which was sitting on her nightstand from shopping online the night before. With a self-deprecating chuckle, she returned home.

As she climbed the stairs, she heard the unmistakable sound of Anthony moaning. While she and her husband knew Anthony was having sex, she felt a bit of irrational jealously that he would be doing it now. As much as she wanted to stop him, she knew she had no real reason to do so. She and Domenic had come home a few times to the sound of Anthony in his room with a girl and not interrupted so there was no precedent for her doing it now. They had bought him condoms hoping that he would use them and as long as he was using the rubbers and was not forcing himself on his partner, they were happy.

Terri reached the top of the stairs and began to quietly make her way to her room intending not to disturb Anthony and his partner when she heard him say something. She stopped moving and listened carefully. It seemed forever before it was repeated.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” Anthony said after a deep moan. “Suck my dick, Mom.”

Terri couldn’t believe her ears. She moved to Anthony’s door and stood on the side with the hinges. Because of where Anthony’s bed was placed, she and Domenic had long ago learned that they could check on him through the narrow gap without having to open the door completely or reveal themselves in the open doorway. When she peeked through, she saw Anthony laying on his bed with his eyes closed slowly masturbating and let out an involuntary gasp.

Anthony heard the noise but didn’t react. While he continued to stroke himself, he cracked an eye open just enough to look through his lashes at the door. As he expected, the sound had come from his mother spying on him as she and his father often did. Though he couldn’t see her face in the dark hallway, he could make out the colors of the clothes she was wearing. While he was surprised that he hadn’t heard her reenter the house and would normally have covered himself knowing she was there, he felt this was the perfect chance to let her know what he wanted. His cock twitched in his hand as he decided to perform for her.

“Do you like that cock in your mouth?” he asked into the air. His voice was hesitant at first but as he got more into it and saw that she wasn’t leaving or stopping him he became more confident. “I bet you do. And I do. It’s nice watching your lips wrapped around me. Oh, fuck, suck it. Not too much. Not yet. I know you want me to shoot in your mouth but I want to fuck you again. Do you want that, Mom? Do you want me to fuck you again? Want me to stretch that pussy like dad can’t? Give you a long, deep fuck that he’ll never be able to provide with the big cock you two made?”

Terri almost let out another gasp. She couldn’t believe what Anthony was saying. That he was not only fantasizing about her but seemed to get off on knowing that he provided her a pleasure his father didn’t was shocking. Despite that, she found her breath quickening and could feel her pussy responding. She knew she should chastise him for his thoughts or at the very least leave him to his privacy but she was rooted to her position. As she continued to watch, she saw him roll over, get to his knees, then move a pillow down the bed. He lowered his waist back to the bed, slipping his erection between the mattress and the pillow then took a moment to tuck the hair on the side of his face facing the door behind his ear before he began to fuck the bed with long strokes.

“So good,” Anthony said. “You are really beautiful inside and out. I bet you had lots of guys chasing you before dad. Shit, you probably still fight them off. If they knew how perfect your pussy was, you’d never get a moment’s rest. As it is, I wish you’d let me fuck you again. I get so hard watching you. That heart shaped ass bent over is the best view in the world and I can’t help but think about slipping my dick between those perfect thighs. And seeing you in that red two piece is my favorite. I love seeing your big nipples and your puffy pussy lips pressed maltepe escort bayan against the fabric. So fucking hot.”

Anthony devolved into a series of moans. Fantasizing about and performing for his mother all combined to enhance the sensations washing over his dick and to heighten the building orgasm more than just stroking himself normally would. It was almost like he was actually fucking. He felt his cock twitch and swell just before it pushed out a heavy flow of precum. “Feel that? That’s my dick getting ready to shoot. I’m so hard for you. It’s so hot fucking the pussy that gave birth to me. So hot thinking that I’m doing to you what Dad did to you to make me. Fuck.” Anthony let out a deep moan as his hips sped up. “I’m going to blow. I really want to cream your pussy right now but you need to see what you do to me.”

Terri watched Anthony rise up to his knees and begin to stroke his dick furiously as a loud moan escaped him.

“Oh, fuck.”

Terri’s eyes went wide. Even across the distance separating them, she saw a thick stream of white leave her son’s dick and land on the pillow at the head of his bed. She was surprised when nothing else followed for a moment.

“Oh, shit. Here it comes.” Anthony yelled a few seconds later as another shot finally left him.

Terri watched as a second, larger volley impacted the wall beyond Anthony’s pillow. Three more followed and hit the wall in quick succession. After those, a number of less powerful shots covered his pillow and sheets in ropes of his semen before slowing to a series of thick drops pooling on the bed beneath the tip of his dick. She imagined his wall and bedding now resembled a sweet pastry crisscrossed with thick, white icing.

On shaky legs, Terri quickly went to her room and retrieved her forgotten wallet. She stopped to peek into Anthony’s room again and saw him stripping the sheets off his bed before she continued passed it and back down the stairs to her car. She started the car and turned on the air then sat for a few moments gathering herself. It wasn’t only what she had just witnessed that had her disconcerted or the fact that she was aroused and her wetness was seeping into her panties. She knew she could lie to herself and say it was a logical reaction to watching a man masturbate and talk dirty. Terri hated herself for knowing and accepting the fact that she was turned on because she did in fact want Anthony to fuck her again. She wanted to have sex with her son and it was obvious he wanted to have sex with her. Though it had already happened once and she had said it could not and would not happen again, knowing that he wanted it too changed things. With the knowledge of his desire, she wasn’t sure if she could continue to ignore or hide her own wanting. Needing to get some of her errands accomplished, she drove away with butterflies in her stomach uncertain of how she was going to handle the situation when she returned.

Anthony heard the front door close and his mother’s car start. Despite having just had the most intense orgasm since actually fucking her, he felt his dick twitch at the thought of her watching him. After loading the sheets into the washer, he sat in the living room. While waiting for her to return, he absently stroked himself as he watched TV and carefully brought himself to the edge a number of times but always stopped before the point of no return. In his mind the act served to replenish and prime the load in his balls. He wasn’t sure how he was going to accomplish it, but with the hubris of youth he knew he would be fucking his mother that night.

When Anthony heard the sound of his mother’s car return it was sooner than he had expected. With a rudimentary plan in place, he went to collect his sheets and timed his journey back to his room for when she was in the house.

“Anthony,” he heard her call as she entered. “I’m back.”

“Okay, Mom.” He heard her dropping bags in the living room as he approached. “Do you need help?”

“No. I only had these.” Terri turned to see Anthony near the stairs carrying his sheets. Though she knew the reason why, she felt it would be a normal thing to ask why he had them. “You washed your sheets?”

“Yeah. I made a mess.”

Terri was a bit unsettled as Anthony looked her directly in the eyes with none of the hesitation or embarrassment he normally would have displayed.

“Mind helping me get them back on?” he asked.

“Sure. Then I’ll get changed and order pizza.” Terri followed Anthony up to his room. “Want to watch a movie tonight?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. What movie?”

“At least that was a normal response,” Terri thought as they entered his room tossing suggestions back and forth. With what she assumed was habit, she saw him push the door closed slightly. Normally she would have commented on being trapped in the room with the overwhelming adolescent male scent contained within the four walls. It was usually a mix of sweat, musk, shoes, escort pendik feet and old clothes. But now, even though he had washed the sheets, there was still the lingering scent of semen. As she stood at the foot of the bed and helped him move the mattress to put on the sheets, she could see the not completely dried streaks of his earlier load on the wall where he had not cleaned it. The trails were so obvious, and combined with the fact that he had taken the time to wash his bedding, she wondered if he had purposefully left them there.

After the sheets were on, while they continued their conversation. Terri watched Anthony climb onto the bed and sit with his legs crossed. Because he was only in boxers, the loose legs of the shorts rode up his thigh allowing the tip of his uncircumcised penis to hang out. She knew Domenic had talked to Anthony more than once about being aware of revealing himself. Terri and her other children had often scolded Anthony over the years for unwittingly exposing himself. He had gotten better about it but something about the way he seemed to deliberately do it this time put her on edge. When she saw his penis twitch and begin to swell, she realized she needed to take herself out of the situation until she had a better handle on what to do about her feelings.

“I’m going to get changed now,” she said as she tucked his hair behind his ears as she had done a thousand times and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll call you when the pizza arrives.”

“Sounds good.”

Terri turned to leave. She took a step toward the door and stopped. For the first time she noticed that she could clearly see the hallway beyond through the space around the hinges.

“Everything okay. Mom?”

Terri turned with narrowed eyes hearing the challenge in Anthony’s voice. He knew she had been there watching. The problem was how to handle it. The smartest thing to do would be to ignore everything and continue without ever discussing it but she knew she couldn’t do that. “What could be wrong?”

“You tell me,” Anthony said assertively. “You seem out of sorts. Is it something you saw?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you?” Even as the words came out of Anthony’s mouth, he was surprised to hear them. He hadn’t intended to confront her so directly but her lack of response to him, maintaining her normal motherly attitude irritated him. “Because I would think watching your son masturbate and talk through his fantasy about fucking you could be a problem.”

“Like I said, I’m fine.” Terri stepped back toward the bed. Her next words were short and just as unplanned as Anthony’s had been. “But let me tell you something. If you ever want it to happen again you have to promise to not tell anyone. No texting your friends, no writing it in a blog or in your journal, no posting it to some anonymous forum. I don’t want you even filing it away in your memory. Got it?”

The side of Anthony’s mouth turned up in a small smile despite the seriousness of her tone. “Yes, ma’am.”

“And another thing,” Terri said with a softer tone. “I love your father. He is a very good man. He can absolutely never know about this. Despite whatever impression I gave you, I am very satisfied by him.”

“Believe me, I know,” Anthony muttered remembering the sounds that had come from his parents’ room the night before his father had left on his trip.

“I’m serious. Until the night you and I shared, I had not been with another man since meeting him. If I ever hear or even think that you’re disrespecting him, this is over. He is still your father and my husband. I will not allow you to think he’s any less of a man because you and I have sex.”

Anthony smiled broadly. “So we’re going to have sex again?”

At the bottom of her eye Terri saw her son’s cock flex as blood began to pump into it where it continued to hang out of his boxers. “I know I should say no but it seems like it’s going to happen.”

“Awesome,” Anthony said as he began to pull off his boxers.

Terri laughed and stopped him. “Not right now. I need to change and get dinner ordered. Believe me, you’ll thank me later,” she said seeing the disappointment on his face. She leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. “We have a few days to ourselves. Let’s not rush things.”

Anthony blushed and smiled bashfully. In that moment, Terri thought he looked like the eight year-old who had broken her favorite vase and felt a renewed twinge of guilt at what was happening between them.

After leaving the room, she changed and ordered the pizza as intended. While waiting for the delivery, she found herself nervously fidgeting and fussing around the house. She felt like a schoolgirl about to go on her first date with the guy she’d been pining for. When the pizza arrived, Anthony appeared behind her ready to take the boxes before she had greeted the delivery person.

While they ate, they sat in front of the TV watching the movie they had finally decided on. Though they tried to keep things light, it was obvious they were both nervous and uncertain as the evening progressed. Once finished, they remained sitting next to each other stiffly as they finished the movie.

“I’m going to take care of the dishes,” Terri said as she stood.

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