Terry Ch. 03: A Girl and her Mother 02


This is the second and final part of Terry’s long term love life.

There is some unexpected incest included and the parties involved are revealed about threequarters of the way through. If you wish to know who they are there is a spoiler at the beginning of chapter 1.

A quick recap:

Leaning against Gissy’s bedroom door frame. “I do love you.” I walked over to her sitting at the dressing table, put my hands on her shoulders, bent down and kissed the top of her black hair. “I do love you. You should be proud of your body and not hide inside baggy clothing.”

We shared a lovely kiss and I nearly changed my mind about staying away tonight.


By 7pm I had done all I needed to do and was sitting at the little table in my little bed-sit, eating my little can of baked beans and sausages without toast as the bread had gone mouldy and black coffee as my milk had gone off. I lay back on my little narrow bed. “What a come down.” I said to myself. I was really proud when I moved into ‘my’ bed-sit but now I suddenly realised how poor it really is.

“Terry, visitor for you.”

“Who is it?”

“Dunno, some guy.”




“What are you doing here, come on up.”

“Man haven’t you seen what happening in Sri Lanka? Got far too dangerous.”

“So what now. Anywhere to live?”

“Just got off the plane, give us a chance. I’m starting on a job in Cardiff on Monday for about six weeks and digs arranged so gonna need a B&B for two nights.”

“Well Bruv, remember how we used to cuddle in bed together?”


“That’s the best I can offer you.”

“In that little bed?”

“Works for the girlfriend.”

“Cosy or what, how is she?”

“Away on a course at the moment. That’s a picture of us there.”

“Nice, which one?”

“What do you mean which one, in the white top.”

“Who’s her friend?”


Wolf whistle “Not like our Mum then… must have had her young.”

“That’s Gissy, the woman I took over from at work.”

“Man that’s wrong. She’s like retired or something.”


“No way man, she looks like thirty. What’s her name again?”

“Gissy. She’s terrific. I love her to bits, completely different to Mum and Dad.”

“Looks like you have a soft spot for her too. Gissy, what’s that short for?”

“That’s it, just Gissy. More than you think. Let me go get some milk so I can make you a cup of tea. Have you eaten?”

“Nah. What happened to Alison?”

“That is Alison.”

“Looks a lot different with dark hair.”

“Oh yes, you met the other Alison, I forgot.”

“Terry visitor, you’re popular today.”

“Who is it?”


“Alison wh… Oh! Gissy what are you doing here?” worried look on my face.

“I thought I’d pop round to see wha… Oh who’s this?” worried look on Gissy’s face.

“This is my big brother, Gary. Gary, this is Gissy, Alison’s Mum. He had to leave Sri Lanka in a hurry because of the problems there. We’re just going out to get something to eat.”

“Oh ok, I’ll catch up soon.”

“Tag along, Burger King, Wimpey. What do you fancy Gissy?”

“No I’ll leave you two to catch up.”

“Not without you. What do you fancy?”

“How about Chinese.” She answered

“You good with Chinese Bruv?”

Dinner took nearly three hours during which time we put the world right and it was decided we’d all sleep at Gissy’s for the next two nights, Gary in the study and me with Gissy. As Gary was in the next room, our love making was very subdued compared to normal, then we fell into a peaceful sleep with Gissy in her usual position on my shoulder.

Waking at 7am I went to pee. ‘That’s weird no coffee, no bacon smell’. Went back to the bed and Gissy was purring away, I carefully got back in beside and sat holding her hand, watching her sleeping for half an hour thinking ‘I really am in love’.

I went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. It didn’t take too long before I heard padding of feet and when they reached the corner I said, “Morning lover.”

“Morning Bruv, I love you too man.”

“Oops bit of a giveaway there.”

“She’s great in’t she. Any chance of a drink. Any sign of a partner?”

“No only me, orange juice in the fridge, coffee not finished yet, and water.” He got the juice “Glass in the cupboard, put the juice on the table for me.”

“I’d like to give her one!”


“Oh man, your not?… You are?… I don’t blame you, she… is… Oh man she is sizzling hot.”

“Sit down, this’ll be ten minutes yet.” Gary sat at the breakfast bar and we chatted. The breakfast bar was to the left of the door and the cooker and sink to the right so Gissy didn’t see him when she walked over to me, put her arms round my waist with her ear flat against my back “Morning lover.”

I looked at her arm and saw she had a silky lilac dressing gown on, “Good job you put that on” tugging the sleeve, “isn’t it Bruv?”

“Morning tuzla escort gorgeous” Gissy turned to find Gary’s voice “How come you look just as good as you did last night?”

“I like your brother.”

“Gissy always looks good in the morning.”

“And I like you too.” with a thump to my back.

Gissy went over to Gary, put her arms round his shoulders and kissed him square on the mouth. “Morning handsome, aren’t I the lucky one, two young men in their undies to greet me in the morning.”

“Oh sorry Gissy I’ll get dressed.”

“Don’t be daft. You’re decent and in good shape. You won’t scare any animals here.”

“How are you doing lover, need a hand?”

“Coffee’s done. If you could put that on the table then the toast should be ready… and three breakfasts voila.” We all sat at the dining table, me in my usual place and my Brother opposite where I was accustomed to see Gissy, instead she sat at the end between us. “Sorry the food isn’t up to your standard.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s lovely. I’d forgotten what it’s like to wake to the smell of bacon cooking.”

“What time are you seeing your Mum, Gissy?”

“Really I need to be gone by nine, before would be better. What are you two doing today?”

“Don’t know yet. We have a lot more catching up to do.”

“Will you be home for dinner? I’ll be back about three to four so I can do a roast by say six.”

“Ooh I can’t turn down your Sunday roast.”

Gary raised a finger “Me too if I’m invited.”

“Of course you are. Anything you don’t eat Gary.”

“No not really. I don’t like offal but some of the crap we had to eat as kids set me up to cope with anything.”

“Anything you fancy?”

“Anything really” Gissy gestured with her hands, open palms upwards and a quizzical look on her face.

“A crispy brown roast chicken.” he replied with too much enthusiasm and licking his lips.

“You’re easy to satisfy just like you brother” as she squeezed one each of our hands.

She showered and dressed in no time, “See you both later. Don’t get up to anything I wouldn’t” with a kiss for us both still sitting at the table.

“Bye Gissy.”

“Bye Gissy, love to your Mum.” She glanced back at me with a big question mark on her face. “Give my love to your Mum, what do you think I said?”

“Bye.” The door clunked shut behind her.

“She thought you called her Mum. Isn’t she the best? How come your seeing both of them? You’re still with Alison, yes? What about those gorgeous green eyes?”

“Oh yes, well I think I am. I’ve only been shagging Gissy since Alison has been on her course and I can’t speak to her till she gets back. I don’t know what she will make of it at all. Gissy reckons we can keep it from her but I don’t think we’ll be able to hide what’s happened. You’re right about her eyes. I can get completely lost in them… And in all her other places.”

We chatted incessantly and looked at some photos “This is Alison and her twin brother, Dad and Gissy.”

“Why did they split?”

“Dad and brother disappeared twenty years ago, never seen again. He fancied Spain. They think he settled there after a row.”

“And took the kid with him?”


“Man that’s bad, and no sign of another bloke since?”

“Don’t think so.”…

“Has he been looking after you?”

“Gissy you’re early.”

“No… Er … it’s nearly four,” haven’t you two got dressed?” We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“That’s a throw back to the past, we often spent all day like this as kids.”

“When Mum & Dad weren’t around.”

“Even go out playing.”

“In the street.”

Gissy’s head bounced from side to side to follow our words, “God you’re a real double act together.”

“New jumper?” I asked.

“You like?”

“Cool” we said in tandem and laughed again.

“How’s Mum?”

“She’s good. I hope I’m that fit at eighty-one. She still goes up stairs two at a time. I think she will choose that little bungalow in the complex, one near the shops end.”

“What’s it like?”

“It’s lovely inside, got a walk in shower, wet room thingy.” She said nodding.

“How does the jumper feel to you?”

“I like it. Mum says it’s too tight.”

“I say you should wear tighter things; it looks really good.”

“I’ll make a start on dinner. I suggest you two slobs get dressed.” I caught the cushion she threw at us in one hand and threw it back. It was a perfect shot on her bottom. She stuck her nose in the air and continued walking, wiggling her bum.

“Oh man I’m jealous of you. She is something else. Will you look at this?” Pointing to the erection in his pants.

“Gissy, can you come back here a minute please?”

“Oh man no no.”

I also pointed to the erection in his pants just before he covered it with a cushion.

“Is that for me? Hmm, just like your brother” she turned and wiggled her bum again as she left.

“Look.” I said and we laughed.

“I said just like your brother” as Gissy tuzla escort bayan popped her head back round the door to see both our bulges.

I showered, shaved and dressed. The smell of chicken was beginning to permeate through the flat. Gissy had replaced the new jumper with a ‘favourite’ sweatshirt. I cuddled up behind her, putting one hand inside the shirt carefully avoiding the nipple area, and caressed a breast. She snuggled back into me, turned her head and we kissed passionately. Her breathing was getting heavier and so was my willy.

“Hey do I get one of those?” Gary clapped a hand on my back, I turned my head and placed a kiss on his lips & removed my hand from Gissy’s breast before he saw where it was.

“Man the last time we did that was like fifteen years ago, but I meant a kiss from the pretty one.” They also shared a peck on the lips.

“Blue Nun or Mateus? If you prefer a beer you need to nip to the offy when they open.”

Gary replied: “Blue Nun be fine with chicken please.”

“Best make sure there’s some in the fridge.”

I checked, “There’s one in there, I’ve put the last two in.”

We sat to eat the whitebait starter with our fingers. The chicken came out of the oven onto a stainless steel platter. “Who’s going to carve?”

Gary and I looked at each other with open mouths, hoping the other would offer.

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongues?”

“I have never carved meat before.”

“Neither have I man.”

“In that case I’m going to have fun watching you.” Gissy sat back with a glass and smiled.

I hacked lumps of meat off the bird and to be honest don’t think I made too bad a job of it for a first time. Homemade apple pie and clotted cream completed the food. I put the coffee on and cleared the dishes while Gissy and Gary chatted in the lounge.

“I hope you don’t mind if I go to bed at nine. I’m knackered and being picked up at 5am.”

“Make yourself at home. We’ll try not to disturb you.”

We chatted till 9pm then, as all the rooms of the flat go off the lounge area we went to bed at the same time to reduce the noise for Gary. We made leisurely love and drifted off to sleep by 10.30.

I woke to the smell of bacon and coffee and padded off to the kitchen “Hello lover.” greeted me and I saw Gary at the breakfast bar had finished his fried breakfast, Gissy in the lilac dressing gown making some packing up for him.

“Bruv” I touched his shoulder “I thought you were going at five.”

“I am” he pointed to the digital clock as is clicked to 4.56 “do you always dress like that to see visitors off?”

I looked down at my naked body “Ah sorry bruv, got used to only being here with Gissy.”

Buzz “Is this the right place for Gary?”

“Yes, he’s on his way down.”

Big hugs and kisses all round “See you in six weeks. Let me know if that changes” and my brother left.

“Time for a quickie?”

“That’ll be a first, you and a quickie.” We kissed with the passion that had been missing with Gary here. I lifted Gissy and laid her on the worktop opened her gown and removed her knickers. She was already wet so I slipped a couple of fingers inside. She was wearing the love eggs and already quite worked up. I stroked her clit with my thumb all the time kissing neck, shoulders, ears and chest. As she came her arm pushed out sideways against the wall and it was all I could do to stop her falling off the worktop. I lifted her legs and pulled her to the end to slip my willy in. It was the first time I had shared her pussy and the sensation of sliding in and out with the hard balls was something else. We came together then I pulled her towards me and picked her up, standing there with a hand under her bottom and the other behind her shoulders, her arms holding onto my back and behind my neck with her ankles crossed behind my hips while we kissed for ages.

“Time to make your breakfast.”

“Blimey, that quickie was over an hour.”

We made and ate breakfast together, chatted about Gary and what would happen when he returns in six weeks as Alison will be back by then.

“Don’t forget I’ll be late home…” there’s that word again, home…!

“Goodbye kisses.”

“Always for you.”

When I returned Gissy was rolling out pastry on the work top. “How was work?”

“Yeah fine thanks. Another new jumper? Does look good on you” I could only see from her stomach upwards.

“Pass me down the new bag of flour please”

I stepped further into the kitchen and saw the rest of Gissy and wolf whistled. “Look at you” the new skirt was a short white and black kilt style to just below her bottom with a two inch gap between the jumper and skirt. “Ooooooo, the flour can wait” I ran one finger across the exposed strip of her tummy and fingers of the other hand up the back of her legs. She shivered and her nipples sprang to attention. “Ooooo, delicious.”

I turned her toward me and bent down for a lingering kiss, I again picked her up to continue the kiss “Don’t – expect – me to – go out – in this – will escort tuzla you – I look – like – mutton – dressed – as – lamb.” Interspersed with the kissing

“No – way – Jose.” I leaned my head and shoulders back “god your beautiful” I looked closer “And no make up either” I moved my hand that was on her bottom and the skirt fell over it, “And no knickers… ooo you naughty girl” and playfully slapped her bottom. “If we went out together and you dressed like this, the only thing people would see is a gorgeous girl with her feller.”

“You need to put me down and get your eyes tested.”

“No I don’t.”

“Oh you do, the meat will burn in the frying pan. “Ring ring “And you need to answer the phone.”

“I meant I don’t need to get my eyes tested.” I picked up the phone and gave the number “Hello… oh hello Alison I’ve been missing you… how’s the course going… they often are boring if they’re anything like the things I’ve been doing… oh nothing really your mum invited me for tea… yeah she’s fine, up to her elbows making a meat pie. Hold on, here she is, love you.”

“Hello darling… he popped in for some college work he left here… I have to eat too… Oh ok… so what happens now… no problem see you Wednesday, any idea what time… love you darling…see you Wednesday bye.”

“Oops, that didn’t go down well. She wanted to know why you’re here.”

“I know, it didn’t sound like she believed me, why Wednesday? She’s not due for another week and a half.”

“The chap in charge has been badly hurt so they’re going to do tomorrow’s work but postponing the rest of the course.”

“I’ll be glad to see her.”

Gissy looked down lifted a leg and wiped both hands down the bare thigh “I’m not looking forward to it. I’m going to miss you.”

“Don’t be silly. I’ll still be around” panicking.

“Reach me that bag of flour down.”

The rest of the cooking and the meal was very nearly in silence and I’m sure I saw tears in her eye a few times. I cleared away and washed up and went to the kitchen door with a glass in my hand. I watched as Gissy plumped and arranged cushions in the lounge, as she bent over her short skirt was so high I could see everything and felt sad when it really struck me this really could be the end of us “More wine?”

Sigh “Erm how much is left?”

“Bout a small glass each.”

“Might as well.”

I took the two glasses and we sat on the sofa in silence for some moments…

“Wha”… we both said together.

“You go.”

“No you.”

“What now?”

“Simple really, my suspicious daughter comes home day after tomorrow. We will end up in a blazing row, she’ll dump you because I shagged you, I won’t see you anymore and if I’m really unlucky, she’ll walk out too.”

“It won’t be that bad” calling myself a liar in my head “you’ll see.”

“Will I?” sitting up and adjusting her bra “Do you mind if I strip off and give these things some air, they’re giving me gip tonight?”

I helped Gissy remove the letter box, red coloured jumper, so it didn’t drag across her nipples, and the new matching bra. The rings had left ‘dents’ in her breasts where they had been squashed, maybe a bit too tight. “If we don’t see each other any more, will you keep these?”

“I intend to, have to see how it all goes. Come on fair’s fair, I want your top off too.”

We sat for a long hour, almost in silence and for most of it Gissy was twiddling my hair, mostly on my head but also my chest.

“Come on missy, let’s go to bed. No point moping here.”

“Might as well.”

“Let’s pretend the call didn’t happen yet. We never know, it can still all turn out ok.”

“Come on let’s do it and to hell with the consequences. Time to play with these babies, it may be the only chance we get,” pointing to her nipples.

“I bet I can get to the bedroom first.” I challenged.

“Bet you can’t” as she pushed me back into the sofa”

“You cheat.” When I got to the bedroom she was laying on her back with all arms and legs in the air waiting for me. I resisted the temptation to take a flying jump to land on her and instead grabbed her knees and lifted them over my shoulders so only her head and shoulders were still on the bed. In this position, I was able to use my fingers and tongue in and around her pussy; I accidentally licked her bum a couple of times “Naughty boy” was the comment each time, but I hadn’t sussed the meaning by then and thought I was being told off.

“It’s no good. I really need to pee.” I lowered her to the bed so she could go

“My legs have gone to sleep, I can’t move them.” As quick as a flash I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the ensuite, even before I placed her on the toilet she started to pee with a look of relief on her face, she held my hand as I started to leave. “Don’t you want to watch?” She opened her legs wide and I sat cross legged on the floor in front of her as she lifted the short kilt, covering her breasts with it, for me to get a good view of her pussy. I couldn’t resist, reached in and rubbed her clit and pussy till well after she finished peeing. I realised she had moved forwards on the toilet and was basically sitting on my hand and grinding against it until she went very stiff and shuddered.

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