Texas Heat Ch. 02

College Sluts

(Texas Heat continues with a deeper evolution to Shelly and Rick’s relationship. It’s a bit different than most of my writing but I hope you enjoy it 🙂 )


The golden rays of morning light filtered through the shade and thin curtains of the roadside motel room. Eighteen wheel trucks could be heard carrying their load down the long lonely Texas highway outside. Somewhere a dog was barking, somewhere a radio was belting out old country music and somewhere out on that road sat a forgotten broken down rental car.

Inside that room two bodies were sprawled out naked on the Queen sized bed. All covers save a sheet had been shoved to the floor. That sheet was draped and wound about the bodies that were still in the clutch of exhausted slumber. His strong shoulders proved the perfect pillow to cradle her red haired head. She was snuggled up against his side, bare thigh draped over his own. He was on his back, arm wrapped under and around her back until fingers, even in sleep, held to her side just under fullness of a breast that pressed and backed away from his side with each breath she took.

The room looked as if a small tornado, something Texas was famous for as well, had hit. Those bed covers were strewn about, the furniture moved some, even a pillow lay all the way across the room where it had been used to facilitate one of the many sexual positions that had been attempted and achieved that night. The bodies had joined, coupled, linked in an intimate embrace in every position the minds and libidos could think of. If anyone occupied the rooms next to them they certainly had an earful until just before dawn.

Morning light turned to afternoon and the reality of the world tried to break into the sweet slumber of the pair. Shelly’s cell phone had, unfortunately, successfully located a tower and a signal and did what it did best, it rang. The jingling sound of her ring tone filtered through sleep into foggy mind until eyes were forced to blink open. The ringing halted when awareness had been forcefully achieved. Like a cat she stretched languidly and felt the warm rays of light on the round of her ass down to her feet as it slant in the window. Her body was sore but deliciously so. Rick had used her like she’d never had the pleasure of being used before and no matter any pain it was all pleasure to her now.

Tendrils of red tickled his chest when she lifted her head to look at the stranger turned lover. He was magnificent. Hard toned muscles beneath tanned skin and a height that made her feel small and delicate. His strength could and did easily lift her, position her, move her to his will as they made love, had sex and fucked all night. Looking at him as he slept she smiled and lifted up some. As her body brushed against his she could feel her nipples respond in hardening and her center tingle with moisture yet again. They had managed to shower, barely, before collapsing in bed to sleep. Both had been covered in cum and sweat so it made sleep more comfortable to shower first.

Her lips touched lightly to his chest and kissed tenderly at the center. He was a man that had captivated her heart, mind and soul even if most of his life, past and present, were still a mystery to her. They had moments of talking but those moments always disintegrated into passion before depth was reached. She touched her tongue to his flesh and ran it’s tip down to the flat of his stomach. Awareness was still lost on his mind but his body twitched with knowledge. Gently she moved her body until she was on her knees between his spread legs. The bed hardly moved with her petite weight as she leaned down and kissed from his hips over to the head of that large long member.

When they had first given themselves to the heated rampant passion that had quickly evolved between them and had fucked in his truck just as night fell along that highway she had thought she’d be ripped in two by his length and girth but now her body craved that fullness which came with having him inside of her. He had been inside of her many times that night but theirs was a hunger that would never be satiated, a hunger that she still had upon waking. She proved this as her lips kissed that bulbous head lovingly. His member twitched and veins pulsed blood more rapidly toward the goal of engorging that cock.

Shelly licked down his length slowly, simply adoring, worshiping him. Recent memories of how masterfully he had used that cock flooded her mind. Her tongue ran back up his length along sensitive underside until she reached the rim. There she opened her jaw wide and slipped his cock head into her mouth. Lips closed around the shaft while her tongue lapped and caressed what had begun to fill her mouth. Somewhere from the depths of slumber Rick moaned. That moan made her pussy throb and her desires flair to flame.

Slowly she went down on that cock feeling how it stiffened already. A deep breath in through her nose and she pushed that head into her throat. A quick swallow before she pulled up again and began sucking. In a slow rhythm escort ataşehir she moved her head up and down while sucking harder. Her tongue barely had enough room to move but it caressed as much as possible. Rick was bolted to awareness when he felt teeth rake up along the length of unconsciously hardened cock. A small lift of his head gave him one of the best views in the world. That little read head kneeling between his legs with his long cock stuffed in her mouth. He let out a pleased sigh and rested his head back on the pillow while lifting a hand to thread fingers into her hair.

She felt him move and smiled what she could smile with lips stretched around that cock. She looked up to him and saw the pleasure across features that had once been expressionless in sleep. His hand came to her head and she moaned vocal vibrations over that hard flesh in her mouth. While his fingers took a firm handful of her hair she bobbed faster and sucked harder. Her large round breasts swayed with each bob as her mouth fucked him now with wanton abandon. He made and unintelligible sound as his hips bucked off the bed shoving his cock down her throat for a second. She pulled back just enough to be able to swallow the flood that now jetted into her mouth as his cock fed her that ultimate prize. His cum, when he came, always was an abundance even if it had just been a little while since he last ejaculated.

He’d feel her throat contract to swallow and felt his soul go to the place of pure pleasure as he came. Never before had a woman given him and his sexual appetite such a work out, so much pleasure and a match for deviant desires. She had been tied up with her own stockings, pounded into every orifice and drenched in his cum and now proved how much she adored him by waking him in this most amazing way.

When the last of his cum had splashed into her mouth he moaned long and happy. “C’mere baby.” he ordered with a tug on her hair. Shelly licked his cock clean and then popped him from her mouth with a stretch and lick of her lips before moving to that tug and climbing up his body. She lay her smaller form atop his large one fully, pressing her breasts to his chest and her pussy to that semi-soft cock. She nuzzled her face into his neck and sighed her happiness as well.

“Good morning love.” she purred as his fingers massaged her scalp while his other hand went to rest palm and fingers on one cheek of her ass. He hugged her that way then used her hair to lift her head up to his. His smile broke so that lips could take hers in a passion, a deep passion driven kiss. He kissed her down to her soul then slowly released her. Shelly had never been with a man that liked to kiss her after she had just swallowed his cum but Rick never had hesitated. Love, yes she had called him that and the edges of her mind wondered if it was true. Did amazing mind blowing sex constitute as love? Or had something developed over the hours of intense love making?

His hand massaged at her ass cheek now while the other released her hair and slid down the smooth of her back. She voluntarily spread her legs more giving his long fingers access to where ever he wished. Any soreness was quickly forgotten as his fingers reached and stroked her pussy from the back like that. She snuggled up tighter against him and Mmmmmed her approval of his touch. Her cell phone rang again just as his index finger ringed around that puckered hole of her ass.

“You gonna get that?” he asked in a voice that belied the fact he didn’t want her to and that he was becoming aroused again. She shook her head to the negative and nibbled on his earlobe before whispering, “I don’t want this to end yet.” That set his mind to thinking on a little more than where his finger was pressing into. As his first knuckle slipped into her anus and she grunted her pleasure he wondered for the first time what his life had been just twenty four hours ago.

He had been just a man with an honorable code to live by. He’d been the owner of a small ranch that worked several thousand head of cattle and a few hundred horses. He had been a man possessed by a strong will that would not let him give up no matter the pain of being alone a few years after his wife had died. He had been hiding from life basically until a petite red head needed help along a hot Texas highway.

Now he couldn’t imagine that life or going back to it again. His thoughts slowly drifted back to the carnal as she wiggled her ass on his finger and ground her pussy to a cock that was springing back to life. He had the same desire that had grown from the moment he met her… a desire to give her all of the physical pleasure a man could give a woman. He wanted to hear her scream again. He wanted to feel her pussy contract and flood again around his cock. He wanted to feel her heart race as she panted from an orgasm again. He wanted to hear her soft sighs as she cuddled against him in post orgasmic glow.

To that aim he pushed his finger into her ass until it was knuckle deep. She flexed around him and kadıköy escort whimpered her need of more. As her body lifted he looked at the goddess that now was sitting on his lap. Her smooth pale skin was a contrast to his. He would never tire of the sight of his length disappearing into her pussy as it was now. She impaled herself slowly on his pole while throwing her head back and letting those fiery locks dangle down her back. The sheer look or ecstasy on her face was something he wanted to see from now until eternity’s calendar ran out.

When she had taken all of his length that her body could possibly hold inside of her their eyes met. In that instant the world ceased to exist. Once again all that mattered was the two of them and how their bodies were joined. He couldn’t imagine a better feeling than that of her pussy wrapped so tightly around his cock as it was now or the beauty of her soul that shined through her eyes when she looked at him as she was now.

Cum for me baby, I want to cum deep inside of you, were unspoken words that she acknowledged with movement of her body up along his shaft. His finger wriggled inside of her ass able to stroke himself through the flesh that barely separated his cock from his finger. She was instantly gasping and pushing down on his cock, fucking herself on that hard pole. Together they fell into a rhythm that was as easily achieved as breathing. Her body rose and fell on his, his hips lifted to meet and thrust and his finger pushed and wriggled. His eyes were fixed to hers and nothing in the world would break their gaze.

Pleasure welled up and grew inside of them until through panting breaths and grunts that pinnacle was reached. Her fingers that were against his chest where palms held her body up on straightened arms dug nails into his skin. His body went stiff as he held as deep as possible into her. Her inner muscles clenched possessively at his cock to milk it while her ass did the same to his finger. She screamed, he yelled and together they fell over that cliff into the heavens. His cum splashed and coated her womb while her cum squirted and flooded over his cock and down to his balls.

His finger left her anus abruptly so that both of his arms could wrap around her and pull her to crush her against his body. She collapsed against him held in his strong hold to his body while breath and words failed. Soreness was felt again but it did not matter. It was a welcomed sign of the pleasure endured. She held his length inside of her while the lovers held tightly to each other. Her cell phone rang again.

This time she reached over and fished it out of her purse that had ended up by the bedside. Flipping it open she was greeted by her boss who sounded worried since she had not checked in nor had made it to the meetings both yesterday and this morning according to their client. She listened in silence then looked up to Rick from where she still lay on his chest with him inside of her. “Mr. Smithson, I won’t be able to make it to the meetings today….. No, I’m fine… everything is perfect…” more talk from the other end while Rick looked at her with every emotion possible running across his face. “I need some time off…. yes right now… I… I’ve found somewhere I want to stay.” More talk was lost to him as she finished the conversation and hung up her cell phone.

She wanted to stay. Those words had surprised the both of them really. Never had there been a thought to tomorrow or the future or even the lives they both had. Tomorrow was here, their lives were calling them back and she wanted to stay.

Shelly looked down to Rick after lifting up to toss her cell back in her purse. He looked so far away, a look she’d never seen on him before. Nestling back down and pushing herself more down on his shaft she spoke softly, “Everything alright?”

The way her body moved on his brought him back to the here and now from his thoughts. Something in him stirred that was so primal and raw that he very nearly trembled with it. She asked if he was alright to which his eyes slowly came to rest on hers as she looked up to him. He was torn between wanting to thrown her off of him, mount her from behind and fuck the breath out of her and telling her he was falling in love with her. As his thoughts ran rampant on what was happening between them his cock twitched to life within her. She felt him swell and gasped at how quickly he hardened so soon. There was a look to his eyes that she could not place and it scared her some.

“Rick?” she asked in barely a whisper.

That did it. Hearing her speak his name, seeing the twinge of fear on her face, he lost control. His hands flew to her sides where he lifted her up and off like she was some sort of doll. His massive size carried her as his body twisted so that she indeed was thrown down to the bed and he now stood on his knees over her. She looked back at him with surprise as he had been rough with her before but this felt different.

His hands grabbed her hips and jerked her to her knees maltepe escort bayan with her ass high in the air. Fingers spread her cheeks painfully wide and before she could say anything he thrust his hardened cock ramming it into her pussy. She screamed as he tore into her with such force. A look back and she saw the primal nearly emotionless look to his face. It was all she could do to quickly grab a handful of bed sheet to stop herself from being slammed into the headboard when he pulled out then rushed back into her.

Held in place with no hope of moving she was at his mercy as he pounded his cock into her pussy. The white hot pain of his plunging deeper than ever before burned within her. She yelped and whimpered but took the pounding that was making the headboard slam against the wall and the bed springs creek and groan with the strain. He held her now by her hips nearer to her thighs and lifted her legs so that they were spread eagle out. He used her thighs to pull her toward him while he thrust as hard as he could. This very nearly put her upside down on her head with her shoulders driving into the bed each time. He seemed like a man possessed with driving his seed into her as far as humanly, or not, possible.

“Take it…” he suddenly growled, “… take my cock… fuck it… you want this… take it…” Sweat covered both of their bodies and Shelly thought she’d pass out from the hard and heavy thrusts of such a large cock. She had no idea why he was suddenly so rough and dark. It scared her but it thrilled her too. She had no will, no say in any of this as he used her completely for his own needs… needs she wouldn’t call pleasure but something deeper, darker.

The room echoed as his hand had left her thigh for a moment and lifted to send a slap across full round flesh of her ass. The sting made her whimper and tears rise up in her eyes. He saw the tears, saw the pain and only fucked her harder more animalistic. He used that grip once more on her thighs to propel her forward and pull her back. Her pussy smacked and slurped due to their cum from earlier and the force he used now. A red whelp with the imprint of his hand rose on that ass cheek but at this moment he was not sorry in the slightest.

Another grunt, another frustrated growl and Shelly felt him move his hands. He took hold of her waist and turned her. She was forced to lift her legs and move them as he made her to lie face up while still impaled on his cock. Looking up to him now she saw some sort of deep desperation in his eyes while he grabbed hold of her thighs once more and resumed the inhumane pounding.

He watched the pain and confusion race across her face. He watched her breasts be slung up then down as he moved her body so hard. He watched his cock be buried deeper than any woman had ever been able to take him and yet she wasn’t crying out for him to stop. She was crying. He was hurting her. He was hurting himself as well.

Finally after a long while of abusing her body he roared like a great beast and came in the very depths of her womb. It was as if by sheer physical force and will power that he wanted to impregnate her or simply get his essence as deeply as possible within her. She had begun to sob from the pain and emotionless usage of her body. He had completely changed from the passionate intense lover to the sex driven beast in the blink of an eye and it left her confused and hurt. She felt him cumming inside of her and her own orgasm could not be stopped. It betrayed her and told of physical pleasures felt amidst the pain and confusion.

When the heady rush of cumming left him he felt more drained than ever before. His eyes opened to see her pain and confusion which finally touched his heart. All along he was trying to convince himself that she was just a trist, a one night stand. By fucking her like this, abusing her body, he thought he would believe that lie. Her taking what he was doing, letting him do it, not screaming or calling for help she proved to be what he most needed. Her sobs ripped his heart out and made him feel the pain he had locked away inside for so long.

Collapsing over her he cradled her to him with such a gentle touch that she was sure he had snapped personalities again. He buried his face in her neck and she could feel the hot wet of his tears there against her skin. Words broken by his own emotions he spoke in that deep rumble of his voice, “Forgive me Shelly… I didn’t mean to… to hurt you.”

She was surprised by his show of emotions and though she didn’t know why he was breaking down she wrapped her arms around him and held him. He shifted to pull out of her painfully sore body to which she hissed the movement. He lay beside her resting his head at her shoulder pulling her to him tightly. After a long silence he finally spoke again, “I’d understand if you want to leave now.”

The pain in his voice told her there was much more here than what he had just done to her. Stroking his head as it lay there against her chest she shook her head, “No. Rick, tell me what just happened.” she spoke softly but with a demand. She deserved to know why after a night of passionate love making he had just fucked her like a two dollar whore and was telling her she could leave while holding tightly to her. The paradoxes were too much.

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