Thank You For All That You Do


In the crisp days of March I had become unemployed and decided to follow my dreams. I became a volunteer Production Assistant for a company in Houston. My husband who I love dearly also joined me there so we could become a double trouble team. It took me a while to realize what I was feeling and for who…the crazy thing was that it was not for my husband. Mark our cinematographer is the one who had me going crazy every minute of everyday. This man is twice my age, not a sexy beast, but he has the sweetest personality. My only worry is that I am taking kindness for interest. Being in my early 20’s this means I can be naïve at times. But there is no greater turn on then someone older than me taking control. Is that wrong? Like I said before he is not what you would expect but he turns me on. Sometimes I catch myself just watching him for long periods of time. Then I get horny . I can imagine him taking hold of me and directing me like he does to the actors and making me do what ever he wants. Gladly, I would do it.

So where does my story really begin? We were on a location shoot in some desolate town on the water. Eight of us all in a two bedroom cottage. Long days with little shooting left ample room for my imagination to run wild. Besides the beer and liquor did not make anything better. After a long day of nothing and a long night of drinking, sleep was the only thing on my mind for five minutes. I kept trying to find every excuse to sleep in the same room as him. The only thing available was a single sitter sofa which I was actually pretty escort ataşehir comfortable in. Unfortunately, my husband nor Mark were going to let me sleep there. Later ending a fifteen minute back and forth Mark at long last coerced me into the bedroom.

I succumbed to my husbands side where I fell asleep dreaming only of Mark. My husband who had been horny the whole time we were there due to lack of satisfaction decided he was going to be spontaneous. He began to caress me but his touch was Mark, my husbands hands running up and down my clit were Mark’s. This made it only better. When I came it was a feeling I had never felt before. This only made me want him more. Having wet dreams about him almost every night was starting to have its effects on me. I found every reason to be around him, to laugh and joke with him. I want him so bad. This weekend was the longest of my life but it was nowhere near over. The first time I masturbated with Mark on my mind my husband was in the room five feet away from me. Mark and I were in the back of the cottage where he was fucking me like a wild animal. My back pressed against the wall and his cock slamming against my kidneys. Slowly he kissed my neck and moved lower as he continued to make me his. Then he turned me around and continued his assault on me. I came constantly, being overtaken by wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, coming together he collapsed against me. After I recuperated I turned Mark around and took him into my mouth. When he regained his strength he began to face fuck me. kadıköy escort This was a first for me… I enjoyed it. I could feel him make his way down my throat slamming against the back near my tonsils while his balls slammed against my chin. Regardless of the fact that he filled me with quite a load which was dripping down my legs at this very moment, he released another in my mouth. Then grabbing me by my hair he helped me stand and gave me the order to swallow it. I obeyed. That was a nice touch to the end of the weekend. I did not get to ride back to Houston with him but I knew that I would see him later.

Later could not come fast enough. The night before last we went to a meeting/ party for an upcoming production at one of the cast members home. It was the first time that I would see Mark since our location shoot. When we walked through the door I began looking for him. I felt a glint of sadness when I did not see him at first. About fifteen minutes later on my quest to find the restroom. I cut the corner and behold with all greatness Mark, laid out on the bed. My first instinct was to pounce but I restrained myself. I waited patiently until the time came when the meeting was over and the party begun. An hour later he was up and about drinking and laughing like always. The best part of the evening was when I caught him watching me. Our eyes locked and I felt the most incredible twinge of pleasure between my legs that even my husband has yet to make me feel. With that I had a vision of him just taking me right there in front maltepe escort bayan of everybody. Making love to me like never before.

It began with him clearing off the coffee table where he had me lay while he licked my clit up and down doing tiny circles in the most sensitive of areas. Slowly he inserted a finger in my dripping wet pussy going in and out. Still licking me clean. Then two fingers. I reached down and released him from the confinements of his pants only to find he was not wearing any thing underneath. Something I always did. His cock was hard and ready. Stroking his shaft he directed me to play with myself. I obeyed. Then he made me beg for him to fuck me. He granted my wish after teasing me to my breaking point. Taking the head of his cock he started to rub it up and down my clit teasing me. Going slightly in my hole and then moving away before I had the time to push on it. Over and over again I would beg him to release me. Then when I wasn’t expecting it he gave a push. Only a reaction of want, I slammed forward all the way down his shaft taking him all in. That first thrust was the best when his entire cock broke through my tight pussy, massaging the inside of my body. That was it for me. I began to moan with cries of pleasure as he went in and out. Asking me if I liked it. I screamed YES! begging him for more. Finally I came all over his shaft. I was instructed to lick it all off and continue to suck him dry. Gladly I did it taking it all in my mouth again. Then like a blow to the stomach I heard my name being called…by who else but Mark. I had dozed off at the party after one to many screwdrivers. He walked me to my car and giving me that same smile he does every time I see him. He said goodbye and wished me a safe drive home. Then with a wink he said ” Thank you for all that you do.”

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