Thank You Jeannie Ch. 01-06


(c) March, 2002 Revised 12/24/03.

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Chapter 1 – A Date To Remember

Isn’t it amazing how everyone in most of these tales is the most beautiful or handsome, has a perfect body, massive breasts or huge erections. Not me, I was an average youngster, with average looks, an average penis, though I will allow myself above an average IQ. At least that’s what my test scores proclaimed.

My sister, Sue was not especially pretty. I didn’t know much about her body, though not from lack of trying to see it. Usually she wore loose fitting clothes which hid her figure. Even when I did get a rare peek down her top, she always wore a bra. Being good enough to be first or second string on any team she tried out for, Sue was normally involved in a sport after school most days.

Our parents were nice enough. Both were physically attractive, active at church, had good jobs, were well liked, and respected in our small community. Unfortunately, to my way of thinking, they were also very conservative. While they enjoyed a love life, it was a very private one. In front of Sue or me they’d kiss or hug, but they’d never in a million years admit that anything ever happened behind a closed bedroom door.

Basic birds and bees I got shortly after Mom first caught me masturbating. The mechanics of sex was briefly presented by my Father. When he got to “Have any questions son?” it was obvious, even to a kid like me, that he didn’t want any. About the only information I got from either parent from then on has been of the “…wait until marriage:”, or “…nice boys don’t do THAT”, or “…you’re too young for…” variety. In other words, not a scrap of useful information, ever, about sex.

As I developed, I actually grew more shy. Even though I got along well enough with my sister, neither of us knew much about communicating with other people. Oddly enough, we both tended to get along better with adults than kids our own age.

Sue and I tried to talk to each other. While we were fine with mundane matters, we both had a hard time with truly personal details. Over time I did discover that Sue got about as much help from Mom regarding sex as I’d gotten from Dad. Sue had gotten Body Parts 101, followed by a Ph.D. in Advanced Celibacy.

At 19, Sue is just over a year my senior. She did have infrequent dates, but she never found a boyfriend that wasn’t totally turned off by our folk’s piety and over-protectiveness. Being shy, unsure of herself, Sue wasn’t a very good conversationalist. Sadly she wasn’t allowed out of the house unless she dressed like an old lady. Those factors resulted in Sue mostly being asked out by jerks, and she was simply too bright for them.

Sue and I were only allowed a narrow range of ‘acceptable’ activities. A church social was OK, if there were plenty of chaperones, of course. A bowling alley…maybe, but a Drive In, forget it. A party at a friend’s house was out of the question, unless several sets of parents were in attendance. Hey, couldn’t allow any of that “wild stuff that misguided young people do!”

Dating? Tried it, wasn’t very good at it. Not being able to only made a boy-girl relationship more difficult. Having so little experience and confidence, I fell into a ferocious cycle of doing poorly on a date because I was shy, then becoming even shyer because I’d done poorly. There had been a couple girls I’d liked, but I suspect I soon lost them because I was so sexually awkward. Hey, if it was written on a billboard I’d probably miss a ‘signal’.

God, I wanted to do stuff! I wanted to experiment, but I’d been totally brainwashed. One thought about French kissing, or touching a breast, and my body would almost jump because of the lighting bolt that was surely going to zap me. My reality was that I knew if I did try something, and word got back to my parents, there’d be seven kinds of Hell to pay!

From all I’ve shared, it might not come as too big a surprise that Sue and I were often in front of the Rec. room TV on Friday and Saturday nights. Therefore there was absolutely nothing unusual about the Friday night where this story unfolds, except that we were parked on the sofa a little earlier than usual.

Every other Friday our parents ate dinner out after a church function. Afterwards they’d drive 25 miles to where they did the food shopping, etc. Happily, when they went out, all our little make work chores left with them.

This particular evening, a local UHF station was having an ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ marathon. After a couple hours of watching Barbara Eden, I was horny as hell from ogling her sexy harem outfits…what a body! Hormones led my thinking along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great to have a few wishes granted, heh, heh, heh!”

I don’t know if there are many people who’ve never seen ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, bursa escort but she was a bona fide, Arabian Nights type, wish granting, lives in a bottle, Genie, named Jeannie who was rescued by an of-course astronaut who’d landed on a desert island. Being a Sit Com, Jeannie used wishes to ‘help’ Tony, her fly-boy master. Chaos always ensued, but Jeannie was so adorable ya had ta love her.

Like most people, even though my mind was swirling with sexual fantasies involving foxy Barbara Eden and wishes, I was still able to manage a conversation with Sue. Mostly it was just a throw away comment, half question, or half just thinking out loud.

“Sue, if you had a few wishes what would ask for?’

“Well, no offense Lewis, but I’d be out a nice date at the Drive In instead of watching TV with my brother on a date night.”

We exchanged ‘hell yeah’ glances, made a few irony laced chortles, then returned to viewing the tube. Way in the back of my brain wheels began turning. A few minutes later a ‘ding’ sounded as an idea finished cooking. My mind played with it, then added a few more ingredients. “Might be fun…” I thought.

Laughing a little as I stood, I turned to Sue, folded my arms, then did a ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ nod of my head and blink. “Your wish has been granted, Master. You have a date for the Drive In. Please go dress. Do whatever you normally would to get ready for a date. Meet me in the kitchen in 30 minutes.”

Sue looked at me as if I were crazy.

“Go girl, shoo, shoo, you only have 30 minutes!”

Standing there with a silly grin, I extended a hand to help her up. When Sue accepted my hand, I pulled her to her feet. We held hands as I led her up the basement stairs, then to the second floor. Turning Sue by her shoulders towards her room, I gave her a gentle push. “I get the bathroom first, just for a couple minutes. Remember, 30 minutes, meet me in the kitchen.”

Diving into the bathroom, I stripped to the waist, brushed my teeth, washed up, combed my hair, then patted on a dab of cologne.

“All yours!” I shouted as I left the bathroom, heading to my room where I threw on a nice pair of jeans and a decent shirt.

From the depths of my closet, I dug out a tape of Starship Troopers I kept hidden. Had to hide it, there was some nudity in it…world might stop spinning ya know. Ready myself now, I flew down to the basement. Crossing the landing, I was gratified to hear Sue in the bathroom. Cool, she was going to play my game.

From a parts box, I grabbed a cheap speaker which I was able to plug into the front of the basement VCR. As if it was a Drive In speaker, I ran wire to a small end table by the sofa. Next I adjusted the TV’s volume to zero, put in the Troopers tape, then left the remote where I could easily reach it. Off I went to the kitchen.

Two bags of microwave popcorn were ready in a flash. After dumping the contents into a big plastic bowl, I zapped 4 hot dogs. Even warmed the buns, then wrapped each dog in a paper napkin so they looked a bit like concession stand food. In the cupboard, I found a couple jumbo plastic drink containers from a 7-11. While the dogs heated, I filled the cups with ice and cola. In case Sue raided my room, I had hidden a Hershey’s Almond bar on a top cupboard shelf. Climbing a stool, I retrieved mere moments before Sue descended the stairs.

By the time she reached the kitchen, I’d packed the eats into a small cardboard box I scrounged from the pantry. To my great delight, Sue had a quizzical look as well as a cute smile as she half-peeked into the kitchen before stepping all the way into the room.

Falling into my role as her date I said, “So, you’re finally back from the restroom. What do you girls do that takes so long. Look, I’ve already bought the refreshments. Let’s hurry back to the car, the movie’s about to start.” Sue gave me a ‘are you for real’ smile that made my night.

It was as dark downstairs as a movie theater because I’d turned off all the Rec. Room lights except for the TV. Happily it was a 27″ set, so it threw a lot of light.

Directing her to the sofa, I passed her 2 dogs and a soda. Unobtrusively I hit the PLAY button on the remote. I’d already skipped ahead 10 minutes to bypass all the utter garbage commercials Columbia had loaded on ahead of the movie. Abruptly, the banner appeared and the intro music blared.

“Hope you can hear OK, you know how these cheap Drive In speakers are, hope we don’t have to move the car. I heard Starship Trooper’s is pretty cool…lot’s of great special effects, and of course giant bugs out to destroy mankind.”

That did it, Sue broke up laughing.

“Lewis, you’re amazing!! This is hysterical, how’d you ever come up with all this? I’m really impressed.”

Sue looked into my eyes for a time. “This is already a better date than most I’ve had. This was really sweet of you, I was feeling a bit depressed earlier.”

Her broad smile turned into a gentle, loving one. Soft lips were kissing bursa escort bayan mine before I realized what she was doing. Perhaps the kiss was just a sibling smooch, but it did feel extraordinarily nice. Our lips pressed together for longer than I ever recalled us kissing before. Mostly, any kisses we’d ever shared had been quick pecks. Sue’s kiss left me feeling warm all over.

Sue hadn’t seen this movie. Recently I’d found it on sale, now that it was an ‘older’ movie. Still, since it had an R rating, I hadn’t told a soul I’d bought it. Since I was concerned about her reaction, I warned Sue there was a little nudity; I didn’t want her getting ticked at me. Certainly we could watch a different flick if bare boobies would bother her.

Guess she was getting into the game. “What’s the good of going to a Drive In if you aren’t a bit naughty!” was her grinning reply.

Before long the dogs were eaten and the popcorn gone. Pulling out the Hershey’s bar from under a napkin where I’d hidden it, I said, “Guess I must actually like you, this is the last of my chocolate.”

“Well, good sir. I’m sure your kindness will be rewarded some day.” The earlier kiss had been so sweet, I secretly hoped for another. A warm smile was all I got, but it made me feel mighty special nonetheless.

With the food gone, we put what was left of our drinks and trash on the end table. Normally we’d sit at opposite ends of the sofa when we watched TV. Guess with this being a ‘date’ we unintentionally settled in close together in the middle of the sofa. Our hands found each other. Looking back, I believe it was strictly because we were feeling very good about each other, glad for the companionship. We held hands simply because it felt nice to. As we settled back to watch the show, Sue rested her head against my shoulder.

Very sweetly Sue offered, “Wish I really had a magic lamp, this wishing stuff is pretty nice.”

While we watched, we were fairly quiet. Just a “ooh”, “ICK!!”, or “Cool!!!” now and then. When my hand finally needed to breathe, I put my arm around Sue. Enjoying her warmth, I wanted to keep her close. She seemed to enjoy our nearness as well. Snuggled up close, Sue turned her body slightly more towards me.

My feelings so far had been mostly about affection. Physically we were as intimate as we’d ever been before. Moreover I was feeling emotionally closer as our evening progressed. As I basked in her warmth, felt her firm muscles underneath her Peter Pan blouse, for the first time ever, I began to appreciate her as being a young woman. She’d actually been a fun ‘date’ so far; I liked having a ‘date’.

A shower scene came on. A dozen or more male and female recruits were bathing together, apparently a matter-of-course event in the army of the future. One of the reasons I’d bought this movie was so I could masturbate watching Dina Meyer, not to mention a few other nice breasts in this scene. Bingo: sex was on my mind. Abruptly I was thinking about the warm, female body I had my arm around; wondering, as I had so many, many times what my sister would look like undressed, or in the shower.

Truly, I believe what happened next was a total accident. As the shower scene unfolded, we both shifted positions slightly. I suspect we both were uneasy because sex was such a big taboo in our house. All I know for sure is my middle fingertips were ever, ever so slightly brushing the side of Sue’s right breast. I could just barely feel her bra within the blouse, but I was actually in contact with a female’s breast! Hormones instantly flooded my system, my heart pounded. As if sitting near a blaze, I felt very warm. My penis filled with blood, I felt tingly all over.

Afraid Sue might notice my hand, I froze like an ice sculpture. My hand begged me to go exploring. God, how I wanted to cup the breast that was so near, yet so very far away. An internal war ensued. The fear side won out, my hand remained motionless.

Happily, the human side scored a few points as well. The next time Sue shifted, I was prepared. Lightly my fingers caressed the curve of her breast, before rapidly retreating to her arm as if it’d just been a chance encounter. When Sue didn’t react, I felt relieved that I’d gotten away with it. Still, oh how my heart raced, how my penis throbbed.

Totally absorbed, I savored the memory of the texture and warmth of her bra-encased breast. When Sue spoke, quiet as she was, I jumped.

“Lewis, you’ve gone out with a few girls. Have you ever seen a girl’s breast? You don’t have to answer, but if you tell me the truth, I’ll answer tough a question of yours.”

The answer was no, but the guy ego thing, plus my shy-sexually repressed baggage made it hard to speak. Thank God, Sue was patient; I think she understood how difficult it was for me to open up. Our closeness that night helped me to finally find my voice.

“No…never seen, never touched. There were two girls I think who might’ve let me…you know, but every time I thought escort bursa about trying, I’d hear Mom’s disapproving voice in my head, then I’d freeze.”

After a long pause I asked, “Have you ever seen a guy, or anything?’

“Same boat as you; never seen, never touched…and for darn sure no ‘or anything’. With me it’s Dad’s voice in my head. Though basically it’s been due to the guys I’ve gone out with; mostly jerks, or very immature. Somehow I just know the first time I fool around that far will be something I’ll always remember. [laughing now] So I didn’t want the first one I saw to be attached to an idiot.”

Sympathetically, I laughed along with my sister.

“Lewis, I hope I didn’t embarrass you. Seeing those guys in the shower…Well, I caught myself wishing the camera would go lower, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I don’t dare tell you what I was wishing earlier when Jeannie was blinking her brains out.” That made Sue laugh. Reaching across me, Sue took my left hand with her right one. She kissed my palm, then held my hand.

Some cool action scenes came on; our attention was drawn back to the screen. Nothing more was said for a long time. Late in the movie came a scene where Dina jumps into a bedroll with the starring hunk. Whoosh, hormone flood! Immediately I was hornier than ever. Like some giant magnet, Sue’s body was powerfully attracting mine.

My dreams shattered when Sue asked me to let her up. Being insecure, I thought she was upset. When she said “Pause the movie, I’ll be right back.” I breathed a huge sigh of relief, gathering she simply had to pee.

I’m not sure how long Sue was gone. Guess I got distracted. I didn’t hit pause, instead I played the tape backwards until I could freeze a shot of Dina’s sexy little breasts and swollen nipples. Quickly opening my fly, my fingers slid through my underwear to stroke my erection. God, my shaft was hotter than Hell. I rubbed myself a little bit, but soon had to zip up because I heard Sue returning.

When she snuggled up tightly against me, just as close as she’d been before she’d left, I was soooo pleased. Gently, I again draped my arm over her shoulder. Hormones instructed my fingers to accidentally graze her breast again. Please understand, I was terminally horny at that point.

Executing my stealthy move, I got a surprise, shock, and a jolt. The jolt was because I rubbed her breast much harder than I’d intended, part of my brain was screaming RED ALERT – SISTER IS GOING TO KILL YOU. The surprise: another part of my brain was shouting “She is NOT wearing a bra!” The shock: Sue had only been gone a very short time. She left with a bra on, she came back with it off. Ergo, this was no accident!

I didn’t move, I didn’t speak. Gradually my tension drained away as it sunk in that Sue wasn’t reacting to the mini-feel I’d copped. Vaguely I realized I was watching the show, but not seeing it. Unconsciously my left hand was toying with Sue’s right hand. Time passed, I couldn’t say how much. Sue broke our silence. Very gently, very lovingly she spoke.

“Lewis, I’ve been thinking. You granted me my wish for a nice date tonight, just as if I had my own Genie. Tonight has been so totally wonderful. You know, we could give each other a magic lamp, we both could have wishes come true.”

Less than a second later, Sue guided my hand onto her breast. As my hand cupped her soft tit, we both exhaled deeply. Silently, she guided my hand’s movements over her breast for long enough to assure me it was OK to fondle her gift.

For several minutes we stayed just as we were; Sue’s head on my shoulder, us holding hands while I explored her warm, firm mound. Even through her blouse, I couldn’t miss feeling her nipple grew swell until it became as thick as my middle finger. I was in heaven, I’d never been so excited.

With my head reeling, it took a while before I could think clearly enough to figure out Sue might want a wish.

“Sue, I so want you to have a lamp. If there’s a wish you want to make, it’s yours, whatever it is. Would you wish to see your first penis?”

“No.” My heart stopped.

“Right now I want to touch your penis, I want to explore it with just my fingers. While you’re fondling my breast, I’d like to feel you. I want to save seeing it for our next date.”

My heart almost thumped out of my chest.

Shaking, I slid the soft, feminine hand I’d been holding onto my now obvious bulge. Sue felt me up through my jeans for several minutes. At long last her fingers lowered my zipper, unbuttoned the brass fastener, then slid into my briefs. Sue’s fingers glided over the glans before curling around my shaft.

No sooner did my sister get a slow, steady pumping motion going, then I ejaculated. Already wet inside my shorts from the seminal fluid I’d been leaking, I was soon drenched with my own semen. We both moaned long and slow as we felt her hand become coated with my sperm. My body became all the more excited by the added slipperiness and wet sounds as Sue stroked me.

Guess Sue understood how terribly excited I’d become by her actions. When my penis finally stopped pulsing within her grip, she turned her head to gave me an extremely tender kiss.

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