Thanksgiving , Funeral with Mom


It was Thanksgiving at the Hansen house. It was 7 a.m. and Theresa had a lot to do.

“Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday for women,” she said to herself thinking about all the work and cooking to be done.

Theresa’s kids were grown and she and her husband lived alone but today her youngest son Derek would be there and several in-laws, nephews and nieces, and cousins totaling about 15 people. Now the day after Thanksgiving was what she was looking forward to. Get away from all the men and family and do a little shopping. Theresa sat on the edge of her bed in a silky cream gown and pinned her brown locks up over her head. She picked up a towel off her dresser, flung it over her shoulder, and slipped out into the hall and into the bathroom before anyone could see her. There were already family out in the living room laughing and the aroma of fresh ground coffee filled her senses. Theresa shut the bathroom door and let her gown fall to the floor while reaching one arm into the shower to turn the water on. She held her arms up to her breasts and shivered while she stood there with bare feet on the cold gray tile floor waiting for the water to warm. When steam started to roll out she stepped in and closed the curtain. The warm water felt good running down her neck and milky chest. She reached for the soap bar and began rubbing her body down.

Her trance was interrupted by a noise that sounded like the toilet lid. She peeked out of the curtain and sure enough there was her son standing at the toilet with his back to her relieving himself.

“Derek, what are you doing?” Theresa whined in a high voice.

“Oh, sorry mom I really had to go,” Derek glance over his shoulder at her.

“You are twenty-two and I still can’t get any privacy,” she grumbled rolling her eyes.

Derek zipped up and turned around to look at his mom, reaching blindly to flush the toilet. He ran his fingers over his permanent bed-head hairstyle as if the motion straightened it to perfection.

“Nice toes, mom.” Derek smirked and looked at his mother’s dark purple painted nails on her feet visible under the shower curtain.

“Derek!” His mom glared him down while holding the shower curtain with her left hand to cover her vital areas.

“Kidding with you ma,” Derek grinned and lunged forward with fingers out as if to tickle her.

“Derek!” Theresa screamed. “Get out!” She let out a giggle.

Derek reached for the door instead of his mother and slipped out, shutting it behind him.

Theresa rinsed herself and then after toweling dry she wrapped it around her body and peeked out the bathroom door to be sure the coast was clear before dashing to her bedroom.


Well, the turkey cooked to perfection, all the food was spectacular, and the Hansens couldn’t have asked for a better meal. Dinner was almost finished; then, the unthinkable happened. Uncle Ralph clutched his chest and fell to the floor.

Aunt Pattie screamed, “Ralphy, Ralphy!” She threw herself on her husband and he was gasping for air, his eyes seemed to roll up into his head. His bald head turned purple and Aunt Pattie shook him…

Long story short — Uncle Ralph passed away on Thanksgiving Day. There isn’t a better way to ruin the mood of a holiday than that. Arrangements had to be made to fly his body back home to the East Coast. The family celebration turned into funeral plans and arrangements. Theresa’s husband had to take care of business so he couldn’t fly back for the funeral but Derek agreed to make the trip with his mother.

Money was short these days and Theresa and Derek couldn’t afford the luxury of a hotel. They had to stay in Aunt Pattie’s house even though it was cramped and smelled a bit like a nursing home. Uncle Ralph was Theresa’s – mom’s – brother and had been 76 years old.

Theresa would get the guest bed with a dusty flowered quilt and painted white metal frame. The springs squeaked and groaned when she set her suitcase on it. It complained even louder when she sat down on its edge. Derek would sleep with some blankets and escort kartal a pad on the floor.

The funeral was yet that day and Theresa and Derek had to dress quickly. Theresa wore knee high black boots and a short black skirt over her wide hips. Her bloused hugged her figure and accentuated her modest round bust.

“Does this look ok?” Theresa asked her son while turning sideways to appraise her reflection in the mirror over the dresser.

“You look nice mom,” Derek assured.

“Not too sexy for a fifty-year old woman?” She quizzed.

Derek laughed.

“Not too sexy for a funeral?” She added.

“You look great mom.”

The funeral was good as far as funerals go. Derek and Theresa got back to the house just after dark and other family were going to bring aunt Pattie home a little later. The house was quiet and Theresa sat on the bed and Derek lay on the floor. Derek flipped the tv on with the old remote. He was surprised this tv even had a remote, it was so old. The news was on and Derek yawned.

“You want to sit up here where you can see better, Derek?” Theresa asked her son.

“Oh, sure I guess.” Derek slowly lifted himself up then plopped down on the bed beside his mother, the bed springs groaned as if in great pain.

“I need to take my boots off, I’m exhausted.” Theresa looked down at her knee high footwear. She sighed, “Can you pull my boots off for me honey?” She looked at Derek with puppy dog eyes.

“Heeeh?” Derek lifted his eyebrows mischievously. “Take your own dang boots off.” He looked back at the tv.

“Dereeek?” Don’t talk to your mother like that.

“Aw, ok. Man” Derek jumped off the bed.

Theresa lifted her right leg up to him with a pouty expression on her lips. Derek grabbed her foot and jerked it, almost pulling her off the bed.

“Aaack, no!” Theresa reacted.

Derek laughed. “Hold on to the headboard or I’ll pull you on your buuutt.”

Theresa lifted her hands above her head and grabbed the cold white metal bars of the headboard. Derek yanked and one boot came off. He grabbed the other and it came of easier. Her legs flailed in the air. They laid back on the bed watching the news but both lost in thought, not really taking it in. After some time, Theresa could hear Derek’s breath deepening and she quietly glanced at him. His eyes were shut and his mouth slightly open. Every other breath or so, he would let out a soft snore. He had a small dribble of saliva rolling out of the side of his mouth. She giggled under her breath and wiped it off with the edge of her blouse.

Theresa turned off the over head light and left just one lamp on. The light was dim but she looked at the small clock on the wall and it said ten-till-twelve. It didn’t seem that late but they were on Eastern Standard Time now. She didn’t really want to wake Derek to undress and go to bed so she decided to just let him sleep.

The light was faint and Theresa unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She lifted her blouse over her head and folded it with the skirt laying them both in her suitcase. She unhooked her black lace bra and tossed it over the back of an old high backed oak chair by the dresser. With both thumbs she pushed her black cotton panties down over her hips and then flipped them with her purple-painted big toe onto the same chair. She looked down at Derek and he was fast asleep. Her she was, bare-naked, her son on the bed in front of her and he was clueless. Something about the thought sent a euphoric chill through her spine. She looked down at her body. It wasn’t perfect. Her natural breasts hung lower than the movie stars but her nipples were erect, her hips were wide no matter how hard she tried to diet, she kept a tuft of hair below unlike the girls in the movies who she heard now shave it all, her butt was large when she turned to look at it in the mirror. She pinched her fleshy thigh with three fingers and it rebounded like firmly when they released.

Derek’s white dress shirt that he had worn to the funeral was crumpled in the side of his suitcase. maltepe escort Theresa couldn’t say why, but she picked up that shirt and put it on. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. The back just covered her cheeks and curved up her hips on the sides. She pulled the front corners down over her pelvic area as if to protect her modesty in the reflection and the button edges of the shirt just covered her pointed nipples but shared view of her generous cleavage.

Theresa had stashed a bottle of the Thanksgiving wine in her suitcase along with two glasses. She took one of those glasses out with the bottle and poured herself a drink. She slid her panties off the chair, sat down, and sipped the glass of wine. She sat there in Derek’s shirt for some time thinking about Uncle Ralph, family, and life.

Theresa heard her son stir in his sleep and she reached and turned the lamp off, trading its dim light for almost pitch blackness. She felt her way over to the bed. She put her hand on Derek’s leg and felt down to his feet. She untied his leather shoes and dropped them to the floor. She removed his dark gray socks that felt a bit sweaty and curled her nose at the odor. She gently eased the quilt out from under him and covered him with it. She lifted his head and slid the only pillow in the room under it.

Derek opened his eyes and sat up. Theresa jumped.

“I just took your shoes off, dear.”

“Aww, thanks mom,” Derek answered squinty eyed in the blackness and combing his fingers through his perma-tossled hair. Derek pushed his pants down sleepily and lifted his t-shirt over his head discarding them both carelessly to the floor.

“You can…,” Theresa began to say before she noticed Derek’s mouth open wide and breathing deeply. She was going to offer to let him sleep in the bed and she could sleep on the floor. After looking at him peacefully there in just his boxer shorts, her eyes adjusted to the blackness she decided to let him sleep. She covered him again with the quilt.

Theresa stood up and walked around the bed feeling her way in the darkness. She arranged the pad on the floor with blankets and it really didn’t feel any more uncomfortable than that creaky old bed. She fell asleep and the next thing she knew the morning sun was penetrating the heavy curtain barriers.


“Hey mom, wake up.” Derek said in a low voice leaning over his mother.

“God!” Theresa opened her emerald green eyes with a faraway stare.

“Sorry mom, I’m not God but you gotta get up.” Derek’s cloudy blue eyes stared into the sea-green, sleep-fogged eyes of his mother. Our plane leaves this afternoon and we are taking aunt Pattie to lunch.

“Get up,” Derek kissed his mother on the forehead and rubbed his nose against hers.

Their eyes were inches apart. “Come on mom!” Derek tore away the blankets covering Theresa.

“Oh, God,” Theresa gasped trying to cover her body with Derek’s shirt and crossing her legs.

Theresa stood up and Derek backed away. “Wow, mom.” He looked down at her wearing just his shirt and his eyes paused where the shirt-tails almost covered her critical area and then again at the fleshy cleavage that parted her breasts.

“I need to run take a shower,” Theresa announced casually.

“Ok, I’m next,” Derek added.

Theresa disappeared and after a nice hot shower came back to the room with a pink towel wrapping her body just under her arms. Derek left the room about as fast as she entered and returned several minutes later with his towel encircled low on his waist. He turned his back to her, released the towel, and rubbed his head with it. He wiped between his legs up and down with the corner of the towel and his penis, still warm from the shower, flopped then swung side to side. He rewrapped himself and turned around. Theresa was standing at the dresser mirror applying makeup with her hair pinned up over her head save for a wild dark strand that followed down the curve of her bare neck. Derek looked at her reflection and a tear was rolling down her right pendik escort bayan cheek.

“Mom, are you ok?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m ok….It’s just…it’s just,” she trailed off and let out one short sob before catching her composure. “…life is just so much to handle sometimes. I guess I’m sad about Uncle Ralph passing. I’m also sad…well, you know my marriage, your dad and I…”

“Sorry ma.” His assurance felt helpless.

“It’s ok.”

Derek walked up behind her and squeezed her bare shoulder with his warm hand. She patted his hand with hers before he released. Her emotions overflowed and she began crying softly. He reached his arms around her from behind in an instinctive embrace. His nose touched the back of her ear and he rested his chin on her shoulder. He held her silently for a minute. He inhaled and the scent of her skin smelled like lavender and rose petals. Their bodies pressed together felt electric. The aroma of her body intoxicated Derek and a burning warmth shot through his body. He pushed his hips to her backside hugging just a little tighter and his groin stirred. Feeling embarrassed, he pulled his hips back but to his horror the towel slipped from his waist. Theresa relished the comforting embrace and her eyes were closed, unaware of Derek’s nakedness and his movements behind her.

“Thank you, baby,” Theresa whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Derek was dizzy and he felt the blood rush to his penis. He kissed and then softly bit the back of her neck.

Theresa became mildly aware of his press from behind and the electric tension between their bodies but she dismissed the thought. He stepped forward putting his left foot inside hers and slid it outward spreading her legs. She felt something slide up under her towel and she gasped. It couldn’t be…it all felt like a dream. Suddenly she felt so sexual; this person behind her wanted her. She felt a fire in her body and wetness between her legs. She was aware now what was happening and couldn’t stop it. She felt his swollen head at her wet entrance and the pressure against her. She felt her lips spreading around him. He entered so slowly as if there were no other possible outcome than the coition. He filled her like a juicy ripe peach fills a thirsty mouth. The second thrust made her gasp and the towel fell away from the front of her body and he watched from behind her breasts swing in the mirror’s reflection.

“!” She breathed coarsely. “No, baby, no…” Her eyes welled up with tears.

“Ma,” Derek reduced his thrusts to slow motion. “It’s ok…I’m your baby.” His swollen circumcised head glided in deep and then back out smoothly with sweet wet friction against her moist vaginal walls.

Theresa breathed in short spasmodic breaths. “Derek, you make me feel so gorgeous, so good.” A thousand nerves were going off all at once in her body.

Derek’s slender brown hips contrasted her wide fleshy cheeks and they shook rhythmically. He ripped her towel to the floor that was hanging partly across her back. Derek was making love to his mother and this wasn’t a dream. He spread her ass with both thumbs and gradually pulled his glistening erection all the way out of her. Her pink labia pulsated and stretched back with him as he exited her as if it were reluctant to give back his penetrating member. Derek pushed his mother down onto the old bed and the springs made a high screech. He put her breast in his mouth and sucked while hugging her from the side. He kissed her breast, then her belly, then her thigh. He rubbed his nose through her closely groomed pubic hair and then found her clitoris with his tongue. He penetrated her with two fingers while his tongue worked and pushed against her freshly showered anus with his thumb. The bed springs creaked and groaned and Theresa started making wailing sex cries which drowned out the bed noise. Derek knew aunt Pattie could hear them but he didn’t care.

Derek came up and kissed his mother open-mouthed on the lips. He entered her again and their naked bodies rolled on the bed. They fucked, then they made love, then they fucked, and then they made love. Finally Derek exploded inside her and filled her with his seed. They lay there for a while exhausted. Theresa took Derek’s hand and put it to her bare breast, “We better get up honey, we really need to go.”

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