Thanksgiving with the In-Laws


You might say that I lucked out in the in-law department. Friends and co-workers tell horror stories of having to spend time with their in-laws, but I have always enjoyed spending time with Debbie and Bill. My wife Tina and I have known each other for seven years, and during that time I have become almost as close to them as my own parents. Soon after we were married Tina and I moved about 1,000 miles away so that I could take a great job. At first, Debbie and Bill weren’t too happy with the thought of their only child moving so far away. But everyone has adjusted over the last four years, and they are especially satisfied that Tina and I have become very successful in our new town. Naturally because of the distance between us we only see the in-laws on holidays and maybe a few other times per year.

It would not be honest to say that I have lusted after my mother in law since the first day we met, but there have been a few events over the years that made me think about what it would be like to have sex with her. Debbie keeps her 52 year old body in great shape by working out a few times per week at the local fitness center. My best views of her body have been on beach vacations Tina and I have taken with her parents, each time I have been treated to Debbie’s body in a bikini.

The first sight of Debbie’s bikini clad body was a very pleasant surprise. Tina and I had been dating for about a year when Bill invited me on a family vacation to the Bahamas. Bill had rented a great house on the beach that had a pool and hot tub on the back deck. After arriving Tina and I hit the pool to relax after the long trip. Debbie walked out a few minutes after we had dove in wearing a blue bikini. It was an ordinary looking two piece, nothing too revealing, but it still gave me a nice view of her body. At the time Debbie was 46, and I guess I expected to see her in a one piece suit at most. The rest of the evening I kept sneaking peaks at her, trying very hard not to be obvious. The second great surprise of the visit was that I found out that Tina is a wild woman in bed when her parents are sleeping in the same house. I suppose she thinks it’s something forbidden, and is turned on by that. Tina and I were in separate rooms at Bill’s request, but Tina snuck into my room every night for what was some of bursa escort the wildest sex we have ever had. Even now, our best sex is when we are visiting the in-laws or when they are at our house for a visit. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t mind being around them.

Debbie called me at work in early November to ask if it would be a problem for she and Bill to come to our house for Thanksgiving since Tina and I were not planning to go back home for the holiday. I told her of course it was not a problem and we were looking forward to the visit. What I was really thinking was that I was going to get some great action from Tina while the in-laws were in town. Debbie and Bill arrived the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. We went out to eat that night and had a great time catching up on each other’s lives. That night, just as I had hoped, Tina initiated a great night of sex. The next day at work I was pre-occupied with thoughts of what was in store for me that night. I typically get home a couple of hours before Tina, so I figured I would be entertaining the in-laws by myself until she got home. It nearly worked out that way.

When I got home Debbie told me that Bill had just left for the sporting goods outlet store about 30 miles from my house. Bill is an avid fisherman and wanted to pick up some toys before we headed for dinner that night. There have been very few times when I have been alone with my mother in law. Even though we get along great, there has always been an awkwardness between us during those times. At least I know I have felt uneasy every time Debbie and I have been alone. It’s strange but the only times I think of how she looks in that bikini are when we are alone. She could be innocently sitting on the sofa watching TV and I will find myself trying to imagine her naked. This time was no different. Debbie was wearing fleece shorts and a tee shirt, and when she bent over to pick up a magazine I got a great view of her bra covered breasts. A few minutes later she bent over to pick something up which caused the fleece to stretch over her firm ass. I tried to stop thinking about my mother in law’s body, but I guess the views of her breasts and ass combined with my horniness from thinking about what Tina was going to do with me when she got home were too much to overcome. I bursa escort bayan was becoming very horny, and I figured there would be only one way to relieve myself until Tina got home. I excused myself, telling Debbie that I was going to change, and managed to sneak in a quick self gratification session before coming back down stairs.

I nearly fell over when Debbie said, “I bet you feel better now.” I didn’t know what to say, was I that obvious before I headed upstairs to change? Before I could say anything she added, “It must feel nice to be out of those stuffy slacks and tie.” Boy was I relieved, I answered with a quick affirmative, then changed the subject. The next few minutes were filled with small talk, then I went to the fridge to get something to drink. When I turned around Debbie was bending over looking in one of the bottom cabinets. I was getting my second view of her breasts in the last twenty minutes and I couldn’t help but stare. Unfortunately, Debbie lifted her head while my eyes were glued to her chest. My mother in law had caught me looking down her shirt. I was preparing myself for a scolding, or at least a question of why I was looking. Instead, Debbie stood up and stared directly into my eyes. We were less than three feet apart, staring at each other not saying a word. The tension was unbelievable. We must have stayed in that position for 30 seconds. Then the phone rang. It was Tina telling me that she would be stuck at work for at least an hour later than normal.

After hearing my end of the conversation, Debbie took the cell phone from her purse that was sitting on the kitchen table and called Bill. She told him that Tina was stuck at work so he had more time to shop. Debbie’s end of the call was something like, “So you’ll be back about 8:00? OK, see you then. I love you honey.” After hanging up she turned and began walking into the living room then said, “Looks like we have at least two hours before either of them get home.” When she got to the entry way to the living room she said, “Well are you going to come fuck me or just wait to see if I bend over again?” Then turned again and continued walking. Needless to say I was stunned, but still coherent enough to walk into the living room. When I entered the room Debbie was sitting on the sofa. She stood up and said, escort bursa “You do want to fuck me don’t you? I always thought you looked at me in that way, but wasn’t sure until I caught you looking down my shirt.” All I could manage to spit out was, “You are very beautiful.” “Thanks Kenny, but if we are going to have sex we might as well get with it,” was Debbie’s reply.

With that my mother in law took my arm and nearly threw me down on the sofa. I sat there and watched Debbie pull her shirt and shorts off quickly, then pause a moment before removing her underwear. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe my mother in law was standing in front of me in her bra and panties about to take them off and fuck me. Almost before I could finish the thought Debbie had her underwear off and was pulling my shorts down to my ankles. I was sitting there with my hard cock sticking straight in the air as my mother in law straddled my lap. She looked at me and said, “We’ll have plenty of time to make love later, right now I need to fuck you.” Debbie then raised herself and placed my cock at her entrance. I could feel her wetness on the tip of my cock. Debbie slowly lowered herself onto me and let out a moan when I was all the way inside. She grabbed my face and said, “You feel so good in me. I’m really going to enjoy this.” Debbie began bouncing up and down, and I quickly found out that she was very vocal during sex.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m fucking my son in law.” Debbie nearly screamed as she picked up the pace. “Kenny, I’m going to cum on your dick. I’m going to make you fuck me until I cum.” Debbie’s breathing was becoming heavy her moans deeper and louder. “I’m so close baby, cum with me Kenny. Cum in mommy’s pussy. I want to feel you cum in me.” I was about to explode, I grabbed my mother in law’s juicy tits as I began to cum. Debbie moaned, “That’s it baby, cum in mommy, cum in me. Oh god, I’m going to cum. Kenny I’m going to cum on your cock.” Debbie was slamming herself on me as we both began to come. I could feel her pussy milking me, drawing every drop of cum from my cock.

Debbie began to slow her movements, and eventually we sat there motionless, holding each other. We looked at each other and drew into a long, deep kiss. I moved my hand up and began to massage her breast. Debbie felt me begin to get hard again and broke the kiss. “Hold on baby, lets go to the bed. I want you to fuck me in my daughter’s bed.” I guess Tina’s not the only person in her family that likes forbidden things.

To be continued…

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