The Adventures of Curt Pt. 01


Every character in this story is fictional and over 18.


“Good morning honey,” Kim said to her recently High School graduated 18-year-old son.

“Good morning mom,” Curt replied, his back to her as he poured a bowl of cereal before going to work. He turned around and saw his mom wearing her most seductive lingerie she had. He shook his head wishing she’d stop doing this to him. She had him when she was young and in her mid-30’s she was still remarkably hot, her body oozing sexuality.

His dad left them 6 months ago because, according to her, he couldn’t keep up with her sex drive. He could hear them arguing almost every night about how she wanted to fuck and all he wanted to do was rest. Finally, he’d had enough of her begging. So, he packed his stuff and left. His mom was devastated for a while but then she started to turn her attention to him. Now when he said she was hot, he meant it. At 5’9″, dark hair, caramel colored eyes, long toned legs, and a very curvy figure topped by all-natural DD breasts. Her looks turned heads anywhere she went.

He stood there, eating his cereal, admiring his mom’s body. His issue, he fantasized about her when he masturbated. He felt guilty about it and he never expected to be in this position where his mom was focusing her entire sexual energy towards him. He knew he was weak and didn’t know how long he could hold off her advances.

She walked towards him, her bra clad DD breasts quivering with every step she took. Smiling a knowing smile that he was enjoying the view. She stopped right in front of him, “So tell me son, are you still planning on going to university here in town?”

“Yes mom, we’ve discussed this. I’m going to stay in town while I go to school.”

She inched a little closer to him, “Well, you know, I might make you pay rent. Unless we work out another arrangement.” She put her leg between his and rubbed her thigh on his groin. He let out a little moan.

“Mom, please stop it,” he said moving away from her.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like what mommy was doing to you?”

“That’s not the point.”

“So, then you do like it,” she said, moving back in front of him. Her smoldering caramel eyes begging him to fuck her. This time, instead of using her thigh, she used her hand to massage his young hard cock. “Mmmm, feels like mommy is making you happy.”

It took every ounce of willpower in him to move away from her, “I asked you to stop, so please stop!”

A smile crept across her face, she knew she had him and it was only a matter of time before he fucked her.

Curt went to take a shower and as usual, he masturbated to the thought and feel of his mom touching his cock. He imagined how good she would feel with his dick in her, pumping in and out of her wet, hot pussy. Or, how sexy she’d look as she gave him a blowjob, her sexy eyes watching him as she made him squirm. When he came, it was so hard, he almost collapsed. He actually started rationalizing that he should fuck his mom, just one time, to see if she was as good as he thought.

Curt finished his shower, dried off, put on his clothes, and drove to work. While there, all he could think about was his mom and how good it felt when she touched him. By the time his workday was over, he’d worked himself into a full-blown sexual frenzy. His cock was hard as a rock and he’d made up his mind, he had to fuck his mom.

Meantime, Kim went to the grocery store and bought groceries so she can make Curt’s favorite meal. Arriving home, she carefully prepared a ribeye steak, salad, and a loaded baked potato. Next, she showered, and put on one of her skin-tight outfits that left little to the imagination. She wanted to ensure her visual image was as good as it could get. Next, she went into the bedroom and prepared for what she hoped would be an all-night fuckfest.

She heard Curt drive up and became excited with anticipation. She’d decided on a full court press to get him to fuck her. She was standing by the door when he walked in, “Hi mom. Wow, you look really sexy.”

She sensed a change in his attitude, “Thanks son. How was your day?”

“It ataşehir escort was great. I managed to get everything done that I needed to before I left.”

She moved closer to him, her face by his. She whispered in his ear, “Why don’t you go shower. I’ve made your favorite meal.” She nibbled on his ear, sending sparks through his body. His erection was back.

He finished his shower, put on running shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt. His mom was waiting for him in the dining room, “Here baby, sit here.” She said pointing to a chair. She sat across from him, both playing mental gymnastics regarding how the night was going to play out. She was hoping he is as horny as she is. She needed to feel his young cock in her, fucking her and cuming in her.

After they finished eating, she cleared the table and was rinsing the dishes in the sink. Curt walked up behind her, put his hands around her narrow waist, and turned her around. He kissed her hard and deep. Her body melted into his, their tongues darting and dancing in each other’s mouth, she reached for his throbbing dick. Her breathing quickened as she felt how hard he is. “Oh son, your cock feels so good. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Finally resigned to the fact he is going to have sex his mom, this one time, he let her lead him to her bedroom. Opening the door, he saw candles burning, a crock pot full of baby oil, an ice bucket full of ice, and mint flavored toothpaste. His mom looked at him and said, “Sweetie, this is a night you’ll never forget.” From that point on, she took control.

Kim lifted his shirt over his head and ran her hands over his young hard body. She took off her top and bra too. Her nipples erect with passion, wanting to be suckled by her son. She pulled him to her, kissing him while her breasts gently caressed his chest. They both groaned with building anticipation. She slid his running shorts down and he kicked them to the side. His throbbing cock pulsed in front of his mother’s face.

She pulled a heated microfiber cloth out of the warm baby oil and wrapped it around his testicles and then she massaged them. The warm slick feeling of the oil-soaked rag caused his dick to throb and ache; begging relief. She smiled up at him, her beautiful face framed by her long hair, and her caramel eyes letting him know she was enjoying pleasuring her son.

As she continued to massage his testicles, she kissed the length of his swollen throbbing cock. Her tongue exploring every inch, working over the tip of his manhood, licking and sucking; driving him crazy.

She refreshed the oil-soaked rag, wrapping it around his testicles. This time, she took several pieces of ice in her mouth and chewed them into a slush. She squirted some of the mint toothpaste in her mouth and placed his rock-hard dick in her mouth. He almost fell down, the contrast of the warm rag wrapped around his balls and the cold minty feeling of his mom’s mouth made him weak in the knees.

She could feel his balls tighten and his cock grow as he was preparing for release. “No baby, not yet. Mommy wants you to cum in her pussy, not her mouth.” she stopped the stimulus, allowing his to regain control of his ejaculation. She did this to him four times, each time bringing him closer to ejaculation. She knew he’d lost control and all he could think about was when would he be able to feel relief.

“Mom don’t get me wrong, what you’re doing feels awesome. But I need to cum. I feel like my balls are going to explode.”

She stopped massaging his balls, sucking his dick, and cleaned him up. “You’re ready son.” She laid on the bed and scooted to the middle, taking him by the hand. She spread her legs and pulled him between them. His throbbing cock sensed a hot, wet pussy was waiting to be fucked.

She looked him in the eyes as she took him in her hand and guided him to her entrance. Anticipation increased her breath rate; she was ready for her son’s hard cock to fill her pussy. He pushed his hips forward causing him to enter her. They both gasped with overwhelming pleasure.

Now, fully inside her, he looked at his mom’s ecstasy filled face and kadıköy escort bayan he felt a tremendous amount of love towards her. He never wanted this moment to end. He lowered his face to hers, kissed her on the lips and said, “I love you mom.”

“I love you too son. Make love to me slowly, I want this feeling to last. The first time is always so special.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more mom,” he said, as he slowed his pace enjoying the feel of her hot wet pussy.

A few moments later, her breath rate quickened, and she started to massage and squeeze her breasts and nipples. Her back arched and she locked her legs around him, pulling him further into her. He felt her hot wet pussy sliding over his cum building cock. He could feel his body preparing to release inside her.

She pulled him tight to her, both of their bodies perfectly in synch as their passion built to orgasm; each grinding into the other. “Shit son, cum in me. I want to feel your hot seed filling me.”

He couldn’t hold out any longer, he thrust his dick faster and harder into his mom and they both released at the same time. Her orgasm was powerful as she begged him to fuck her hard. He had the most powerful ejaculation of his life. Every time he plunged inside her, he filled her with more and more of his hot sticky cum. Their first orgasms were intense and lasted for a couple of minutes. Finally, exhausted, they collapsed into each other’s arms.

Face to face they cuddled, enjoying the aftermath of an intense orgasm. They were gently kissing and running their hands over each other’s body. She was the first to speak, “That felt really good son. Mommy has never been fucked like that before. It was intense!”

“Truth be told, I liked it too. I can still feel your mouth on my dick, and you felt so hot and wet. In fact, I’m getting hard again just thinking about it.”

She smiled, “So fuck your mommy again. Afterall, it is the weekend and we can stay in bed all weekend. But this time, I get on top.”

Except for going to the restroom and eating, Kim and Curt did stay in bed and had sex all weekend. When the weekend ended and Curt had to go to work, Kim missed him. Granted, Kim was always waiting for him in the bedroom and the first order of business was to have a wild love making session before they did anything else. Obviously, their relationship had changed, and Kim wanted him even more.

After a couple of weeks went by, Kim couldn’t stand not constantly being around Curt. So, after an intense lovemaking session Kim proposed and idea. She said, “Baby, I have an idea I’d like to run by you.”

“Sure mom, what is it?”

“Well, you know your dad and I are now divorced.”

“Yes, I realize that.”

“What you might not know, is he pays me a significant amount of alimony. In fact, it’s enough to support both of us in an accommodating lifestyle. So, I was thinking, why don’t you quit your job and stay home with me? Then, we could lounge around all day and have sex whenever we want.” To emphasize her point, she put his dick in her mouth, sucking on it for all she’s worth.

He replied, “Mom, you make a great point! I’ll quit tomorrow.”

Grinning, she said, “That makes me so happy!”

After Curt quit, all he and his mom did was stay in bed. Every day was a sexfest and they were deeply in love and inseparable. Of course, they went out but mostly to celebrate, and as it turns out, there were lots of reasons to celebrate. And, for when they couldn’t wait to get back home, they purchased and outfitted a top of the line Sprinter van, comfortably. It was a home away from home!

On their two-month anniversary, Curt and Kim dressed up and went out to the best steakhouse in town. His mom was dressed to kill. She was wearing her version of “the little black dress” that looked like it was sprayed on and barely covered her ass. Her hair is up, her makeup flawless, and her stilettos completed the wardrobe ensemble.

Arm-in-arm they walked into the restaurant; Curt proud to be seen with his sexy mother. It was the middle of the week and the place was full of businessmen entertaining escort maltepe guests. Naturally, Kim attracted male attention. Several men gawked at her as if she were meat on a hook.

The maître d seated them in the middle of the restaurant. After they were seated, the men turned their attention back to what they were doing; except for one. He couldn’t take his eyes off Kim and even went so far as to lick his lips so she could see it.

After the salad course, Kim noted the gawker was still at it, and she’d had enough. She got up from the table, walked to him, and motioned for him to scoot back. After he scooted his chair back, she straddled him, and Curt knew she wasn’t wearing any panties. She is looking him right in the eyes; and she slowly started grinding on him with her bare pussy. She leaned over to the side of his head, her hot breath sending jolts of pleasure through his body.

She said, just loud enough for nearby people to hear, “I noticed you’ve been staring at me,” he nodded his head, “I bet you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you,” he nodded his head again. “Yeah, I bet you’d like to stick your dick in my wet, tight, hot pussy and fuck me until you cum inside me.” The guy wasn’t looking so sure of himself now. She continued the slow grind on his crotch, her bare pussy still riding over his now erect dick. “Or, I bet you’d like for me to give you a blowjob, sucking on you until my mouth is filled with your cum, and watch me swallow your load.”

At that point Kim could feel his dick pulsing as he jizzed in his pants. She stopped grinding on him, looked in his eyes again, and said, “You see that young man over there,” she said and he nodded his head, “that’s my son and he’s going to be taking me home, after we finish our meal, and he’s going to fuck and cum in me over and over tonight. Now go wash up and have more respect for women you fucking asshole.” Completely embarrassed, the man stood, the wet spot on his crotch visible, and went to the bathroom.

Kim, walking back to their table, her eyes locked on her son’s, was breathing deep. Curt had seen this before and he knew his mom was extremely horny and wanted to be fucked. Through deep breaths, she said, “That was fucking hot! Let’s go, mommy needs to get fucked!” They left the restaurant, walking as fast as they could to the Sprinter.

They got to the Sprinter van and by the time he crawled into the van and locked the door, his mom was naked and working on taking his belt off. With his clothes now off, she slid back on the bed and spread her legs, her pussy is dripping wet. Curt has had sex with his mom many times but when he entered her, he’d never felt her so wet and hot. She immediately wrapped her legs around him and said, “Come on son, fuck me hard. I need to orgasm.” They were so horny they had sex three times before they were finally relieved enough to head home. And, once they got home, they picked up right where they left off.

A few weeks later, Kim was on top, slowly moving up and down on his dick. They both enjoyed this position because Curt could run his hands all over his mother’s body and he enjoyed her reaction as he played with her sensitive breasts. “Hey baby,” she said, “You remember Aunt Claire?”

“Of course, I remember your porn star sister.” he replied smiling.

“Well, she’s coming to live with us for a while.”

Her sister is the splitting image of his mom. She’s about ten years younger, has a tighter body, with slightly larger breasts. He has seen some of her porn and it is beyond hot. He was stunned, happy, and not sure how to reply. His thoughts immediately turned to fucking her.

His mom asked, “Where’d you go Curt?”

“Oh, ah, nowhere.” was his lame reply.

His mom, knowing his mind, said, “I bet you were thinking about fucking aunt Claire? You know, she’s beyond a nympho, right? In fact, that’s why she got into porn. She couldn’t think about anything else besides having a hard dick in her all the time, but she needed to eat. She decided going into porn was a good compromise. She could fuck and make money at the same time. But now, she’s trying to slow down; a little.”

Curt’s mind drifted to imagining his mom and aunt Claire going down on each other. His mom asked, “Oh, shit baby, what the hell are you thinking about now? You just got rock hard.”

Smiling at his mom, he said, “Just thinking about how lucky I am.”

Part 2, coming soon.

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