The Affair


My “affair” with my mother got started in a very unusual but exciting way. Exciting for a young teenager anyway.

From what I’ve read and from personal accounts from acquaintances, most mother-son affairs start with “accidental” encounters like the mother catching the son masturbating or the son walking in on the mother stepping out of the shower. Then things just happened. I’ve also heard or read about planned encounters where the son or mother purposefully expose themselves to the other or make overt sexual advances toward the other.

My story is a version of the “accidental” encounter, but with an exciting twist.

I was a very normal eighteen-year old male hormone factory in high school. I was just beginning to really explore sex. During my early teens, my friends and I would sneak peeks at our father’s Playboy or porno pictures. I had, of course, discovered masturbating and the amazing thrill of an intense orgasm. I had a couple of very brief but pleasant boy-girl experiences. An older girl of 18 had introduced me to mutual oral sex. Another girl had jerked me off and let me finger fuck her. Nothing serious.

My mother was a typical stay-at-home mom and wife in typical American middle-class family, or so I thought. In the brief time I had been even thinking about and experimenting with sex, my mother never entered my mind. Sex and my mother were an alien concept to me. I had never observed my mom exhibiting any sexuality at all. She was very attractive and sexually appealing to other males, but I certainly did not see her in that way. She was relatively young, in good shape and had a great figure. She had 36D tits, a small waist, beautiful long legs, long wavy brunette hair, brilliantly bright green eyes and a stunningly beautiful face. She always turned heads wherever she went. Of course, I was aware of her beauty, but not her sexuality.

Okay, on with the story.

As I said, we were typical middle-class Americans. My stepfather had a good job and traveled a lot. Mom spent her spare time playing bridge and tennis with her girlfriends, mostly neighbors. There were two very close friends I’ll call Linda and Jane. They were, like Mom young, izmir escort bayan athletic and good looking.

I came home one summer day after playing tennis with some friends. It was about 3:00pm and was very hot. I noticed Mom’s and Linda’s cars in the driveway, but didn’t think anything about it since it was their normal tennis day and they almost always went to one or the other’s house afterwards.

I went to the kitchen and got a cold drink and went to my room to change. I took a quick shower and slipped on a clean pair of boxers and lay down to relax. When I settled down, I heard sounds coming from Mom and Dad’s room. Curious, I went into the hall and the sounds got louder. It was sort of a whimpering sound. Thinking that something was wrong, I went to the door and started to push it open. As I looked in, I got the shock of my life!

I saw Linda reclined in the easy chair in the corner with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. She had her knit tennis shirt pushed up and her bra off. She was squeezing her nipples and massaging her very large breasts. Her legs were spread wide and looped over the chair arms. She was squirming and moaning. Between her spread legs, was my Mom’s head!!! Mom was still dressed in her tennis outfit and, in addition to licking Linda’s cunt like it was her favorite dessert; she was furiously finger fucking her asshole.

I just stood there with my eyes bugging out, my breathing suspended and my mouth open. I could not comprehend what I was seeing. I’d seen pictures of women eating pussy, and knew that kind of thing happened, but I’d never seen it in person, and, of course would never have associated my own mother with such activity.

Well, as I stood there with my mind trying to catch up with reality, my cock caught on immediately. It was sticking straight up and pushing out of the bottom of my boxers. As my mind focused on what was happening, my hand had, on its own, grabbed my hardon and was stroking up and down from base to head.

Just as I came to my senses, Linda opened her eyes and looked right at me. I froze, terrified, right where I was. My hand froze in mid stroke and I just stood there expecting escort izmir the worse. Amazingly, Linda just smiled and, putting both hands on Mom’s head, she said, “Well, Marge (not my Mom’s real name), looks like we’ve got company.” Mom’s head jerked up and turned to look. She gasped but did not get up or scream, but she too started to smile a sort of twisted but genuine smile. She never stopped finger fucking Linda’s asshole.

Linda said, “Looks like your son has become quite a man, Marge. Just look at that thing! It must be at least eight inches and what a head on it!”

Mom said, “He takes after my dad, and I agree he certainly has grown. Come here Bobby, let your Mom see you.”

God! I could barely move. I just sort of floated over to her with my hand still gripping my cock, my eyes bugging out and totally speechless. It was strictly automatic, an obedient son minding his mom. It was only about ten feet to the chair, but it seemed like forever getting there.

Once I got there, Mom gently removed my hand from my cock and replaced it with hers and said, “Relax Hon, you’re going to like this. I know you’re nervous and confused, but it’s okay.”

She started stroking my dick and turned to Linda and said, “How about it? Do you want to go first?”

Linda said, “Oh yes!” She bent forward and let Mom insert my cock in her mouth. Then Linda took my cock in her hands and started my first real adult blowjob. Wow! It was incredible. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue was in constant motion. Her hand slid up and down the shaft following her mouth.

As Linda tended to my cock, Mom stood up and started sucking on my nipples. I’d never felt any thing like that and had no idea that my nipples were a source of sexual pleasure. She slipped out of her tennis shirt and skirt with quick movements. I noticed for the first time that she wasn’t wearing panties. She placed my hand on her breasts, and I started massaging them and pinching her nipples. She began to moan and then began kissing me. Her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth like a flame.

With all this sensational sexual activity totally new to my body, I started to lose izmir escort my balance. Mom and Linda, both stopped what they were doing and led me to the bed. My boxers had fallen to the floor and were quickly kicked into a corner. They lay me on my back and continued their work. Mom placed one of her tits in my mouth and said, “Here you go, Hon, suck on this.” I started licking and sucking the hard nipple in my mouth while continuing to massage and squeeze the other one.

Linda kept up the cock sucking. Soon I began to realize I was ready to cum. I started breathing hard and moving my hips up against Linda’s mouth. She, of course, understood what was happening as did Mom. Linda increased the pace of her sucking and Mom intensified her kissing. My cock starting convulsing and I shot my load into Linda’s mouth. I came and came and came for what was probably only a few seconds, but seemed like forever. I filled her mouth to the point where she couldn’t swallow fast enough and had to open her mouth and let some of the cum fall on my hips and the bed. Mom moved quickly to Linda’s side and they both started lapping up my cum and kissing each other.

I was totally exhausted and just collapsed back on the bed. My cock, however, continued to stand straight up at attention.

Mom and Linda continued kissing and inverted into a sixty-nine position and plunged into each other’s pussy with tongues and fingers flying. They were completely lost in their efforts to achieve mutual orgasms. It only took a few seconds and both came hard. Their bodies stiffened and vibrated and shook as they came. Id never seen women cum before and was both fascinated and aroused.

The three of us continued for another thirty minutes or so. I got blowjob from Mom while Linda ate her out from behind. After Mom and came, Linda said she was sorry to have to break up the party, but she had to go home and start dinner. Just like that! It was like this happened everyday!

Mom got up and went to take a shower while I just lay there trying to process what just happened. I was happy but confused and a little bit afraid. I had no idea how this would affect my relationship with my Mom, not to mention my stepfather. What about Mom being a bi-sexual. That was difficult too. Was that good or bad? I know I really liked fucking Linda and Mom (well we didn’t fuck, but what we did was great!), but what happens now?

More to cum!

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