The Age Old Golf Trick


It was 7 o’clock in the evening, and I was doing the grave shift by myself. Looking outside, I saw that Summer had kept some rays from midday in the sky, and those beautiful green hills looked fit for one more game. But we were closing up nonetheless, and the last reservation had already left.

Apparently, I had to wait a whole hour after closing time, for the groundskeepers and whoever else was crazy enough to work late to leave, and inevitably, I was bored. I opened up Facebook on the computer at my desk.

Around ten minutes later, the doors at the entrance to the golf courses opened. I jumped, and rather stealthily shut Facebook. Eric, one of the golf teachers walked in.

“Salut, Taylor.”

“Salut” I forced a smile.

Eric covered some of the other girls’ shifts at reception from time to time, between his lessons, and obviously tonight was one of those times.

‘Well that’s just great…’ I though to myself. I had had the most embarrassingly anxious crush on him since I arrived here from England. It was truly sad. He was a confident, established, 24 year-old golf coach, and I was an awkward, interning, foreign 19 year-old student, who still crushed on people like she was 12. He had a girlfriend, and showed no interest in me at any rate.

He sat down at the other end of the front desk and proceeded to open up Facebook too.

I was prepared for another 50 minutes of complete silence, as usually was when Eric and I were on shifts together. We had nothing in common. I was beginning to think he actively disliked me, which understandably didn’t make me feel on top of the world.

He got up.

“You want coffee?” he said walking over to the machine. He was speaking English to me. I relaxed somewhat, it was pretty civil of him, seeing as most people just spoke in French at ridiculously unintelligible speeds.

“Uh, yeah.”

I didn’t drink coffee, but fuck it. He was being nice. I put a good five cubes of sugar in it so I could tolerate the taste.

Eric laughed. He had been watching me.

“How long are you here for again?”

“Until the last week of May.”

“Okay. Is good so far?” he smirked. I was glad he was actually trying to make conversation.


“Your French is really… very good now.” He nodded. He eyes were serious. I smiled too widely. I was enjoying this simple conversation far too much.

At that, he turned around and went back to Facebook.

Fifteen minutes later, Eric got up again, and, looking around, he quickly darted out onto the golf course. I was by myself again. The saddest thing was, I was actually smiling at the fact that Eric and I had talked. canlı bahis I loved that squint he had when he talked to me, even though I felt it meant he didn’t find me as fun as everyone else. I started thinking about how much I wanted him, and had to stop myself. I was being stupid.

Eric ran back through the doors and past reception, going to the changing rooms. I guessed he was locking them up, doing all the closing down duties that I’d be doing if somebody had told me how. He came to reception and leaned over me to use my computer.

“Juste un instant, Taylor.”

He always did this. I had to remind myself that in Europe they are much more open, and personal space was less of a thing. But he wasn’t just taking a minute. And as much as I was trying to tune out my imagination, he was leaning really close. I could feel his breath on my face. Eric lingered for a while longer. It felt like forever, I couldn’t move.

Finally he got up and started tidying up the golf equipment on display near by. Picking up a putter, he looked at me with that strange smirk of his.

“Have you ever played golf?’

He knew I hadn’t, I found the fact very embarrassing.

“No. I know the rules, and the scores, but…”

“You can’t swing?” He said with a wicked smile on his face. I knew something bad was gonna happen. He was definitely gonna make fun of me.

I didn’t answer his question, pretending to be busy on the computer.

“Come on Taylor. I will teach you. There is not a lot to do.”

I looked up and saw he was serious. He was squinting again.

I got up, and he handed me the putter, placing my hands where they should go. I tried to relax.

Ater a few failed attempts, and some actual laughter from both of us, I was beginning to enjoy myself. My swing, however, was still abysmal.

Eric got behind me. “No, like this.”

I froze. A million and one thoughts went through my head. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Above all, my blood was rushing. This is flirting. It’s Eric. He has a girlfriend. He’s pressed against me.

He must’ve sensed me tensing up. He rubbed my arms a little.

“Relax.” I could feel him smiling.

He must know. Come on. He must know.

I let him guide my arms through a swing. I was failing to control my breath.

“Super.” He guided me through another one.

He let go, and slid his hands down my waist, softly. A light promise of a touch. I could feel his breath on my neck. My breathing had gotten louder. I let out a half-whimper. Surprised didn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

“Eric…” I said, trying to get myself together. I took a step away as I tried bahis siteleri to think of an excuse. My insides were screaming at me.

When I looked at him, I saw the same scream in his eyes. I wonder how mine looked to him.

He planted his hands firmly on my waist, his eyes flicking between my lips and the rest of my body. I was rooted to the spot.

He pressed his lips against mine, and let his body follow suit. The room started swimming around me. My feelings ran riot.

Still shocked, I tried to kiss back.

“Taylor,” He kissed my neck, his stubble stinging my skin “You need to relax.”

My eyes were closed. I couldn’t handle this much Eric at once. I thought I was going to faint. My panties were stuck to me.

“Taylor,” he held me tighter, pushing his breath into me, “relax.”

He looked at me. Our eyes met. I pushed my waist into his.

He was getting hard. I could feel it.

I didn’t know what to to do, I was so inexperienced. I’d only ever had one boyfriend. And he was not Eric.

As I felt more prickling kisses on my neck, I gave in. For goodness sake, I had fantasised about this. I listened to him. I let go.

I ran my hands through his hair. He kissed his way down my neck, and my chest. I breathed louder, I arched my back. Our eyes met again, and I tried to read what he wanted. I wanted it too. I worked his shirt out of his trousers. I could feel his heart beating. His breaths were louder than mine. He did the same with my blouse, and began to explore the small of my back. His broad shoulders engulfed my body. I wanted all of him at once.

He must have sensed this, as suddenly he stepped back, and took off his shirt. He was beautiful. Lightly sculpted chest, with a thin carpet of brown hair stretching down to his nether regions.

I couldn’t help myself. As he stepped closer again I started kissing the stubble under his chin. Our lower torsos were tightly locked onto each other. I was so wet I was sure he could feel it.

I was that filthy girl that usually only came out when I was drunk. I arched my back some more, kissing my way down, I flicked my tongue out and brushed his chest. I heard heavy breathing. Burying his head in my hair, he laughed a deep, sexy growl.

Tracing circles on his back, I kissed and licked and bit his heaving chest.

It was my favourite part of a man’s body.

His arms trapped me. I continued, but took my time at the top of his pants. I knew that’d build some tension.

I looked up, undid his trousers, then got up on the front desk. As Eric came over, I noticed his boxers were sticking out. He was stiff.

Eric’s eyes were still burning bahis şirketleri but he smirked when he noticed what I was staring at. I sat on the counter. He slowly slipped my blouse off, licking my neck just as I had his. As he worked his way down, kissing my navel, I got a little too excited and gripped his hair tight in my hands. He laughed into my lower stomach, and the vibrations of his deep voice gave me the first twitches of an orgasm.

“Fuck,” I exhaled.

“Fuck,” he repeated in his French accent, smirking up at me.

He undid my trousers, and tugged them off me with aggression that shook my body. Watching his furrowed brow, and those naked muscles of his, and his erection, I began to feel a little dizzy. I felt the sweat between out bare limbs. I was twitching again.

Kicking off my shoes, my trousers fell to the floor, and a damp smell rose. I flushed with embarrassment.

Eric looked at me, then slowly peeled off my panties. He sniffed loudly, and smirked.

Moving me closer to him, I felt his warm breath on my pussy. Flicking his tongue out slowly, forcefully, he began to lap it up. It was as though he was licking the very root of my nerve. My whole body shuddered. I was at his mercy.

As I leaned back, he gripped me tighter. He was warm and unrelenting. The room began to dissolve, and my hips spasmed. I let out a glottal moan, and another, until it sounded like howling. I forgot who I was.

“Mm.” I was scowling, frantically clutching at more of this ecstasy, riding his tongue, I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep him as a part of my body.

My legs started kicking. I grabbed the desk.


He didn’t stop, holding on to my hips.

My pussy started twitching fast, my blood rushing, the room sparkled, my skin was moving. I was orgasming. A sea of unfamiliar noises came out of my mouth. I bucked like a horse.

Eric simply held me tighter, and continued. As I caught my breath, it happened again. I was out of my body, letting out these animalistic screams of shocked euphoria.

When I had finished crying out, Eric got up, wiping his mouth. He pulled me closer to him, his eyes flicking over my body again, like another pair of hands. I guess it was his turn.

He kissed me, brushing against my clitoris with his fingers. I whimpered.

“Yes,” he said, “you will feel that again.”

At this point, even his poor English was sexy.

He plunged his tongue into my mouth and undid my bra.

He cupped my breasts in his hands, then softly rubbed my nipples. I noticed his erection move slightly. He slid his tongue over my nipples, punching his fists into the desk for support. I felt like our minds were touching, our souls. I knew liked him too much but I couldn’t stop. I wrapped my legs tight around him. Looking into my eyes, he pulled his boxers down, and-

To be continued

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