The Alfresco Trio


It all started out as a normal Saturday night; I’d been for a few beers with my mates in the City Centre and was coming home on the last bus out of Dodge.

I was just saying ‘Goodbye’ to a woman from work who I’d sat next to when I got up and accidentally bumped into a girl who was exiting past me, bumping her boobs.

“Oops! Sorry!” I apologised; miming pushing them back into their holders, which got a laugh from those around us; “They nearly popped out there!” then stepped back, which allowed me a good look at her. “WOW!” I sort of laughed;

“Did I say that out loud?” Then laughed again as the girl coyly smiled at me.

She was with a friend; and both were those Punk-Goths; the booblicious one had jet black hair, thick black eyeliner, red lipstick and was wearing a white Basque/bodice that was a size too small and made her boobs overflow, tucked inside a floaty mini skirt, long socks that came above her knees and shiny black Doc Martens.

Her friend was a size or two slimmer, with dyed blonde hair that had a black streak down the centre; she too had dark eyeliner but purple lipstick and was wearing a sheer black nylon blouse that let the world see her sexy black bra which showcased a lovely pair of tits. She had one of this tiny Lycra mini-skirts that barely cover the arse cheeks; and fishnet hold-ups that had been torn a couple of times.

It was only a guess but I presumed they’d been to Juicy Lucy’s near the bus station, a dive bar that targeted a crowd of odd-bods with bands and Rock Discos; whereas I went to the cooler bars like Keegan’s and The Number 9.

I threw my arms into the air and apologised again, and she just raised her eyebrows and smiled impishly.

Once off the bus I realised I need to piss; six pints and a half hour bus journey does that to a man.

About 100 yards away was a shortcut to the housing estate I shared a flat with a mate. The shortcut was a dark alley behind a derelict printers and the wall to a big house. The building had a small backyard that had two steps leading down to a boarded up Fire Exit; and was a bit discrete for someone with my current needs.

My problem was the booby girl and her friend were heading in that direction too; so I held back; to let them get so far ahead I could nip in and ‘syphon the python’ in seclusion.

The girls, who were linking arms looked back at me a couple of times, then giggled conspiratorially, which was flattering and a little unnerving.

In fairness, and perhaps it was my beer goggles, but they looked kinda sexy from this distance.

Once they entered the alley I counted backwards from 10 before I too turned left; my bladder nearly over flowing at this stage.

What greeted me was the last thing I’d ever have imagined.

The girls were already in the yard, skirts up around their waist, and the blonde was squatting with her knickers around her ankles, and the booby one bent at 90 degrees pissing in an arc like a pit-pony

“Fucking Hell!” I laughed out loud, “Can anyone join the party?”

“Eeeeh!” The girl I’d bumped into cried out in mock-shock, “Don’t look!”

Then theatrically waved her hand behind her, hardly obscuring my view of her lovely milky white arse at all.

The other girl just remained squatting; but looked back over her shoulder, and wheezed ‘Tee Hee Hee.’

It was far too late anyway; so I got my cock out as quickly as possible; spilling a few drops of piss on my jeans as I dropped them to my knees; then noisily splashed against the wall; careful not to get any on my new suede trainers; but enough so they could see it in all its glory.

The slimmer girl with blonde hair niftly shook her tush to dry her pussy then slowly stood up pulling her thong up at the same time; tweaking them slowly into place; but with her skirt still around her waist.

“It’s hardly going to be worth pulling them up, is it?” I told her as I waved my cock a bit and the piss went higher up the wall.

“Why’s that?” She anxiously asked.

“It’ll give me something to look at when I have a wank.”

She pursed her lips as if considering my romantic request.

The other girl had finished now pissing, but remained with her arse in the air and looking over her shoulder laughing.

“You ankara moldovyalı escortlar dirty perv!”

“You’d better believe it!” I replied as I shook the last drops of piss off my cock, then started tugging some extra blood into it.

“Jesus Wept!” The girl with the blonde and black hair gasped as I moved into a little shaft of street light, “Have you seen it Ash? It’s fucking huge!”

She wasn’t wrong. I’ve been blessed with what we call ‘a shower’… about six inches on ‘slack’ and gets another inch and a bit when it’s excited… which is often.

“Shit the bed!” Ashleigh who had now stood up puffed. She still had not fastened the flaps on the nylon ‘bodice’, leaving them dangling, chuckled; “it’s like a fucking baby’s arm.”

“Seriously,” I joked, “If you flash your gashes again; I’ll let you watch me have a wank.”

“Fuck off!” The chunky girl with black hair grinned; “you’ve already seen them.”

“Alright then; how about your tits then?” I held my hand out and grabbed a handful of what was overflowing from her sexy bodice.

“Ya cheeky sod!” She giggled; but did nothing to stop me.

“Come on.” I continued shaking her big wobbly tit, then flicked a strap down to her elbow, when she didn’t stop me; I flicked the second strap down too. Giggling and still not doing anything to stop me; she turned to her friend; “Should we?”

Before she answered I pulled a cup down and a big old titty flopped out.

“Hey!” Ashleigh gasped then giggled dirtily.

I quickly popped the other tit out, then moved in to suckle her lovely pink nipples making her sigh. As I licked and sucked Ashleigh’s massive mammaries the other girl was lifting her black nylon, see-through blouse and unfastening her uplift bra; which she neatly flipped up to expose her own perky tits.

Perky they most definitely were too, (probably a B cup); much smaller than the floppers I was currently squeezing (DD’s or even E’s?), kissing and licking; but looked much firmer as her nipples were still pointing towards the sky; which was something I hadn’t seen since I was at school; and I’m still only 26 now.

Without a word I stopped wanking for a minute and reached across with my left hand and gave them each a squeeze just to confirm they really did feel made of rubber, then rolled an erect nipple between my finger and thumb, which made her bite her lip.

Still playing with her gorgeous tits I moved my head up; hesitated than began kissing Ashleigh; who instantly reacted by forcing her tongue into my mouth.


My right hand was already caressing Ash’s arse above her skirt; but as she got carried away kissing me hardly noticed as I slowly lifted it up until I could feel flesh; and there was plenty of it as I squeezed and groped her rear. The girl threw her arms around my neck was now mashing her tits against me as our kiss became ever more passionate; so when I felt some fingers delicately stroking my cock I was confused. I knew where my hands were and I knew were Ash’s hands were; ; who could it be? So breaking off the kiss and looked down.

“Mmmmmmm.” I purred when I saw the other girl, still holding her shirt and bra up to display her tits with one hand, nervously and tentatively running her other fingers along my re-expanding shaft.

“Like this.” I whispered, as I covered her hand with mine and wrapped her fingers around the girth, then gave it a few hearty tugs. “Got it?”

She smiled and nodded, as I moved over to suck on her tits again.

“Fucking Hell Bryony!” The larger girl cackled; “are you wanking him off?”

Bryony grinned as she wanked faster and with a feather-light grip; occasionally brushing my sensitive knob when she pulled the foreskin back.

“You dirty mare!” Ashleigh laughed out loud.

Now with a gap between us, I retuned to sucking Ash’s wobblers and sneakily moved my right hand round to her front were I now ran my fingers through her luxurious pubes.

“Hey mister!!” She gasped as I forcefully pushed my hand between her legs and slid my middle finger into her hot slit.

After a quick kiss of each stiff nipple I went back to kissing and fingering her while her slim friend wanked me… what’s not sincan ukraynalı escortlar to like?

Even though my cock was now nice and hard I didn’t feel in danger of cumming an time soon; beer can do that to me… it’s either a hair trigger or ‘fuck all night.’

That said, I was as turned on as both girls obviously were; especially when Bry’ reached under and began squeezing and scratching my ball sack while still delicately wanking me.

I looked down again to see her on her haunches staring at my cock while she masturbated me;

“While you’re down there,” I suggested; “you might as well suck it.”

Bryony looked up with a mischievous twinkle in her eye; grinned then did just that; kissing the exposed bell end first, then going for it… gurgling as she sucked furiously and squeezed my balls even tighter!

“You dirty cunt Bryneeeeeeee!” Ashleigh gasped and giggled; “the fucker won’t even suck her boyfriend’s cock; now look at her!”

We were now all squashed in the litter strewn corner, with me twisting around as I stuffed two fingers up Ashleigh’s hot twat while we both watched her young friend enthusiastically sucking on my cock.

“Look at the little fucker… you’d think she did that every fucking night!” Ashleigh sounded stunned as Bryony bobbed her head back and forth while swirling her tongue around my cock-head.

“Do you want a go next?” I laughed.

“Fuck yes!” and in the blink of an eye Ashleigh unceremoniously pushed her friend in the shoulder; almosy tipping her over then nearly breaking my wrist in her haste to get my cock in her mouth.

“Let me in… I’ll show you how to suck a fucking cock!”

She wasn’t wrong either; straight away I knew it was going to be a real dirty and sloppy blow job; lots of saliva and she did this weird thing by ‘humming’ when sucking my knob which made me flinch at first; then she’d run her tongue all over the length and girth then ‘hum’ again.

I looked over to see Bryony had lifted her blouse and bra up again and was now sneakily stroking her pussy through her knickers.

“Come around this side.” I calmly told her; and she shuffled past her friend and squeezed in next to the wall.

With my cock taken care of, I held Ash’s head in place with one hand and pushed the other behind Bryony so I could play with her precious arse, which made her cutely giggle ‘Tee Hee Hee’ again, as I dug my fingers in and began kissing her.

Perhaps a little less experienced Bryony let me do all the work, tongue wise, which was fun.

“Pull your knickers down” I whispered, which made her giggle ‘Tee Hee Hee’ again then wriggle her thong down to her knees.

“Fucking Hell! I panted, seeing her pubes were neatly trimmed into the shape of a pom-pom and the rest as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Without me asking she automatically spread her legs; and I immediately slid my hand straight between them to get a good feel of her honeypot.

‘Honeypot’ was a great word for what I found; I’ve never felt a fanny like it. Her labia were puffed up to bursting point and her cunt juice was thick and sticky and literally dripping out of her.

“Fucking Hell! You’re wet… did sucking my cock turn you on?”

Bryony nodded, grinned and Tee Hee Hee’d again.

“Take them off all together, so I can get right in!”

Seconds later she had her knickers in her hand. I took them from her gave the sticky crotch a sniff and stuffed them inside my jeans “That’ll do nicely for my morning wank!”

Bryony looked a little puzzled then smiled; “Dirty sod.”

“Spread your legs.” I chuckled as Ashleigh was trying to stuff as much of my cock as humanly possible into her mouth; and I helped by pulling her head onto it.

Bryony’s cunt really was soaking wet and my middle finger finger went straight up to the hilt with ease, which made her gasp then sigh.

On any other night this blow job would have had me shaking at the knees; but fingering the pretty Bryony at the same time meant I had to concentrate like when you patted your head and rubbed your belly at the same time.

That said; on impulse I was now thrusting my cock into Ashleigh’s mouth so hard she had to hold on to my hips so as not to fall over. elvankent minyon tipli escortlar While we did this Bryony had instinctively moved to her left which gave me a better angle to finger her; and was now panting like a marathon runner, and occasionally wincing… which I realised was when her clit rubbed against my rough palm, which she was grinding against.

Being the gentleman I am, I managed to get a second finger into her sopping wet cunt and pressed my palm firmly against her ‘love button’ which set her off grinding ever harder and faster; and tugging on her erect nipples.

“Fuck… yeh… oh fuck… oh yeh!” She was panting like a mantra in her quest to cum as I wiggled my fingers inside her quim.

It soon got too much for her and with a high pitched squeal she had a trembling orgasm; and a river of cum juice covered my hand as she shook like a shitting dog.

“What the fuck was that?” A shocked Ash asked.

“Your friends just cum.” I grinned as I rubbed my wet dick across her face.

“Lucky cunt… did you do that for here?”

“Sort of, but mostly her.”

As Ashleigh stood up her titties wobbled like jellies, and she delicately pushed her hand between her legs and had a good scratch and what looked like re-arranging her flaps… classy chick that she was.

I had a decision to make and make it quickly; my balls were aching and I needed to fuck one of them; but wanted both… Bryony was still in the afterglow of her orgasm and her legs were still about 18 inches apart… maybe it was the drink, but I thought I could probably manage a quickie with her and finish off in the other one.

It worked!

With no finesse or romantic inclinations I pushed my hand under her left leg and lifted it up, then tried to nudge my cock into her tight twat; but couldn’t… it got close; but never the bullseye… “Let me do it.” She slurred, as she grabbed the base, rubbed my bell-end along the slit then… whoosh up it went; like a rat up a drainpipe.

“Oh fuck… oh yeh… oh fuck!” She panted her mantra again as I battered her cervix. Did I have the willpower to pull out… God it was tempting not to as her cunt was as tight as my cock had ever been in before; but tonight was a once in a lifetime opportunity; so with some reluctance I did pull out, leaving her with her mouth gaping open.

“Get over the wall.!” I grunted to her friend, knowing I couldn’t possibly last much longer; “bend over the fucking wall; I’ll do you doggy!”

“You silver tongued cunt!” Ashleigh grinned; but was bent over, arse in the air and legs apart in a flash. She was much easier to get into… I presumed this wasn’t her first alfresco shag as I grabbed her hips and went at her like a Jack Russell and his bitch.

Thirty seconds… certainly no more than a minute and I felt that tingle in my balls and my legs visibly stiffened… “Uh… UH… UH… FUCK… FUCK… UHHHHHHHHHH!” Three more thrusts and I filled her young cunt to the brim; and when I finally pulled out her cunt glistened in the moonlight as my spunk oozed out of her stretched hole.

With one hand on Ashleigh’s back to steady myself, I turned to see Bryony rubbing her clit again;

“You close?” I grinned.

She shook her head negatively.

“Just having fun?”

She nodded and smiled.

“Want to give it another suck? Taste my spunk?”

She smiled and grinned as I guided her to the small wall which she sat on, legs still apart and her bald cunt shining, as I proffered my wilting and spunk covered cock, which she greedily devoured, licking the pulsating knob which was still oozing cum, then sexily licking the rest off like an ice cream; even mumbling “num num num.” as she swallowed.

“Fucking Hell Bryneeeee!” Ash cackled, “What the fuck’s got into you tonight? You’ve turned into a fucking nympho!”

Salaciously licking her sticky fingers Bry turned to her friend; “What? Like you?”

Then both girls giggled and rubbed their foreheads together.

The next few minutes were a bit awkward as we got dressed; but isn’t it always on a first date. Ash awkwardly struggled to fasten the press studs between her legs on the bodice, so grunted “Fuck it! I’ll go commando… you are…he’s pinched your knickers anyway.”

Which merited a grin between Bryony and I, as she knew what I planned to do with them in the morning.

The walk to the Estate was a quiet; with the girls occasionally bumping into each other then giggling… had it been planned? Was it just a spur of the moment thing? I guess I’ll never know… or would I?

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