The Amulet


This story was written from a female perspective (a difficult thing for one heavily laden with testosterone!) Constructive criticism is always welcome! And, as always, the characters within are over the age of 18. Enjoy!


While checking in a small shipment of estate jewelry, I noticed an ornate box. Done in a Hindu style, intricately carved in the top was a couple embracing. Upon closer inspection it could be seen that they were, in fact, copulating. Smiling at the thought that as long as man has roamed the earth, and expressed himself artistically, there has been erotic, and sometimes pornographic art. Putting down the box, I continued to catalog the shipment.

You see, I’m a dealer in antiquities. At a little over six feet, considered tall for a woman. I have what some would call a rubenesque figure. Others might call me pleasingly plump. I lead a healthy lifestyle and have a nice, well proportioned shape. Full, round, but not overly large breasts, shoulder length auburn hair and a trimmed bush to match. I’ve been told by more than one male that I fill out a pair of jeans quite well

Returning to the task at hand, I completed checking in the shipment. But, before I could leave, the box caught my eye again. I picked it up, examining it more closely. The man, a sultan or something, was seated with the woman in his lap, his grossly oversized phallus buried deep inside her. His lips were attached to her chest and her mouth was ovalled in orgasmic pleasure. Running my fingers across the carving, I felt a slight itch between my legs. It was then that I discovered a hidden latch, and opened the box. Inside was an ornate piece of jewelry and a hand written note.

I picked up the necklace to examine it. It was a gold lace choker with a large oval stone dangling from it. The stone, polished and bright orange appeared to be amber. Looking closer, I noticed some internal flaws in the stone. I couldn’t help but think how much the flaws made the stone look like a pussy encased in the rock. Running my finger over the surface of the amber stone made me tingle. I held it up in front of me and looked in a nearby mirror. The stone lay on my cleavage, perfectly situated between my breasts. It felt oddly warm and made my nipples tingle as well. Before I knew it, my free hand was cupping my breast, kneading the fleshy orb, making my nipple stiffen. My thoughts went back to the last time I had been with a man and how delicious it had been, even though, outside the bedroom we had nothing in common. I have a healthy libido, but I hardly think of myself as kinky. My idea of adventurous sex is outdoors, doggy style.

I rarely, if ever, think of sex at work, but today seemed a little out of the ordinary. I felt an increased wetness between my legs, and an itch that, with each passing moment, was growing to the point of needing to be scratched. I’m as straight as an arrow, but was having thoughts of what it would be like with another woman. Not that sex with a man wasn’t good, but the thought of a gentle female touch on my clit was making concentration difficult. Come on girl, I thought, get focused! You have work to do!.

Putting the necklace down, I picked up the note. It seemed to be written in Hindu, which of course, I cannot read. Perhaps, I thought to myself, Holly, one of our interns might be able to decipher it. I wrote myself a mental note to talk to her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when I returned to the sales floor. My thoughts again drifted to sex, and I wondered what Holly would be like?

It was then that I noticed the tingly feeling had left me, as abruptly as it had come on me. Girl, I thought, you need to go out and get laid! When your sex life starts to interfere with your work life, then something needs to be done! And soon!

Returning from the catalog room, I bumped into Holly, a college sophomore, who was interning with us to learn the antiquities business as part of her archeology major. Holly was around 5’6″ tall, blonde, cute in an innocent way, very slim, but very serious about her work.

“Holly, I have something I want you to check out. it’s a piece of jewelry that has a note in a language I’m not familiar with..”

We re-entered the catalog room and I gave her the box, watching her expression as she held it, realizing what was on the lid.. The only change in her expression was a slight smile, but I noticed her nipples were protruding against her blouse, something that I had not noticed when I accosted her in the hallway. As she picked up the necklace, I did notice a little change in her facial expression. She looked up at me briefly, her gaze returning to the necklace as she put it on the table. She unfolded the paper, refolded it, returned it to the box, and said, “Its in Hindu. I don’t know enough to tell you what it says, other than it’s called the ‘Yoni Stone’. Jonathan has a better knowledge of the language than I.”

I smiled at the name, recalling from my college days, reading someone’s copy of the Kama Sutra. Holly noticed the smile and asked what I found so amusing. “It’s the name of the necklace.” I said, “Yoni is a Hindu word for vagina.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“Here! Take a close look.” I said, handing her the stone. A smile crossed her face slowly as the flaws in the gem revealed the anatomy of a female. Almost instantly her smile turned to a look of consternation, as she held it up to her chest. Then that look faded and the smile returned as her free hand slid up and clutched her small breast, repeating what I had done a few minutes earlier.

Looking her in the eye, I had the urge to kiss her, but I managed to hold back, not wanting to scare her away, but wanting to feel the softness of her. Of her mouth, her skin, her breasts and especially her pussy. Odd feelings for a very heterosexual female.

“Why don’t you get Jonathan and find out if he can translate the letter, while I continue cataloging.” I asked, struggling to regain my composure, and Holly, hers.

Still staring back at me, she agreed, but not before scanning me from head to toe. I had the feeling she was undressing me with her eyes before turning and leaving. I must admit, as she walked out of the room, I wondered, again, what she looked like under those extremely professional clothes.

A short time later, Holly returned with Jonathan in tow. She led him straight to the box, and looking around for me, and not seeing me, opened it and handed him the note. I was in the next room, but for some odd reason, did not make my presence known. I’m not usually a voyeur, but, I was curious to see what Jonathan’s reaction to the stone was.

He read silently, smiling occasionally, totally oblivious to his surroundings. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Holly, on the other hand, was busy clasping the jewel around her neck, stealing glances at the tall, nerdy looking man beside her. I watched intently as her hands fumbled, first at the buttons of her blouse, opening it up so the stone rested directly on her skin, then cupping her small breasts, caressing them through the thin fabric.

“This stone is supposed to have magic powers.” Jonathan said, still reading, “It was created by a magician to make a Hindu princess love him” His eyes still glued to the page, he had missed the fact that Holly’s blouse was now open to the waist, and that she had moved closer to him, rubbing her nipple against his arm. He kept droning on about the jewel until her hand rubbing against his crotch, brought him back to reality.

Assuming he had inadvertently brushed against his fellow intern, he went to move away, then saw Holly’s petite cleavage flanking the orange stone. His mouth dropped open as he blushed from throat to ears. Before he could react further, she flung her arms around his neck and thrust her tongue inside his mouth. This and the contact with her turgid nipples made the young man uncomfortably hard. His hands sought out her nipples and his palms massaged the dark pink buttons as she continued to assault his mouth with her tongue.

Inexperienced, perhaps, but not totally stupid, he returned the favor, and their tongues began dancing back and forth, first, hers in his mouth, then his in hers. By now his hands had dropped enough for his left thumb to be rubbing her pointed nipple and his right arm was around her back, holding her close. Her hands dropped to his belt and she fought to drop his pants and boxers, freeing his now fully rigid cock. Backing up, she felt the table hit her thighs and, sitting she drew aside her panties. Releasing his tongue from her mouth, she throatily ordered him to fuck her, “hard and fast, Jonathan, hard and fast!”

Releasing his grip on her back, Jonathan pushed the mushroom head of his cock into the slit between Holly’s pussy lips. Pressing home, he slid effortlessly inside her well lubricated hole. Holly’s legs wrapped around his waist, urging him deeper inside. Jonathan’s hips moved back and forth, establishing a quick rhythm, punctuated by the slap, slap, slap of his thighs and balls bumping against the blonde’s legs and ass.

She grabbed his idle hands, and placing them on her breasts. “Pinch them! Pull them!” She said humping back against his invading manhood. He complied, gently at first, then with more authority. Tweaking, then stretching, the girls jutting nipples as she moaned her encouragement.

Looking at Jonathan’s face, I could see that he wasn’t going to last much longer. Holly must have seen it too, for she egged him on, pleading for him to cum inside her.

He looked down at Holly just before grunting loudly and shoving his hips toward her with a loud smack. Holding himself there, buried deep inside her, he grunted again…and again. The orgasmic grimace faded slowly and he pulled his cum and honey soaked member from the oozing lips of her hairless cunt.

Unnoticed by both, the necklace had unsnapped and slid off Holly’s chest. This must have broken the spell between the two as Holly looked across her semi-naked body at the glistening güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock that had, just moments before emptied itself deep in her womb. “What the fuck did you just do?” she asked frantically.

Jonathan, dumbstruck by the instant change in Holly’s mood, could only apologetically reply, “I did what you asked?” Backing away, somewhat fearful of what Holly might do, Jonathan began to re-dress.

Holly sat up, all the while looking down at her leaking pussy, unaware that her hand had covered the stone as she sat up. Lifting her gaze to Jonathan, she suddenly smiled, “Where are you going?”

Thoroughly confused, Jonathan stuttered, ” I…I thought you wanted me to leave..”

“Not until you’ve gotten me off!” she answered, “Now come over here and get to work!” To help him make up his mind, she opened her legs and slid a finger inside her sperm soaked cunt and drew circles around her engorged clit, smearing the slick liquid all over the hood and the ultra-sensitive button.

Tentatively stepping forward, Jonathan, still staring at the leaking lips, asked, “Do you want me to lick it?”

“I don’t care if you lick it, slap it, fuck it, or finger it! I want you to get me off!” Holly demanded, guiding the young mans hand to her hungry pussy. “Do whatever you want.” It was then that Holly realized that the necklace had fallen off and she re-clasped it around her neck. A low moan escaped her lips as she ground her hips against Jonathans long, thin fingers. Grabbing his head, she guided it to her left breast, and, taking the hint, Jonathan engulfed the puffy nipple into his mouth, as his hand churned Holly’s insides with long, slow strokes.

Attempting to grab the other breast, Jonathan’s hand slid onto the dangling stone. Feeling it’s heat and power, he quickened the pace with his hand, slapping her cuntlips with his palm each time his fingers drove deep into her sopping pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Curl your fingers inside me!” Holly ordered, panting as the couples actions reached a fever pitch. “Yes! That’s it! Ohh! Fuck!” Reaching out, she grabbed his juice slickened rod, pumping it in unison with his deep, quick finger strokes. “Don’t fucking stop! I’m sooo close!”

Jonathan obliged eagerly, curling his fingers deep inside the blonde’s sopping pussy as he chewed on one nipple and mauled the other with his hand. His rough handling of Holly’s erogenous zones sent her over the edge, with Holly came all over Jonathan’s hand, her juices pooling on the table, mixing with the cum from his earlier orgasm.

Pulling his wet hand from her, he tentatively licked his fingers, savoring the mixture of his and hers, slowly engulfing each digit as he looked down at Holly, smiling as he cleaned her essence from his long, lean fingers.

Still hanging on to his rigid penis, Holly panted, “You can go now….if you want, or we can finish this off later” Her fingers slid off his well oiled pole, then inside and up the length of her slit, leaving a drop of liquid on her clit, before sucking the oily liquid from her finger.

His shyness returning, Jonathan mumbled something about getting back to work, as he re-dressed. “Maybe we could get together after work.” he said, hopefully, as he retreated from the catalog room.

Before he left, Holly called to him as she wiped her abused cunt with her panties. “You can return these to me tonight at my place.” she said as she tossed the cum soaked garment to the smiling young man.

Holly spent the next couple of minutes dipping her fingers inside herself and sucking the viscous liquid off, still oblivious to my presence. After attaining another orgasm, she started to put herself back together.

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