The Anna Chronicles Ch. 01


Anna is around 50 give or take a few years. A strong independent woman.

Works hard, eats healthy and tries to keep fit. She walks a lot and visits the local gym regularly. She lives with her son and daughter. My brother in law and one of my sister in laws. But the sister in law is a story for another time. This one is about Anna. My mature mother in law.

Anna stands around 5’3, brown eyes, shoulder length hair grey if not dyed dark brown when it is. Slim on top hardly any chub besides her breasts. And those breasts are B cups at best. Her hips and bum are what draws the eyes. Wide and big. No matter her dieting or working out they stay the same. Trust me I check all the time.

My wife and I had moved to a new city with our two small children. So naturally we needed a place to stay for a few weeks so her mother took our family in. She was excited to have the grandkids in the house. Not so much me and my wife. But I hoped that would change because I was thrilled. I could check her out more than usual.

Our first night we got the kids to bed nice and early around 9:30pm. The kids and my wife got my brother in laws room. I got the basement. But on my way down the television in the living room caught my eye. So I sat on the couch watching spongbob. Hoping my wife would be coming down for a quickie.

It was a long illegal bahis day with all the moving and needed some relief. That’s when I heard the front door being unlocked. My mother in law was back from the gym. I hoped to get a peek of her in her leggings or jogging pants.

As she opened the door I looked in her direction. But it was dark jeans. Still hugging her big bum though. She must have changed at the gym.

“Oh hello.” She says to me.

“Hi, hows it going?” I respond.

“I’m tired and hungry, did you guys eat?” She asks.

So many horny, male answers flashed through my mind.

“We had some salmon sandwiches. We all ate”.

The thought of fish made me imagine what she smells like between her thick legs.

My wife came downstairs to the living room when she heard the door opening. I smiled at her and I think she seen it in my eyes the relief I needed. They walked into the kitchen. I watched tv for a bit before joining them.

When I walked in anna was at the counter cutting an apple. My wife was in a chair at the end of the table facing the counter. I sat beside her so I could enjoy the view.

Her jeans were tight. No panty line which meant thong or maybe she was going commando. I was careful not to get caught looking. For now my wife had no idea the things I wanted to do illegal bahis siteleri to her mother.

After some banter and small talk I decided I was going to make my bed. I made my way to the basement making sure I closed the door behind me. I found the bed it was by the back wall beside the computer desk. Washer and dryer to the right of that. On top the washer was a hamper.

I thought maybe it was holding her underwear. I wanted to check but I heard footsteps upstairs. I would have to check later after everyone was asleep.

The basement door opened slowly. It was someone that wanted to stay quiet. I waited in bed for whomever it was. I see the naked feet coming downstairs.

From the toes up to the knee it could have been Anna or my wife.

As she came further down the stairs I seen that it was my wife. Wearing short grey leggings and a long white shirt.

“We have to be quiet” She says quietly.

I have no words. Visions of her mother’s big bum flash through my mind. I lift the blankets for her and she climbs into bed.

Already we notice how squeaky the bed is going to be.

We try keep quiet. We kiss. Her tongue reaches out for mine. My arm reaches under her head. My other hand grabs her hip and moves toward her bum. I squeeze it once and move my hand up to put my hand into the canlı bahis siteleri back of her leggings. She’s wearing a cotton panty.

I leave my hand over it and pull her leggings down. She moves so I can take them off. But I leave her panty on.

I begin to undo my belt and take my pants off. She grabs onto my penis as soon as she has room to. I wasn’t the only one that needed relief.

She feels how hard and throbbing it is.

I kiss her harder and move my hand between her legs. I move her panty aside and feel her wetness. The bed is squeaky so I get on top. I need to be inside her now.

I hold her panty to the side and slide my penis inside slowly so we don’t bounce the bed. But for her it’s unbearable. She wants to be pounded hard. She wants to cum.

I pull my penis out and push the blanket to the floor. I lay down and she gets on top. She pulls her panty to the side and slides me in. She’s ready to cum I can feel it.

She’s so wet and she feels so good. I can’t hold it anymore. She moves her hips back and forth. She wants to scream. I want her to. But she needs to keep quiet and that makes her cum even harder.

I feel her pulsating around my penis and I cant stop. I need to cum and with a few more thrusts from her hips I explode into her.

My toes curl and I feel that wave all over my body. She kisses me and I hold her. I pull out and can feel how wet my penis is. Her panty will catch the rest.

I came so much knowing that my mother in law was just 2 floors up, and maybe, just maybe she knew what was going on.

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