The Apartment Ch. 04

Cum In

Another quick one. I pushed it out yesterday (Sunday 22 Aug). Please forgive any howlers. Send feedback. Enjoy, I hope.


Daniel eyed his sister as the family enjoyed their dinner. Alexandra looked gorgeous. Her long, blonde hair shone with a platinum gleam; her lips glistened with gloss, and the girl’s eyes sparkled as she chatted animatedly with her aunt. A waiter arrived and interrupted the boy’s reverie. He ate his meal but kept stealing glances at his beautiful sister. Daniel sipped red wine; it did nothing to calm his nerves; he knew, tonight, his sister would share his bed.

“I don’t want anyone with us when we do it,” Alexandra had said earlier in the day. “I know Mum and Aunt Susan shared you, but I want you to myself.”

“Me too,” he’d replied, relieved that their father wasn’t going to be involved. Daniel felt an especial bond with his sister, and despite the fact he’d been fucking both his mother and aunt, he was jealous of the time his father spent with Alex.

“I think we need to get away,” Alex had gone on. “When we get home. You and I should take off for a few days. Get to know each other.”

“I’d like that. But…” Daniel paused. He blushed, a sight his sister found endearing. “…We still haven’t… You know.”

Alexandra laughed. She reached for her brother’s hand and held it in her own soft palm. “I know,” she murmured. “And I’ve wanted to … Desperately. But I want our first time to be special. It’s weird,” she shrugged. “But even though I knew seducing you into the game would mean sharing you with Mum and Susan, I really wanted it to be just us.”

“I get a bit jealous of Dad,” Daniel confessed. “When I think of him … Doing it to you, like I did to Mum…”

“Later,” Alex had whispered. “Tonight, just me and you…” She kissed her brother’s cheek.

Alex saw her brother looking across the table. She smiled at him and winked. Her mother noticed the exchange.

“Your sister looks lovely, doesn’t she, Danny?”

The young man nodded. “She’s beautiful, Mum.”

“You and she take after your father.” Helen gestured towards her bosom. “She’s more athletic … Slim and lithe; she doesn’t have these big tits. Not like me and my sister.” Daniel blushed again. He’d experienced both pairs of breasts. Despite thoughts of love for Alex, Daniel’s cock stiffened at the recollection of his aunt and mother. “Are the two of you… tonight?”

“I think so, Mum.”

Helen nodded. “OK, I’ll steer Susan towards your dad. I think the two of us can keep him occupied. You play nicely with your illegal bahis sister.” She slid her hand over her son’s jeans. “The lucky little bitch,” she added and grinned.

The family tumbled into a taxi and Helen immediately fell on her husband. “Here, Susan,” she smirked, “are you going to share Jack with me tonight?”

Susan quickly looked at Daniel. In truth she’d prefer his long, thick cock and youthful enthusiasm, but something in the boy’s eyes and the way her sister spoke sounded a tinkle of alarm bells.

“Sure,” she grinned. “Jack sounds divine.”

Their father smirked while Daniel and Alexandra shared a secret smile.

The taxi dropped them at the villa. Helen grabbed her husband by the arm and led him upstairs. Susan followed and the two youngsters were left alone.

“The apartment?” Alex suggested. The boy nodded and Alex took her brother’s hand and led him slowly out of the Villa.

The soft Portuguese night embraced the young lovers as they walked down the steps to the room in the basement. The Warings in the villa next door had left for home, their holiday ended, and there were no sounds of any party tonight. It was as though the couple had the World to themselves.

“Here we are,” Alex murmured and pushed open the door. She led her brother inside. They kissed. “How do you feel?” the girl asked.

Daniel shrugged. “I… I’m not sure. It’s been a bit crazy. First there was you … Here. And then Mum… I’ve had a lot to take in in just a few days. It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t know anything about this place; it was a secret, but then…”

“I know how you feel. It was kind of the same for me. Last year. You didn’t come with us last year and Dad brought me down here and…” The girl hesitated. She looked into her brother’s eyes. “…Well, he showed me the albums and the whole thing excited me. When he fucked me… and Mum watched… Well, it was sexy,” she finished lamely.

“Did you plan all along to … Seduce me?”

Alexandra nodded. “I wanted you to be part of it, Danny. It was a huge risk. Mum and I spoke about it for a long time before we came away for the holiday. I wasn’t sure how you’d react. It’s pretty weird isn’t it, but at the same time…”

Daniel nodded. “Yeah, it’s weird. Fucking Mum and Aunt Susie… I dunno, it’s weird but so dirty.”

“And now there’s me,” Alex whispered.

“Yes,” her brother’s voice croaked.

They left the door open and walked deeper into the flat. Alexandra lit candles and then turned to find her brother naked. She gasped when she illegal bahis siteleri saw his tumescence.

“Oh my,” the girl whispered. “I didn’t expect that!”

“Come here.”

“So masterful,” Alex grinned, but moved quickly towards her brother nonetheless.

The pair embraced. Daniel tilted his sister’s face and kissed her. He felt the girl’s fingers close around his dick and he sighed. His hands roamed down her back. He squeezed her taut buttocks and felt a surge of desire for his sister’s tight, lean body. His cock throbbed with lust and Alex squealed with delight when her brother’s penis pulsed in her fist.

Daniel took a fistful of material and pulled his sister’s light cotton dress over her head. The girl lifted her arms to ease the way. She stepped back and let him see her nude.

“No bra, no pants,” the girl grinned.

“No, so I see.” Daniel’s eyes gleamed in the candlelight. His erection looked huge.

“Come and get me,” Alex whispered throatily and then giggled and ran as her brother advanced.

Daniel caught her and grabbed a handful of blonde hair. Alex gasped with shock, pain, and lust when her brother yanked her face around to his. They kissed again; Alex sucked at the boy’s tongue while their hands explored youthful flesh.

“I want to suck you,” Alexandra breathed.

“Do it.” Her brother pushed her to her knees roughly.

“My God but you’re a big boy.” Then, while Daniel stared wide-eyed, his sister opened her mouth and swallowed his cock.

Upstairs in the villa above, their mother watched while their Aunt Susan sucked Jack’s cock in exactly the same enthusiastic manner that Alex slurped and slobbered over Daniel.

“Suck it,” Helen moaned while she rubbed her clit and watched her sister fellate her husband. ‘Go on, Susan, suck that big cock.”

Jack smiled at his wife, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust. “Come here, baby,” he croaked. “Come and kiss me while your sister sucks dick.”

Helen walked to her husband, her hand still busy between her legs. “This is so bad…”

Alexandra let her brother’s thick stalk slide from her mouth. “Your turn,” she trilled and walked to the sofa. “Lick it. Come here and suck my clit.” Daniel stroked his cock while his sister opened her legs and offered her slippery cunt to him. “Oh my God,” Alex moaned. “Your breath is so hot… Your tongue… Shit…”

The boy crouched over his sister and tongued her hot opening. She tasted so sweet. The ooze slid from her body. Damn, she’s so gorgeous, he thought. Alexandra writhed and moaned canlı bahis siteleri while her brother lapped at her. Her clit throbbed and she ached to rub it, but instead exhorted Daniel to pay particular attention to that place.

“I’m going to come,” the girl sighed. “Keep licking it, Danny. I’m going to do it. Yes, I’m going…” She grunted and clamped her thighs around her brother’s face. “Shit, Danny,” she said, breathless, “that’s going to make me do it. I’m going to do it on your face…”

Daniel struggled to breathe as Alexandra’s climax ripped through her body. The girl’s fingers crawled through his hair and he let out a muffled yell as she pulled on it sharply.

“Fucking hell, Alex,” he complained when, finally, the girl’s thighs let go their grip.

“That was so good,” Alex smiled, ignoring the boy’s complaints. “How about you fuck me now?” Daniel forgot about his tortured hair and scrambled into a kneeling position between his sister’s thighs. He lifted his cock and pointed the bulbous end at her body. “Do it,” she implored. “Stick that thing into me.”

Daniel gazed at his sister and paused with his cock just nudging her sex. “I love you, Alex,” he sighed.

The girl looked up at him and smiled gently. “I love you too.” They kissed as Daniel slid the full length of his erection into her. “Oh yes,” Alexandra sighed when she felt the glorious length of living, pulsing flesh fill her. “Hard as iron,” she muttered.

Daniel broke the kiss and lowered his face to suckle his sister’s tight teats. He kissed and sucked at one hard, marble-sized nipple before turning his attention to its twin. Then, sliding in and out of Alexandra’s body, he kissed his sister gently.

“Oh yes” she whispered and smiled up at him. “Love me, baby brother. Love me with that big cock.”

“Are we still going away? When we get home … Me and you? Together … Nobody else…”

“Yes, Danny,” Alex panted. “Just me and you. We can go somewhere nobody knows us and hold hands and kiss and not care who sees…” The girl groaned as Daniel, spurred by her words, stabbed into her clenching sex. “My brother,” she panted. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard…”

“I love you, Alex,” Daniel grunted and leaned in to bite his sister’s exposed throat.

They came together, Daniel’s climax triggered by Alexandra’s long groan of ecstasy, followed by her enthusiastic torrent of foul-mouthed exhortation for him to pump his seed into her cunt.

“I want you again,” the boy mumbled even as his cream slid from his sister’s cleft.

“Slide it in, you big-cocked bastard,” the girl grinned. “Stir it up and fill me again. We’ve got all night.”

Upstairs, their father grunted his release into their aunt. Helen climaxed against her own fingers. I wonder how the kids are doing, she thought…

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