The Artist Pt. 01


The Artist

Chapter 1

As he waited patiently for his muse to arrive, 45 year old Philippe surveyed the changing light in his studio. It was nearly perfect for today’s session. He had made much progress but still had much to do before his latest oil painting was complete for his client. He had been commissioned to paint a nude of the young lady Natalia by her lover, a rich and powerful Baroness, who was known for her particular tastes as well as her nasty temper.

Philippe really liked the young lady and found her, although shy and quiet, to be quite funny during their long painting sessions. She was 20 years his junior but seemed wise beyond her youth. She had this dazzling smile and silly little giggle that naturally had him smiling and humming while he painted her. She didn’t always like her body claiming she was full figured but he saw her otherwise. When he looked he saw curves, and curves equaled female and so he found her quite delicious looking.

He realized with a start that she would be here any moment and he was still in just his pants, so he threw on his favorite faded button up jean shirt. It had multiple smears of paint along all of its curled edges and on almost every button. He smiled to himself absentmindedly as this shirt had been through a lot with him. He loved its comfort even though it was a warm summer day outside. The small breeze was keeping it a bit cooler for now.

Natalia cleared her throat a few moments later to announce her arrival. As he turned she smiled and he immediately smiled back.

She looked amazing with her long blonde auburn hair. It was pulled back into a pony tail for now and secured with a beaded tie. Her blouse he saw was a creamy silk with colorful flowers randomly across it. It had a small tie right below her breasts making these show quite well. Of course he would see even more of them in a moment. She had this paired with a well worn pair of jeans and a set of white leather flip flops that accented her red toenails nicely.

She stepped behind his privacy screen in the back corner of the studio to undress and put on her robe. He watched as she threw her jeans up over the top first followed in rapid succession by her blouse and her bra. He noticed she had worn one of his favorites today and he hoped she was wearing the underwear to match. The bra was a gentle coppery bronze that made her skin seem that much more of a creamy white when set against it.

She stepped out from behind the screen wearing the robe provided for her privacy. She came and took her spot on the pedestal in front of his easel and worked with him to find the pose she had been holding. She was facing him head back and arms at her sides holding her up. Her knees were open so that she was showing her whole body to the light.

When she found her position illegal bahis she opened her robe and let it fall down her shoulders. It seemed to cascade down her smooth skin and pool around her. Looking at him she smiled and said, “I am ready.”

Those words so simple took his breath away and affected his body every time.

He grabbed the makeup bag and approached her delightful form. A few things needed to take place to have her fully ready. First he needed to rouge her nipples, they were too pale according to his client and she wanted them to be a deep red. So delicately he took some of the color onto the soft brush and slowly worked the color onto each nipple. He knew it tickled as he watched Natalia blush and smile, the sharp intake of breath told him it was also pleasurable. He never rushed this part, taking his time and then some he carefully worked the color around getting the now erect nipples nice and dark red like newly picked cherries.

He was happy to see that she had already painted her lips the same dark red shade. As he worked the brush slowly on her nipples he took in her scent, slight lavender with vanilla undertones. There was more to the scent he had noticed these last few sessions, the smell of a woman. This also pulled at his body and began to bring on a noticeable reaction. He backed away now taking her all in. He noticed she was wearing those matching panties that he so adored. Just a bit of coppery bronze material in the front covering her sex but a thong in the back exposing her beautifully round derrière. He came forward again to adjust her hair and noticed the recently raised welts on her back. He knew where they had come from, her lover the Baroness and one of her tirades. He had learned not to comment about these things only embarrassing Natalia and making the painting more difficult.

It was time to start so he stepped to his side of the easel and looked at where he needed to pick up. He had her general form painted already and her face was detailed to near perfection. Her eyes slightly closed and biting one lip the ecstasy of the moment clear to see. Today he was finishing up those amazing breasts. They were hanging with such weight, the creamy silkiness of her skin now punctuated by the deep red of her nipples. He noted with some satisfaction that these were still hard and seemed to point right at him.

He began to paint furiously while the light was perfect humming as he went. A few times he needed perspective he would approach her to measure with his favorite brush.

On his third pass at this he was dismayed as he realized he had smeared some pink paint on the side of her breast. Without even thinking he withdrew his rag and wiped it quickly off. He realized his audacity a moment to late when she jumped in alarm. After apologizing profusely he went back illegal bahis siteleri to work.

He couldn’t tell if it was his embarrassment of what had just happened or the fact the breeze was gone as he was now hot and slightly sweating. He unbuttoned a few spots on his shirt and enjoyed the cool that began to spread on his chest, but he needed more so he went the rest of the way down having it open now in the front.

He knew he was older but his body didn’t show his age, he was still in shape and worked hard to maintain that, crunches and pushups part of his daily routine. He noticed his thin line of hair trailing down his stomach was slightly damp from his sweat and so dried it off with his rag.

Each time after this that he went close to her to check a detail he noticed her eyes were open looking at him, sizing him up and taking him in. This last time he had heard her breathe deeply taking in his scent and then exhaling with a slight sigh. Again his body responded unbidden with growing desire. He had been with and painted many females in his career; this one though was glorious and the fact that she didn’t know that even better.

He was finished with her bust and now needed to add the details found below. “It’s time,” he said. With that he watched the color come up in her cheeks as she hooked a thumb in each side string of her thong and pulled it down off her body, flicking them off her toe to fall lazily to the floor. Leaning back again she found her pose and then slowly opened her legs to his hungry gaze. He had already fallen in love with the thin strip of hair that led his attention down to her slit. He believed he could actually hear that come open as she spread her knees.

Something was amiss he noticed as he looked at this area today, there was a red mark slashed across her opening. He needed to cover this up so it didn’t find its way into the painting. He grabbed the makeup bag once again and pulled out the cover up to apply some.

With shaking hands he handed the application disc to her and asked her to apply it. After a few attempts it was clear she couldn’t see or reach it all so he had to take over.

Moving in slowly so as not to startle her he began to dab skin color onto the red flesh; carefully and methodically he worked her skin, brushing her lips a few times by accident. He noticed as he painted her body with the makeup that her smell began to grow stronger with each touch of her sex.

As he wiped the last of the red away he noticed a single drop of fluid had built in the tangles of her hair on her mound. He took a wider paint brush from his back pocket and brushed from her bottom up along the whole length of her lips. He was successful in gathering the fluid but noted it was quickly replaced by more. So he brushed again and again a third time, canlı bahis siteleri the smell of her sex becoming greater with each pass.

Softly he brushed again and felt her hand come up to the side of his head and grab at his hair tugging on it slightly. He looked up and saw Natalia looking at him with hunger in her eyes begging him for more. He was certainly not going to deny her the pleasure she rightly deserved, her cruel mistress not allowing her to pleasure herself. So he returned to the task and slowly drew his brush the length of her slit.

Her clit began to jut out as he “painted” her lust, so he focused the brush here now, softly and delicately brushing it time and time again. He could hear her breathing growing more ragged and watched as she inched her butt forward on the pedestal bringing her clit closer and closer to his face. Her hands came to his head again and pulled him in placing his mouth on her now very moist pussy.

He needed no further prodding and kissed her clit once then again and again gaining power each time. His tongue became involved and soon he was eating her, he brought the paint brush up and began tracing lazy circles around her ass and the hole in it.

She responded by pressing up into his face almost grinding her pussy into him. She tightened and with a spasm and with a loud cry she flooded his mouth with her cum.

He tried to swallow it all but it ran down his chin and dripped onto the floor. As her spasms subsided he looked up and saw she was beckoning him to stand.

As he began to rise she slipped her hands inside his shirt sliding them across his chest and pushed back at the shoulders. His shirt fluttered to the ground behind, now a forgotten thing in this moment. With a smirk on her face she began to unbutton his jeans seeing his desire fully grown below the now strained material. With the same move she pulled down his pants and boxers together and his erection flung up into view.

She wasted no time from her seated height and leaned forward and ran her tongue from the tip of his dick to the balls that hung below. Using her hand she began to play with these as she returned her lips and tongue to the top of his shaft. With a quick lick around the edge she dropped her mouth over him enveloping him in warm comfort. Slowly she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft pressing her tongue and sliding her teeth occasionally.

As she continued to do this and fondle his balls he felt his own orgasm began to build.

She sensed this and picked up her pace sucking harder as she pulled back each time.

He felt his cum climb then explode into her mouth, but she didn’t stop. She continued bobbing up and down until she had swallowed every last bit of his offering.

With and audible pop she let his penis escape and droop before her.

As he looked into her eyes he could see she wanted more of his kindness and she would be back another day for that. But for now she needed to get dressed and home so she could wash and ready herself for her lovers return tonight.

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