The Babysitter Ch. 01: Caught


I am fuming as I drive into the driveway. This was supposed to have been a sexy weekend away with my wife. We had been planning it for months. Instead, I get a call from my shit head boss that I needed to come back in urgently to fix a problem.

This whole weekend was supposed to be just me and my wife. No kid, no distractions. Just wall to wall fucking in a fancy resort.

We had already paid for the hotel, so we decided my wife should just stay anyway and have some “me time”, maybe check out the spa. Meanwhile I had driven back across the country so I could be at work at 5am tomorrow morning. Now it was just after 11pm, and I am parked back in front of my house, after basically a whole day driving there and back again. My fucking boss wouldn’t even pay for a flight. “Fuck that asshole and fuck this job” I mutter to myself.

I look up at the house. All was quiet, the windows dark. I decide to leave the car on the road so I don’t wake anyone with the garage door. Danni would have my son in bed long ago, and it looks like she was asleep too. Damnit, that was another thing – booking a babysitter for a whole weekend had been fucking expensive, and she would still want paying for the whole time.

I take a deep breath and calm myself before I head for the door. Quietly letting myself in, I go to check on my boy, Tommy. He is sound asleep, content.

I sigh and head for my own room. On the way I pause at the spare room door, which is closed. I wonder briefly if I should wake Danni to tell her I am home. Danni. My mind goes back to when she arrived at our house this morning.

“Morning Mr C! All ready for your trip?”

She was dressed innocently enough in jeans and a t-shirt, but the way everything clung tightly to her 18-year-old body made my cock stir. The jeans looked like they were painted on, and the way the shirt clung to her breasts meant you could see every movement of her tits as she walked. It made me remember my wife’s ‘naughty schoolgirl’ outfit – she hadn’t worn that for me in a while. I started picturing Danni wearing it, and I had to excuse myself to take some deep breaths.

I am still standing at the door to the spare room. I wonder what she is sleeping in? Certainly not the jeans. It is so hot tonight. I close my eyes and imagine her in there, under a sheet, dressed in not much. I think about how I could go in there and watch her. I would slide the sheet slowly away from her body, watch her magnificent teen tits rise and fall with each breath. I would slide my fingers over her smooth skin, tracing my finger around her nipple, lean down and take that nipple into my mouth…

I snap out of it and realize my hand was already turning the door handle, my cock making decisions for me. I shake my head and start to head upstairs. I figure I’ll just text her in the morning and tell her I’m here so she doesn’t have a heart attack when I come downstairs. ‘This, however, won’t wait till the morning’ I think with a smile, rearranging my cock in my pants.

As I neared the top of the stairs I pause. What was that noise? I listen harder and hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. ‘Fucking hell! The little bitch is in my room, getting off!’ I think. ‘Christ, she has someone else here! I will cut his fucking balls off’. Furious, I go up the remaining stairs two at a time. At the top, the bedroom door is ajar, and the bedside light is on. I am just about to burst in when I realize Danni is alone in there. I can’t believe my eyes. Holy fucking god. There she is, completely naked, lying back on my bed, knees raised, legs apart. One hand is gently squeezing her right breast, and the other is between her legs. She moans as she slides her fingers in and out of her pussy. She pinches her nipple and moans, moving her fingers from her pussy to her clit.

I stare dumbfounded for a long time, until I realize I have my phone in my hand and I should take some photos. She can’t see me in the darkened hall. I start snapping a few photos, pleased that she has the bedside light on.

She brings her left hand up from between her legs to her face, and sucks the juices off her fingers, moaning as she does. She cups her tits in both hands and squeezes, and as she arches her back I hear her say “oh Mr C, please, put it back in!” before she slams her fingers back into her waiting pussy. I stop taking photos, shocked. Did I hear her correctly? Is this teen goddess imagining it is my cock plunging into her?

I have a plan, but I have to time it perfectly. I continue watching as I take more pictures, watching as her moans become louder and her movements more urgent. “Yes! Yes!” she screams. “Yes! Fuck my little canlı bahis pussy! Oh God, yes, yes, I’m going to cum!”

Now is time to act. Just as she hits the point of no return, I throw the door open and march into the room, shouting “Danni, what the FUCK do you think you are doing?”. Her eyes go wide – “oh … my … God … you … you’re not … ” – I can see she wants to stop but she physically can’t. I have indeed timed it perfectly, she has no choice but to ride the waves of pleasure as the orgasm washes over her. Her whole body shudders and then relaxes.

I take a step closer to the bed, and repeat myself. “I said: what the fuck are you doing, Danni?”

“Mi-mister C!” She stutters and tries to get up off the bed while attempting to cover her nakedness. I push her shoulder firmly back down onto the bed. “You stay where you are young lady – I want some answers”.

“You’re not … you’re not supposed to be here!” she squeaks.

“I’M not supposed to be here?” I roar. “This is MY fucking bed!”

“But … your weekend away?”


With a look of horror she looks towards the door. “Don’t worry, Mrs C is not here, thank Christ. I don’t know what she will say when I tell her what I found you doing in our bed.”

“Oh please don’t tell her Mr C. I’m so sorry! I’ll get dressed and go”. She tries to get up again. Once again, I push her firmly back on to the bed. “I said stay there. I’m not done with you yet”.

“Can I put some clothes on?”

“No you may not. You are the one who got yourself into this position. You are going to tell me what you are doing here. What are you doing in my room?”

“I’m so sorry, I had a bath… in your bathroom – I know I shouldn’t have – but, the spa looked so nice. The water was so warm and the jets felt so good and I started to get…” she paused, and I look at her sternly, letting her know I am in no mood for games. “I started to get … horny.”

I waited. “And?” I say impatiently.

“And .. I started … touching … myself, and I guess I got carried away.”

I sigh. “We need to decide what to do about this. Obviously we need to tell your parents.” I knew her parents were super conservative.

“Oh god no! Please! I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again. I will just go and you don’t need to ever see me again. Don’t even pay me for the weekend!”

She starts getting up again. “I said STAY DOWN. You move one more time before I tell you to and I will drive you home to your parents like this.”

“Yes, Sir” she says meekly.

I go through the motions of giving it some thought. “Even if we are not bringing your parents into it, and I am still not sure that is a good idea, you clearly still need to be punished. Touching yourself in a client’s bed when you are supposed to be working. Very unprofessional.”

“Yes, Sir” she nods, sobbing a little.

“Put your arms up above your head.” I say suddenly.

“What? But then I can’t cover my…”

“Put your arms up above your head. I won’t ask a third time.”

Slowly she removes the arm covering her breasts, and raises it above her head. My first chance to see those spectacular teen tits up close. My cock is aching to be released from its prison.

“And the other one.”

Her left hand slowly draws away from her pussy. I can see she is nicely shaved, with just a thin strip of hair pointing the way.

She has both arms extended above her head. “Now what?” She says nervously. Her eyes flick down to my crotch briefly.

I look over her body, devouring her with my eyes. Her breasts defy gravity, pointing straight at the ceiling, perfect, perky and firm. Her nipples are hard. God. I want to suck on those tits. Sweat glistens on her body. I say nothing and turn away, going to one of my drawers, returning with a neck tie.

“What… what are you going to do?” she asks nervously.

I tie her wrists together, saying nothing.

“What are you going to do?” she repeats.

“I told you: you need to be punished.”


“You do not speak unless spoken to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir”.

“You will answer all my questions, or I will tell your parents exactly how I found you here. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. Please don’t tell them. I’ll be good, I promise”.

“Good. Now. Tell me exactly what you did when you got out of the bath.”

“Like I said, I was horny. I stood in front of the mirror, and I started… touching myself. I was touching my … my breasts … rubbing them while I looked at myself in the mirror.”

I reach down and take her left breast in my hand. “Like this?” She gasps. I gently squeeze it and bahis siteleri take her nipple between my fingers. She lets out a moan.

“MMMmmmn… yes. I mean: yes. Yes, sir. That is what I was doing.”

“And then what?” I ask, as I continue to explore her tits with my hand. Her breathing is quickening and she closes her eyes. She bites her lip.

“I could feel my… my pussy getting wet and I wanted to touch it.”

She has involuntarily opened her legs. I know she is getting wet again. “So what did you do?”

“I took one hand and slid it down …”

“Like this?” I said as I moved my hand away from her breasts and down towards the strip of hair, lightly dragging my fingertips over her skin.

“Mmmmmmnngh” she said, lifting her hips off the bed. I run my fingers through her fine strip of hair then return to her breasts. She whimpers. My hand slides down again, then back up. And again. Never getting closer to what she wants.

“Oh please, Sir, please touch my pussy. I need it.”

I take my hand away. “You are getting punished for being a little slut, young lady, not rewarded. Roll over onto your stomach, now.” The bound wrists made it difficult, but she wriggles over. Now I get my first look at her perfect ass. Damn. I want to sink my teeth into it.

“Get up on your hands and knees.”

She obeys at once, pulling her knees under, and lifting her ass into the air. I can see her smooth lips. I could smell how turned on she was. Her tits are now hanging down, and I can’t resist reaching under and cupping one.

“What did you do next, when your hand was between your legs?” I ask.

“I laid down on the bed and I … I dipped a finger inside.”

“Just one?” I ask.

“At first…” she replies.

I start rubbing my right hand over her smooth ass cheeks. My left was still massaging her breast. I am teasing her, getting close to her pussy then moving away. She has parted her legs slightly, and is trying to push back toward my hand.

“What were you thinking about while you fingered your pussy?” I ask.

“Mmmmmmn. I was… I was thinking about how good it felt…”

SMACK. I bring my hand down hard on her ass. She jumps.

“Owww! What was that for?”

“You didn’t answer truthfully. If you lie to me, you will get spanked. Are you a virgin, Danni?”

A pause, then: “No, Sir”.

I continue rubbing her ass, getting closer and closer to her pussy.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Danni?”

“No, Sir”.

Not the answer I was expecting. I run my index finger up and down the length of her slit.

“Why not? A smoking hot girl like you?”

“I … oooh …” She shivers at my touch.

SMACK. “Answer my question, Danni.”

“UUUNNNHHHH … ” she takes a moment to calm herself, and then says “I dumped that piece of shit when I caught him fucking around.”

“Then who were you thinking about just now when you were fingering yourself?”

A pause. “No one, Sir.”

SMACK. A moan of pleasure mixed with pain.

“No one, Sir! I was just thinking about how good it felt.”

SMACK. After each smack I let my fingers rest against her pussy.

“You are lying to me, Danni.”

SMACK. Her ass is bright red.

“FUCK! … please stop Sir, I was… I was… I was thinking about you Mister C!”

I let my hand rest against her pussy lips, gently flicking her nipple with my other hand. “About me?” I act surprised. I start pushing the tips of two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh my god. Mmmmmnnnn. I was … oh fuck …” (she is speaking very fast now) “…I was thinking about how your big hard cock would feel in my tight little pussy, and how badly I want you to fuck me.”

I continue to tease her pussy with my fingertips. She is trying to squirm toward me.

“Please Sir, I’ve been a naughty slut and I need to be punished, like you said. I’m sick of immature jerks like my ex, I need a real man who knows how to use his cock. Teach me a lesson, please”.

I take both of my hands away. She whimpers again. “Please Sir, I am so fucking horny. Please fuck me. I want you so bad.”

The sight of her naked and bound, begging for my cock just about has me cumming right there.

“Sit up, on the edge of the bed.” I command.

She complies quickly.

“You say you want a real man who knows how to use his cock. I want to know if you know what to do with one.” Standing right in from of her, my cock is inches from her face.”

She smiles at me at licks her lips. Holding her hands up to me, she says “Can you untie me please, Sir?”

“No, not yet.”

With her hands still bound, she undoes my belt, then the button, bahis şirketleri and finally the zip. She slides my trousers down my legs, and I step out of them. I remove my shirt.

She looks at the bulge before her, then up at me and smiles as she starts to pull down the waistband of my underwear. She gasps as more and more of my shaft is exposed as she pulls down. Finally, my cock is free at last and springs up and slaps against her face.

“Oh my god” she says, staring at my cock. “…it is fucking huge!”

“You said you wanted a real cock. Well, now you have one – what are you waiting for?”

She reaches out and wraps her hands around it.

“Oh my god” she says again. She looks up at me as she strokes my cock. I really don’t know how long I am going to be able to last. I’ve been ready to cum since I first saw her through the open door.

Still looking up at me, she reaches out her tongue and licks the tip. She lowers her bound hands down to her lap, and slides her warm mouth over my dick. Holy fuck,

this girl knows how to suck a cock. She never takes her eyes off me.

“You like that, Sir?” she says between sucks, looking up at me.

“Fuck yes, Danni. You are a real little whore aren’t you. You love having a big hard cock in your mouth.”

“Mmmmmn” she says, her mouth full. She backs off to take a breath. “I’ve never had one this big before – holy fuck!”

I take her head in my hands and push my throbbing cock back into her mouth. I’m surprised with just how deep she can take me – she certainly has some skills. After a few minutes of fucking her face, I have to stop. I’m going to cum soon – and I need to get some teen pussy before I do. I pull my cock out of her mouth with a pop. She lets out a sad little noise.

“Tell me what you want now, you little slut.”

“Oh god please, I need you to fuck me with this huge thing. Any way you want it.”

“Stand up and bend over. I am going to fuck you like the dirty slut you are.”

She jumps to her feet eagerly.

“Please fuck me, Sir. I’ve been a naughty little slut and I need to be taught a lesson.”

I roughly spin her around and bend her over the bed. Taking my cock in my hand, I slide the tip up and down her pussy lips. I can’t wait any longer. I slowly press my shaft into her tight little teen pussy. God, she is tight. Luckily she is so fucking wet that my cock slides in without too much difficulty.

“Ohmyfuckinggod – YES!” she screams.

I rhythmically slide my cock in and out, burying it to the hilt in her hot pussy. I reach one hand around to play with her tits, and with the other I smack her perfect ass. With each thrust she moans louder and louder.

“Holy fuck, I am cumming already” she says. “Oh god, don’t stop! OH, FUCK! YESSSS!”

I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock like a vice.

I can’t take much more. I pull my cock out and roughly stand her up and turn her around to face me again.

“Get down on your knees, you little whore.”

Pushing my cock deep into her mouth, I let her taste herself.

“You like tasting your pussy on my cock, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmmnnghh” is all she can manage with her mouth full.

“Please Sir, I want your cum. I want it in my mouth” she says when she next comes up for air.

“Open your mouth.”

She looks up at me, waiting expectantly, mouth wide, tongue out. I look down at this gorgeous teen girl, hands tied, begging for my cum as I stroke my coke, hardly believing my luck.

“Are you ready, you dirty little slut? Ready to take my cum?”

“Please, Mister C, please cum for me. I want to taste you.”

Finally, I can’t take any more. I unleash a huge load of cum into her waiting mouth. I hold the back of her head as wave after wave of cum explodes into her mouth. There is so much of it, she can’t swallow fast enough and some spills out onto her tits. As the waves subside, she sucks me dry.

She licks around her mouth, greedily swallowing down every drop. As she scoops some off her tits and into her mouth with her finger, she asks “Well, have I learned my lesson, Sir? Is my punishment over?”

“That will depend.” I say.

“On what?” she says, confused.

“On how you perform your duties for the rest of the weekend.” I untie her hands. “Now go and clean yourself up and go back to your bed. I have to go to work in a few hours.”

She finishes scooping all the cum from her tits into her mouth, and stands up to go. I watch her perfect ass sway to the door. As she reaches the door I call out:

“Oh and Danni…”

She pauses and turns to me. “Yes, Sir?”

“Don’t you EVER come into this room again unless you are invited. Do you understand?”

She nods and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.

‘Holy fuck’. I think to myself as I collapse down onto bed, exhausted.

‘Holy …


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