The Babysitter Ch. 1


Justine dropped her novel on the couch with a sigh and looked around the silent room again. She was bored, bored, bored. The novel couldn’t hold her interest anymore, the radio was just clashing noise and the television had lost it’s appeal hours ago. There was never anything on television on Saturday nights; everyone went out on Saturday nights. Only geeks and good little girls who still babysat stayed home on Saturday nights. She sighed and strolled to the window to peer out at the driving rain again, hoping against hope that Mr. Walker would suddenly arrive home and relieve her. Fat chance. All she saw was her own sullen face framed by auburn ringlets and stormy blue eyes.

She sighed and shut the curtains. He had called an hour ago to say the business party was still going and he was expected to stay. Could she spend the night? Then he offered her a bonus and she couldn’t refuse. College began in the fall and she had to contribute half of her tuition and expenses; her parents would cover the other half. Not that she would have argued with that. For eighteen years, Justine had been the perfect dutiful daughter, doing exactly what was expected of her.

She picked up her coffee mug and snack plates and took them to the kitchen. It took all of 2 minutes to clean up her little mess and she came back into the living room. With a sigh, she decided to go up and check on the girls. At least, if she had to babysit, she couldn’t ask for nicer charges, she thought with a smile. John Walker was a widower whose young wife, Julie, had passed away two years ago from breast cancer, leaving him with their two girls, Amy and Michelle, now 8 and 10. Both girls were pretty, blond and blue-eyed like their mother had been and very well-behaved. They had their moments, but both obeyed her immediately she asked something of them. They had gone straight to bed at 8 o’clock and she knew they would still be sleeping, but it was something to do.

As she expected, both blond heads were snuggled against their pillows and soft snores filled the room. She sighed and slipped back out of their room quietly. As she closed the door, she glimpsed Mr. Walker’s bedroom door ajar. Curiosity got the better of her and, instead of shutting the door, she pushed it open and peeked into the room. In the last year or so of babysitting for the man, she had never looked inside his private domain and she felt a little guilty now for doing so, but that didn’t stop her from pushing the door open and strolling into the room for a better look.

It was definitely a man’s room all in a deep blue hue, the bed covered in a plain blue comforter and matching sheets. Not a stray item out of place anywhere, the room contained only the bed, one dresser and a desk in the corner with a laptop on it. Justine closed the door until it was just ajar and moved to the dresser, running her finger over it idly, noting that there was no dust even; Mr. Walker was a very fastidious man, it would seem. It was in keeping with the rest of the house though. Even with two active children, the house always seemed neat as a pin. The only item on the dresser was a picture frame containing a picture of the entire Walker family before Julie’s death.

She traced a finger over the frame looking at their happy faces; such a tragedy for them all. She had never seen Mr. Walker with another woman in the whole time she had been sitting for him. All his absences appeared to be business-related. He really was quite good-looking pendik escort and his whole face was alight in the picture as he smiled with his young wife and children. She thought he was around 30 although these days he seemed older, more somber.

On a whim, she opened the top drawer and smiled as she saw all this boxers and socks neatly folded and placed in rows. He probably had sex by the numbers, too, she thought and giggled. Not that she was any judge of how it should be done. Although she had her share of kisses and light petting, Justine was still a virgin. She sighed again. It was all in keeping with her good girl image, of course. For some reason, she was restless these days. She was feeling a need to break free from her everyday life. Justine put it down to the end of school and the short summer stretching out before she left for college.

Turning to the desk, she flipped the standby button and the screen sprung to life, revealing a plain Windows desktop and standard icons. “It figures,” she murmured. The man didn’t appear to have a creative spark in him beyond his work which she vaguely recalled was in advertising or something. She pushed the Internet connection and the browser opened up, revealing a popular news site. Justine clicked on the address bar and looked at the history of sites he’d been on recently.

“Hello,” she said aloud, “And what have you been up to, Mr. Walker?” She saw several sex sites listed in the history and clicked on one of them. Immediately she was taken to a members-only area and realized he had cached his password. This could be interesting, she thought, as she sat down to view the screen closer. The screen welcomed John Walker and told him he had email. Justine didn’t go to the mail section; she knew he would know someone had read his mail since most mail only remained marked as new until you opened it. Instead, she clicked on one of his preferred links and the screen flashed as the media player opened.

Justine’s mouth fell open as the movie began and a naked couple appeared on the screen. The woman was astride the man and bouncing up and down as his large hands covered her breasts. Her head was tossed back and they were both encouraging each other in extreme sexual talk. She had never seen anything like this and leaned forward in fascination as the hardcore sex continued, the camera switching between the couple’s faces, genitalia and then drawing back for a full picture. The noises they were making, the sounds of their bodies and voices along with the movement was very exciting and she moved her legs together as she felt the tingles starting between her legs.

When they reached the climax and their voices became more strident, Justine leaned back in amazement. That was so amazing, she thought, as she viewed the now frozen picture of the couple from the last shot. Mr. Walker certainly had some secrets, she giggled, as she clicked off the movie and checked the next link. A new movie opened in the media player and Justine leaned forward again. A shapely blonde was naked on her knees between the knees of an equally naked male with him seated on the couch. She was licking his cock in long strokes, looking up at him; he was looking back, stroking her hair. Again, this couple was talking as they performed and Justine felt her body responding.

What was happening to her? She had enjoyed boys’ attentions before, kissing them passionately and letting them feel her breasts and she had maltepe escort become excited, although she never allowed them to put their hands on her pussy. Again, that good girl image had taken over. But then, she had never felt such strong desires pulling at her with them. As she watched the blonde’s mouth slide over his cock, her head bobbing up and down and listened to the man encourage her, she felt the heat pooling in her pussy. Almost unconsciously, her hand slid between her legs, under her dress to press against her mound, pushing her damp panties against her clit.

Justine sighed quietly as she moved her fingers in slight circles, still watching the couple. The man pulled the blonde up onto the couch and was kneeling between her legs now, licking and stroking her pussy. The blonde had her legs in the air, holding them wide open with her hands and telling him how he was making her feel. Justine slipped her panties to the side and moaned as her finger slid along her wet pussy lips and dipped in to caress her hardening clit. She stroked it in cadence with the man’s tongue as he licked the blond, pushing her own legs wide apart under the desk to give her fingers freedom to move.

The blonde began moaning louder and crying out in orgasm and Justine felt fresh juices flow from her own pussy as she watched in fascination. The man pushed up from his knees and grabbed her legs, putting them against his shoulders as he reached down and grasped his hard cock, bigger than anything Justine had imagined and guided it to the blonde’s pussy. The blonde cried out for him to “Fuck me” and his cock disappeared into her pussy with one hard thrust.

Justine felt the answering pull in her own pussy as he fucked the blonde with quick, hard strokes, eliciting cries from the woman. The blonde kept up a steady stream of encouragement between cries, alternately demanding and begging that he fuck her and Justine felt herself wishing she could switch places and feel that hard cock inside her. The last thought was the impetus she needed as her finger stroked quickly over her clit and her orgasm burst over her. Justine shudder and sighed quietly, exactly as she had done for years of masturbating in the dark of her own room. Good girls did not do this, she knew, but it felt so damned good!

The couple on screen, on the other hand, were screaming and moaning loudly as they both came for the camera and Justine felt a prick of envy as they let it all out in ways she could not. For a moment, she felt a prick of guilt at her snooping and masturbating right at Mr. Walker’s own desk. She pulled her fingers from her panties and shut down the browser, going into the settings to delete the history first to cover her tracks. With a sigh, she pushed the standby button again and pushed the chair back in as she stood to survey the room.

Her eyes fell on the neatly-made bed and she wandered over, her hand lightly stroking the comforter up to the pillow. She sat on the edge lightly and kicked off her shoes then lay back on the pillow and spread her arms out on the bed. It was so comfortable, just firm enough and the feather pillows let her head sink lightly. She turned her head to the side and looked at the set of pillows there, probably placed only by habit from sharing a bed with his wife for so many years.

Justine reached out to touch the other pillow lightly and saw Mr. Walker’s face in her mind, imagining him laying there, a smile on his face kartal escort instead of the somber look he wore most of the time. Her fingers moved as if tracing his lips and she sighed as she imagined his hands reaching for her, drawing her body close and his mouth closing over hers in a passionate kiss. Her hand slide down her waist as his would, sliding along her thigh to the hem of her dress and slipping under it, caressing her bare thigh as it slid back up, pulling the dress with it.

The computer images flashed through her mind replacing their faces with hers and John Walker’s and she shut her eyes tightly to hold the image. Running her tongue over her lips, she imagined it was his tongue, his hand sliding across her belly causing her nerve endings to stand on end and her pussy to moisten again. She spread her legs apart as she lay back, slipping her fingers along her panty waistband, letting her nails rake her skin lightly. A moan escaped as her mind continued to generate the fantasy; in her mind’s eye, she saw John Walker’s hand pushing her panties down slowly and she lifted her hips off the bed to pull them off herself. It was his hand she saw travelling back up her inner leg, lighting caressing her inner thigh, tracing the crease and brushing against her tightly curled hairs on her pussy.

Justine lifted her hips off the bed again with a gasp as she slipped her finger between her wet, swollen pussy lips and across her sensitive clit. Her breathing increased as did the moistness below as her finger slid down to slip inside. Her tight virgin pussy gripped her finger, sucking it in and she moved it around, twisting it and rubbing her sensitive inner walls, pulling the sweet juices out and back up to her clit. Circling it slowly, she arched her back at the sweet sensations travelling through her body. “Yes, yes, John, lick my pussy,” she moaned as her fantasy took flight. She bent her knees up and spread her legs wider, her fingers moving swiftly over her clit as she imagined his tongue, licking and probing her young pussy.

Justine tossed her head back and forth on the pillow, her pelvis bucking as her fingers stroked and rubbed her swollen clit, driving her onwards to her orgasm. She had never had a fantasy this real before and her young body was responding as never before. Her breath quickened, small whimpers filling the air as she pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and reached down to finger her clit with her other hand. It was all she needed to drive herself over the edge and she drove her hips into the air as her finger moved faster on her clit, cumming over the fingers inside her pussy.

“Ah yes, yes, oh my God,” she moaned, her fingers flying over her clit to extend the feeling as long as possible. At last she shuddered to a stop, lowering her shaking hips to the bed and rubbing her ass down into the comforter. Justine opened her eyes briefly and looked around the room in a daze. She had never cum like that before; it had never seemed so real. She shut her eyes with a smile as her fingers slowly rubbed her tender clit and stroked her pussy inside. If only John Walker knew how he had just made her feel, she thought with a giggle, ending in a big yawn. She wondered what kind of a lover he was and had been with his wife. That was the last thought on her mind as her breathing slowed and she drifted off to sleep, her fingers stilling, but not moving from her pussy.

Downstairs, a key scraped in the lock, the front door swung open and John Walker slipped quietly into his house. He was so glad the party ended early than he had thought and he was certain Justine would be happy to get off earlier than she thought.

Part 2 to follow … where is the babysitter?

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