The Bachelorette Party Video Ch. 02


Since there was a lot more positive feedback then negative I decided to continue the story. There was also a great deal of people who want me to get revenge on my brother in law. If anyone has any ideas of how I it should be done please pass along your ideas.

Chapter 2: My Cousin Lori

A couple of weeks have passed since the night of the bachelorette party incident. Even though I told Sandra that I could forgive her for what she did: I just can’t bring myself to forgive her. It just wasn’t the fact that she cheated on me. But she let two guys fuck her and one of them was her brother Robert. On top of that she let the other guy fuck her in the ass. Every time I wanted to screw her ass, she would tell me that she would become a prostitute before she would let someone do that to her. Not only did she let someone else fuck her in the ass, but she even begs for it.

Since Sandra told me that she would be a whore before she would let me fuck her in the ass, I decided that I should treat her as one. So every time we would have sex I would treat her like a two bit whore. Before the bachelorette party I would do whatever I could do to make sure Sandra would have an orgasm. Since that night I stopped caring, I would just fuck her until I shot my load. A couple of times I would pull out of her pussy just before I would cum so I could shoot my load all over face and hair.

I figured if I did this long enough Sandra would ask for a divorce; which I would have gladly given her one. But she didn’t ask for one, she never even complained about how I was treating her. My guess was that she felt like she deserved it because of what she did to me. Or maybe she got use to living a very comfortable life of staying home and not having to work. What ever her reason was for staying she kept it to herself.

I really needed someone to talk to about what was going on in my life. I couldn’t talk to one of my friends; they would just humiliate me and tell me to get rid of the bitch. I figured the best person to talk to would be someone who is going through the same thing. That person would be my cousin Lori.

Lori is going through a divorce because of what happened at the bachelorette party. One night in a drunken stupor she told her husband that she let a stripper at the party fuck her. Her husband put his jacket on, went out the door and never came back. I felt bad for him because I knew what he must have been going through. But there was no way I was going to talk to him, I never like him anyway. I decided that Saturday I would go talk to Lori.

Saturday was a typical summer day; it was hazy, hot, and humid outside. I threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and ran out the door. On my way down the block to Lori’s house I must have passed about a dozen women on the street. They all had on sexy outfits which gave me a hard on. A couple of times I thought I should stop and try to get some phone numbers. Then I figured I better just get my ass to Lori’s house before I get myself in trouble.

I finally got to Lori’s house and rang the doorbell. Lori opened the front door and my eyes must have pop out of my head. She answered the door wearing a white mesh bikini and a pair of high heel sandals. She looked so amazingly sexy in it. I could even see her nipples poke through the fabric of the bikini. My dick started to get even harder just looking at her.

I should tell everyone what Lori looks like. A good description of Lori would be an average looking housewife with a tremendous body. She has a perfect hour glass figure. As you scan down her body your eyes move from her huge D cup tits, down to a slim waist. Then her body flares out to a voluptuous heart shaped ass and in her high heel sandals her long tan legs look muscular and shapely. She looks like a slightly taller version of adult film starlet Christy Canyon.

“Peter, what brings you over today?” Lori ask

“I just need your opinion about something.” I stammered.

“Ok, come on in” Lori said.

She gave me a seductive smile and let me in the house. As I followed her through the house she was swaying her pendik escort hips back and forth. I followed her into the backyard to the lounge chairs next to the pool; All the while my cock becoming fully erect in my shorts. If Lori turned around she would have noticed my raging hard on.

Lori made her way to one of the lounge chairs by the poolside. She turned her back to me and bent down showing me her swollen pussy lips while adjusting the towel on the chair. She lay down on the lounge chair; I sat in the chair next to her. I quickly placed my hands on my lap, in a very poor attempt to hide my erection from her eyes.

“So Peter what do you want to talk about?” Lori asked “Or should I just guess?”

The way Lori was acting she must have known why I was there.

“I just needed to talk to someone about Sandra and me.” I responded.

‘I figured that was the reason” Lori continued “I have been talking to Sandra about you.”

“Really, what did she say?” I asked.

“Just about how bad you have been treating her.” Lori said.

“I guess I have been treating her pretty bad.” I responded.

“Sandra also told me that she still loves you. ” Lori said with a tear in her eye “And if she could go back in time, she would undo everything she did to you.”

I just sat there thinking about what Lori was saying and staring at her enormous tits.

“Sandra really does love you.” Lori continued “Unlike my future ex husband!”

“Huh?” I said.

I always thought that Lori and her husband had a great marriage. They were always together laughing and smiling. They would finish each other sentences. So I didn’t understand what she was saying.

“One day I came home a little early.” Lori stated “As I walk into the house I heard heavy breathing coming from the living room. So I went to go investigate, when I entered the living room I got the shock of my life. “

“I guess it was your ex fucking another woman?” I said.

“It was my ex, but with another man!” Lori said “If I knew he like his sexual partners hairy and heavy. I would have let the hair on my legs grow and ate like a pig.”

This brought a little smile and laugh from both of us.

“I guess that also explains his lack of interest in sex with me.” Lori said sadly “If it wasn’t for me fucking that stripper at the bachelorette party. It would have been almost a year since the last time I got laid.”

“If you were my wife, I would be making love to you ever night.” I stated trying to make her feel better.

“Really, so Peter what do you think about my new bikini?” Lori stood up and posed for me in her new sexy white bikini. Her breasts were so big and the bikini didn’t hide them very well. It looked like her tits were going to fall out of her bikini top; at least I prayed they would.

I couldn’t say anything; I just looked at Lori’s body with my mouth open.

“Just tell me Peter. Do I look sexy in my bikini?” Lori asked.

“I think you look amazing!” I said.

“Thanks for the compliment. But I was even sexier when I was younger” Lori told me as she ran her hands along her body.

“You are the hottest woman I know.” I said with a smile “Your body is better than any twenty year old, I know.”

My dick was now fully erect; I could even feel a drop of pre cum on the tip of my cock. I noticed that Lori was staring at my crotch.

“Peter did I do that?” Lori asked as she pointed her finger at my crotch.

“Do I really need to tell you” I responded.

“Come closer Peter” Lori said seductively.

I walked over to where Lori was posing. All the while I didn’t take my eyes off of her tits. I wanted to take them in my hands and suck on them. As I stood next to Lori she leaned forward and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. As she was kissing me, Lori placed one of her hands on the back of my neck and the other on my crotch. She began to gently rub my dick thru my shorts. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, I must entered heaven I thought.

“Do you think I should give you a hand with this problem?” Lori maltepe escort teased as she grabbed my cock.

“Please…” I begged

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I’ll leave it up to you.” I responded

“Well I do have some ideas. Would you like if I took your cock in my mouth and sucked it?” she asked.

I didn’t have to say a word, Lori dropped to her knees in front of me. She pulled down my shorts which exposed my throbbing cock; it was already jerking in anticipation of what was to come. Lori took it in her hand and began to slowly stroke it and guide it towards her mouth. She then took my 10 inch dick into her mouth. Inch by inch it was slowly disappearing into her hot wet mouth.

Lori was a world class cock sucker; she played with my balls while sucking on my dick. The sound that came from all the sucking and licking was driving me crazy.

“You taste so good; I bet you’re cum tastes even better.” Lori said as she began sucking my dick more furiously.

Lori moved her head back and forth, making sure she sucked every inch of my cock. The head of my cock was her favorite spot; she would put her lips just over it and sucked in. It was like a milking machine was attached to my crotch.

I couldn’t take it anymore; I wanted to get my whole cock in her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my dick in her mouth to the hilt. I started fucking her face. She was gagging and spit was falling from her mouth all over her tits and onto the floor.

No matter how deep I pushed my cock into her throat, she never backed away or tried to stop. After a few minutes of Lori sucking my dick, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to push her away because I wanted to cum in her ass, not in her mouth.

I pulled Lori back to her feet, reaching around her back to undo bikini top. I did it slowly, enjoying each second of the experience. Her top fell to the floor, Lori’s beautiful breasts bounced free of the bikini top. I put one hand on each breast, and slowly began to massage her ample assets. As I leaned forward to take one of her nipples in my mouth, Lori surprised me by thrusting her breasts out into my mouth. Lori let out a small moan as her nipple touched my soft wet lips. I placed my front teeth on her nipple and held it there as I flick it with my tongue. This made Lori moan louder and her legs began to shake, she couldn’t stand any longer.

I then laid Lori down in the lounge chair and began kissing my way down her sexy body. Once I got down between her legs I practically collapse face first into her crotch. Kissing her bikini bottoms a few times I made her purr and grind her pussy against my mouth. Then I pulled the soaked crotch of her bikini aside, and went down on her.

I let my tongue stab into her a few times before I moved it up to flick her clit, making her jump. I ground my chin into her cunt making her moan louder. I was working her clit with the flat of my tongue, lapping at it like a dog at a bowl of water. I felt Lori’s fingers wind into my hair, and then her hands balled up into fists as she forced my face into her juicy pussy.

I then reached up with both my hands and began to pull on her nipples. Lori was thrashing about at this point, tossing her head from side to side: Her eyes squeezed tightly shut. After some work on my part, her body began to tremble and shake. Then she exploded into a screaming orgasm.

“OH! FUCK!” Lori screamed at a very high pitch as she flooded my mouth with her sweet pussy juice.

I held onto her tits for dear life and rode out the wave of her orgasm, loving the feeling I got from getting her off like that. I knew that I owned her at this point and she would do whatever I wanted.

After a few seconds Lori just lay there gasping for air, breathing hard. But I was ready to fuck her, and at this point there was no way I was going to ask. She was ready as well and offered no resistance.

I lifted her ass up off the lounge chair and in one swift move removed her bikini bottoms. I pulled her knees apart, exposing her red swollen pussy lips. I pick kartal escort up her legs and place one on each of my shoulders. I then positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and started pushing in.

Lori was so wet that I slid in easily with one hard thrust. She grunted as I opened her up with my cock and my balls slapping against her voluptuous ass. Once I was in Lori’s pussy to the hilt, she began to squeeze my dick with the muscles of her cunt.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight!” I groaned.

I pulled my cock halfway out of her pussy savoring the feeling the way her cunt clung to my shaft. It felt like her pussy was trying to pull me back in.

I then returned to viciously slamming her pussy with my cock; making her scream again and again with each thrust. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, But Lori kept urging me to fuck her harder.

“Oh! God yes Peter! Do you like my Pussy?” she teased, “Do you like fucking me?”

“Oh yes…. Yes…” I moaned, as I pumped into her with relentless fury. “Yes, I love fucking your wet cunt.”

“Sandra told me that you have a big dick.” Lori said.

“What else did she say?” I asked.

“She said that you were a good fuck!” Lori exclaimed.

After hearing that I figured that Lori must have been planning something like this and I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I was pushing my cock even deeper into her pussy.

Lori began to moan louder with each thrust of my cock. The way my dick stretched her insides, it brought her to another earth shattering orgasm. I wasn’t done yet, I wanted more.

I forced Lori’s knees up and pinned them against her chest. A look of fear and anticipation came over her face; she knew what I wanted to do. Without a spoken word she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her asshole.

“Are you sure that you are ready?” I asked.

“Go for it! ” She said with a smile.

Lori felt the head of my cock pressing against her hole. I slowly pressed myself into her and I felt the head of my cock slip in.

“Are you ok?” I asked out of concern.

“I am fine.” she replied “Just go slow. ”

I slowly slip into her, inch by wonderful inch. I began to pump her slowly at first, letting her get use to having a cock up her ass.

But as the passion mounted, my thrusts became faster and faster. Lori reached down between her legs with one hand and gently rubbed my balls with each thrust. Lori squeezed her ass muscles, making her ass even tighter around my cock. My thrusts became faster and harder with each thrust.

I was about to blow a load deep in her ass and I could see in Lori’s face that she was ready to climax as well. She reaches another mind blowing orgasm.

“Don’t cum in me,” Lori screamed “Take it out! I want you to cum on my tits!”

I pull out of her ass and moved up her body. I straddled her chest and placed my cock in between her tits. Lori then pushed her tits together with her hands so they would form a tight grip around my cock.

I was now fucking Lori’s tits with lighting speed. I felt my balls start to tighten and sperm move up my cock shaft. I couldn’t hold out any longer. The first volley of cum blasted out of my cock head right onto Lori’s face. She turned her head just enough to catch my next shot on her tongue. It slid over her tongue and down into her throat. I shot load after creamy load onto Lori’s face and hair.

Lori and I were exhausted and I needed to get some rest. I picked her up off the lounge chair, her nude body clutching mine. Lori wrapped her arms around my neck as I hoisted her in the air. I carried her back into her house. I brought her into her bedroom and laid her down on her bed. She looked up at me and told me to lie down next to her. I climb into bed next to her: We feel asleep in a spooning position with my hand drape across her stomach.

I spent the rest of the day with Lori in her bedroom. We must have fucked each other another three times. It was almost midnight when I finally got dressed to go home. Lori asked me to spend the night with her, but both of us knew that wasn’t possible. I gave her a long slow wet kiss goodnight and headed home.

I now make a monthly trip to Lori’s house so we could talk about what’s going on in our lives. Those are some of the best conversations I have ever had.

To be continued?

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