The Beginning


They met in the narrow hallway. She stopped so he could pass. He stopped when he came to her.

They looked into each others eyes. The connection was there. The electricity between them was completely off the charts.

They knew that any spark could start a fire that neither wanted to put out.

He reached up and placed his hand behind her neck and drew her to him.

As he kissed her, he could feel her respond with a hunger equal to his own.

He slowly moved his hand up her arm, feeling her skin quiver beneath his touch.

His lips lightly brushed hers. It was so soft yet so passionate.

He traced the curve of her shoulder, he follow the edge of her blouse. He gently caressed her breast. He felt her nipple get hard. Yes he should leave, but the taste of her remained on his lip.

They we not sure where this would go but knew that at this time and this place they needed to break apart, lest someone come upon them.

He continued on his way his mind in a fog. She had felt more alive then she had in a long, long time.

Every time he tried to work, his mind drifting off. All she could think of that she wanted more.

But when… how… would they be able to continue what has started or would they come to their senses and realize that pendik escort this spark should be drowned before it is ignited. Would he be able to stop if he were to touch her again?

After work she stopped at the bar for a drink with a co-worker. He saw he car parked in the back of the lot. Leaving his car next to hers he entered the bar.

The bar was crowded with the after work bunch. He found her sitting with another co-worker. He walked up to the table and asked if he could join them for a while since there were not very many seats available. Her friend motioned for him to take the seat between them. As he sat down he moved the chair slightly closer to her.

Their legs touch. He reached under the table and placed his hand on her knee. An impulse took over and he started to caress her thigh, slowly moving higher and higher. Her leg felt smooth and soft under his touch. As he reached the top of her thigh, he waited a moment to see if she would stop his hand from moving any closer. She did not. His hand moved on. He moved his hand over her mound. He could feel her heat and dampness through her panties. His fingers trace her lips through her panties.

With their drinks finished her friend said it was time to be going. Though she wanted to stay she maltepe escort knew that could not stay alone with him in a bar filled with people. As he removed his hand from her mound he brought it to his nostrils and deeply inhaled her scent. He had to have her. He needed to feel her body. He wanted her, no matter the consequences.

Saying good bye to her friend she walked to her car. There was not a light in the lot where she parked. He walked up behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders. She leaned back into him. He wrapped his arms around her. He nuzzled her neck and slid his hand down the front of her blouse and started caressing her breasts. Her nipples were erect. He pinched them thru her bra, making them harder. He pulled her closer to him.

She could feel his erection. She reached back and started to caress him.

He lifted her skirt and caressing her, picking up where he left off in the bar. He moved aside her panties so he could feel her wetness. She moaned grabbed at his erection.

As he pulled her panties down, she stepped out of them. He put his trophy in his pocket.

He unzipped his pants, releasing his cock. He moved it between her thighs seeking her wetness. She leaned slightly forward allowing his cock to slide along kartal escort her wet swollen lips. Though he wanted to plunge his full length into her, he rocked back and forth, letting only his head slightly enter into her wet pussy.

He reached around and started caressing her clit. He could feel her pussy getting wetter. As he continued to rub her, his cock entered further into her pussy. She spread her legs wider allowing him better entry. As she reached back and grabbed his hips, he plunged his cock full length into her. This caused a wave to ripple thru her. She leaned further forward. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deeper into her. She moaned with pleasure. She reached down and rubbed her swollen clit. She was on the edge of ecstasy. As he continued to plunge into her he could feel his climax starting deep inside. She was pushing her hips back matching his thrusts getting him deeper and deeper. As her pussy walls started to pulsate signaling the start of her climax he thrust harder. As she started to climax he held his climax so he could prolong hers. Soon her pussy walls were milking his cock and he exploded inside her. As their climaxes subsided, her pussy released its hold on him and he slid out of her. A mixture of their fluids ran down her thighs.

He turned her around and kissed her.

After she had driven away, he reached into his pocket and pulled out her panties. Deeply inhaling her scent, he told himself that this was just the beginning of the pleasure he wanted to share with her.

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