The Best Cure is Love Ch. 02


Please read the prologue and chapter one first before starting this chapter, if you have not so! Also, thank you Rexbrookdale for helping me editing once more.

Hello and thank you for checking out chapter two!

Thank you all for commenting, voting and the sweet personal emails that I received on the last chapter, seeing it getting received with much enthusiasm made me excited to write more for you guys and girls!

First of all, I made an illustrated prologue to The Best Cure is Love, it’s a short story that focuses on Judith and her husband Jeremy twenty-two years before chapter one started. I highly recommend checking it out since it took a lot of time to make and to learn a little more about Judith and her husband. It features over thirty-four high quality 3D rendered images.

A couple of you mentioned that they had rather seen a longer build-up between the mother and son. I would have agreed with you if the fictional virus was not involved in this story. (And trust me, I like romantic build-ups so that would have happened.)

Personally, I felt that it was good because of the sudden event that happened halfway the story, remember that the two of them were already very close with each other.

Anyway, this chapter does have a build-up between Matthew and his sister Stephanie, so I hope that those that wished for it in the last chapter will be satisfied with this one.




“Oh, shut up,” mumbled Matthew as he woke up from a short but satisfying nap. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and turned the alarm off.

6:15PM, just as Mom had told him … speaking of Mom, where was she? He looked around his room. The door was now opened wide, making it clear that Judith had left. Oh right. She was going to wash our clothes after we’d ‘examined and cured’ each other.

He got excited again, thinking back to what he and his mom had been up to a few hours ago.

Time to take off the sheets; can’t leave this worn-out, soaked stuff lying around here. He gathered everything and headed toward the bathroom, finding Judith standing there in front of the mirror, dressed in her bathrobe.

Her long red hair fell straight down her back, almost reaching her tight curvy ass. His gaze followed along and down to her amazing legs and cute little feet. He could easily see her voluptuous breasts poking out from her sides.

“Like what you see, honey?” she asked in a seductive voice, as she watched him through the mirror.

“Oh yes, Mom; every time I see you it gets better and better.”

She giggled. “Nice to see that I still make an impact on young men. So tell me, how are you doing? Not feeling sick anymore?”

“No Mom, I feel fine now. You must have really cured me from that strange virus. At least I hope it worked. Like you said, we should stay alert.”

“We will honey,” she said as she gathered her red hair into a long ponytail. “For now I’m glad that you are okay, and remember if you feel anything strange or you start to get sick again then come to me immediately. Could you give me my spare yoga pants and tank top, sweetie? They are on the washing machine.”

“Sure.” He grabbed her clothes and handed them to her. “Say Mom, if I did get rid of the virus do you think we can still have se-“

Suddenly they both heard the front door open.

“Mom, Matt, I’m home! I grabbed some food on my way back here!” could be heard, followed by the sound of heels clicking on the floor.

“She’s back earlier than planned, good thing I told you to set that alarm.”

“Okay honey, just leave it on the kitchen counter, I will be down in a minute!” called Judith before turning back to Matthew. “Look baby, you understand that we can’t let Steph know what happened today. And don’t mention that you were sick; we just had some quality mother and son bonding time.”

“Oh, we sure had Mom!” said Matthew with a goofy grin.

She rolled her eyes, holding back her laugh. “I’m serious Matt, not a word!”

“Just joking Mom, I perfectly understand. I don’t want our relationship to end.”

“That’s my sweet boy.” She gave Matthew a soft kiss on his lips. “Now take a shower before you come down, you still reek of sex.” She threw on her clothes and made her way down to the kitchen as Matthew turned on the shower.


“So, sweetie, how was your appointment today?” asked Judith, while setting out the plates for dinner.

“Oh, just the usual job Mom, Stephanie sighed as she answered her Mother’s question. “It was a shoot for a new clothing company. They requested some simple stuff. All we had to use was a green screen to add different backgrounds for each theme. They had some technical difficulties with it so that’s why the job got pushed back a few hours.

“Look Mom, next time something like this happens I will cancel the appointment. I looked forward to be spending some free time with you guys.”

“All three of us did, Steph, I already discussed it with Matt. I will request another day off soon illegal bahis so we can have our day together. I will let you know so you can adjust your schedule. Speaking of your schedule, you still have that other job tomorrow?”

“Uh, yes and no.”

“What do you mean, ‘yes and no’?” Judith looked at her daughter.

“You know Vanessa Jones, right? My personal photographer?”

“Oh yes, she was your old classmate, right? Of course, I remember her.”

“Yup. So we had planned our shoot but she got a call today. Her parents asked her to look after her little brother. He got sick with some strange infection, and they were on a trip out of town. So, her being the good big sister, she accepted.”

“Oh. Well, I can understand. I mean you probably would have done the same if Matt got sick, right?” answered Judith, blushing slightly and with a vague smile followed by a laugh that sounded suspiciously like a giggle.

“Okaaay… ” Stephanie looked at her. “Anyway, I told her I could relate, being a big sister and all, so I had no problem with her looking out for her brother.”

“So, what is the problem then? You got other photographers that could help you, right?”

“That is the problem Mom. The only one available tomorrow is that creepy fuck Lester Crestianos. No way I’m going to work with him since it’s a bikini shoot.”

“Language honey! And aren’t you over-reacting a little bit too much? I mean is it really that bad?”

“Oh, you don’t know him Mom, but I have seen him checking me out every time he was with us on the set. He has been ogling my ass since Vanessa introduced him to me.” Stephanie stuck out her tongue in disgust, making Judith giggle at her. “But! A Caldwell does not give up that easy, so I made my own plan.”

“So, tell me sweetie, what did the evil genius mastermind Stephanie Caldwell come up with?” giggled Judith again.

“Ha-ha Mom. Very funny. But to answer your question: I borrowed some equipment from Vanessa; you know, the basic stuff to make good-quality photos. I learned a lot about photographing by being together with her on most of my shoots. So, I will be taking them myself, here at home tomorrow. The weather is perfect for it.”

Judith almost dropped the plate from her hands. “Oh… Okay …Um, maybe Matt could help you with your photos then?”

“Mom, Matt has his classes, maybe if he could clone himself or something, then yes he could help me out,” giggled Stephanie.

“Uh, no. He… He will be at home for a couple of days.”

“Oh? What did he do? Did he burn down the university or something?”

“No… No. He, uh… He has a project running that allows him to work from home. Yes that’s it, Linda’s son Brian is his project partner … he studies one subject and Matt does the other one; after a few days they have to combine their research and present it to their professor.”

“Well, if he has the time for it between studying, then I guess I could use his help with it. You have to work, right Mom?”

“Yes, yes, I do, another meeting and such; it’s probably going to be a long day, but I hope that I will be able to go home earlier.”

Stephanie felt her pussy tingle and getting wet as she thought, “I’m going to be at home with Matt, alone with Matt, making photos in that skimpy bikini!”

Matthew came into the kitchen. “Evening ladies, is dinner ready? I’m hungry and can eat for ten.”

His mother greeted him; he could see her smiling from behind the kitchen counter.

Then he spotted Stephanie, sitting with her legs crossed on one of the chairs. She was wearing her red hair in the same short ponytail as he had seen this morning. Her outfit had changed to a black tank top, showing off her beautiful breasts clinging tightly around the fabric. Her Daisy Dukes were traded in for tight light blue denim jeans that made her perfect ass even more visible. On her cute little feet, she wore four-inch, open heels that matched her top.

His cock stirred in his pants. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” He wondered. I have always seen her in outfits like this. He snapped out of his thoughts. “Hey Steph, how was your shoot toda- “

“Love hug!” was all he heard; he braced for impact as she flew into his open arms, crushing her tits against his chest. “Oh my, you smell nice little brother,” said Stephanie before she kissed him softly on his lips. “I got a surprise for you Matt. What do you say to some classic brother and sister bonding time? Mom had hers today so I will claim it tomorrow.”

Now Judith felt her pussy tingle, thinking back to what she and her son had been up to a few hours ago.

“What? Uh… Tomorrow? I think I got things to do tomorrow.”

“Oh, Matt, you silly goose, Mom told me all about your university project. I know you got to study; but I’m sure you can take off some time for your big sister, won’t you?” She made a cute pouty face while looking into her brother’s eyes.

“What? My project?” His mother, still standing behind the counter, caught his attention with her nervous laugh. “Oh yes,” illegal bahis siteleri he laughed too, “My project; of course. Uh-mmm. Sure. I can make some time for you. Why wouldn’t I want to spend time with my beautiful sister? Count me in.”

Stephanie made a little jump and hugged Matthew tighter, giving him another kiss on his lips. He could feel her hard nipples poking into his chest; his cock stirred again.

“Great! Now if you don’t mind, I also need your help for a simple photoshoot here at home. It’s nothing hard, just a few pictures of me posing. I already have the equipment so it should be done pretty quick.”

“Okay that seems good to me. So what are we shooting for?” asked Matthew.

“That, my cute little brother, that is something you will see tomorrow; but I think you will like it.” She gave him a wink before releasing him.

“Now let’s get this dinner started; just like you, I could eat for ten.”

Matthew and Judith glanced at each other before joining Stephanie for dinner.


After dinner, they moved into the living room. Matthew watched his sister claim the recliner. “Sorry Mom, but tonight I will park myself on the front row. Let’s watch that movie I talked about, now that we are together,” she said as she kicked off her heels before plopping down.

“Sounds good to me sweetie. Matt and I will take the couch.”

Matthew snuggled up against her. Judith placed her hand in his, and their fingers intertwined.

“All right, it’s starting. I heard that it’s pretty good so no talking through it, okay?”

“We hear you, your highness,” he said before turning his attention back to his mother.

He could smell her sweet body fragrance when he gave her a small kiss on the side of her neck. She turned her head and gave him a kiss back on his lips. Her eyes were sparkling when they met her son’s. They slowly started making out, quietly moaning into each other’s mouth as their tongues wrestled.

“Mom I’m getting hard.” He placed her hand on his cock.

“Matt, kissing is one thing, but we can’t go any further. Your sister is right in front of us!” whispered Judith.

“She can’t see us from her position Mom, only if she would stand up out of the recliner and turn around. Let me handle this. I have an idea. Steph, could you turn up the volume a little higher? We can’t hear the quieter scenes over here.”

“Ugh… Okay it’s done, now stop interrupting the movie.”

“Love you too.” he said before turning back to his mother. “Now, where were we with our “examination” doctor Caldwell?”

Matthew slightly lifted off the couch to pull down his own yoga pants. His hard-erect cock sprang free, releasing a small gob of precum from the tip.

Judith could feel herself getting wet again as she guided her hand toward her son’s hard-throbbing cock like a magnet. “You want Mommy to nurse you again, don’t you? You naughty boy of mine.” She whispered with a seductive voice before circling her hands palm over his cockhead, spreading his precum around it.

“Oh yes Mom, give me your usual check-up to make sure I won’t get sick again. Oh god Mom I love you.”

She knew that what they were doing now had nothing to do with the situation that they were in earlier, now it was pure lust and love, wanting to make each other feel good.

Judith pulled back her hand from his cock, making him look up at her. “Sharing is caring, right? Isn’t that what you always say?” She pulled up her tank top, releasing her two big breasts with a nice bounce. “Come here baby, if Mommy is going to nurse you, then you better make sure to nurse Mommy in return.”

Matthew’s cock throbbed even harder, seeing his mother’s beautiful globes bounce in front of his eyes; her seductive voice and words made him squirt out another gob of precum.

She guided his head toward her left breast and he took her diamond-hard nipple into his mouth. “That’s it baby, drink your medicine from Mommy’s big tits.” Of course, she could not produce milk anymore but the thought of it made her even wetter. “Ugh… Yes, baby just like that.” She went back to slowly stroking her son’s throbbing cock, spreading precum all around his shaft. “You like that honey? You like naughty doctor Caldwell giving her patient a special examination?” Her hand gyrated in long powerful strokes around his rock-hard cock.

“Doctor… Ugh… Caldwell is my favourite doctor, oh yes… My mom is the best doctor in the world.” he moaned louder as he softly bit into his mother’s hard nipple.

Judith could feel her pussy juice flowing now. “Shhh baby, not too loud.” She pushed her breast harder against his mouth, silencing his moans.

He began sucking harder and faster. “Yes, like that, oh yes sweetie, you are going to make Mommy feel really good if you keep this up.” She shot a quick glance toward Stephanie, making sure she was fixated on the movie.

After a couple of minutes Judith slowly pushed him away from her now drool-and-sweat-splattered breast. “Mommy needs her medicine baby, lie down on canlı bahis siteleri your back and keep an eye on Steph.”

Matthew nodded and did as she asked.

Judith shifted to the left, facing him before lowering her mouth onto his cock, swallowing it to the root in one go.

His teeth ground against each other as he felt her sucking his cock like a vacuum between her wet lips, bobbing up and down on his shaft. He slowly rocked his hips up when she bobbed down onto his cock, mashing softly against her drooling mouth.

It was his turn to keep a close eye on Stephanie; soft gagging sounds and moans could be heard as he fucked into his mother’s mouth. “Mom I’m going … it’s coming Mom, oh god.” he whispered.

She could feel his cock tightening as she bobbed down one last time, keeping it down her throat without letting it go. She rotated her tongue around his shaft, bracing herself for her son’s thick cum.

And then Matthew exploded; jet after jet of thick, gooey cum shot down her throat as he tried his best to stay quiet.

Judith could feel herself climaxing as thick ropes of cum shot down her throat. Her pussy squirted juice as she moaned softly with her son’s cock trapped in her mouth. She managed to swallow it all before releasing his cock with a soft plop.

She rolled down her tank top and took his hand, slowly pulling him up against her. “And? Did Mommy help her cute patient with his problem? Was the examination a success?”

Matthew was breathing heavily. “Mom, you were amazing again.” He quickly pulled up his pants and leaned over, planting a big kiss on his mother’s lips.

“Mhmmm… Oh baby you managed to make a mess out of Mommy too.” She guided his hand down her pants so he could feel her soaked pussy. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?” They both laughed softly.

Stephanie yawned and stood up in front of the recliner, stretching out her arms. “My dear family, I’m sorry but I think I can hear my bed calling for me. This stupid day made me tired so I’m going to sleep.” She bent over to pick up her heels. “Mhmmm… What is that sweet smell that’s hanging around here?” She looked in the direction of the couch where Judith and Matthew were sitting in the same position as they had been before their ‘examination’. The room was quite dark so she spotted neither the wet spot under her Mother nor her soaked pants.

“Oh. Well Matt, being the dummy he is, spilled some of his nectar juice … you know, the one we bought from the market.” answered Judith as normally as possible.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Matt, first you almost forgot about your big project and now you are throwing juice around. Get some good sleep later because I need to have you concentrated tomorrow. Don’t want you to break any of Vanessa’s equipment, okay?”

Matthew gulped before speaking. “Oh uh, don’t worry, guess I’m a little tired too from this weird day. I’m going to help Mom and then go straight to bed.”

“Good to hear, now doesn’t your favourite sister get a goodnight kiss?” She said as she released her red hair from her ponytail.

“Of course you do, Steph.” He walked up to her for her kiss when she suddenly pulled him toward her. Her breasts crushed against his chest and he could feel her nipples once more, though this time they were even harder. Stephanie smacked her mouth against his lips, slipping her tongue inside.

Matthew could not believe what was happening. She always asked for a goodnight kiss, but now she was straight-up making out with him. What the hell was going on with her today?

Stephanie released her lips from their kiss and looked into his eyes. “I love you little brother.” she said quietly before turning around. “Goodnight Mom, goodnight Matt, see you both tomorrow, love you.” She walked away like nothing happened.

Judith was already busy trying to clean the couch. She did not see what was going on between her children. “Goodnight sweetie. You paused the movie, right? Oh, and Steph, could you do the cooking tomorrow?”

Stephanie’s voice came from upstairs. “Yes, and yes Mom, don’t worry about it.”

“Good, now Matt if you want to go to bed then go ahead, I will deal with our ‘results’ here, but before you go please come here.” She patted the place on the couch next to her.

Matthew, still a bit flabbergasted, snapped out of his thoughts and sat down next to his mother. She took his hands into hers and intertwined her fingers with his. “Listen Matt, if anything, and I mean anything happens tomorrow then call me immediately. Even with a slight headache, nosebleed or whatever, I want you to call me straight away.”

He opened his mouth. “But Mom don’t you thin-”

Judith gave him a kiss to silence him. “I mean it Matt, you’ve seen what happened between us and I don’t want to see Steph being dragged into this. She might be acting though and hard-to-get all the time, but I know my little girl and this infection does not make any difference between people.”

Matthew sighed. “Okay Mom, I promise. If anything happens I will stay away from her and will contact you.”

She softly caressed his cheek. “Thank you honey, now give Mommy a kiss.” They both locked their lips together and made out for a few minutes before he stood up, ready to go upstairs.

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