The Birthday Present


The Birthday Presentyou are awoken early by a noise in your open your eyes and see a familiar face, but you assume you are still dreaming as you are not expecting me, however I could not wait to be with you so have flown back a month early to surprise you.I quickly remove my clothes and climb into bed with you, you stir but do not wake as my hands touch your fantastic body for the first time…I snuggle up to you to share your warmth by spooning in behind you, letting the contours of your body define the shape of mine… it feels like a perfect fit to me…I move you hair away from your neck and move in close, placing small kisses from your shoulder, up the side of your neck, to your ear lobe…slowly I run my hands down your body, enjoying every touch of your silky soft skin…I have wanted to touch, feel and taste you for so long, I am throbbing as I lay here next to you…I feel your nipples stand to attention and you stir as I caress your beautiful fantastic boobs…never in my wildest fantasies did I imagine you as good as you kadıköy escort feel to touch…I am doing all I can not to explode come all over you…my hands move further down your body…as you start to waken up, you roll onto your back so I can see your amazing body laid out in front of me, from the swell of your fabulous boobies to the small tuft of hair protruding from you sweet delicate pussy…you open your eyes to feel me kissing you deeply… happy birthday I say..sorry but I thought we could celebrate your birthday together.. I took the liberty of unwrapping one of your presents already..I think you can feel it against your leg…slowly I break the kiss off and climb between your legs…you can feel my hardness rubbing you as I kiss you again..slowly I work my way down your body, kissing every square inch of your exposed flesh, paying particular attention to your swollen erect nipples…working my way down lower, your legs part so I can suck on üsküdar escort the juices now flowing between your legs…gently, I run my tongue between your lips savouring the taste I have wanted on my lips for ages… you taste sweeter than I had hoped so I plunge my tongue deep into your wetness…I lick the length of your hot wet pussy until I flick my tongue across your clit…slowly I suck your clit into my mouth as I plunge three fingers into your hot wet and willing pussy..a moan escapes you as I push my fingers into you upto my knuckle…you respond by pulling and pinching your nipples…I fuck your pussy hard with My fingers, sucking your clit, faster and harder.. i want you to come in my face..I have dreamt of this moment for ages… faster, harder and deeper my fingers go as I suck your clit… faster and harder my fingers fuck your pussy, I want you to come baby.. come for me… deeper and harder my fingers go as I suck your clit, oh baby come for me… I lap up your juices as you come all tuzla escort over my fingers and face… hmmmm you taste so good….I kneel up between your thighs and run the tip of my cock in your wetness… you arch your back and slide onto my throbbing cock as you are as desperate as me for us to come together…my throbbing cock slips deep into your tight hot wet pussy…hmmm it feels so good to be deep inside you at long last…feeling my cock try and get deeper into you, you open your legs further and raise your hips to swallow me whole…I withdraw almost all the way, but you hook your legs round my waist to stop me coming I thrust all the way back into your wetness..I push up on my arms as I go in and out, getting faster, harder and deeper into your juicy hot wet pussy,….my cock is throbbing so much I want to come, so you start to rub your clit ad I fuck you deeper and faster, harder and faster, deeper and harder…I want to be deeper in you so I put your legs over my shoulders and fuck you hard and fast… hmmm… faster and harder I fuck your pussy as you rub your clit and pinch your nipples…come for me baby, I ask you as I am about to explode my come deep into your hot wet pussy…faster and harder, come for me baby, oh yes baby, harder and faster, on baby come for me, come for me, oh baby, oh baby, oh yes I shout as we come together in the first of many times together…..

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