The Blonde with the Topshop Navy Bomber Jacket


The Blonde with the Topshop Navy Bomber JacketPreviously described in another story of mine, college girls love keeping up with current fashion trends and sometimes for us guys with jacket/ coat/ parka fetishes, it’s great!I had recently returned to college to study the 2nd year of my course and I was wating outside of one of the many rooms we studied in. I was on my phone just browsing Facebook etc and I hear some voices down the corridor, I look up and see a group of girls walking my way, the ones at the front veer off to walk out of the building but one of them didn’t and headed my way. She was wearing a pair of vans, black slightly ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top and most importantly, a Topshop Navy bomber jacket. She had proper blonde hair too and a fantastic rear so it really got me looking her up and down, she didn’t really notice as she was on her phone too but damn, what a sight. If I could have paused time, I would’ve just taken a picture of her for later ‘use’ and just wanted to have fun with her and mainly her jacket too.She was fortunately enough applying for one of the courses I was studying but a year below mine. I walked into the class room as the lecturers knew me and took a seat. I loaded my PC up and waited for it to allow for me to log in. My lecturer leaves his seat and then invites someone in. I slowly turn my chair around to look at who he was inviting in and it was her. He sat down and soon realised that she didn’t have a seat for her to sit in. I saw what was happening and offered up my seat. They both laughed and joked about how he didn’t have a seat prepared and that “I was fine grabbing another seat” but really, I just wanted to give my seat to her so that I knew she had sat in it (A really weird thought process but whatever…) They proceeded to have a conversation and as I was grabbing another chair to sit in, she was taking her Topshop Bomber Jacket off from her shoulders but the lecturer had asked her a question so it sat from off her shoulders for a little bit as she thought about what she was going to say. I just looked over and damn, when girls do that with their jackets, I love it! I proceeded to sit down and she just literally dropped her jacket onto the ground. Damn I wished I was that part of the ground! The lecturer made another joke/ comment about how I would take “Care of her coat for her” to which I looked over like “Okay…?” The three of us shared a laugh and they continued on with their conversation but damn, I wish I was as then I could’ve taken her Bomber Jacket off from the floor and said “I’m just finding a place to hang it up for you” and then just taken it bakırköy escort to the loo’s and fucked it good.A couple of months had passed and I didn’t see her for a while, she was probably studying hard as was I but she had left my train of thought with her Topshop Bomber Jacket for a while. My lecturer brings up that there will be a trip somewhere where we all stay in this big house in separate rooms etc. We will be sharing the house with the year below us. At the time, we totally disagreed with this and just wanted for it to be our year but in the end, we came to some agreement… I then thought, she might be attending this trip with her bomber jacket so I had better go. Especially if we were there for a whole week where we would get drunk and things would “happen…”The Friday before the trip had come and most of us were sat together in a classroom having a briefing about what we would be getting up to, besides getting drunk… She walks in with her friend and of course, she is wearing the bomber jacket. If I wasn’t eyeing her up and down every few mintues, I may have understood what exactly we would be doing the week that followed!We took the coach up and weirdly enough, I hadn’t thought about her and her Topshop Bomber Jacket the entire time but as soon as we arrived at the big house we were staying in, she was sleeping in one of the rooms essentially opposite me and my mates room. She wasn’t wearing the jacket at the time so wasn’t thinking about it but still got the ‘feels’ knowing that she was practically opposite. The first night there we threw a party in one of the outhouses facing the lawn and hot tub etc which was great… for multiple reasons… Everyone was attending the party, no-one would care if you was gone for more than 5 minutes as we were all drinking and wanting to sneak off and find someone’s jacket would be easy. I said to my friend that I’m going to ‘freshen up’ so that I needed the key code for the door, I was soon on my way but had one thing on my slightly drunk mind, finding her Topshop Bomber Jacket and having a good time with it… I soon found the corridor for our rooms and made sure that no-one was about, seriously, the house was empty which allowed for me to sneak into her room. I walked in and found clothes everywhere, a goldmine some might say! My eyes soon caught a glimpse of shiny navy blue lining and I knew exactly what it was.I walked over and checked out the label on the jacket also making sure it was hers. ‘TOPSHOP UK 12’ it stated on the black label. I picked the jacket up and instantly grew a hard on. I made sure that any beşiktaş escort curtains where shut before I proceeded with anything else. I had gone into her ensuite bathroom and locked the door. I instantly dropped my trousers and pants to around my ankles, took my shirt off and held her jacket out infront of me. “Fuck me” I said, “I’m holding her Topshop Bomber Jacket!”… I didn’t waste any more time and just encased my hard cock inside the silky lining of her jacket. I pumped and pumped again, slow and fast, making my cock work inside of her jacket. I gew harder and just thought about her arse in her black skinny ripped jeans. Damn I just wanted to cum and blow my load all in her jacket… I took the jacket off from around my cock and slid my arms into the sleeves, fuck me I can see why girls love wearing these bomber jackets, they feel amazing! I zipped the zipper up a little bit and the jacket soon enclosed around my tummy leaving my belly button exposed… fuck! I wanted her to wear it so bad whilst I cum over her. I took it off wishing I could keep it. I proceeded to stick my cock inside both the sleeves and wank myself off with them one at a time. I even played with the zipper on the upper right left sleeve and just wanted to fuck each and every part of this bomber jacket. I suddenly thought, there is a very comfortable bed in the room outside of this bathroom… I un-locked the door, opened it and the music from the party was in full swing, no-one was going to return any time soon. I walked my naked self over to the bed, laid the jacket down with the lining facing up central onto the bed. I laid myself ontop of the Topshop Bomber Jacket and humped the fuck out of it. I couldn’t help myself any more and I had cum all over the silky lining thinking about her. I got myself up and found the mess I had made. I got myself dressed whilst the jacket stayed on the bed all covered in cum. I found some wipes on her bedside cabinet and mopped my cum up with a few of them. I binned them and put her jacket back into the position of which I found it. I unflustered myself and left her room in a normal manor in-case anyone was in the corridor. I found my way back to the party knowing damn well I had abused her Topshop Bomber Jacket and no-one knew! I even had a conversation with her at the party/ a little drunk flirting but I held back on what I had been up to and what I wished to do with her as she wore that jacket. I didn’t really have a second chance alone with her jacket and unfortunately had no plans to get with her due to her having a boyfriend (not on the trip with beylikdüzü escort us) but all was good… I had fucked her jacket so good, something I had planned on doing a long while back!About 2 years had passed and we had become good friends along with other friends of ours, she had a car and offered me a lift home from a night out where we all hung around. I was a little tipsy but of course she didn’t drink due to driving. I had kind of wanted for her to get drunk so we could flirt some more… She had a load of rubbish on her front car seat to which she cleared off for me but asked for me to grab her jacket off the back seat first. I thought nothing of it until I grabbed it… yes… it was the Topshop Bomber Jacket. I pulled it out, looked at the lining and fuck me… my old cum stains were still visable! Even from 2 years ago! I parked my arse on her front seat whilst holding her jacket and asked, “Where would you like for me to put this?” to which she replied with “Oh if you could hold it hun that would be great” … well yes I will most certainly hold this jacket for you… The whole ride home I was just feeling up her jacket in the dark with a massive boner in my trousers. We had some good conversations as she was dropping me home but she was oddly more flirtacious than usual. I thought nothing of it and just responded to her like any other bloke would when flirted to etc.She pulled up outside mine albeit being gone midnight and she soon discussed with me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I asked her if everything was okay and she seemed fine about it, sad, but fine. She looked over at me, with her jacket still on my lap, my boner had disappared due to having a serious conversation with her. She looked me up and down and said the following “I probably shouldn’t… but you are cute” She proceeded to kiss me and grab my cock through her jacket and my jeans etc. We kissed and she slowly tugged me off in her car with her jacket. Fuck. I just wanted for her to do this all night. She leaned away, gave me an ‘interested’ eyebrow and said “Thank you… and goodnight hun” I moved her jacket from off my lap and gave it to her… She said the following as I was about to shut her car door… “Maybe you could add to those cum stains one day…?” My heart dropped and instantly felt like I had been shot!She winked at me, smiled and said “Don’t worry…I know they aren’t” she laughed a little “That was nice…” She smiled at me again and said goodbye… I replied with “Damn you are fine you know that!… Also, those, stains… yeeeaaah… They are cum stains…” I winked at her and shut her passenger car door. I made my way to my house, she let out a little beep from her car and drove off… We met a few more times after that night but nothing was ever brought up about that night.*This was a long story so if you made it this far, thank you… I nearly made it a 2 parter!Next story coming soon: The Miss Selfridge Parka Obsession”

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