The Blue Life Ch. 32: Marsha Park


The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to John, Jake and Andrew for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated.


I watched Terri take off her bra in the car without removing her dress. It was a study in topology and contortion. But Terri did this trick with the skill of a practiced magician. She was wearing a simple black cotton jersey dress, with thin spaghetti straps. I could see her black lace bra underneath it before. And the bra-strap had shown in the back, but that had been kind of sexy too. Terri adjusted her dress so that her nipples didn’t slip out. This was a task, because Terri has very large, 40F sized breasts, and the soft, cotton jersey material of the dress didn’t provide much coverage.

I was sitting in driver’s seat of my compact car. I asked, “Why are you taking off your bra?”

“I think this dress looks better without a bra,” Terri stated matter of factly.

“Then why did you put on the bra in the first place?” I was puzzled.

“To avoid an argument with my mother. She doesn’t like me going out without a bra on, so she would’ve had a conniption if I’d left for our date without a bra.” Terri is eighteen, a high school senior, and still lives with her mother. She asked, “Don’t you think this dress looks better without the bra, Bobby?”

I told her, “I think you look lovely, with or without the bra.”

“Are my nipple piercings too noticeable through this dress?” Terri turned to me and stuck out her chest to press her pierced nipples against the fabric. “Do they make me look too slutty?”

I glanced while I was driving. Terri’s breasts are generous and mouth-watering, even in a bra. In just that tight black dress, they were even more stimulating. I adjusted my stiffening cock through my pants and said, “Yes, your nipples and piercings are noticeable through that dress. But, they aren’t too noticeable. And they don’t make you look too slutty. They make you look just the right amount of slutty.”

Terri reached over and lightly stroked up the inside of my thigh. It was very distracting. “Do you want to get slutty with me right now?”

I groaned and laughed, “Yes. But do you want me to wreck the car first?”

“No,” Terri giggled.

“Aren’t you hungry? I thought we were going out to dinner. There will be time to get a little slutty after dinner,” I said.

“No. I’m too excited to eat.”

“What should we do then?” I asked.

“Let’s go make out. Do you know where Bluffs Park is, on East Riverside? Kids sometimes go there to make out.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I know where that is. I was there with my Dad, last night.”

“What were you guys doing there?”

I chuckled, “We were sorta making out.”

“Ha,” Terri snorted, “Before the orgy. Really? Like really snogging in the car?”

I was confused. “What’s snogging?”

“It’s British or Australian slang for kissing, I think,” Terri explained, “I picked it up from YouTube.”

I shook my head. “Yeah, we were snogging. Dad was shook up over the fight with Nancy’s husband. So he wanted some reassurance from his Master.”

Terri started to gossip, “It’s freaky that Nancy’s husband just died. Do they even know how it happened? Did you hear?”

“He was working on powerlines. He fell from his cherry-picker and his leg touched a line on the way down. The fall killed him. Or he was electrocuted. Or he had a heart attack even before he fell. Maybe there will be an autopsy and that will tell us.”

“Nurse Nancy was really shook up. She just held onto me and cried and cried. I don’t know why, because her husband was an abusive dick.”

I turned the car onto East Riverside Drive. I said, “She was upset. Maybe he hadn’t always been horrible. And she doesn’t even know where her son is now. She doesn’t know how to find her son to tell him that his father is dead.”

Terri hugged my arm. “It was smart of you to suggest that Blix might use his Private Detective skills to track down her son. Why doesn’t she know where her son is?”

I debated telling Terri everything I knew about Nancy’s relationship with her son, that they had once had an incestuous relationship of Dominance and submission, similar to my Mom and me. Her son had demanded that Nancy leave her husband. And when she refused (because she was too scared of what her husband might do), her son disappeared. Nancy hasn’t seen or heard from her son in years. I just told Terri, “Nancy’s son left because he couldn’t stand seeing his mother get abused by his father anymore.”

“Why did you have us leave Sunny’s shop? Sunny locked the doors and pulled the shade. We could have had another illegal bahis orgy. Things were starting to get pretty exciting there. And you could have fucked Nancy too. That would have made her feel better. “

“Not everything gets fixed with a good fucking. Dr. Shapiro was tired, so I sent him upstairs to Sunny’s apartment to rest. And I sent Nancy up to tuck him in. When I sent Sophie upstairs to check on them both later, she said that they were cuddled together and sleeping.

Terri smiled and said, “Oh. I liked how you got Red and Blix to get naked and put on garter and stockings. I thought they would look silly at first . But it got pretty sexy, with their hard cocks waggling around. And your Dad and Blix both shave their legs and ass. I guess they shave their whole bodies. Why is that?”

“Blix used to be a serious bodybuilder,” I explained.

Terri made an appreciative groan, “Mmm. You can tell. He’s built like a brick shit-house. And he’s got such a nice, long, sleek cock too. Is he one of your subbies now, Bobby?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. We’ll see how things play out. But, I had Blix and Gina get tested by Dr. Shapiro. When their tests come back negative, you can ask Gina if you can fuck Blix.”

Terri touched my arm. “Will you give me your permission to fuck Blix too, Daddy?” Terri didn’t call me “Daddy” very often, not as much as her mother, Sally. So I knew she was asking me as her Master. “Will you command me to service his long, black dick?”

I smiled. “After you’ve given me your virginity, Baby Girl, then you can celebrate by fucking anybody you like. If they aren’t in the Family, and they haven’t been tested by Dr. Shapiro, you will have to use a condom. But, otherwise, you’ll be able fuck my Dad, Dr. Shapiro or Blix bareback.”

“I don’t think I will want any of them bareback,” Terri said, “I’m going to save that just for you, Daddy.” She sighed, curled her fingers in mine and held my hand.

“Is Granny Adele your subbie now, Daddy?”

“Not formally. We haven’t even had sex.”

“I saw the way you kissed her, Bobby. She’ll do anything for you. And she was bossing around Red like he was her subbie.”

“Yeah, Dad and Granny Adele already have a special bond. And I think her new lingerie made her feel very feminine and sexy.”

Terri sighed. “Bobby, I don’t mean to be rude. But, Granny Adele is really old, and pretty fat. We didn’t have many styles of lingerie in the shop that were even her size. Mistress Sunny says she can special order more. For instance, even our largest, adjustable garter belt didn’t fit Granny Adele.”

I turned into Scenic Bluffs Park and steered the car up the narrow, switchback road to the parking lot. We saw only one other car, parked in the corner of the lot, in the farthest spot from the entrance. Terri pointed to it and said, “Go park by them.”

I said, “They might be in the car, making out. That’s what we’re here for.”

“I know. I wanna watch if they are,” Terri insisted.

I rolled my eyes, but I pulled the car in next to the Green Toyota Corolla. As I jerk up the handbrake on my car, I noticed the two people in the other car sitting up quickly. The girl had her back to us, but she seemed to be adjusting her blouse.

Terri rolled down her window and knocked on the window of the other car.

“What the hell are you doing, Terri?” I whispered harshly, “That’s so rude! I knew I shouldn’t have parked here. Jesus!”

Terri didn’t even turn her head. She just said, “Chillax, Bobby. It’s OK. I’ve got this.”

The girl in the Toyota turned her head. She was obviously, seriously annoyed. She had darl hair, a slender face and a small nose. She looked like she might be Asian, maybe Korean. She was wearing glasses that were slightly steamed up. Then she smiled and rolled down her window. She said, “Terri Whitehall, is that you?”

Terri replied, “What do you mean, Marsha? Of course it’s me!”

Marsha leaned out her window and reached into my car. I could see she had very light gray eyes behind her glasses. Terri and Marsha’s hands briefly intertwined. She said, “I haven’t seen you since Cheer Camp last Summer. And you’ve got some Rock and Roll hair now, Sister!”

Terri reached up and swept her bright blue half-Mohawk behind her ear. “Oh, yeah. I did this a few weeks ago. It got me kicked off the Cheer Team at my school.”

Marsha shrugged. “Seriously? Your school is pretty uptight.”

Terri laughed, “As if the Catholic School would react any better to my haircut.”

Marsha laughed, “Yeah. You’d probably get suspended entirely from our school!” Then she turned to the boy she was with and said, “What do you think, Bobby? Should I dye and cut my hair like Terri’s?”

The other Bobby peeked around Marsha’s shoulder. He was a skinny, nerdy looking kid, with a crew cut, horn-rimmed glasses and a gray t-shirt. His eyes got a little wider when he saw Terri’s generous cleavage. He whispered something to Marsha and they both giggled.

Terri seemed unfazed. She illegal bahis siteleri said, “Your boyfriend’s name is Bobby? Mine is Bobby too!”

I shifted, smiled, waved and said, “Hi, Bobby!”

Bobby nervously grinned, waved back with one finger, and said, “Heh.” Sort of a “Hi” and “Hey,” combined with a “Meh.” I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be cool or snotty. Maybe he was just awkward. Being in High School is hard. The kid had some pimples on his forehead. I’ve been there, but I still didn’t like him.

Terri asked, “Were you letting Bobby play with your tits when we drove up, Marsha?” Terri leaned her back into my chest and took my hands and placed them on her breasts. “I just love when Bobby plays with my titties!” Taking that as my cue, I began to fondle and caress Terri’s massive jugs through her dress.”

Marsha nervously laughed, but she leaned with her back against her boyfriend and wrapped his arms around her waist. She didn’t move his hands right up to her breasts, but she was meeting Terri’s unspoken challenge. Marsha said, “Uh, yeah, I guess. Yeah. I mean, we didn’t expect anybody up here this early in the night. We were kissing, and Bobby was sort of feeling me up some.”

I could feel the cold hardness of Terri’s nipple piercings under my palms through her dress, but her nipples were getting really hard too. Talking to Marsha like this, between cars, was really exciting her. Terri said, “You’re really pretty, Marsha.”

Marsha’s eyes lit up. “Thanks.”

“Did you have your blouse unbuttoned? And was your bra undone when we got here?” Bobby started to unbutton Marsha’s light blue, sleeveless blouse again.

“Yeah. Bobby really likes titties,” Marsha smirked.

“All boys like tits,” Terri agreed. “How long have you and Bobby been dating, Marsha?”

“We’re not really dating,” Marsha explained, “We’re Science Lab Partners. We study together in a group. And sometimes after, when I’m giving Bobby a ride home, we’ll come up here and mess around for a bit.”

“Lab Partners with benefits,” I joked.

Marsha shyly smiled. “Yeah. I guess.”

Terri said, “Have you fucked yet?”

That flustered Marsha. Maybe that was Terri’s intention. Marsha said, “Terri! We go to the Catholic School!” As if that explained something.

Terri pressed, “C’mon, Marsha. That doesn’t mean anything. And you know it.”

Marsha countered, “Well, Bobby wears a Purity Ring.” I saw Bobby roll his eyes at the mention of his Purity Ring. I don’t know why he was wearing the ring, but it wasn’t because of any commitment to Purity. “Besides,” she continued, “I’m a virgin.”

“I’m a virgin too,” Terri said, “But Bobby’s going to totally take my cherry next Friday.”

Smug Bobby spoke up, “That seems definite. Why next Friday?”

“It will be after the school dance, “Terri explained, “We’ll both be dressed up. And Bobby thinks that it will be romantic.”

Marsha cooed, “Ahh, that’s sweet.”

Terri blurted, “I’m going to fuck his cock raw.”

I laughed, “Promises. Promises.”

Terri turned and kissed my cheek. “You know it true, Bobby.”

Smug Bobby tried to undo the front clasp on Marsha’s bra. Marsha squirmed and slapped his hands.

Terri said, “Can I see your titties, Marsha?”

Marsha was annoyed and retorted sharply, “Can I see your jugs, Terri?”

Terri just said, “Sure,” and slithered the spaghetti straps down over her shoulders. Then she worked each arm out of the dress, until the top was just draped around her waist. Her magnificent rack was on full display. God, she’s got great tits! A spectacular rack! What a site!

It made Marsha gasp, “Holy shit! You weren’t even wearing a bra, Terri! Wow! Your breasts have gotten bigger since Cheer Camp last summer.”

“Yeah. I’ve gone up two cup sizes in just the last few months. I hope they’ve stopped growing, but my Mom’s are even bigger. And my tits get even bigger when I’m excited,” Terri chuckled, “like now!” I cupped and lifted Terri’s breasts, I also teased her nipples with the tips of my fingers. Terri arched her back and moaned a little. “But my tits aren’t as nice as yours, Marsha.”

Marsha blushed. “Go on! Mine aren’t nearly as big as yours, Terri!”

“Size isn’t everything. Let me see yours,” Terri insisted, “Please?”

Marsha was still blushing, but she said, “OK. Fair’s fair, I guess.” Then she reached up and undid her bra. Her breasts are very nice. Not too big. Maybe a large B-Cup or a small C. But Marsha’s tits are very perky, round, and perfectly matched. Her nipples point up at a slight angle at the ends. They look cute, sexy and …happy. “Happy” is a strange word to describe tits. But Marsha’s tits looked happy, and I was happy looking at them. And the way Marsha was shyly biting her lower lip was incredibly sexy.

“See?” Terri exclaimed, “Your tits are just perfect. Just like I remembered.”

“You remembered?” Marsha seemed skeptical.

“Of course, Marsha. You had the best body of any girl at Cheer Camp. A Ten-Plus,” canlı bahis siteleri Terri assured her.

“Nah. I’m too tall for stunt work, and too skinny and not strong enough for base work,” Marsha said.

“I’m not talking about Cheering,” Terri insisted, “I’m just saying that you’re fucking hot.”

Marsha argued, “Nah. I’m not one of the Popular Girls at school, even though I’m on Cheer. I hang out more with the Science Club. And I don’t put out, y’know.”

“That’s got nothing to do with how hot your are, Marsha,” Terri countered.

Terri was right. Marsha did seem to have a very nice figure. Behind her glasses, she has a beautiful, ethnic, Asian face. And the fact that she didn’t really recognize that made her seem all the more cute and attractive. I chimed in, “Hey. I don’t know you. So, take this as an objective opinion. But you do look amazing, Marsha”

Smug Bobby whispered something in Marsha’s ear. Marsha snapped in a whisper, “I can’t ask her that!”

“Ask me what?” Terri said.

Marsha was chagrined, but she said, “Bobby wants to know if your breasts are all real.”

Terri chuckled, “Sure. They’re real.” Terri leaned forward out the window. She said, “Does Bobby wanna find out just how real they are? Does he wanna see and get a feel of them up close?”

Marsha asked, “What do you mean?”

“Why don’t we trade Bobbys! Just for a limited time,” Terri suggested.

“Like Seven Minutes in Heaven,” Marsha giggled. And Smug Bobby and Marsha whispered back and forth.

I whispered to Terri, “What are you doing? Do you really wanna go make out with-with THAT guy?”

Terri turned to me and shook her head. She said, “No. Actually, I desperately want to suck your cock, Daddy.”

“Then why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Because I also want you to get Marsha’s phone number, so she can come play with the both of us sometime.”

I grinned, “You want to fuck her.”

Terri blushed, “God, Bobby! Don’t you? She’s got such an awesome body. And her personality is so sweet. You don’t even know. She was really one of the nicest girls at Cheer Camp. I think we’d be better friends, if we went to the same school.”

“And you would like to have a friend your age,” I stated.

“A friend with benefits, if that can be arranged, Daddy.” Then Terri quickly kissed my lips and got out of the car. She didn’t even pull up her dress. Terri’s tits were hanging out. And she didn’t wait for Marsha or Smug Bobby to agree. She just assumed they would go along with her idea.

I dug my phone out of my pants pocket.

Marsha stepped out of her car. She is a lot taller than Terri. I was guessing about five foot ten or eleven. And she wasn’t wearing heels. She had on the school uniform for Saint Pius Catholic School: a light blue blouse, with the crest of the school above the right breast; a pleated, navy blue skirt, knee high socks and black, penny-loafers. Marsha hugged Terri, saying, “You are crazy, Terri! This is wild! I’ve never done anything like this in my life.”

Terri said, “Nobody will know except for us.” Then she whispered, but I heard anyway, “Is anything off limits with your boyfriend?”

And Marsha replied, “He’s really not my boyfriend. So whatever he wants to do with you is fine with me. How about with your boyfriend?”

Terri seriously said, “You can’t fuck him until after I do, that’s next Friday. OK? Otherwise, nothing is off limits. You go for it! Have fun!” Terri got up on her toes and kissed Marsha on the cheek, then climbed into Marsha’s car.

And Marsha opened the passenger door and got into my car. Her blouse was still unbuttoned, but she was holding it closed with her left hand. She sat in the passenger’s seat, nervously sighed and then held out her hand to shake mine. She said, “Hi. Uhm, I’m Marsha Park.”

I took her hand and shook it once. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Park. I’m Bobby McMillan.”

Marsha grinned and blushed. “Wow! You’re really handsome up close!”

“Why, thank you,” I accepted her compliment. “And you are truly gorgeous up close. Terri wasn’t kidding.”

Marsha blushed. “Terri was just being nice.”

“No.” I briefly admired the young beauty in my car. She has an excellent figure. A little on the tall and thin side, but with nice curves. I said, “Terri was telling the truth. You have a great body. And you’re an Asian beauty. That’s rare in the State. But the most striking thing about you is your eyes! They’re a very light gray. Just beautiful”

“Oh, my Witch-Eyes. My great-great grandmother was a Sorceress in Korea or something. She supposedly had eyes just like mine. That’s what my Grandfather has told me.”

“They’re stunning and lovely. You should wear contact lenses,” I told her.

Marsha shrugged. “I would, but they bother my eyes. And I can’t see without my glasses.” She looked over her shoulder at Terri and Smug Bobby. He already had his mouth on Terri’s tits. He wasted no time at all. Marsha sort of snickered, “Well, they’re going at it. Uhm, how do you want to start?”

I said, “Well, I want to start with a kiss. But, I have to ask you a couple quick things.” I sighed. “First, how old are you?”

Marsha shook her head. “I’m eighteen.” She made a face. “Why are you asking?”

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