The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 07


Chapter 07 – Wounded

Kristanna had been stabbed, and it would have been right to the middle of her chest if she hadn’t been able to redirect the attacker’s hand down to her stomach at the last second. In a painful reflex, Kristanna used her telekinetic powers to push the assailant away with a blast of force, she probably couldn’t repeat that trick if she tried, but it worked. The demoness stumbled back, her hand covered the wound, the attacker flew across the living room and hit his back against the wall, stunned for a moment. The wound on her stomach was glowing with a golden light that escaped through her fingers, the pain burned constantly.

Time seemed to pass in slow motion as Kristanna watched the blood flowing through her fingers. Never before she had been wounded like this. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. They say everyone has a plan until they receive the first punch to the face, Kristanna was now confirming the veracity of that popular saying. Her heart was racing out of control as she tried to make sense of the situation, adrenaline pumping. There was no time to think, just act. Her attacker was getting back up, Kristanna could only think of stopping him and getting to safety. Using a focus she never had before she began to gaze at pieces of furniture in the room and all of them started sliding across the floor towards her assailant, blocking his path. But they acted as nothing more than a momentary delay as the man skillfully dodged and jumped over the sliding furniture. He avoided the obstacles and once again charged at Kristanna, knife in hand.

As a last resource, the demoness removed her bloody hand from the wound on her belly and raised it to stop the man mid-air as he attempted to tackle her. She never touched him, but her powers held him by the neck suspended in the air mere inches away in a “force choke” of sorts. The demoness had anger and pain in her glowing eyes as she stared up to her assailant. But before she could get the upper hand the man wrapped his legs around her arm, locking his ankles on her neck then spun in a swift move. Kristanna felt her shoulder almost dislocate pulling the weight of her body. She flipped over and fell on her back, knocked down. Stunned and in pain, Kristanna simply writhed on the ground trying to get some air back in her lungs. The man had his legs around her chest and a perfect applied lock around her arm.

Keeping the demoness on the floor, the attacker raised his knife and was ready to stab Kristanna in the heart. She caught the glimpse of his hand moving down and stopped it with her mind once more. His wrist trembled mid-air, trying to overpower Kristanna’s will and descend upon her for what would be a fatal stab. Slowly his arm began to gain some ground, he was strong and Kristanna’s telekinetic powers were barely a match. The demoness screamed as a drop of blood began running down her nose, her powers pushed to the limit, the only force holding back the stabbing hand. She attempted to use her free arm to stop him, but he held that with his other hand, his strength matched hers. The lockdown continued as the man also began to grunt in the effort. Kristanna stared at the approaching knife in despair, soaked in her blood. She could see a thin mist emanating from it as if her blood was boiling on the metal.

Kristanna’s view began to slowly fade, the man’s legs around her neck were cutting the blood flow to her brain. Kristanna thought of Aisha, of her the nuns back at the Camp of Blessing, all bearing her children. She thought of all the things she didn’t do, the things she never found out about herself. It wasn’t fair to just die like this, lying on the floor with so much left unfinished! The glow in the demoness’ eyes began to fade. As her focus dissipated the hand of her attacker descended faster.

Steps came down the stairs, then a clicking noise was followed by a deafening boom. Margaret stood by the stairs, completely naked, shotgun in hand. She had just blown a hole in the ceiling, which caused the attacker to quickly release Kristanna and roll to the side. He swiftly got up and ran, but instead of going out, he stood by the doorway of the opened front door, half of his body outside. He pulled down his mask revealing a handsome blond man. They couldn’t make out the details of his face in the darkness, but he was probably in his thirties and had short hair and a square jaw, “You are not the enemy, Margaret Gregson. But if you stand between us and the demon, we will go through you too.”

“Oh yeah? Try going through this!” Margaret said as she reloaded the shotgun and pointed it at the man. He was unphased, standing defiantly by the door, “Has her demonic influence turned you into a murderer too, Margaret? Isn’t it enough that she has driven you to defile your daughter in an incestuous relationship?”

The woman trembled, she was hoping her intimidation act would be enough to drive him away, her finger hesitated on the trigger. Kristanna slowly got up etlik escort to be on her knees, she coughed, breathing heavily as she recovered from the chokehold. Her gaze turned to the man by the door, the molten irises burning with anger. Then a thought suddenly hit her, “Did he just say “stand between US?” Kristanna turned her head to the windows blocked by curtains. She took a moment to use her aura vision. On the other side of the street, hidden behind a tree, she perceived the hint of something glowing. “Margaret, watch out!”

Kristanna had barely ended her warning shout when an object cut through the air and hit Margaret’s shotgun as well as part of her hand. She blasted a misfired shot on the wall and fell back on her huge ass. Margaret held her hand in pain looking for what had just hit her. An arrow was stuck to the wall behind her, a precise shot had disarmed her completely. The man took the opportunity to finally slip out the door as other arrows began to break through the glass windows of the living room and fly all around Kristanna and Margaret.

“Call the police!” Kristanna screamed, ducking behind the sofa. “They are on their way, alarms went off!” Margaret swiftly responded, moaning in pain as she held her hand.

The demoness created some sort of invisible shield around her. She wasn’t sure if it would even be enough to protect her, she was acting on pure instinct and chasing the man. But unlike other wounds she had in the past, she couldn’t simply ignore the one by her abdomen. The burning sensation made it hard for her to focus on her powers. The wound wasn’t healing, and in fact, seemed to be getting worse as she moved.

When Kristanna got to the door the man surprised her with a precise spinning kick to the chest. The impact was mostly stopped by her improvised shield and he was tossed back to Margaret’s front garden. The sudden attack still caused Kristanna to stop at the doorway.

With yet another acrobatic stunt the man refused to go down, falling back on his feet. He knew how to fight her, he could have gone for a stab but he had anticipated the shield. Kristanna’s molten horns burned bright as she stood at the doorway. Looking at the tree across the street she could see the silhouette of a woman wearing a cloak, her face concealed. She held some kind of silver bow and finally stopped firing arrows at Margaret’s house.

“You managed to sneak in the first stab but you won’t get a chance for the second!” The demoness spoke, pushing through the pain and trying to stand her ground. He smiled, looking over his shoulder to his partner then back at Kristanna who looked debilitated, breathing heavily and gritting her teeth, “You shield yourself behind humans, a coward just like every demon, you can’t help your weak nature. But sooner or later we will put a stop to your perversions and send you back to hell.”

The sound of police sirens echoed in the far distance. The man ran across the street to join his partner. Both attackers fled out of sight through the empty streets in a matter of seconds. Kristanna felt the pain overwhelm her, she fell back into the house panting and grunting, “What the fuck did he stab me with? It fucking hurts and it’s not healing!” she said while closing the door behind her.

Margaret came to her rescue, trying to help her stand. Vanessa finally came down the stairs, her breasts exposed and swinging as she walked. She wore only one of her loose hippie skirts, the bulge of her double cocks and the huge sack was shaking with her every step. She looked at the partially destroyed leaving room, “I heard shooting! What is going on? Are you ok? Oh my god, Kristanna! Did my mom shoot you?”

They could hear the sound of dogs barking and neighbors getting up around them as the lights went on in their houses. Kristanna gritted her teeth and tried to block the pain enough to think. She attempted to focus and hide her demonic features, the police would arrive in a matter of minutes. But she couldn’t do it no matter how much she tried, “I can’t stay here, I’m not able to hide my horns or my eyes. If the police or the neighbors see me like this we will have problems!”

“But you’re wounded! We need to get you to a hospital!” Margaret screamed, completely desperate, still holding her bleeding hand. Vanessa didn’t seem much better, pacing around and biting her nails, avoiding even looking at Kristanna’s wound. She ran to the bathroom cabinet nearby and grabbed a few bandages, bringing it to Margaret, then looking at Kristanna and realizing her band-aids would probably not help.

The demoness shook her head at Margaret, “Hospitals are even worse, Margaret. These people will probably look for us there. Besides, none of us are exactly normal anymore, neither is this wound, something is burning inside me! Ahhh!”

Margaret finished patching up her hand and ran to Kristanna. She felt so powerless, seeing the demoness show weakness for the first time since they etlik escort bayan met. The black juggernaut was sweating, her horns were glowing brighter than usual and so was her wound, “I think I know someone who can help. Margaret, I need you to take the car and drive me to the Glades. Vanessa will have to stay back and explain this to the police!”

“Explain this? What the fuck am I supposed to tell them?”

Kristanna burst in rage, did she have to think of everything now? “I don’t know, Vanessa! Think for a second, will ya? Someone broke into your house and tried to fucking murder you and you have no idea who they are or why! Say you scared them with the shotgun and your mother was at a dinner party or something. Make it up!”

Vanessa widened her eyes backing up like a puppy and just nodded in agreement. Margaret helped the demoness up, she then ran upstairs and gathered a few clothes as well as Kristanna’s nun habit. She shoved everything into a small camping bag and ran back down. Vanessa was putting on a top, she didn’t even try to hide the massive bulge on her crotch, it was pointless. Margaret and Kristanna rushed to the garage, the demoness lied down on the back seat of the car, still feeling the agonizing pain. Margaret tossed the bags in the trunk then drove out heading towards the road to the glades. A couple of blocks away from her house she could see police cars approaching the residence through the rearview mirror.

Taking a deep breath, Margaret tried to center herself. She looked at the bandage on her hand, her blood showing through the cloth. She had the sudden realization that she was trembling uncontrollably, probably had been all this time. Her fingers wrapped firmly around the steering wheel again, she shifted her attention to try and get through this, “Are you ok, Kristanna? Have you ever seen those people who attacked us before?” Margaret asked, trying not to take her eyes off the road. She hadn’t driven a car in a while, Peter took her everywhere and back.

“I have no idea, but they looked like hunters of some kind. I got this arrow from the wall and if I touch the silvered tip it burns my skin! I think they stabbed me with the same thing.”

Margaret grabbed the arrow Kristanna was handing and softly touched the tip. She felt a stinging sensation as it burned her skin. She pulled her finger back and tossed the arrow at the passenger’s seat in anger. “Who are these people you said can help us at the glades?”

“Witches, I met them some time ago”, Kristanna responded, knowing how strange it would sound to Margaret. The demoness was unable to mind her words at this point anyway.

Margaret became silent for several seconds. She turned the car into the highway and sped up as she tried to wrap her mind around everything before responding, “Demons, witches, hunters… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the miracles I have seen you do. Something so marvelous had to come at a cost, I suppose”.

It had never occurred to Kristanna that Margaret might reject her based on her nature. She seemed very much aware that Kristanna was at least partially a demon, but she never said anything explicitly. This was the first time she was forced to deal with that truth. Margaret’s reaction confirmed that, regardless of supernatural prejudices she might have, she was willing to put her life on the line to protect Kristanna. Which was pretty convenient at this moment as the demoness needed help more than ever.

Lying at the backseat, Kristanna only felt pain, discomfort, and anger. How had she allowed that man to get the jump on her? She should have seen that coming. Since her time at the Camp of Blessing when she found out the founder of the school, Father Graham had been in some sort of demon-hunting order, she had been worried that they could still be around. But how could she know they were fucking ninjas? The weight of guilt and regret hurt the demoness’ pride almost as much as the stab wound. She had allowed herself to get too comfortable.

She figured Father Falon must have been involved somehow, calling these people on her. She remembered how it had been suspicious when he didn’t give her a sermon even after she stayed away from her duties for so long. And then he didn’t even talk to her after, never asked anything all this time she was with Margaret and Vanessa. Kristanna had also Ignored the worry in the back of her head about Father Graham’s order. She simply dismissed all the suspicious events from the past few days, the strange cars following her around. The more she recalled the more she realized how many red flags she had dismissed.

But this was no time for self-pity, it would have to wait. Focusing on the moment, the demoness kept instructing Margaret where to go until they arrived at the glades. They drove straight towards the new North Jefferson park. The floor at the back of Margaret’s car was nothing but bandages and dried blood. Just the effort escort etlik to get back into her nun habit and put on her shoes exhausted Kristanna. Every move she made caused her wound to hurt more. She couldn’t wear the veil as her horns were in the way, but she managed to at least get dressed. Margaret helped her bandage up the wound and slow down the bleeding. It still glowed with a golden light, no matter how much they tended to it.

“I can’t walk far, you have to go meet them” Kristanna instructed as she breathed heavily. Margaret nodded, fear in her eyes, but also a sense of duty to her friend. Kristanna began to explain the way to the back of the park and described the two witches. Margaret paid attention the best she could, then went out of the car. She went strolling through the park towards the back. Margaret walked by a few homeless people, groups of teenagers sitting around benches and smoking. Everyone stared as she walked by, she didn’t belong here at all. She wore a female business suit that barely contained her assets, sporting those massive tits and ass with an hourglass build and the bulge under her long skirt.

It took her a couple of minutes to arrive at the spot described by Kristanna. She saw the stone wall and the barrel with fire inside. The two ladies standing by the fire seemed to match the description of the witches. A short one with black hair down to the shoulder, shorter at the back. She wore a leather jacket and jeans, some sort of rock band shirt. Next to her sat a taller redhead, her long locks of hair going almost down to her waist, she wore a black dress and thigh-high socks, much more girly-looking. Margaret adjusted her skirt and approached, “Are you the witches? Helen and Samantha?”

The two women turned to face Margaret, they couldn’t hide the shock on their faces at the woman’s curves and unapologetic bulge. It took a couple of seconds before Helen finally responded, “We could be, it depends on who you are.”

Margaret let out a sigh, her emotions running high. She felt like crying, then laughing, biting on one of her hands hard. She was stressed, scared, and frustrated, but their evasive attitude suddenly turned it all into anger, “Listen here you little brats! I’m old enough to be your mother! I don’t have time for this attitude, missy! Kristanna needs your help right now! So quit being an annoying little bitch and come with me to the car!”

One of the homeless people a few meters back put all of his stuff into his old supermarket stroller and began to push it away fast, leaving the scene. They were immediately followed by a shout coming from the back, “Shut the fuck up! Trying to sleep here!” That shout seemed to ground Margaret. She took notice of her situation, breathing heavily, realizing the outburst of anger. She tried to regain some composure, fanning herself with one hand and adjusting her clothes.

The sisters looked at each other, victims of a burst of emotions they knew nothing about. Samantha giggled for a second then nodded as she got up, “Ok fine. Jeez, no need to freak out like this, lady. Take us to her.”

Margaret nodded elegantly, “Good, come with me, please. I’m Margaret by the way”, the witches didn’t seem to care about knowing her name. They began to follow Margaret back through the park, watching her “assets” shaking with every step. No wonder she was friends with Kristanna, she had inherited a lot from the demoness.

The back door of Margaret’s car was opened, Kristanna sat with her legs out breathing with extreme difficulty, sweating. She had seen better days, listening to how Margaret explained the recent events to Samantha and Helen as they approached, “He stabbed her with something! It glows and it won’t heal!”

The witches could see the faint glow of Kristanna’s horns inside the dark car. She stared at the floor when they approached, lifting her head with some difficulty to look at them. Samantha came close first and knelt, taking a good look at Kristanna, “Hey, looks like you won’t be facing any Nabassu tonight, am I right?”

Helen slapped her on the shoulder, shaking her head at the bad joke. Margaret had no clue what they were talking about and just stood back. Kristanna raised her torso and lifted her habit, showing the wound. Helen gave a pouch to Samantha with a few supplies, the witch began to inspect the wound. She grabbed a few herbs from the weird pouch and put them on top of it. Kristanna couldn’t feel any improvement, she saw the herbs turned to ash by the emanating light from the wound. After a couple more failed treatments, Samantha finally backed away, scratching her head, “I think this is probably a hallowed weapon. And from the story the big lady told me, you probably got stabbed by someone in the Celestial Rise.”

Kristanna answered with a groan, “Celestial what?” She was in no mood for bullshit right now. Samantha knew this so she tried to be as brief as possible, “The Celestial Rise, a group of extremists. Anti… almost anything that isn’t them, but mostly supernatural beings. Demons, witches, fey, they hunt everything that isn’t human. Which is ironic, because they are supposedly the last descendants of a celestial being, so they aren’t fully human themselves. Or at least that’s what I read…”

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