The Captives Ch. 01


I do not belong here. I do not speak the language, do not understand these people. I only know some of the customs of this barbarish land, as I was well educated in my youth. I never expected to need the information. I never expected to have been captured from my home and brought here.

Where “here” actually is, I cannot quite say. I know only that I, along with my only daughter, have been brought to somewhere in their country. I believe we are in the home of one of their Overlords, but I do not know what this home is like as we arrived under cover of darkness. I believe it is of impressive size however, as the few rooms I have been in thus far are vast.

Every room, including the one in which I now reside, has been immense and richly appointed. This room in particular seems especially luxurious. The floors and walls are of a dark wood, there is exposed stonework around the fireplace, and rich jewel tone rugs scattered about the floor. Besides the chair upon which I sit and other scattered tables and chairs, there is a bed. It is massive, monstrous in size. The four corner posts are of dark wood, as wide as tree trunks and reach up to the ceiling. It is covered in blue silk with scattered pillows. Everything here screams sensuality.

There is a scent hanging over this room. It is not cloying or exotic, but familiar and sensual. It seems to originate from a brazier upon a nearby table. It is a scent from my homeland. It makes my mouth water, as it is the scent of chocolate covered red spring berries, a decadent luxury I have rarely had. The scent stirs feelings of longing and lust in me; which are quite inappropriate in my circumstance.

Other than these observations, I cannot see much else of the room, as the only light comes from the fireplace, which is large enough that I could walk into it and stand comfortably. Sadly, I cannot get up to explore as I wish. Upon being brought in by attendants, I was cuffed to this chair. Thick leather bracelets hold my wrists down to the chair arms, the same bracelets encircle my ankles attaching them to the chair legs, pulling my legs open wide. I am not uncomfortable by any means. I am, however, completely exposed, as I am naked, my sex is spread wide for any to see, and I am not alone.

There are two others in this room with me; one I am completely familiar with, the other a complete stranger. Behind my chair stands my eighteen-year-old daughter. She is much like me although she is young and nubile. Both of us with long hair as the custom of our people is that once becoming a woman, a female does not cut her hair. Mine therefore is much longer, deep brown that is streaked white with age, hers is not as long but also deep brown, streaked the blonde of youth and sunshine. Where my full breasts sag some with the passage of time, hers, of similar shape and fullness, show the firm pertness of youth. We are both curvy females, although I am heavier than she, built to fill a man’s hands and entice his touch.

As she moves from behind to stand next to me, stoking my wet hair with a brush, I glance at her and notice something else. Upon our arrival here, we were separated. I was whisked away by attendants to some sort of bathing chamber. I was stripped of clothing and scrubbed until I thought my skin would come off. Then I had been shaved. My pussy, legs, and armpits were now bare. My daughter had not been shaved. She was still furred. Although naked also, she retained her jeweled mesh belt which showed her rank to others in our homeland. It occurred to me that in this land these might be outward symbols of her virginity to any one who glanced her way.

As she continued to brush my long hair as it dried in the warmth of the fire, my mind wandered to the one other person in the room, the stranger. I knew it was a man, I knew he sat there in silence, in the darkness just beyond the light given us by the fire. Who was he? Was this the Overlord who had captured us? What did he intend for us? The questions began to overwhelm my mind. I gave up and relaxed into the care of my daughter’s hands. A sigh escaped my lips as I focused my attention on the sensations the brushing was creating.

Once my hair etlik escort was completely dry, she began on the braiding. She is quite talented and able to create intricate patterns in even the finest of hair. As women in our home did not cut their hair it grew long and was kept braided most of the time, therefore, her skills were in great demand. She quickly had one side of my head tamed in rows extending from my face backward where she combined them into thicker braids down my back. As she began the other side, her hands faltered and shook slightly as we both heard a noise from the far end of the room outside the ring of light.

I glanced toward the sound, straining my eyes toward the darkness. I could make out a shadow moving. I was eaten with curiosity. Finally, he stepped into the light. This could only be the Overlord. He emanated a commanding presence; a feeling of power flowed from him and washed over me. Despite my fears, a strange calm settled in my mind. As I examined him with my eyes, my insides tighten, a bolt of pure lust shot through me and my pussy was instantly wet. What was happening to me? I shouldn’t feel this way. This man was my captor. But, what a man he was.

He stood before us naked. He seemed to be similar of age to myself, very well built, very strong. I took in his sandy colored streaked hair; he was probably outdoors in the sun quite a lot. I could not tell the color of his eyes, only that they were very deep and expressive with lines at the edges that suggested he smiled often. I noticed a scar running along his cheek from the outer corner of his left eye toward his chin. His lips were full and I felt myself wishing to touch them.

Strong arms and wide tanned chest tapered to a narrow waist and hips. My eyes stopped there, admiring. He was also shaved and his masculinity was on view standing at full attention. He was thick and powerful. I couldn’t help thinking how filling he would be. I compulsively attempted to close my legs, which was impossible. I squeezed my inner muscles trying in vain to appease the tension building inside me and I felt my pussy flood with juices.

I became aware again of my daughter still working at my hair. I glanced up at her, wondering how she was handling his presence. I could see her glancing at him through lowered lashes, trying not to allow either of us to know she was looking, shy, sly girl. I could see the appreciative glow in her hazel eyes. It probably echoed the look in my own. At this moment, I didn’t care that this man was our captor; I wanted him and wondered what he had in store for the two of us.

He slowly approached us and stood before me, gazing down. I bravely held his eyes. At this distance I could see that they were a deep green. His hand reached out to me and I did not flinch. Instead of violence, he caressed my cheek. His palm was large and warm. With difficulty I did not lean into his touch.

He sank slowly to his knees between my spread legs. His warm hands now upon my knees running up and down from there to my upper thighs. I felt my daughter’s hands upon my shoulders. I had not even realized that she had moved behind me. The Overlord looked up at her. Raising his hands to hers, he moved them from my shoulders to my breasts, his hands covering hers and encouraging them to fondle me there. Under their combined attention, my nipples rose to hard peaks. As his hands returned to my knees, hers continued to attend to my breasts.

The continuous, methodical stroking was causing my pussy to grow wetter and wetter. When his hands reached around to cup my buttocks and he leaned his face in toward me, I nearly came in excitement. He breathed in deeply and sighed, seeming to enjoy the scent of my arousal. He looked up at me with a purely lustful grin before pulling me toward him in the chair. Finally, I felt his tongue upon me. It swiped me from my ass to my clit. My juices poured from me soaking his tongue. As his lips encircled my swollen bud, I threw me head back in ecstasy.

He began sucking on my clit in earnest. My hips thrust toward him wantonly encouraging him, enjoying the strong pulling sensations. His finger entered etlik escort bayan me, then two, then three. I felt so full. He cupped me inside until he found that special spot, then he stroked me. The combination of the magic his tongue and fingers were creating made me fall apart. My body thrummed and vibrated against him as I screamed in ecstasy. Juices gushed from me, which he proceeded to lick up.

I finally began to settle back to earth and realized my head was pillowed between my daughter’s ample breasts. I could feel the Overlord’s hands near my wrists and opened my eyes to see he was unbuckling the restraints. Once he finished on my wrists, he likewise loosed my ankles. This would be my first chance to escape but strangely I had no desire to do so. I wanted to see what was next.

Knowing he could not understand, I could not resist questioning him. “Why?” I asked. “Why did you bring us here? What are you going to do with us? Are you going to hurt us?” I heard the desperation in my voice and glancing over at my daughter, brought myself back under control. Even though I had enjoyed my experience at the Overlord’s hands so far, I could not let her know I worried for our futures. I saw the look of puzzlement in his eyes. He didn’t understand me. Words would do nothing here.

He rose gracefully from his knees to standing in one fluid movement. Reaching for my hand he urged me to my feet also, pulling me tightly to him. His ample lips lowered to mine and claimed me. I could taste my own essence as his tongue powerfully delved into my mouth. I made no move to stop him. My tongue twined with his and sought entrance into his mouth also.

His lips released mine. I was sure mine were completely swollen. For a moment he was still, staring deeply into my eyes. I’m not sure what he was looking for, but felt that I could easily be lost in the depths of his eyes.

Winding his arm around my waist, he turned me toward my daughter. I had actually forgotten her presence during the kiss. Her eyes were wide and staring. I wondered what she thought, of me, of my wanton reaction to this man, this stranger, our captor. He reached out a hand to her pulling her toward his other side. Bending down, he placed a kiss upon her forehead, the type of kiss a father might bestow. A brief moment of sadness swept over me at the memory of her father. He had gone to battle before I even knew I was pregnant. His men had reported him killed but they had not been able to claim his body and return it to me, it had been too mangled, identifiable only by his sword and his medallion displaying the family crest. Her father had never known he was to be a father. Since that time, I had not known a man’s touch. As is the tradition of my people, I had remained untouched, celibate, since his passing. My daughter, sadly, had never known a guiding male presence throughout her entire life thus far.

He led us toward a padded but curiously low bench. He encouraged my daughter to sit astride upon the bench. The Overlord then also sat astride the bench with his back to her but close enough their skin touched gently. Tugging my hand, he had me also sit astride the bench but facing him. I could now understand why the bench was so low. My feet could touch the ground comfortably allowing me to maneuver myself.

Reaching behind himself, he brought my daughter’s hands up to encircle his waist. One hand he brought to his erection placing it there. His hand covered hers showing and encouraging, teaching her without words to feel him, close her hand around him and stroke gently. I could not see her face past the Overlord’s height. I could only see the top of her head as she leaned it upon his shoulder and continued the stroking motion.

He now reached for me. Pulling me forward and lifting my thighs until my pussy was touching his cock, skin to skin, my thighs draped over his. As my daughter’s hand continued stroking him, her knuckles began bumping my clit, a soft, rhythmic, erotic touch. His mouth came down to mine once more and I instinctively raised my lips to his and enjoyed another scorching kiss. I wiggled my hips feeling both his staff and her escort etlik hand against my spread wet pussy. I wanted him inside me.

I threw back my head and moaned at the sensations being created. I was beyond aroused. “I want you,” I told him, looking him in the eye. I knew the words were in vain, that he wouldn’t understand, but could not hold them in. “I have been so long without a man. I want you inside me. I want you to sex me.”

I felt him move beneath me and before I realized what had happened, our positions had changed. I was still sitting, straddling his legs, but he was now lying upon his back, his head at the junction of my daughters spread thighs. With his hands, he encouraged me to stand over his engorged cock. I could feel his head, just there, at my wet silken entrance. I slid onto him, slowly, savoring the sensation as I took every inch inside of me. I was being filled and loved it. I took him completely, to the hilt. I ground my hips against him and felt his cock throbbing deep inside. I opened my eyes to realize he was looking at me. Then I looked up into the eyes of my daughter.

I don’t know what I expected to see there, maybe hate, maybe condemnation. This was our captor and here I had willingly and with relish, taken him inside of me, where only her father had ever been. Instead, I saw a look of wonder, awe, maybe even happiness. She knelt upon the bench to raise herself high enough to crawl over him toward me. I reached out to her as she reached out to me. I brushed the pad of my thumb over her nipple and felt it rise under my touch. She copied the action on my own nipple and I moaned. She grinned at me.

I leaned toward her placing my hands on the Overlord’s chest and captured her lips in a gentle kiss. She responded by opening her mouth and allowing my tongue entrance. We gently explored each other. When she began to moan and whimper I realized mine was not the only tongue at work here. Her position had allowed the Overlord access to her virgin lips. He was licking her and gently sucking her young clitty. As she sat up over his mouth I began moving over his cock, sliding up and down his shaft.

Within short minutes, we were both moaning and ready to burst. Realizing this would be her first orgasm; I fought to keep my eyes open to watch instead of closing them to relish my own release. As my orgasm ripped though me, I could see the moment hers began. Her look was precious. I would remember this moment forever. The wonder on her face as she began making little hooting noises then threw back her head as a scream ripped from her throat.

We were both drained of energy as we climbed off the bench and the Overlord. I pulled her into my arms and held her gently. The Overlord sat up and reached for us. I put a hand out to him in a stopping motion. “No,” I said. “Let us be.” I expected him to argue with me somehow. He did not appear a man to take defiance lightly even such a small defiance. He said nothing, however, and lowered his hand. I led my daughter to the huge bed and we both climbed upon it and cuddled. I spooned her from behind as we had done at times after the death of her father although those times had been in sadness and mutual comfort, now it was in afterglow. I gently caressed her breasts and body and petted her hair. She relaxed completely under my touch.

I was so engrossed in her that I did not realize the Overlord had also climbed upon the bed. Now I felt him curl his strong body around mine from behind. His cock was still hard and he slipped it into my wet pussy once more. I sighed in contentment feeling him stroke in and out of me, lazily almost, gentle thrusts.

His hand reached around me to stroke my clit and I pushed back against him encouraging. I wanted to cum again. I wanted him to cum inside me. The pressure was building. I could feel him swelling inside me. My climax hit me hard; I saw spots in my vision. My inner muscle tightened around him. He cried out quietly as his cum shot into me. I squeezed him, milking him.

He started to pull out of me. I reached a hand to his thigh to stop him. “Stay,” I said. “Stay with me.” He stopped moving and remained lodged deep inside me. I began drifting off to sleep, my hands upon my daughter who was already sleeping. As I began to doze, feeling the Overlord’s hands caressing me and his cock inside me, I heard him say perfectly in unaccented language of my land, “Sleep well my Sweet. Tomorrow shall bring us more.”

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