The Changeling Ch. 02


Jacob left me wondering just how I was going to face Sandra’s parents and also wondering just what he was going to be saying to those same grandparents. I was somewhat taken back by the fact that Jacob had actually called me “Mom” and seemed to have meant it.

It isn’t every day that your grandchildren’s father is a woman and I knew that they had never approved of my desire to become a woman. They never did really like me though to be honest I guess they at least were resigned to the fact that their daughter had chosen me to be the father of their grandchildren. Don’t get me wrong Fritz and Marlene were great people, but I’m afraid the divorce and my sex preferences began to be a bit much on the fragile relationship.

I knew basically that Jacob, who was twenty and a sophomore at the local college, wanted me back. I couldn’t say that I knew that Josie, Frank, and little Eloise felt the same way. Josie was a year younger than Jacob and was a freshman at the same college. Frank was a freshman at Central High School and was only fifteen. He was the quiet, moody one always having his nose stuck in books and never ever showing any emotion. It made Frank very hard to read or to understand at times. Little Eloise, my darling, gem of a baby was eleven and barely understood what was going on in the family.

Fritz and Marlene did not arrive until all the children were home from their various schools. To say that they were antagonistic would be the understatement of the century. To say that they were much more ready for this showdown than I was made their antagonism seem friendly. They lived in a small town fifty miles or so from us and came without luggage. I knew they weren’t planning to stay around any longer than they had to stay.

They got right to the point. The two youngest were going with them as soon as the funeral was over. If the two oldest wanted to go with them or stay with me, it was their business because of their ages, but Fritz and Marlene made it quite obvious that anybody having anything to do with me would not be welcome in their house at any time. And, if Jerry the man had been barely tolerated, Jerry the woman was to be shunned and would never have access to the two youngest until they reached the age of consent and could make up their own minds. Jacob and Josie informed them that they would be living here with me because they were not leaving college and could not afford to live elsewhere. Fritz and Marlene told them to never come near their brother and sister while those two were living in their house. And they had a legal paper to back them up in everything they said, signed, sealed and now delivered.

“Mom, would you take the other kids with you? I want to talk to grandpa and grandma alone, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course. Kids, let’s get some ice cream in the kitchen.” Josie beamed at me as she led Frank and Eloise into the kitchen with me following behind and closing the door.

I don’t know what Jacob said to them, but when he opened the door to the kitchen only a few minutes later they were both gone and the papers where laying torn into little scraps all over the coffee table.

“What did you have to say to them that they left like that?”

“Can we talk without Frank and Eloise?”

“Yes, of course” I said as I led the way back into the living room and closed the door once again. This time Josie was with us.

“Dad, er Mom, some time ago I had a research paper to do on our family tree. How much do you know about Fritz and Marlene?”

“Not much. Your mother never really talked about them and they never volunteered information about themselves.”

“Well, etlik escort Josie and I talked about what I had found during my research and we decided that if ever the situation that arose today should come up, that information would become our weapon to keep this family together.”

“What information?”

“Mom, Fritz and Marlene are not married.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Of course they are married. Your mother was their only child.”

“Our mother was their only child. That much is true. But they could never be married. Fritz and Marlene are brother and sister. When Fritz got Marlene pregnant with our mother, they ran away from the family that disowned them and they started life fresh hundreds of miles away, only it was as husband and wife instead of brother and sister.”

“And how did you use this information?”

“I told them that if they ever tried to take Frank and Eloise again, I would make sure that their family found out where they were and that their church would find out all the nasty, sexy details of their incest. That should shock the church into shunning them totally because Fritz and Marlene are well-respected members who decry any sin as being mortal. They begged me not to say anything to their church and promised that they would never try to split us up again.”

“So they tore up the papers.”

“No, I tore them up in front of their faces after I gave them a copy of my family research to read.”

I sat down trying to digest what was happening. My son had laid a neat little trap for his grandparents and sprung it with a viciousness that was amazing. Those grandparents were now, I was sure, going to leave my family and me alone.

“I think I could use a drink.”

“OK, Mom, Scotch on the rocks?”

“No. Neat and you better make it a double.”

“Mind if we join you?”

“At this point, no, I don’t. Help yourself.”

“So, Jacob, where do you and Josie suggest we go from here?” I asked as I accepted my Scotch.

“We bury our mother, your ex-wife, and we continue to live together as a family. You become our mother instead of being our father.”

“OK. I can buy that. In fact, I was hoping that that was what you were going to say.”

“Why not? You’re the only Mom we have right now and I sort of like the idea.” Josie said as she sipped on her rum and coke.

“How do you think Frank and Eloise will take it?”

“I think they will adapt though we have to make sure they don’t start blabbing around how their father is now their mother. I’ll talk to them in the morning before the funeral.”

“The funeral! I forgot! I don’t even know if I have a black dress to wear!”

“Well, you’re about the same size Mom was and she’s not going to care if you wear her black dress.”

“I don’t know.”

Josie offered to help me decide and we went upstairs while Jacob went in to see to Frank and Eloise. Josie followed me into the master bedroom and I started to shut the door behind me.

“Don’t bother Mom. We haven’t been closing doors around here for quite some time unless Frank and Eloise are around.”


“Mom, things changed a lot after you left. Sandra stopped closing her door at night and started walking around in the bare minimum of clothes, none if Frank and Eloise weren’t home. Jacob and I saw her naked more than once and Jacob has wet his wick in her pussy more than once. He took my virginity last year and we’ve slept together every night since then, either just the two of us or with Mother in her bed. I think Jacob sees you as a replacement for some of his very big needs when it comes etlik escort bayan to fucking. His libido is out of sight and he can sure use that monster cock of his. And, you don’t know this, but Sandra and I also made it more than once ourselves. Mom, I’m bi-sexual and I am getting awfully wet just wondering what you look like under all those clothes. A closed door told either me or Jacob that the other was busy taking care of Mother’s cunt and we respected that. Do you want me to close the door now?”

To say I was shocked would not have done the expression any justice. I did the only thing I could do. I sat down on the bed and stared at Josie who smiled as she walked over to me and caressed my shoulders. Her hands soon moved lower and grazed across my breasts hardening the nipples as she went. She bent over and her mouth met mine. At first I did not respond to her lips or the attempted invasion of her tongue. I started to push her away, but her hands that were caressing my breasts sent signals directly from the sensitive nipples to my cunt and I started getting all warm and gooey between my legs. The now familiar need to be fucked was kicking in and my mouth opened to allow her tongue dueling rights with mine. We both moaned at the same time and I was thankful that the younger kids had bedrooms downstairs instead of just across the hall. I raised my face to hers and slowly nodded for her to close the door.

She walked over to the door and gently closed it. Turning back to me she smiled and licked her pouting red lips with the tip of her tongue. When she got back to the bed, I felt her lift my blouse over my head and raised my hands to help her. My bra soon followed the blouse to the floor and Josie bent her lips to my breasts. I pushed her back and she had a hurt look on her face until I grabbed the hem of her jersey and drew it over her head. She was braless–ahhh, I thought, the joy of being young and having firm breasts, not that mine sagged very much–and her two hillocks were capped by a pair of lovely nipples that any woman would be proud to have.

I bent my head and kissed each of her nipples in turn. “Josie, let’s check that black dress first, OK? Then we can get down to the business of giving each other pleasure.” She pulled away and walked over to the closet. Picking out a simple black dress with a modest bodice and a skirt that looked to be about knee-length she turned back to me and held it out.

I dropped my shorts and panties and drew the dress over my head covering my temporarily naked body in black cotton. The waist was a bit tight and the top felt as if it were going to mash my tits flat, but it did fit after a fashion and ended a mere two or three inches above the knee. Josie looked at me a moment and told em to take it off. I did and handed it to her. She took a pair of small scissors and made several quick snips before handing the dress back to me to try on again. This time, the bodice and waist fit almost as if the dress had been made for me.

“Sandra had the dress taken in a couple of inches in the waist and quite a bit in the bodice, but I thought it might fit if we took the new seams and darts loose. Since nobody is going to be there but family, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Ohhh, Josie, I don’t know. I don’t know if I dare go to your mother’s funeral.”

“Mom, family means you, Jacob, and me and the kids–nobody else. Sandra was very specific about that–she didn’t even want grandpa and grandma there. Boy did that bit of news create a stink when she told them! You should have seen their faces.”

“Then your mother knew about her parents?”

“Yes. escort etlik Jacob and I showed her the research last spring but she never confronted them, just told them that the funeral was going to be for us alone. Jacob and I decided yesterday that you should go too.”

I pulled the dress back over my head and Josie folded it over the back of a nearby chair. I was standing naked in front of my daughter, the daughter I had fathered nineteen years earlier and she was about to eat my pussy. God, I thought, how ironic that I had never tried to fuck her while I was a man. She pushed her shorts and panties off and stood naked in front of me. We seemed to stand there for a long time inspecting each other’s body before we worked up the courage to merge our bodies and our mouths. We kissed as long lost lovers and I felt her hands running over my back and down to the cheeks of my ass. Her fingers probed my crack and worked their way forward past the rosebud of my asshole until the met with the warm slipperiness that was my leaking cunt. I moaned as she pushed first one and then two fingers into my love box. Those fingers danced around and made contact with my clit until I thought I was going to burst just from her touch. I fell back on the bed and she fell with me landing beside me.

“Are you sure, Josie?”

“Yes, Mom, I’m sure.”

“What would your mother think?”

“I think she’d approve. After Jacob and I started sharing her bed, she began to understand how you felt. Well, maybe just a little bit, but she finally decided you were not the most depraved lunatic in the world.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear. I wonder what your brother is doing.”

“Jacob told me that he was going to get Frank and Eloise ready for bed and then wait for the door to open. When it does open, he is going to ask you to fuck him and if you say ‘yes’ he will be more than willing to fill your pussy with hot cum. If you should say ‘no’ he said he would understand that too, but I don’t believe him. He likes to fuck too much, and he is very, very good.”

I thought about how much I didn’t know about my own children as Josie ran her hands over my nipples and down between my legs. I was even wetter than before and Josie swung herself around into a classic sixty-nine position offering her snatch to my tongue as her tongue probed my cunt lips for the first time. I lifted my head slightly and for the first time tasted my daughter’s pussy. The taste was slightly tangy but pleasant and I found that I actually liked it. My tongue started to work with a passion and Josie matched me lick for lick until we were both moaning. The moans grew louder and closer together as we both neared our peaks. I felt Josie’s body shudder beneath me and gave a little squeal as my own juices erupted from my pleasantly tortured love hole.

Josie recovered first and twisted around to look me in the eye. We kissed, not as mother and daughter, but as lesbian lovers. I was hooked on my daughter’s pussy juice and from the way she was acting, she like the taste of mine. As we broke the kiss, I bent my head and sucked on her breasts. I felt her fingers exploring the folds of my pussy lips and finding that elusive clit, the center of joyous fulfillment. I nibbled her nipples to show my appreciation and Josie let out a moan. She pushed my head away and lowered her own to my newly developed tits, licking first one and then the other, teasing and drawing little sparks of electricity from each of them in turn. Then she pulled away and looked me in the eye as she asked “Should I open the door?”

“Mmmmm hummmmm.” was the most I could manage as I lay there on the bed basking in my new found love. I watched Josie as she walked towards the door and wondered if I was really ready for what or whom was on the other side of it. I figured I’d find out in a few seconds and closed my eyes basking in the afterglow of my wonderfully incestuous orgasms.

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