The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 09


Sally and I sat at the kitchen table, and I excitedly told her about the way I had presented her nude pictures in an album.

“It’s ever so sexy, you look great,” I enthused, causing Sally to smile in anticipation.

“I can’t wait to see it, make sure you don’t spill any of your seed on it before I get a look at it,” she joked. She was referencing my pornographic magazines she had seen where excitement affected my timing and aim and soiled the pictures of many a sultry model.


“Don’t tell me you haven’t had a tug or two already,” she teased her face blooming with exhilaration at the admiring notices I was giving her.

“I’m not saying that’s for you to find out.”

“You had me worried in the photo shoot, I’d never seen someone so sexually aroused, you were like an animal. I thought you were going to pin me down and fuck me for one moment.”

I smiled while remembering how close to being completely out of control I was. After I had ejaculated on Sally’s ass, I felt awful and was full of self-loathing but later when I complied her nude album, the feelings returned. Why didn’t I just slip my cock in her when I had the chance? Her ass was spread, and her moist pussy was surrendered for me to plough.

“What would you have done if I did?” I returned, hiding behind a mischievously directed question.

“James!” Sally exclaimed blushing instantly, causing her to look away.

I took her embarrassed silence as a plus. She wasn’t insulted by my insinuation, but she still didn’t give a clue to her reaction if I had jumped her bones.

Suddenly Mother burst into the kitchen her bathrobe almost opening in her haste.

“I’ve got something of yours that needs explaining you filthy little pervert,” She raged making her way to the far side drawer.

Sally looked at me in terror.

“Oh God please tell me you hid the album,” she begged with her eyes wide in fear.

“What was that?” Mother overheard as I nodded nervously to calm Sally.

She stopped and pulled something out of the draw. I instantly became alarmed. She walked to the opposite edge of the table and held out Gemma’s panties.

“What were these doing under your bed, James?”

My worst fear had come true Mother had found my panty stash. My head flew into a panic, my mouth making a few false starts to say something.

“They’re mine,” confessed Sally, taking the air out of my lungs in relief.

“Well what are they doing under your bed, James?”

“I don’t know,” was the best I could answer desperately trying to help Sally out.

“If they are your’s Sally, what are they doing in James bedroom, why are they the wrong size and why are they covered in sperm?”

My head throbbed; we were once more skewered on the poisonous tongue of our harridan of a mother.

Sally lent back in her chair and delivered her killer excuse.

“They’re too big because my boyfriend bought the wrong size, they’re covered in semen because some of us still have a sex life and they were left in James’s room because we all know what a nosey pervert you are.”

“You fucking whore how dare you!” screamed Mother.

“It’s the truth, ask her why father left, James?”

“You bitch!”

“Go on ask her?”

I thought it best to remain silent, as I didn’t know the landscape of the argument.

“As soon as you’re old enough young lady, you are out of this house!” Mother screamed.

“Do you really think I’d stay in this den of perverted crazies?”

Boldly yelled back, Sally, beginning to cry.

“You little bitch, I’ve given you everything to get on in this world, and this is how you thank me?”


“Yes everything!”

Sally leapt from the table with a force that pushed her chair onto the floor behind.

“Everything except a father, it was you who made him leave you vicious bitch!” Screamed Sally her face now waterlogged with tears. She turned and went for the front door.

I searched the neighbourhood for Sally calling in at her friend’s houses, and none of them had seen her. I chanced the library, knowing it was a haunt of hers in earlier years when she needed a bit of silence when Mother and father were arguing. Sally was nowhere to be found.

It had been three days since the disappearance of Sally as Mother breezed past me art the kitchen table grabbing her candles before stomping up the stairs to the bath. My hatred for her had grown execrably, and all the time she was in the kitchen, I kept my head down studiously studying the mailshots of the day.

Another day passed, and I was beginning to accept that Sally would not be returning. I ate my tea vowing to myself to get through college to get a job and start again. I held onto that dream as It was the only solace I could find. That was so simple except how would I get Gemma? I awoke from my trance by the doorbell. I sleepwalked to the front door without any interest to who may be at there. I opened the door wide.

“Hello, James,” cheerfully greeted keçiören escort Mrs Leighton. She was dressed to kill, but it was her words that I was more fearful of.

“Er Hello Mrs Leighton,” I welcomed, as my body became shot through with adrenaline.

“I’ve come to see your Mother,” she explained with a malicious smile. A smile she knew that would have my mind saturated with fear. I stood transfixed with racing thoughts of the horrors she could torment me with.

“Well aren’t you going to let me in?” She impatiently requested still disingenuously smiling while her words suggested at an interrogation.

“Who is it?” shouted Mother from the depths of our house.

“Its Mrs Leighton,” I needlessly shouted back as Mother rapidly walked to the door still dressed in her bathrobe.

“Just don’t stand there like a lemon, let her in,” impatiently rebuked Mother while pushing me to one side, “Sorry about my bone idle, good for nothing son.”

“Oh I don’t know,” leered Mrs Leighton with a heinous smile as she brushed by me, “I could think of a thing or two to do with him.”

Her hand went out to grab at my nether regions while my mothers back was turned. I quickly evaded her grasp. Whatever she was here for it was plain she wasn’t going to spare my blushes.

“Ha! What that insipid waste of space, he couldn’t get laid in a brothel,” cruelly insulted Mother.

“I don’t know he may get one or two offers of a blow-job,” suggested Mrs Leighton winking at me.

“Yeah, from other men maybe, come this way, my bathrooms upstairs,” insulted Mother before leading the way.

I become confused, was Mrs Leighton expecting me to act on her offer? Was she going to tell Mother what had been going on; and why were they going to the bathroom?

I had resisted going into the attic to spy on Mother in the bath, but this situation forced my arm. I had to know what was being said about me so I could be ready with a defensive strategy against them.

I sneaked upstairs and silently pulled down the ladders from the loft ceiling. I could hear the two vicious bitches haughtily hackling above the sound of water spewing from the taps.

I stealthily crept to the small hut-like cladding around the bathroom mirror. I trod softly in a minefield of creaking floorboards and gradually, carefully brought into view the room below.

Mother and Mrs Leighton were standing in the bath, their skin sweating amidst the rising steam. Their hair was wet as they kissed sensually, leaning back, so their nipples gently grazed each other. They pulled in to each other with hands-on their asses grinding their pussies together. They went into a mad pussy grinding, ass kneading, nipple-caressing dance, kissing each other hard when they eventually pulled in close breast to breast.

So that whore ‘Mrs Leighton’ was a friend of my Mothers after all. Sandra had been telling the truth about my Mother’s lesbian proclivities. In years past this fact would have shocked and even upset me, but now it was just another addition to Mothers infantry of madness.

The naked women’s caressing became more vigorous, their hands practically rubbing the skin as their limbs swept broader and more challenging. Their kisses became more aggressive, their mouths crashing hastily together as their hair swung.

I had been led to believe that lesbian love was always more gentle and seductive but what I was watching was fast hard and gratuitous.

The water sloshed in the bath as they held each other in a mad dance. I caught a whiff of something exotic and saw two reefers burning away.

Mrs Leighton pulled her head away and ravenously bit into Mother’s neck, causing her to scream. She retaliated by grabbing her by her pussy hair and twisting. They both snarled at each other like wild cats. Their once soft caressing strokes had now become frenzied scratching lashes as their mouths bit into each other.

The ferocity of their attacks caused bruising on their necks and gums to bleed.

Mrs Leighton dropped to her knees, causing a tidal wave of displaced water. She pulled mothers pussy wide and clamped her bloody mouth over her. Mother’s hands went down to grip Mrs Leighton’s head by her hair and pulled upwards. Her tongue rasped out and licked up Mothers raw pink slit before reaching up and grabbing her nipples.

Mother retaliated and brought her hands to Mrs Leighton’s breast. She screamed and squealed demonically. My head swam as I took in the seeping odours of their drug. I took Sally’s advice and made my getaway.

From that day on, I became aware of bite marks and scratches on my Mother’s flesh and imagined how they got there. I stayed in my bedroom as much as possible to avoid Mrs Leighton. When Mother had a bath on her own, I visited the room overlooking the bath and watched Mother masturbate on her drug high. The seeping smoke gave me a bad headache, and so I rarely saw her orgasm.

Almost a week had passed, and I was working at my desk keçiören escort bayan in my bedroom when I heard fast approaching footsteps on the landing. My bedroom flung open and in jumped Sally armed with a camera.

“Sally” I welcomed with joy.

“Get your kit off, quick!” came the abrupt reply throwing me into confusion.

“Come on, I’ve got to get this done quick!” She asserted, grabbing me by my shirt and pulling me to my bed.

“Where have you been?”

“No time for that now, just strip!” Sally commanded.

“I’ve been worried about you,” I solemnly declared while taking my shirt and trousers off.

“I’m okay, now get naked and pose on the bed,” she urged, “hurry!”

I was soon naked and briskly pushed back so hard I tripped backwards on the bed.

“Right pose!” yelled Sally bringing up the camera to her face.

“Can we talk?” I quickly asked as I put both my hands behind my head with Sally clicking away.

“Change pose, and get your cock hard!” she ordered, “We’ll have time to chat later.”

Sally looked magnificent in my confusion as she raced around clicking every aspect of my anatomy as I worked some life into my cock.

“On your back, legs apart and wank for all your worth!” she loudly instructed getting between my legs and snapping away.

“Right on all fours and reach back and grab your balls!”


“Do it, I don’t have much time!”

I did as I was told with numerous questions for her clogging my mind for the release.

“Right now finger your ass!’


“Don’t argue, get your fingers up there!” She yelled, “And keep wanking that cock!”

Sally snapped away at my ass before asking, “Is that cock hard yet?”

“I think so?”

“On your back and wank for all your worth!”

My voice was lost in her barnstorming photoshoot, and I surrendered to her rapier authority.

“Lift your ass, on your side, try and lick your cock!” Sally rattled out like a pornographic machine gun. And in a daze I obeyed.

“Right on your back is that cock ready to cum yet?”

I lie on my back and spread my legs and worked away at my shaft. Such was the speed of Sally’s demands; I was still far from cumming.

Sally lent in and grabbed my cock, “Hands off!” she demanded and took to speedily wanking me up. Her downstroke jerked me into life as she almost ripped my foreskin, but she approved of the motion in the shot.

She took me in her hand and gobbled me! The surprise gave me an instant rise, and seeing Sally’s little mouth bobbing on my cock quickly brought me up to the edge.

She loudly slurped her lips off my purple head and quickly said,

“Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

Her head went back to sucking my cock as she rolled my balls and fingered my ass. I quickly came to the edge and anxiously tapped her head to tell her I was about to cum.

“Hold your cock up!” She yelled as she slurped off my cock and quickly took her camera. I shot high geysers of pure white spunk into the air with Sally frantically clicking away, trying hard to catch my sperm in flight and splashing down on my stomach.

I finished pretty quickly as I hadn’t been worked up enough and lay back on my bed spunk coved.

“Thanks, James” Sally said with a kiss and ran out of the room.

I lay back taking in deep breaths. What the hell was that all about? She had borrowed a camera and knew the deal was for me to be posed and photographed as well, but I was still shocked and felt used.

One night I was feeling horny, and I listened to the water from the bathroom stop flowing with the accompanying pipe groan to the turning of the taps. It wasn’t long before I heard the singing from Mother. It looked like her drug-induced happiness was her only outlet, and her care for Sally was smoked into oblivion very quickly. I thought of Mother laid in the bath, an air of mischievousness joined a glow in my loins and moved me to spy on her from the attic.

This time I really lusted to see Mother’s sexy body even though I looked down in hate rather than love, to somehow humiliate her in my mind. It wasn’t easy, though. Mother for all her spiteful ways had an amazing body. The whiff of her weed was very evident in the loft as somehow her smoke eased its way through the cracks of the one-way mirror. I had never smoked weed at school or college and was only aware of the aroma in my small cubby viewing room.

I watched as she took the finally puff from her doobie and stubbed it out in a candle nearby. She was still singing merrily, and I began to feel my actions cowardly and lame for if she didn’t know, I was watching how could it humiliate her? For some hazy reason, I found watching her enjoyable. I felt relaxed and woozy. The realisation that I had been subjected to marijuana secondary smoke stumbled upon me and decided to leave right then. I watched a few seconds and went to move. I saw her legs open wide and instantly dragged myself to a halt. escort keçiören “Hello,” I thought to myself immediately feeling my blood flow, making me feel euphoric and relaxed.

Mother took the loofah to her spread legs and slowly dragged it over her submerged pink oyster. She groaned and laid back as her free hand, caressed her marvellous breasts. She masturbated sedately choosing a slow sensuous touch rather than a rigorous shuffle of her pussy. She slowly lifted her butt as she pulled the loofah up from between her legs, her soap soaked pubes breaking the surface. She let out a seductive sigh as she stroked herself in reverse as her ass lowered in the water.

She stroked her whole body now before opening her pussy up with her once caressing hand. She spread her legs wider and slowly applied the loofah to her Spread pussy slowly caressing her luminous pink shining star.

She then inserted a finger and slowly finger fucked herself while still brushing her bush and clit. She was groaning and writhing in the bath, causing the water to build up and cascade as waves. It was proving too much for me, and in an inexplicable wanton act of debauchery, I lowered my pants and started masturbating.

I didn’t try to pretend I was telepathically trying to humiliate her in any way. I was aware that this was a full-on incestuous perversion, and I didn’t care. I became manic, my head floating in a demonic haze raking my hard cock at the masturbating image of my Mother on heat.

My arms flexed and in doing so, knocked the cup of water left from a session sometime before. It fell on the one-way mirror with a clunk stopping Mother’s exotic treatments in their tracks as she looked up.

I kept still thinking the noise would abate and that she’d continue her strides for the divine goal of orgasm. To my consternation, she didn’t. She kept staring as I noticed the water spilt from the cup gave a distorted view of Mothers body beneath. It looked like she could see me, and she urgently heaved herself out of the bath. I fled in a panic, trying to hoist my trousers up as I ran. I slide down the attic ladder bannister and hit the floor, but it was too late. Standing above me was my wet naked Mother. Boldly looking down on me as water dripped off her nakedness.

“So!” was all she said, as her face took on a tribal hardness unashamed at being caught in her self-comforting. Mother seemed to be ten feet tall with her tits coming to pointy-headed nipples. The background blurred and I blinked as I swore I could see a row of teeth in her pussy.

I tried to pull my trousers up as I rummaged about in a panic on the floor. I tried to cover my erection that was hardened by the psychotropic substance.

Mother quickly stepped in, stomping her foot down hard between my legs just catching my balls with her toes. I winched at the testicular scraping but still tried for dignity in covering up. My actions had been indefensibly on show. Her well-placed foot stopped me pulling my trousers up, and Mother stood leering over me, her wetness still falling onto me. She studied my cock with demonic red scheming eyes.

She then brought her other foot over and pinned me down by my chest. I shuddered under her in a neurotic ball and tried to cover my erection.

I looked up at her, a picture of a naked Amazonian woman with her hands on her hips, her puffed up pussy as yet satisfied dripping bathwater but apparently begging to be fed.

I became speechless in panic and lay trying to curl up, awaiting her next move. She lifted her foot from between my legs and stood on my hardness using the wall to keep her balance.

“Another peeping tom,” she sighed, “But this time I get to have the pleasure”. She was talking to herself while her foot worked my stiff shaft. She had a look that somehow wanted to devour me. An intense submissive paranoia captured me, a sense beyond my experience and comprehension.

“Get in my bedroom and lay on the bed,” she instructed. Her voice made me shiver with fear, and somehow I felt each word punch my face causing me to flinch.

I was awash with terror and got to my hands and knees to crawl to her room. Immediately she dragged my trousers and pants off rendering me bottomless and making me mockingly vulnerable as I crawled before her. My cock and balls took on a feeling of exaggerated dimensions bringing a fear of being attacked rather than masculine pride.

“Hurry! She demanded as she kicked my testicles, making me speed up.

“Mother!” I cried like a regressed child being smacked for a minor misdemeanour rather than the incestuous abuse it was.

“Please not my balls,” I pathetically whimpered as I caringly held them.

Mother laughed, her nightmarish piercing bellow reverberating around the hall, twisted and distorted. She kicked my balls hard, and in my hallucinatory state, they swung like church bells before turning into inflated weights for me to drag along the carpet in agony.

She leant over me to open the door as I cowered from her imaginary hair of vipers. She opened the door, and I crawled through my balls, alarmingly swinging and getting attention for another attack. I squealed in my heightened state of paranoia as Mother laughed and whipped my ass. My whole body went into a wave of shimmering pain, glowing out from my whipped ass.

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