The Christmas Gift



~ ~ ~


I give the package a shake. No noise. It’s a little heavy, too. Hmm. You’ve been out of town on a business trip and will be returning the day before Christmas. Although we speak nearly every day, you never mentioned sending me a gift, I figured we would be together when we exchanged presents.

Scratching my head, I sit down and begin to open the package. There is a medium-sized box inside and a card is taped on the top. ‘Open first’ is written in your hand and I pull it off, my curiosity increasing. I read the card. Then I re-read it while shaking my head and smiling. We had talked about my fantasy, I just never expected it would actually happen. Tossing the card to the side, I open the box. Running my hand along the items enclosed, I bite my lip.

Anxiously I await December 25th, never saying a word to you or letting on that I received the package. I have my instructions and I’m eager to follow them.

~ ~ ~

Now the day is here!

My heart is pounding like crazy in my chest. I take a few deep breaths, and ring your doorbell. I’ve been a nervous wreck ever since the package arrived. I hold my breath and hear footsteps inside, approaching the door. I smile when you answer wearing only boxers. I exhale slowly and realize my excitement has been overtaken by desire. You look unbelievably handsome; your muscular shoulders . . . your chiseled chest, it takes a lot of strength not to reach out and run my hands down your skin. I let my eyes wander over your body, taking in every part of you.

You smile and step aside to let me in. As you turn to close the door, I let my coat drop. When you turn around to face me, your intake of breath and the widening of your eyes let me know you like what you see and I smile. I’m dressed in the gifts you sent: stiletto heels, red bra, red thong and beige thigh hi’s.

Unable to wait, I abandon my instructions and move closer, pressing myself against you, walking you back against the closed door. Our kiss is long, our tongues twirling around one another, licking, tasting. I take your tongue between my lips, sucking at it as we part. I run my fingernails down your chest, feeling your skin beneath them. You tilt your head back against the door and I kiss your neck, letting my tongue slowly trail down your collarbone and across your shoulder. Mmm…I love your shoulders! I linger there for a few seconds, kissing the skin, licking your muscles, nipping at you. My hands caress the sides of your body, around your back, lightly forcing your chest against my breasts. As you bring your hips to mine, I can feel how hard you are and I slowly rotate, presssing my pelvis against you.

Your hands and fingers caress my back, move up my spine, become entangled in my hair. With some force, you pull my face away from your shoulders and look directly into my eyes. I feel myself get wet as I await my instruction.

“Get on your knees.”

I smile. Yes, this is exactly what I want, what I imagined. As I lower to my knees, my fingernails scrap down the sides of your body, my tongue leaving a wet path down your stomach. I can feel your intake of breath and smile. I slip my hands inside the waistband of your boxer, sliding my fingers around to your buttocks. Your cock straining, tenting your boxer. I lean forward, my lips circling the material covering the head of your cock. With teasing fingers, I draw your boxers down your hips, letting them fall around your feet, sliding my fingers back up your inner thighs, illegal bahis cupping your sack, trailing the length of your shaft. My lips are within inches of your rigid cock, I hear a small growl escape your throat and I look up at you.

“Suck my cock,” you demand, your eyes close slightly but still watch me.

I press my face closer to you, coming in contact with your pubic area, the sparse hair tickling my nose as I move it back and forth, breathing in deeply, taking in your scent, the smell of your sex. A red flush begins to creep onto your cheeks and I grab hold of your cock, sliding my tongue up, licking the swollen head. I twirl my tongue around the ridge, grazing the skin with my teeth before bringing my lips down along the shaft, using a hand to cup and massage your sack, while the other holds you firmly in my mouth.

I look up at you as I run your cock along my lips, watching you watch me. I stick out my tongue, flattening it against the shaft, running it from the bottom to the tip before bringing it fully into my mouth again. Just having you in my mouth makes drives me mad with want. With every lick and suck of your cock, I can feel my nipples tingle and the need to feel you against them increases. As I bring your cock out of my mouth, I give it a few quick flicks with my tongue, then slide it along my neck to my breasts. I close my eyes enjoying how you feel against my skin and can tell you are watching as I slide one bra cup over, exposing my hard nipple, and run the tip of your cock along it, the pre-cum making it glisten.

“I will cum on your tits.”

Nodding, I take you into my mouth as you begin to pump your hips, fucking my face. You push further into my throat, even though you are big, I barely gag, loving the way you feel deep in there. My hands grip your hips and slide around to your ass. My fingers tease you as I spread your cheeks finding that puckered hole. I slide my finger down between your legs, letting my saliva trickle on it before I resume my goal to finger fuck your ass. When I hear you moan, I slide my finger into your ass, mimicking the way your cock is pumping in and out of my mouth. I feel your body tighten and push it deeper in, while pulling you out of my mouth just when you tell me you are about to cum.

I watch with delight and fascination as your cum squirts out, hitting my lips first, and as I bring you to my breasts, splashing on my tits and my stomach. I close my eyes, licking my lips tasting the saltiness of your cum. You take your boxers and wipe the remaining cum off my body, bringing the cloth down lower running it between my thighs. My body tingles from the excitement of having you touch me and I moan in pleasure.

You drop the cloth and kneel behind me, pressing my body against yours as your hands grab my hips. I raise my arms, encircling your head, bringing it closer to me, moaning as your lips kiss my neck, biting me gently. Arching my back, I push my ass out against your cock, feeling it harden again. Slowly you caress my body, your hands moving up and cupping my breasts, your fingers sliding inside my bra, teasing my already hard nipples.

You bring your hands down along my stomach, your fingers sliding inside my thong, moving them around my hips to my ass cheeks. A moment later you slip it off, letting it drop to my knees as you run your hand up the insides of my thighs until you reach the shaven lips of my pussy. You easily slide your finger along the wet lips until you reach my clit. There, you concentrate on that hard nub, flicking it back and forth, mashing it, caressing it, your fingers becoming covered illegal bahis siteleri in my juice. My hands continue to caress your ass, your hips, my fingernails teasing your skin creating tiny goose bumps. I tease your cock by grinding against it with my ass, tightening the muscles, bringing back alive.

You grab my chin with your one free hand then kiss me hard on the lips, then place your hand on my shoulder bending me down. I put out my hands for support and I wait for you on all fours. I feel your cock sliding along my ass, I close my eyes and push myself out to you, wanting you in me. I close my eyes, arching my back as you push the head into my wet pussy. Your cock is so thick you fill me up perfectly.

I try to control myself, I want to push back hard on you, hard and fast. But I wait. The desire in me building. You pump yourself into me slowly at first, but as you feel my body tighten around you, you begin pushing harder. I push back as you thrust into me faster, faster. I moan as your balls slap against my clit. Your hands grip my hips harder, pulling me back against you. I lean lower on one elbow and reach back for my clit. A jolt of excitement shoots through my body as I massage it. I am so wet, and my fingers easily slide up and down on the throbbing skin. I feel your cock pumping in and out of my pussy. It clenches tight and I bring my fingers up again to touch myself. Just when I think I can’t hold on any longer, I shout out, “Fuck me!” but instead of continuing, you stop. I turn to you, confused.

“Get up!” You say, seeing the look in your eyes, I don’t question your order. “Did I say you could speak? Did I say you could touch yourself?”

Silently I stand, waiting, my body throbbing with desire. I open my mouth to say how much I want to touch you. I want my hands, my mouth on you; needing you to fuck me, but you stop me.

“I didn’t say you could speak.”

I blink and close my mouth. I feel my nipples tingling and cannot believe how my body is reacting to this game. Is it possible that I am getting wetter? A quick glance insures me that it is so.

I watch as your hand moves up and down your cock. I feel jealous. Slowly you walk around me, the fingers of your free hand caressing my back then sliding down and between the crack of my ass. You tease me with one finger, pressing and circling the hole of my anus. Closing my eyes, I resist the urge to move my hips and grind against your finger. My breath becoming ragged as you slide your fingers down further and run them along my pussy. I moan involuntarily, my legs spreading.

“I’m going to fuck your ass.” As you say these words you push my hair away from my neck, your breath sending shivers down my spine. I tilt my head waiting for your lips. I take a deep breath. Oh God. Yes. I want you to fuck my ass.

“Do you want that, slut?”

“Slut? Who the fu…” slips from my lips, forgetting my role in our game.

“I ask the questions. Do you want that, slut?” Your voice is forceful and I am not sure if I am pissed or excited.

“Yes.” I say again.

“Yes, what?”

I hesitate then whisper, “Yes, sir.”

Walking around to face me, I see you smile and I wait, watching your eyes sweep over my body. I raise my chin and you look at me, eyebrow lifting, questioning if I am being defiant. I lower my eyes, I’ll play this with you. I want you to control me and you know it. After all, it is my fantasy, my Christmas gift.

“Go to the couch and bend over the arm.”

Quietly, I do as you say. I notice that you had put a towel on the arm of the chair and I position canlı bahis siteleri myself upon it, smiling inwardly. You had even taken a pillow and placed it precisely where I could rest my forehead. I could feel heat beginning to swell inside my body. You know me so well and know that I could only go so far with this game.

As I bend over the armrest, I feel your hands grasp my wrists and watch as you tie my thong around them. I could see the wet spot on the crotch and am immediately doused with the sweet smell of my sex.

“Hold still.” You demand and I feel your hands grip my hips. My body involuntarily clenches as I feel your breath on the cheeks on of my ass, I moan as I feel your tongue licking between them. My moaning urges you on and you plunge your tongue deep into my asshole. You swirl your tongue around, saliva mixing with my juices. I moan again as your finger dips into my slick hole, gathering the wetness, spreading it and gently sliding it into me. I push back against it lightly, you run your finger along my slit and then back up again, this time plunging two fingers inside me, the skin tightening around them.

Hearing my intake of breath, you grab a handful of hair, forcing my head back.

“Do you like that, slut?” Your voice is low, provocative. Your breath against my ear is both exciting and ticklish.

“Yes.” At this you spank my ass. I bite my lip as the sensitive skin begins to sting, you wait a moment and then do it again. Each time is a little harder. Realizing my mistake, I say “Yes, sir!” I hear you laugh and I press my face against the pillow so you don’t see or hear me laughing, for fear of another spanking.

As your hand slides between the cheeks of my ass, I feel a cold gel on your fingers. Instinctively, my hips arch out to you and I feel the tip of your cock touching my asshole. Swallowing hard, I try to relax, but my excitement is building. I feel you push the tip inside and I push myself to you. I know how big you are. I know it will hurt, but I want to feel you there. You start to caress my clit, knowing I need to be relaxed. You also know that I will cum hard and fast when you are inside me. As you caress me, my hips move back toward you, you guide your cock inside me. I feel pain, but it’s such a sweet pain my body opens to accept you.

Once the head is past my hole, you slide into me. My body clenches against you, holding you captive. Your hand massages my clit faster now, sliding along the lips, dipping into my pussy and then out again. With each movement of your hand, your cock slowly slides in and out of my asshole.

As I approach my orgasm, my body moves against you faster, bringing you deeper into my ass. It’s so unbelievably painful and sweet as spasms rip through my body, my ass contracting against your shaft, squeezing it, milking it. My clit hardens to your touch, my cum wetting your fingers, spreading to my thighs. I hear you moan as both your hands now grip my hips, pulling me to you. I can feel your cock jerk inside me as your need for release heightens. With one long thrust, you groan and I feel your body tense before you pull out, seconds later your hot cum splashes over my ass. I feel your body relax against my back, your hand coming down to gently stroke me, causing tiny orgasms from my sensitive clit. I feel your lips kissing my back and I turn slightly to face you.

“Slut, huh?” I say smiling at your handsome face.

For that I get a laugh from you and a smack on my already throbbing ass.

“And we’re not done. Besides, unlike Christmas, I cum more than once a year.”

We both collapse onto the couch laughing.

~ ~ ~


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