The cleaning lady (Maid) Part 4


The cleaning lady (Maid) Part 4The cleaning lady (Maid) Part 4By Dina PetroAnother Episode as a continuation of Part 3, of the same story (The cleaning lady (Maid)After That exceptional, sudden sex session, Willy had an appointment and had to leave, so he ran to the bathroom, got cleaned up, said good bye and left, I had a shower too, put my clothes on and excused myself to leave as it was time to go home.Chuck held my hand saying “would you be kind enough to sit down and chat with me for a little while please?”I said “Yes of course, it would be my utmost pleasure”He hugged me close, gave me a few passionate kisses on the lips saying “Honestly Annie, you have done what made me the happiest man ever, you have helped me do something, I did not really have on mind, but it just came quick, but it meant so much to me to present Willy with such a gift, a precious one in fact, your body baby”I smiled, Chuck got up saying he would prepare a couple of drinks for us, I was trying to do it, but he insisted saying I was his honorable guest now, not his maid, he got the alcoholic drinks and came back, I said “Chuck, I have had many drinks today, are you trying to get me drunk or what?”He laughed saying “may be so, just to take advantage of your brains this time, not your body which I have already used twice today”We both laughed as we sipped on our drinks, Chuck said “Baby, I know you are wondering about a few non clear things that have passed today, besides, you are a very smart college girl, I know this cleaning business is just a temporary kind of a job to get you through”I nodded smiling and saying “true, but I hate to interfere with your own private life”He said “but I want you to, I like you already baby, besides I have promised to talk to you openly, I am sure you are wondering mostly about Willy’s relations to me, he is not a relative or a staff member at my company of course” he hesitated for a moment, looked very serious, then he smiled again and continued saying “baby, what I am going to tell you now, is something very special to me, no one in this whole world knows it except Willy and I”I interrupted him saying “But you don’t have to Chuck, it is….”He hashed me by placing his finger over my lips saying “but I want to do it, I like you Annie, and I want to share my secrets with someone else other than Willy, and of course, Willy knows already I am going to talk to you about it, and he approved of it already”I said “Ok, let’s hear it then”He looked me straight in the eyes saying, almost whispering “Willy and I are lovers, Annie, I mean …what I wanted to say is that… neither of us is a gay, or something like that, but it is true, we do have sex together, and I want you to know that, he is the only man on earth, I have ever had sex with, so far, but I do like women a lot an I enjoy having sex with them, so does he”All the time he was talking, I was looking him straight in the eyes, with a soft smile, and a face look of total approval and acceptance of what he was saying, without any single astonishment or anything like that, although he was trying to avoid looking straight into my eyes, when he was saying some sentences, but he was looking back right after.Chuck stopped talking as of a sudden; he was silent for a moment, then said “May I ask you a question Annie”I smiled saying “of course you may Chuck, by all means ask”He said “why aren’t you surprised by any of what I have been saying, although I had expected you to be totally shocked?”I smiled, placed my finger over his lip, then I kissed my finger saying “because, you have not said any word that is off the wall, or abnormal so far, at least to my way of thinking, these are facts bursa escort I understand totally, I am bisexual myself, I enjoy sex with women as much as I do with men, I love being around women, get aroused by them so much too, besides, I have nothing against gays or bisexual men, on the contrary, I love them and I have many friends who are like that, so why would I be shocked or surprised, it is your own personal right to do whatever pleases you without interference from anyone in this whole world Chuck”Chuck seemed to be totally please with what he had heard from me, he loved it, it showed on his face clearly, he got closer, hugged me so close and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips, once we broke the kiss, he looked me in the eyes saying “you are an angle Annie, I love you and I am so happy and proud to know you dear”I laughed saying “the honor and pleasure is all mines Chuck, I did not do anything except being realistic, besides, I am the one who should know that you and Willy are no gays by all means, I have tried sex with both of you so far, and I loved it, it was one hell of a sexual satisfying experience in fact, I would gladly do it over and over again anytime”He looked me in the eyes with the biggest, loudest laughter saying “would you have sex with both of us together Annie?”I laughed back saying “I thought we had already started it, didn’t you finger fuck my pussy while he was fucking my ass?”He nodded saying “I guess you are right, in fact I planned on sharing you with Willy and…having you and Willy share me, if you know what I mean?”I laughed saying “I know exactly what you meant Chuck, I take it, you guys are not equal in sex, is there a bottom and top in your relations?He said “yes in fact, there is, it is me who fell in love with Willy first, I would do anything for him, including sucking his cock and riding it, I allowed him to completely insert it up my ass and fuck me, just like he would fuck any woman, I would not hesitate being the woman, the female when we have sex, but he only like a few things, like being sucked by me, or fucking me, he would allow me to lick his ass or finger fuck it, but nothing further and I respect that and respect the boundaries he drew”I smiled saying “it could never be as clear to me, and I do not mind having you both, share my body, and double fuck me, mouth and pussy, or mouth and ass, even ass and pussy, same time, but as for sharing you with Willy, I may have to get my strap on dildo cock, so I could fuck you in the ass while you suck his dick”We both laughed loud as he said “all accepted madam, no objections what so ever”We continued laughing as I answered him “you should call me Sir; I will be fucking you with my dick mam, so it is you, who will be called madam, remember? That is, if we want to be nice and strange, as I recall, we do not call the one we fuck a madam, especially while fucking her”He laughed so loud saying “I do not mind you calling me a bitch, a slut, a whore, whatever pleases you and keep you fucking and pleasing my cock hungry ass”I went home that night after some arrangements with Chuck, he asked me to come back next day, but in the evening, so we can all have fun together, he said, there was no need for me to finish the cleaning job, he would have someone else take care of it for me, and he insisted on me wearing anything I wanted, as he had plans to what I should wear for them and he would buy it for me, I agreed.I came back the next evening, with a regular Top and a short skirt, they both greeted me warmly with the longest hugs and kisses, Chuck held my arm, walked me to his bedroom, and asked me to wear something he had for me, it was a lingerie, bursa escort bayan more of a baby doll, that looked succulent on me, a real sexy garment of very light material, totally transparent, making my body look eatable, we started our night with some drinks, chatting about the whole situation, talking openly about their relationship, how it started and how it ended up, and how good they both were, by keeping it totally under the table, telling me I was the only person who knew about it so far.We were playing lovely sexual games, Chuck ended up spreading my legs, pouring his liquor over my pussy and drinking it off of my pussy, shoving his tongue deep in my cunt and sucking on my clit, with the taste of alcohol, Willy was spilling his drink over my tits, cleavage and tummy, trying to follow and lick it where it was seeping downwards, till their tongues met over my pussy.I would say, I came twice during such games, till I finally sat down, took both of their cocks together, and started sucking them, either alternatively, or sometimes trying to jam them together between my lips double sucking them same time, Chuck’s dick was much thicker and longer that Willy’s.Chuck said “do not get any ideas Annie, I loved Willy for his personality and body looks before I even saw his cock, but it was my good luck that it was nice and moderate in size to suite my virgin ass by then”I was laughing and teasing him by saying “I thought you were feeling all of your employee’s and friend’s cocks to see which one is suitable for your virgin ass” He slapped me playfully on my bare ass, then tried to bite my ass, playfully also of course, which felt the best, I was sucking Willy’s dick by then, when Chuck finally situated himself right behind me and started licking my ass hole and pussy, till he decided to replace his tongue and fingers with his cock and started rubbing his cockhead to my wet and slippery pussy.Then i was fully double penetrated, a nice fresh, young dick in my mouth, balls deep into my throat while another older, giant one was fucking my horny, slippery pussy, that was an exceptional feeling, soon enough, Chuck pulled out of my pussy and fucked me in the ass, which felt as good if not a little more pleasurable.Willy’s cock fell out of my mouth as Chuck was moving my body around with his giant dick stuffed balls deep into my ass, he sat down pulling me up over him, till I was over his body, my back over his stomach, sitting on his cock, chuck screamed to Willy “Come on partner, use the available fuck hole, stuff your dick in her pussy, let us double penetrate this slutty bitch”Willy got up, started rubbing his dick to my outer pussy lips and started pushing his cock into me, he did not need any further efforts for my ‘cock hungry’ pussy to start sucking his dick deeper and deeper in my pussy, that was a hell of a double penetration, I had ever had till that point, it was working visa versa, the bigger dick was up my ass, while the smaller one was in my pussy, while it should have been the other way around, but I could easily tell how happy and fully entertained were the man who were fucking me and sharing my hot body same time.We were all enjoying it to the fullest it could ever be, we all were ready to come same time, I have instructed the boys to both cum in me, ass and pussy, I was on the pill and it was fully safe, they both started shooting cum in each of my fuck holes, while my pussy was splashing loads of pussy juices all over Willy’s dick, making it more slippery than it was inside my cunt.While we were relaxing together, sipping on our drinks, still fully nude, they both admitted it was their first time to share a woman escort bursa together, when I asked why? They said, they were afraid she would discover their relations, I agreed with them.I said “you guys are very explicit, let me remind you Chuck how I spotted you and guessed there was something fishy in your relations, when the first time I was fucked by Willy over the kitchen table, while you, Chuck, were sitting in front of me, when Willy was ready to cum and wanted to pull out of me, he asked you if you wanted it?”They looked at each other, shocked, and then they grinned and smiled as I looked at both of them saying “I knew up to 90% he wanted to cum in your mouth, it was so obvious to me, am I right boys? And do not dare lie to me”They both laughed loud, nodding and saying “Yes” exact same timeChuck looked at me saying “to be honest with you, I really wanted to get up, open my mouth for his dick to cum inside, and kiss you on the mouth to share his cum with you, it was like a fantasy for me, but I was afraid to reveal everything at once right there, that Is why I said no”I smiled saying “well, no time is better than this time, why don’t you go ahead Chuck, and suck his dick, prepare it for me please, I want to see his cum inside your mouth, then I will share it with you, how does that sound?”It looked like neither of them needed any invitation, in no time Willy was spreading his legs, while Chuck got on his knees in between Willy’s legs, he took his dick as an expert cock sucker and started sucking on it, taking it deeper each time, till he took it balls deep, Chuck seemed to be enjoying Willy’s cock, as much as Willy was enjoying the special man to man blow job.I was enjoying watching it in full details, it made me so horny again, my pussy was slippery and leaking wet, then I shocked both of them as well as I shocked myself when I pulled a strap on dildo cock, from my purse, it was about the same size as Willy’s dick, I got it that size on purpose, simply because I knew what I wanted to do with it, I wanted to fuck Chuck’s ass.I got up, started wearing the strap on cock, looking at them laughing and saying “well guys, it is about time you stop treating me as the only slutty whore in this house, who is fucked by both of you whenever you please, it is about time I fuck another bitch, Chuck”Chuck was still sucking on Willy’s dick, when he maneuvered a little to be able to look at the cock which was about to use, to fuck his ass, Willy was laughing happily, enjoying the scene as much as all of us did, I bent over behind Chuck, lowered my head and started licking his ass slowly and thoroughly till I made it fully lubricated.I started rubbing my dildo cock head to his ‘cock hungry ass hole’ while eyeing Willy and smiling happily, till the cock head popped into chuck’s ass, he let out a loud moan, I froze asking him “did my dick hurt you my sweet, hot whore?”He said “No darling, it feels succulent into my ass/pussy, please go deeper and fuck me like the real whore I am, and the real slut I deserve to be”I loved his words and the terms he used, and I started fucking him so hard and so deep, as of a sudden, we changed positions, Willy pulled his cock out of Chuck’s moth, got up, right behind me, his cock was fully lubed by Chuck’s saliva, he started shoving his cock into my ass, till he was balls deep in me, then Cuck and Willy froze, while I started moving back and forth, when back, Willy’s dick sinks balls deep into my ass, and when I move to the front, my dildo cock sinks balls, deep into chuck’s ass, till all three of us cam again exact same time.That night we continued playing games, chatting, laughing, drinking and fucking all night long, till early morning next day, we all fell asleep into each other’s arms, fully naked, our bodies soaking with cum, till afternoon of next day.THE ENDWishing you all the bestDina

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