The Coach’s Chance Encounter


The Coach’s Chance EncounterEddy McCants rolled the rack of basketballs back into the athletic storage room at Liddell County High School. After coaching the varsity boys to the final four in the state tournament last season, he had a good feeling that his team would make it at least as far this time around because he had three returning starters. The six-foot-one-inch light-skinned man walked into his office and waited for his assistant coach. He propped his size twelve feet up on his desk. He and Coach Jones discussed this afternoon’s practice and their strategy to push the guys even harder tomorrow.Eddy checked his phone and replied quickly to a text from Suzanne, his wife of 16 years, agreeing to pick up dog food for their son’s Toy Fox Terrier. Then, he scanned the list of recent calls and noted a missed one from a number he did not recognize. He pressed the button to listen to voicemail and was greeted by the grandmother of his lone sophomore player. She was concerned about her ‘gran-baby’s’ slipping academic performance.“Hello Mrs. Gandy! This is Coach McCants,” he said when she answered the phone.“Oh yes. Thanks for calling me back. Jabaar isn’t doing his homework. I need to know can you help.”“Yes ma’am. I’ll speak with him tomorrow. And, I’ll follow-up with all his teachers,” he offered.“I was really hoping you could stop by tonight.”“Well, I uh…Yes I can. What’s the address?”“2424 West Piedmont Avenue,” she quickly peeled off.Coach McCants scribbled on a pad, “I’ll see you in a few.”“Well, I’m at work at the nursing home, but Jabaar should be there. I appreciate it coach. I gotta get back to work now.”Eddy hung up the phone then fired off a text to Suzanne letting her know he would be slightly delayed due an unforeseen player crisis. After many years of marriage to the passionate coach, she was unfazed by his sudden change of plans to offer guidance and mentoring to one his players – many of whom had few, if any, positive male role models in their lives. The assistant district attorney walked into the kitchen to fix a plate for her husband which she wrapped in foil and left in the oven.Eddy made it to the appointed address about twenty minutes later. The house was a small shotgun with green siding. He parked his jet black 2009 Chevy bakırköy escort Avalanche in the tiny driveway and headed to the front door. He knocked. He waited. He knocked again. Finally, he decided to retreat back to his vehicle. As he stepped down from the porch, the front door creaked open. Before he could turn around, he heard a sweet voice ask, “May I help you?”“Yes, I’m Coach McCants and I’m looking for Jabaar Gandy. His grandmother asked me to stop by,” he extended his hand for a shake.“Oh Jabaar just went to the store with his friends,” came the reply with a delicate grip. “He oughta be back in fifteen minutes or so. Care to come in and wait?”The two-hundred-ten pound coach glanced at his watch, hesitated, and said, “Yeah.”“Come on in. Have a seat anywhere,” she said pointing to the compact living room. “Would you like something to drink?”“Sure,” he smiled at the attractive medium brown-skinned lady with hair that hung to the middle of her back.“We have water, lemonade, milk and tea,” she rattled off.“Tea sounds good.”Eddy took up residence on the plaid couch and paid a slight amount of attention to the reality television series the woman fixing his drink must have been watching prior to his arrival. She returned with a tall glass decorated with green, pink, and light blue polka dots. She handed him the enormous glass of iced tea then sat on a recliner perpendicular to the couch.Eddy took a huge gulp then asked, “Are you Jabaar’s sister?”“Oh no sir. I’m his cousin, Ayesha.”“I don’t remember you. You look to be around his age. Did you go to County?”“I did,” she smirked. “I looked a little different then.”“I see. What year did you graduate?”“2008. I remember you,” she beamed.“I was definitely there then. I’m sorry I can’t place you. I can’t imagine people ever forget you,” he laughed anxiously as he attempted to flirt with the woman wearing a pink graphic tee and skinny jeans.“That was real sweet. I’m just back visiting my grandmother on fall break.”“Thanks! Where do you go? What’s your major?”“I’m at A&I studying architectural engineering.”“Damn, beautiful and smart. You’ll make some man lucky.”“You’re way too kind,” she flashed her pearly smile. “In high school my name was Aaron Pierce.”Eddy choked beşiktaş escort on the tea, “Come again?”“Yes, Coach McCants. I was a boy in high school.”“Damn, I remember you now,” he recalled aloud in an ‘aha’ moment. I think I heard a rumor that you had a sex change.”“Rumor’s true. No surgery, but I do live as a woman now,” she informed him.“Well, I never would’ve guessed. You look real good.”“You just don’t stop with the compliments, do you?”“Should I,” he winked.“No sir,” Ayesha replied as she moved next to him on the couch. “I think it’s nice.”Eddy placed his hand on her thigh and gave it a telling squeeze, “How long till Jabaar gets back?”“I have no idea. Last night, he didn’t get back till right before granny got home from work.”“Then we have some time. Wanna take me to your bedroom?”“Have you ever been with a girl like me,” she inquired intently.“A couple times,” quipped the 40 year old.“Follow me,” Ayesha announced standing.The five-foot-nine-inch, one-hundred-fifty-pound beauty with the incredibly thick ass showed him to a pint-sized makeshift guest bedroom. She sat facing Eddy on the twin bed and moved quickly to unbuckle his belt. “Coach McCants I’ve been waiting for this a long time” she confessed in a whisper. He massaged her natural B-cup breasts through her shirt before helping her undress. He admired her desirable naked body. Then, she placed her lips around his thick six-and-a-half-inch dick. Eddy leaked precum which Ayesha savored in her mouth.His dick throbbing, he lifted her from the bed and knelt down to kiss her tender lips. She closed her eyes to relish the moment. He ran his hands down her hair to the small of her back to fondle her sumptuous booty. Ayesha cooed, “Ooh Coach McCants.”“Call me, Eddy,” he replied.“Yes sir,” she obliged then kissed him again. “I wanna feel your dick, Eddy.”“Well suck it some more baby girl,” he pleaded.Ayesha fell to her knees slurping up the hearty member. Eddy grabbed the back of her head feeding her his cock in a gentle thoroughness. Her full lips glistened from the mixture of clear lip gloss and saliva running from her mouth. Eddy proclaimed, “Damn girl! That feels good.” Eddy pulled her up again and laid her on the bed. He first went to work suckling beylikdüzü escort on her delicious breasts. He paid attention to the left one and then the right as he bent over the side of the bed. As he licked one, he kneaded the other. He kissed down her stomach and squeezed her engorged eight inches. He flipped her over onto her knees so he could taste her hole from behind. As he pleasured her steamy pussy, his tongue traveled down her taint to her miniscule balls and long clit. He licked up and down repeatedly to Ayesha’s pleasured melodious moaning.“I want it, Coach,” she purred.“Yes baby,” he replied getting on his knees.Eddy positioned his dick at the her hole and began wiggling his hips from side to side to work it in. Ayesha grabbed a bottle of lotion from the side table, squeezed out a bit, then slid forward to rub it onto her anus. She lowered her head and raised her ass pushing the globular behemoth towards him. Eddy’s tool went in slowly until he was balls deep in her. “Oooooh,” she cried out as he filled her.“That pussy feels good,” Eddy declared with his eyes rolling in the back of his head.“That dick feels good too,” Ayesha gasped.Eddy pumped slowly with full deep strokes. Ayesha threw herself back into each thrust. He smacked her butt cheeks and massaged them as he plunged his dick into her repeatedly. Eddy tensed with thrill as he indulged in her tight, wet, warm pussy. “Fuck me,” she wailed sweetly.“Damn girl, you’re gonna make me nut.”“Oh, baby. Not yet,” she begged. Ayesha hopped off of Eddy’s dick and flipped over on her back. “Make love to me,” her large eyes wooed him.Eddy put his vein-filled cock back into her hole. He placed her knees around his elbows, angled up, and began digging in her ass.“Fuck that pussy,” she screamed.“Hell yeah, baby! Take that dick,” he commanded.“I love it!”“You love this dick?”“Yes. Oh yes,” she exclaimed.“This dick loves that pussy.”“Fuck it like it’s yours.”“It’s mine baby! It’s…mine…Shit…It’s…mine,” he huffed with his body tightening. “Damn girl, here it comes!”“Yes Coach. Oh yes,” Ayesha reacted with eagerness when she felt the lava flow of Eddy’s cum launch far into her anus.Eddy collapsed. Ayesha held him. Eddy’s labored breathing was heavy. Ayesha sucked on his ear.She asked, “Do you want me to call Jabaar.”“No, I’ll catch him tomorrow. I should probably head on home.”“Okay Coach,” she replied.“Eddy,” he corrected her.Eddy washed up in the 1950s style bathroom then kissed Ayesha passionately before leaving. He jumped in his truck and headed off the discount store to pick up the dog food.

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