The Conspiracy of Silence


It was an odd conspiracy of silence, one that I felt very strange about. They both knew – sisters talk – but now they knew it was both of them, they pretended it wasn’t…

I had met Tina at work. We had worked in the same office for several months before the inevitable office party. The party where she drank too much. The party from where I drove her home. Took her into her house (her family were away)…well the rest is history. We were never in a relationship particularly, but the sex was good – she was fun, adventurous, she seemed to like what I did. If we had a spare evening – perhaps every couple of weeks she came around to my flat, we got together. Had fun. Went home. At 22 she was both self-confident enough and carefree enough to simply enjoy having a “fuck-buddy.”

I had met Toni a couple of months later. She was a year older than Tina. We had both been at the gym. Her car had a flat tyre when I walked past. I changed the wheel. Took her for a drink and again the rest, as they say, is history. She was a regular visitor to my flat as well. Whereas Tina was smallish, shapely, outgoing, funloving, Toni was much quieter, slim, taller. Whereas Tina was fun-loving and a bundle of fire in bed, Toni was more sensual, but ultimately more “amoral” – had less inhibitions, would do anything to intensify our pleasures. One week it was Toni, the next it was Tina. Heaven for me, I hope fun for them.

It took me several weeks to work out they were sisters. I saw Toni’s driving license. It leapt out at me. The same address. The same surname. It was obvious… I asked Toni if she had a sister called Tina who worked where I worked. She had. I asked Tina if she had a sister which went to the same gym as I did. She had. I never let on to the other that they were both regular visitors to my bed…

I suppose sisters talk. One would say they had a date which ended up at the man’s flat. A week later the other would say they had been to bed with their date. They talked about him – me. It took them several months to put it all together – similar descriptions, both mentioning the same area. Christian name of the date the same. It was odd – all three of us put it together at roughly the same time – I was bedding two sisters. Toni realising Tina was sharing my bed, Tina realising Toni… But no-one daring to tell anyone else what was happening, what they knew. The grand conspiracy of silence had started!

One of the things I like to do is tell my partners about my fantasies while we are making love. It seems to intensify things. If you click into the right thing, it can make the partner really hot. Sometimes it can lead to more fun, more variety down the line. It did particularly with Toni when I told her just before we came one evening how I’d like to cum all over her pretty face. Her mind looked shocked, but her body gave her away – she exploded into her orgasm at that moment. Two weeks later I was cumming all over her face, because she wanted to try it, experience it. It took her ages to wash her hair after we had finished!

The one fantasy everyone knows every man has is having two women at the same time. Or watching two women making love to each other. It was natural to say it to Tina and Toni when we were making love, and it did seem to enhance their excitement, their wetness, as my cock slid in and out of them. Again their minds would tell them it wasn’t right and you could see that on their faces, but their bodies betrayed them.

It was a short journey from there to naming the women I would like to see them with. Stars off the telly, the odd sports star or celebrity. Again, each time their bodies responded, as much as their minds illegal bahis may not have liked the idea.

The final step was when I was with Toni. My mind was befuddled with lust as I took her, both of us reaching our peaks. It slipped out by accident, although I knew I shouldn’t have said it the moment I’d opened my mouth. “I’d like to see you make love to Tina.”

Her eyes opened wide as her mind rejected the idea, but her body seemed to explode in lust, she had the most intense orgasm I could remember – and that was saying something! Immediately afterwards the conspiracy of silence came down. We pretended it hadn’t happened.

We pretended, until the next time. This time I said it deliberately, but as if in the befuddled lustful state just before orgasm. I told her I would love to see her head between her sisters legs, asking her if she wouldn’t love to taste her sisters pussy, make her cum. Again her face looked shock, but her body exploded with lust. Again, afterwards, the conspiracy of silence.

Afterwards for the next couple of months it became a regular part of our love making. Me sharing the fantasy, intensifying her lust, her mind disapproving, her body exploding, the conspiracy of silence…

It was about a month after I had first said anything about her sister to Toni, that I said anything to Tina. I had already talked of fantasies as we made love, and mentioned about watching her with another woman, but it was that month later I said I’d like to see her with her sister. Remarkably almost the same thing happened. She was shocked, mentally disapproving, but her body responding as never before, followed, of course, by the conspiracy of silence.

The whole thing seemed totally ludicrous – neither admitting to the other that they were both having sex with the same man, me never mentioning to one sister that I was having sex with the other sister, and all three of us pretending there was nothing “eccentric” or “extreme” being talked about when we were making love, nothing that was enhancing what was already good sex. For myself, I was happy to continue in that mode, as presumably were the two sisters. I knew that one day they would meet men they wanted a deeper relationship with and I would be left behind . I didn’t mind that – I would just move on. But while things were as they were, I was happy to enjoy the fun.

One Saturday a phone call changed all that. Well, I changed things. I took an opportunity, grasped an opportunity. I got the phone call from Tina about 11.30am. Their washing machine had flooded the kitchen. They had phoned everyone else they could think of – uncles, neighbours, friends, and I was the last one they had tried. They had dared try. Again, the same folly, the same conspiracy of silence had ruled. Tina had said there was a man she worked with, that she thought Toni had seen at the gym, who lived nearby who could probably help. Toni said phone him, I know who you mean. At 11.40 I arrived at their home. Both sisters looked gorgeous in their casual tee-shirts and jeans. Their parents who lived there, who owned the house, were away for the weekend.

It took a bit of time to fix the washer. One of the pipes from the mains water to the machine had split. It meant turning off the water. Going to the DIY shop. Buying a new pipe. Fitting it. Turning the water back on. Trying a wash. Helping to mop up the water.

These jobs always take longer than you expect – at 1.30pm we had decided the machine was fine, and they offered me a sandwich and cup of coffee. I didn’t refuse. We chatted. We chatted on. We talked about work. About friendships. It was all superficial and the conspiracy of silence illegal bahis siteleri was never threatened. It was probably three o’clock when we got onto the subject of weird friendships. Weird relationships. At that moment the bell rang in my brain. Or the light came on. Maybe… I could try and see what would happen…The girls had talked and giggled about one lad who had broken wind a lot while making love. Another who always wanted to be underneath and have his face “sat on.” Then there was a sudden momentary lull.

“I think one of the weirdest things I’ve come across is,” I paused. they both listened. “One of the weirdest thing is this girl who was really good, but got incredibly turned on when I fantasized about her making love to her sister.”

The silence was deafening. Both had turned bright red. Both stumbled over their speech. I continued. “I often wondered whether they would want to make love to each other for real. It would certainly have fulfilled all my dreams! That would have been really hot to see” I smiled, relaxed, as if I hadn’t said anything of great import. For the two girls it was very different. Bright red with embarrassment, a stunned look on their faces, clearly an air suggesting this shouldn’t be happening, surely the conspiracy of silence was stronger…

There was complete silence for a moment, then both Tina, started blustering, saying sisters would never want to do that, saying it was wrong, saying she would never consider such a thing, saying them over two or three times in her desire to make this moment go away.

About the second time Tina was going through her “litany” of objections, Tina joined it. But it was slightly different. “Never thought of it, so embarrassing, wouldn’t know what to do, wouldn’t know where to start…”

I let them go on for a few moments, raised my hand, let their talking peter out, said sorry for mentioning it. But continued …”but you both know it was you. With each other.”

This time the two girls had nothing to say, had their eyes down, couldn’t face each other because of the embarrassment. I turned to Toni and spoke gently. “You don’t know what to do? It’s quite simple really. You get up, walk over to Tina, and as you get there she will realise you are serious. She’ll stand up, then you put your arms around her, put your lips to hers, then kiss her. As you both enjoy it more instinct will take over – you do to her what you like have done to you. Put your tongue in her mouth. Rest your hand on her boob. Pinch her nipple. Undress her. Bit more, probably end up in a 69.It’s not difficult…” I smiled encouraging and waved my hand towards Tina in invitation.

There was a long long pause. I thought I had got it wrong. Was wondering what to say to get us out of this moment. Then it happened.

Toni got to her feet slowly. Walked over to Tina. Held out her hand to Tina.

Slowly Tina looked up into Toni’s eyes, then took the hand and Toni helped her to her feet. They were clearly very nervous, and clumsy in their nervousness, but Toni did put her arms around Tina, put her lips to Tina’s, and it was good to see Tina let her. I watched as they tentatively kissed, relaxing slowly into each others arms, the kiss becoming more natural, more animated. It took three of four minutes before their tongues were gently wrestling. It took perhaps 6 or 7 minutes until I saw Tina raise her hand and cup Toni’s breast, squeezing gently, then pinching the nipple which I could see getting hard through her bra and tee-shirt. Suddenly Toni stepped back, broke away. She gave Tina a long stare in her eyes – again I thought this could be the end of the show…

It canlı bahis siteleri wasn’t. Toni reached out, took the bottom of tina’s tee-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She reached behind Tina, undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. Tina’s round pert breasts looked even more beautiful at this moment than they ever had before. I thought Toni was going to stop at that, but she didn’t.

Toni reached out and undid the button on Tina’s jeans, slid down the zip, and pulled both Tina’s jeans and panties to the floor. Tina looked fantastic as she stood there naked. It was obvious she wanted to – she had helped Toni removed the panties and jeans from her feet. Again Toni reach to Tina, pulled her to her and began to kiss her, but this time much more passionately, her hands beginning to explore Tina’s body, hands caressing and squeezing Tina’s breasts, running all over her back, over her shapely curved ass. I watched as Tina spread her legs slightly to allow Toni to explore between. It was clear from Tina’s glazed look that she was enjoying this. Her breathing was shortening as Toni was clearly reaching some good places between Tina’s legs.

It had surprised me at first that Toni was playing the “top” role – but perhaps the quiet shyer ones are stronger personalities!

My thoughts didn’t last long as my eyes went back to the show. I watched as Toni pushed her sister to the floor, and again was kissing her, let her hands roam. This time nothing was hidden – Tina allowed her legs to be spread wide, the lips of her pussy glistening as Toni’s fingers danced over them. One moment she was flicking Tina’s clitoris, making her moan, then gently pushing one or two fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, next moment allowing her fingers to pinch the lips of her pussy, each action causing Tina to moan with pleasure, each action making her breathe more heavily.

Suddenly Toni pulled away again, but this time I knew this wasn’t going to stop here. She quickly undid her jeans, slipped them off revealing her beautiful ass, her neatly trimmed bush.

She paused for a moment, then simply stood astride Tina’s head and dropped herself onto Tina’s face.

This time Toni paused them moaned and squirmed – it was obvious Tina’s tongue was touching a nice spot. Toni quickly removed her tee-shirt and bra, then leant forward, allowing her head to disappear between Tina’s legs.

At this moment the girls were oblivious of the room, of me, as their tongues began to work on each other. The girls moaned, squirmed, their bodies bucked as their arousal got higher and higher…

Suddenly Toni exploded in orgasm, crying out, and moments later Tina followed. Their bodies shuddered, Toni forcing her crotch hard down onto Tina’s face, their hips bucked. I knew the two girls were hot but was amazed at the violence of their orgasms. It seemed like minutes before Toni rolled off her sister.

It was odd for the three of us to be sitting there. It had been so hot, watching the two girls, I was rock hard. “Me next…” I said, undoing my flies.

“Oh no,” said Tina in a pretend shocked voice.

Suddenly Toni had caught on… “We can’t do that…”

Tina continued. “No, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. A lot to talk about. A lot to explore…”

Toni continued, giggling. “No, you’ll have to leave, you have to go…”

I had stood up, and was suddenly feeling pushed out the door by the two girls. Before I knew what had happened I was out of the door, my trousers still undone.

Toni spoke. “You can ring us in a few days…”

Tina continued: “But we have a lot for just the two of us…” The door was shut. I was outside. I quickly did up my trousers.

“The swines,” I thought, as I drove away frustrated. But I knew the next time I was with them I would be in charge. And all three of us would have fun… and I would get my revenge…

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