The Country Cottage Pt. 04


The Country Cottage

(Part 4)

The Enlightenment


With the soft touch on my right ass cheek, I broke off the kiss with Lisa and looked down in surprise at Father John.

He was a short man, probably no taller than five foot four or five with a fringe of white hair surrounding the pink top of his balding head. There was an impish grin on his face, a hint of laughter sparkled in his mesmerizing gray eyes and a surprisingly long and thick dick sticking straight out from his body, a cock well out of proportion to the rest of his body.

“I do hope I am not interrupting,” he said softly, keeping his hands on both of us as he spoke, “but I needed a cold beer and did want a chance to chat with you both.”

Lisa smiled weakly as I bent to fish a cold beer from the cooler. When I glanced up at her, I could see her eyes darting back and forth from Father John’s face to his impressive dick. I handed him the beer and put my arm around my wife’s waist, letting my hand drop enough to caress her bare ass. Lisa leaned in to me before she spoke.

“So, Father, what is it you wanted to discuss with us?”

He took a long sip of the beer, his eyes clearly appraising us before he said another word.

“Oh nothing much really much, just a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ sort of chat before the confessions and inductions tomorrow.”

“You mean all this tonight is not the induction?” I asked incredulously, looking around at the various entangled, moaning bodies on the scattered mattresses.

“Oh no, hardly,” he laughed heartily, “tonight is the wedding rehearsal…practice if you will…before the actual ceremonies tomorrow.”

“Practice? Really? This seems a bit more…um…involved than that,” Lisa exclaimed, gesturing around the room with the hand that was not resting on my ass.

“Trust me, this is just a hint of how…loving…the family is with one another,” he chuckled taking another swig of his beer. “I’m guessing you have only gotten the barest of hints what we are all about so far.”

Lisa and I just looked at each other. We we both blushing slightly not sure how to put into words some of the things we had already seen that aroused us both. Lisa moaned softly what Father John gently squeezed her other ass cheek before continuing. My dick stiffened a little seeing how casually and intimately he touched my wife as I stood next to them.

“I suppose some of what you’ve both learned in the last few hours came as something of a shock. It usually does when newcomers are first introduced to the family. Perhaps a brief history will help.”

He finished the beer, tossed the empty bottle into a trash bin and asked me to get another. When I turned back to them, he was twirling one of my wife’s nipples between two fingers.

Lisa smiled brightly as he took her hand and, without asking permission from either of us, wrapped her fingers round the head of his stiff cock. My own dick was hard as well when Lisa took it in her other hand.

“Hmm, do you think that will fit inside you comfortably?” I whispered in Lisa’s ear as I handed Father John the beer, then flicked my tongue around her earlobe.

“Quite nicely, I am sure,” she moaned lowly, “especially with you by my side.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, her fingers rhythmically opening and closing on my throbbing dick. I was sure she was fondling Father John in exactly the same way as he started to speak again.

“As you know, The Cottage Inn was established in 1832. Originally, it was a farm house sufficiently distant from any curious neighbors that Miles Davies and his sister Anne could live without unwanted intrusion. Occasionally, they would provide shelter and a meal for travelers and, after word spread by word of mouth, they took in more and more regularly.”

“Shortly after their first child was born, a girl named Martha, a man and a woman stopped for the night. No one knows for sure exactly what happened next, but that couple ended up staying and that became the foundation of the family.”

“Between them, Anne and Evelyn, the other woman’s name, had something like fifteen children, a half dozen of which grew to adulthood. They didn’t keep really precise records in those days, but apparently both women fathered children by both men. When they came of age, their daughters also bore children by first their fathers and then their brothers. Thus the family originated and developed to what it is today.”

“Bob and Carol are the tenth generation proprietors of this place and leading members of the family. As is traditional, a woman’s first child illegal bahis is fathered by her husband/brother and the second by their own father.”

“In this case, Bob fathered Ted and Carol was impregnated with Alice by their father, George. Bob and Ted both gave Alice girls who currently reside at the private family school my sister Rose and I run. When they are of age, they will be inducted formally into the family and learn the family business here.”

With that, Father John stopped for a moment and sipped his beer with an impish gleam in his eyes. It occurred to me that practice and homework could take on an entirely different meaning in such a school.

Lisa dreamily opened her eyes, her shallow breathing telling me she was extremely aroused by some combination of the story, the throbbing dicks in her hands and Father John’s fingers caressing her breast. She idly smeared a drop of my precum over the head of my cock with her thumb. I knew without even touching her that her pussy was sopping wet.

“Of course, all of this can get pretty confusing at times and Bob does yeoman’s work keeping it all straight. A family tree probably would look pretty much like someone threw a box of uncooked spaghetti on the floor.”

“Today, the family numbers in the thousands that we know about,” he continued “and it is all we can do to accommodate members here. About twenty five years ago, the sheer demand dictated that only family members, either in good standing or recently identified, could be accommodated.”

“But we are not in the family,” I protested, “and didn’t even know such a place existed until we got here. Lisa found it on the web and we thought it sounded charming.”

Father John just chuckled and finished his beer, tossing the empty into the trash bin before putting his hand on Lisa’s ass again. He drew her closer and leaned forward to lick one of her erect nipples before looking directly at me.

“Well, Bob is extremely thorough, so I assume there must be a connection somewhere. You would be surprised how many unidentified members of the family we find now and again. With that, I will take your lovely wife over to that mattress and introduce her to my very sweet and ever horny granddaughter.”

Lisa kept her hand on his thick dick as he led her to a platform about fifteen feet away. Nora, his granddaughter and bride-to-be the next day, lay between Ted and Will. Both their cocks were limp and creamy cum seeped from her gaping cunt and crusted in her pussy hair..

Nora got up as her grandfather approached, moved to the next empty mattress and sat down smiling at him and Lisa. He lay down and pulled Lisa to his other side. Nora grinned at Lisa and added her hand to Father John’s cock.

Ever so slowly, they started stroking him up and down, a wide grin on his face as he took turns giving both of them deep tongue lashing kisses. My cock throbbed even more, realizing my wife would soon taste that old man’s cum as he filled her mouth or feel his warm semen gushing inside her pussy.

I started to follow, knowing Lisa wanted me close but was intercepted after only a few steps by Alice and Casey. Without a word, Alice grabbed my dick and Casey, my balls, then pulled me with them to an empty mattress next to Lisa. I buried my face between Alice’s large soft tits as Casey took my cock into her mouth.

When I heard Lisa moan loudly, I looked over and she gazed directly into my eyes for a moment then turned to passionately kiss Nora. Father John’s cock was buried deep in my wife’s cunt as she rode him and her pussy juices splashed onto both their thighs.

I kept my eyes locked on Lisa, even as young Casey pushed me down on my back and lowered herself down over my throbbing dick, only losing sight of her when Alice straddled my face and lowered her dripping slit to my eager tongue.


Father John’s unexpected touch on my ass surprised me while adding to my flood of emotions and excitement. The very idea a priest stood naked next to me and my husband and touched me quite intimately had my head spinning.

He was so gentle and courteous and yet confident as he spoke.

“I do hope I am not interrupting anything, but I felt I should introduce myself.”

Dan was taken aback by the old man’s appearance but did manage to respond.

“No, of course not, Father, what is it you wanted to discuss with us?”

He was a short little man with an impish grin. I couldn’t help looking at his penis as he stood opposite me.

It was huge.

Obviously he had been more than chatting with other members of the family as a creamy residue was still dribbling out of the top of his half hard illegal bahis siteleri cock. He caught my eye looking downwards at him.

“Do you like it, Lisa?” he asked with a merry chuckle.

Normally I would have been appalled at such a comment from an old man I hardly knew. In this venue, however, I felt much more liberated to tell how I truly felt. I could see that Dan was in his own little fantasy world so I whispered so that my husband couldn’t hear.

“Yes Father. I like it…a lot. It’s so much bigger than my husband’s.”

“I wanted to explain a few more things about your induction tomorrow. Tonight is simply a get together to find out little secrets,” he chuckled.

“So this is not the full induction Father?” Dan muttered. I could see Dan was as surprised as I was.

“No Dan, we will have the bigger family participating. It may be a bit of a shock to you both but I know you will enjoy it.”

Father John laughed, took my hand in his and placed it on his stiffening cock. Dan leaned over to whisper in my ear as I took his dick into my other hand.

“Hmm, do you think that will fit inside you comfortably?” my husband asked me looking down at the older man’s cock in my hand.

“Quite nicely, I am sure, especially with you by my side.” I moaned, feeling my pussy twitch and a few drops of my juices dribbling down my inner thigh. I was sure Father John would fit inside me quite nicely indeed.

For the next half hour or so, he explained some things to us. He told us that the Cottage Family had been established in 1832 and explained about the main events and transitions that had happened over all those years.

All the time he was talking he had his arm around me and was openly touching me very intimately. He squeezed my breasts as he nuzzled my neck. It was all very sensuous…and so very blatant…especially as it was right in front of my husband.

“Your wife has nice tits, Dan, and a lovely ass too,” he finally said as he finished a second beer.

Dan mumbled something. We had fantasized in the past about situations like this where Dan had acted out the part of a cuckold. This was so strange…and so arousing. It was like a fantasy come true. I wondered how it would end. After another few moments, Father John simply put both arms around me and kissed me full on the mouth.

As I felt his tongue probing I opened my mouth and responded in kind. His body pushed into my breasts and I felt his huge penis push full length into my tummy.

It was glorious.

I wondered if he intended to have me right then and there standing up in front of my husband. To be honest I was quite willing…eager even. From Dan’s demeanor and stiffness, I was sure he had no objection either. Then I felt the old man pull away.

“I must take you wife over to the mattress and introduce her to Nora, my sweet granddaughter,” he told Dan.

I had met Nora earlier. She was quite a pretty young girl who was due to be married the next day. As Father John led me across the room, I was conscious of his hand dropping behind my back and squeezing my ass cheek.

“I must have some of this sweet ass for myself,” he said and I giggled my agreement.

As we walked across the room, I could see Nora smiling at us as she rose up from between Will and Ted and moved over to an empty mattress. Nora was a short, slight girl with shoulder length black hair and small perky tits. Father John smiled as he saw me looking.

“I know she is my granddaughter Lisa but she has lovely tits, doesn’t she?”

With that, he pulled me down next to him with Nora on the other side. She smiled at me and placed her hand on her grandfather’s engorged dick next to mine. Together, we slowly stroked him.

Father John took turns kissing me and his granddaughter quite passionately, his tongue lashing ours in our mouths. I could feel his dick grow ever harder in my hand.

Nora looked up at me with a wicked grin when a drop of her grandfather’s precum seeped over our fingers. She removed her hand and pulled me close to her, giving me a deep tongue lashing kiss then slipped her hands down between my legs. Her fingers slid easily between the dripping wet folds of my pussy lips.

“He’s ready for you,” Nora cooed into my ear as her fingers slid up through my pussy lips and found the hard nub of my throbbing clit, “and it seems you are more than ready for him!”

I was.

My entire body quivered in anticipation as Nora held his cock up straight for me. I looked at the long thick shaft and mushroom head with both eagerness and alarm. Father John was much larger than my husband, the only man before this evening with whom I had canlı bahis siteleri intercourse in the past thirteen years, and much larger than the two boys I’d fucked as a teenager, long before meeting Dan.

After a moments hesitation, I straddled his hips. Nora brushed that huge cock head back and forth between my pussy lips, coating it with my own juices even as she aroused me even more.

Father John looked up at me smiling brightly. He took each of my swaying tits into his hands, softly caressing them as the tip of his huge cock pushed against the slick but tight opening to my vagina. For a moment I was afraid he was just too big.

“Just relax and take your time,” Nora whispered in my ear before lightly biting my earlobe, “it always feels really tight the first time Grandpa fucks you and often the second and third times too.”

I let myself slowly slide down over the monstrous shaft, stopping after he was a couple of inches inside me. I squirmed around a little and my pussy stretched even more.

After a few moments, Father John was as deep as he could go inside me. I had never felt so filled in my life. I glanced up and saw Dan starting to walk towards me. His face was flushed with excitement and his dick stood straight out from his body. He nodded his approval and smiled just before Alice and Casey dragged him over to an empty mattress next to me.

Right then my orgasm began to build. I smiled back at my husband and saw Casey lowering herself down on his throbbing cock and Alice straddling his face. I turned and kissed Nora passionately as she strummed my clit with one finger.

A massive orgasm flooded my body, every cell on fire. I began to flail wildly on Father John’s cock, taking him deeper inside me than any man had ever been before. He pinched my nipples hard and matched my thrusts. With a loud moan, I could feel his cock spasm inside me just before spurt after spurt of his warm semen flooded my already stuffed cunt.

I lost all track of time as seemingly unending waves of pleasure swept through my body. Finally, my climax subsided as Father John’s dick softened and slipped out of me on a stream of his cum and my juices. I collapsed on his chest.

Next to me, my husband smiled brightly, his own dick glistening as he slipped out of young Casey’s cunt. When we untangled ourselves, Dan took my hand and pulled me close for a passionate kiss.

“Awesome!” he whispered in my ear, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed watching you.”

I was so relieved to get his approval. I kissed him again deeply and twirled his flaccid penis in my fingers. We got ourselves another cold beer and stood watching some of the others that were still fucking and sucking in various combinations.

“I feel the same way and was very aroused seeing you as well,” I said with a grin, tucking my shoulder up under his arm, “but there’s one thing that would have made it even better.”

“And what is that?” Dan asked.

“Next time I fuck Father John, I want him to wear his priestly collar!”


I was so pleased to see the expression of utter pleasure on Lisa’s face as Father John’s cock plunged deep inside her. Then Alice and Casey immediately had my full attention. My cock slid easily into the teenager’s already slick cunt. Droplets of someone’s semen and her own juices dribbled on to my lips and face as Alice straddled my head.

Casey was young but she clearly had plenty of experience. She rotated her hips and clenched my dick tightly inside her. She placed my hands on her perky tits and began riding me furiously.

It didn’t take long at all for my orgasm to build in my balls. With my tongue firmly lodged in Alice’s pussy as she fingered her clit and flooded my face with her own climax, I moaned loudly and began shooting string after string of cum into Casey’s tight welcoming cunt.

Alice and Casey were kissing passionately above me as my dick softened and slipped out of the teenager’s dripping cunt. They fell off to one side fingering each other as I looked over to Lisa furiously flailing her orgasm on Father John’s cock. I smiled my approval as she collapsed on the old man’s chest breathing heavily.

After we all caught our breathes, I took Lisa’s hand in mine and kissed her passionately, telling her aroused and pleased I was watching her. She grinned her pleasure as we went to get ourselves another cold beer, telling me how happy she was to see me as well. Then she surprised me with her next comment.

“Next time I fuck Father John, I want him to wear his priestly collar!”

My breath caught in my throat as the implications of what she was saying sunk in.

Next time!

Lisa was telling me there would be a next time and even more of our fantasies were soon to be fulfilled. I pulled her close, feeling the last remnants of the old priest’s cum seeping out of my wife’s cunt and down over my thigh.

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